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Universe Destroying Thought

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:42 PM
I thought I would search on the web to see if I could find anything to substantiate this story and some of the other things going on in the forum concerning the thought projects and the power of thought manipulation.

I cam eacross some pretty interesting stuff. You might want to take a read at these link, they are pretty suprising.

Here they are:

This one shows how thought can actually change water. I can't believe I didn't remember this. A guy took some pictures of ice when certain words were projected at the water. The ice crystals were actually dramatically changed.:

This is a MUST SEE site. It talks about Retro Psycho Kinesis. The ability to change data that has been produced in the past, but not examined, using thought. There is a lot more interesting stuff on this site as well!

Also this video explains a little about what is happening with thoughts and their effect, on the quantum level:

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 12:42 AM
Wow very interesting.

Quick questions:

Was he writing a thesis/proof on this belief of his?
Did thier "thought bombs" come true?
How did he die? (Because great thinkers who have become perturbed by thier own theories have usually comitted suicide i.e. Turing)
Can she share any of his research on this matter with you/ats?


posted on May, 27 2009 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by esteay812

The result of this original thought is not the unraveling of the universe, it is an unfolding understanding that moves like a wave throughout all the universe - but must be communicated without reference to the original thought itself, because by definition it has no reference in physical reality.

It won't happen in a moment - it will happen slowly, over generations - the result is a universe that obeys the will of consciousness.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 11:27 AM
O.K., I went and talked to the old lady yesterday afternoon. She seemed like she was in a different mood to begin with, like she didn't even remember talking to me.

I felt like I was talking to an amnesiac at first. I told her I was very interested in the things she was telling me previously. She responded and started to tell me the story almost from the beginning, like she couldn't remember exactly what we talked about.

I asked her about what her son did for ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratoy - and she said she didn't know exactly, but referred to his work as more of an engineering type position. She said "He would take things apart and rebuild them in different ways" I imagined he took plans and developed ways to house current technology.

I didn't realize how big a complex and how many different things go on at ORNL until a read a thread yesterday about the Roswell debris being sent to a company that did work for premier government installations and had ORNL listed as one of them. This place is practically next door to my home. She said if war ever broke out in America to get as far away from this area as possible.

Anyway, I went on with the conversation and ended up talking to her for quite some time.

She re-onfirmed that the family would have a different subject every couple of weeks that would be used by the members of the family as a prayer subject. She didn't refer to this the last time I talked to her as a prayer, but she did say that all the religions use prayer because it is built into us from conception. So, it is a hard-wired instinct that every single person alive possesses(?). Her son believed that ever person, whether knowingly or subconciously, would engage in a prayer type process - he said that some people make the concious decision to do it in groups, others do it purposely alone, and still other do it without even knowing.

He believed that it was one of the basic instincts that humans have to ontrol the reality in which they live, through her he said "It is one of the most under-used tools we have that is given to us"

To answer the question of whether their thought projects or weekly prayer worked, she said there was never an instance when it did not work.

She said that her son was found unconcious in his car in the ORNL complex parking garage. Suspected of being exposed to something deadly on the job. He was taken to the UTK Medical center where he died a about a week later from Thallium poisoning.

She also said that she believed that every person and place that you meet or go is predetermined by your own actions. Of course this sounds pretty common, being that if I think I need to go to Harris Teeter I will go there because I thought it. That's not what she meant. She put it in a way that made it sound more cryptic. She said that your life isn't pre-determined, but determined days, weeks, or even years before a certain event or meeting in your life takes place. It is determined by prior choices you make and prior desires or thoughts you have, not pertaining to the event or meeting in particular.

She asked me if I had ever wanted something that seemed out of reach, so out of reach you don't even try to get it? Has what you desired ever seemingly sought you out later? And of course, like most people this has happened to me.

She said it wasnn't dumb luck, but it was exactly what she was talking about. She asserted that your deepest desires could be achieved through this type of thought.

She told me how she had grown up quite poor and worked hard, but never really got anywhere or anything done until this line of thinking was introduced to them. You would never know she came from a poor family, as the house she currently lives in is nearly 6,500sq. ft. and in one of the more prestigous neighborhoods in the Knoxville are called Westmoreland Hills.

It is a very fascinating story and sure to continue as she hired me to re-finish the rest of her flooring. Maybe I can find out more to this story and process. Maybe I can get her to show me how they went about ensuring the success of their common thought projects.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 01:00 AM
So my two cents worth.
There is an ultimate thought. It is the purpose for the creation. There is one supreme consciousness that has subdivided itself into an almost limitless number of lesser consciousness', each permitted to make it's own world, and all for the purpose of finding the answer to a single question.
Like the son mentioned in the op I'm a bit paranoid about what will happen when someone finally comes up with that answer and so I, of course, have no intention of passing it on as I do not know that someone reading this post and just lazily pondering on it, might not hit upon the answer by pure random chance.
It is just like the Matrix except without the bodies in the capsules. There are only minds imagining their own worlds with Jung's collective consciousness acting as an interface between them.
Should I imagine I have dropped a plate the collective will pass this information on to all the minds of all those people who imagine themselves to be in the same room with me so that they can imagine the same plate being dropped.
The laws of physics are merely the default settings in this matrix. Imagine yourself in a dream sliding a piece of apple beneath a microscope. You look through it and see microbes. But it is only a dream. In a dream do you believe those microbes were there before you looked? Do you believe they will be there after you stop looking? Do you think that's air you're breathing?
In Neo's Matrix you saw a thousand bodies in a thousand tubes. Understand that there is no reason the person in the tube next to Neo cannot imagine he is in Africa. Physical proximity in reality is meaningless. In fact time and space are products of the Matrix and do not exist in reality.
But each of us is allowed our own world and the collective will do it's best to create it for each individual according to his beliefs. That is why if I accept UFOs and am standing next to someone who does not, he will see a light in the sky that is obviously a common airplane as far as he is concerned but I will see something about it to convince me it is obviously not. Some people see ghost, others see nothing. The collective does it's best to make every phenomena fit the belief system of each person experiencing it. The earth has six billion worlds co-existing in the same place and each is allowed to take his world in whatever direction he wants hoping the more worlds we create the more likely one of us will find the answer.
However we are also writing the default settings as we go along. The results of any action will be what the majority of those experiencing it believe it will be and so a large group of people focused on believing a particular event will occur increase the probability of that event actually happening.
Check out the Art Bell audience experiments to change the weather and bring rain to drought stricken areas. After three successful attempts he refused to do any more experiments because he realized he was altering reality and it scared the hell out of him.
This was also why witches use to work in covens. A large group of people focusing on a single goal. A dozen people focused on the thought that a particular cow would stop giving milk and're eating your cheerios dry.
The physicist studying observer created universes are starting to figure it out. This is all just one great thought observing itself and so common sense says yes, there is one single thought capable of ending it. When the collective hears the answer it is seeking to the question it created us to answer then there is no longer a need for this reality and we go the way of every other dream when the dreamer awakens. Poof*****
Just my two cent worth

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by Robin Goodfellow

There are a couple things I have wondered in addition to what the ladies son spoke of.

If you stand up and look out the window, everything that is visible is there. What about the stuff you can't see, is it really there as well, or is it waiting to show its self when it's observed?

There are so many different thoughts to be had. It seems like the more people that are brought into existence the more options for thought there are.

How many people were alive when cavemen were here? Not Many. What about the other time periods throughout history? The population has steadily grown and so has the availability of abstract thought.

A wealth of information is being created each and everyday. The majority of which has already been thought of. Some hasn't. If there is a single thought capable of this type of destruction it is possible that it has been thought of already, but not brought to fruition by subsequent actions after the thought.

Consider this. The assembly line was one of the most important ideas ever thought of during the industrialization period. The idea of the assembly line could hae been thought of thousands of times, but it wasn't brought into physical reality until someone followed the thought with actions to conclude process.

Does this mean the big thought has been thought thousands of times? Possibly. It obviously hasn't been followed up with the correct sequence of actions to bring it into existence and take us out of it.

The Large Hadron Collidor reminds me of this. This is a massive project and one that is pretty far out. What would happen if they succeeded, even by accident, to collide two particles traveling faster than the speed of light? They can't project them faster than light speed as of now, but what if? What if they succeeded in sending just one particle faster than light speed?

One thing is sure, if this theory is correct and the thought is brought into existence, we will all know with a swiftness.

Leaves one to wonder would it be a fast end, like a light blinking out, or would it be a slow deterioration. The world may never know.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by Some Guy

I believe this is from Window of Opportunity, a thread on ATS.
Hidden Hands, yes?

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Very, very fascinating material here. Thank you so much. I have been reading and studying up on thoughts, and the "creativity" thoughts hold for a few weeks now, so this is intriquing.

I do "get" that there could be a Master Thought. But what I don't get, is why would it be destructive?

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by ladyinwaiting

I haven't seen a hidden hands thread, I don't think.

I really don't know why the universe would cease to exist, it is more or less what the lady said her son believed.

I think the idea of the universe being completely understood would negate the fact of existence itself. Consciousness is manifest into the reality we see so we can study the reality that consciousness is.

If it were ever completely understood there would be no need for a manifest to continue because there would be no need.

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