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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 09:46 AM
hay dont get me wrong it is a good film but just because everyone was saying how good it is i thought i would add some bad points to the mix.
Gene Roddenberry made a point of useing theoretical science and real science as much as he could thats why he had writers with science degrees he wanted to steer away from "entertainment bulls**t" science.
The creator of the show wanted it to be more than the "purpose of entertainment".
No point in talking about approval ratings, gross gate receipt take. what is High Schools Musicals gross profit lol or that old batman with arnold schwarzenegger and jim carrey lol some critics where saying its the best movie ever lol.
but when nostalgia and hype die down, its just an avrage sci fi movie. Without the message that Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek was made for. just throw in a 2 dimensional badguy, A cartoon over the top chief engineer for the kids. extreme face close up shots for emotional effect. No moral or social message needed our societies thay are fine right now. lol

And you have a Blockbuster.

ok movie, misses the hole point of star trek tho and as for being in a monority lol the majority of people are follows and drones or to use a star trek expression "borg drones"
The movie just go's against the creator of star treks message in his own words but look its star trek theres spock and stararmy or is it starflet ? ,

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:27 PM
I know paramount said no more star trek. But any chance this could bring back a series?

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by nixie_nox

I wouldn't hold your breath Nixie..... not when they can gross over a quarter of a million in just a few days..... and that's not counting the numerous countries that it hasn't been released in yet.... and don't even go there on the DVD release. This is such a huge entity...... and with the economy like it is..... the advertising medium of mainstream going whack-o...... this voyage will strictly be reserved for the big bucks of the big screen.


posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:18 PM
First off, thanks for the preview Dave. I wouldn't have gone without it. Not into prequels. I thought it was awesome after I got past the fact that it was a new time line. Everyone was great, with the exception of Uhura. Didn't like the character. Absolutely loved the tension and eventual friendship of Spock and Kirk.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:41 PM
A second thanks for the preview Mr Rabbit. As a long time trekkie i had my doubts about this film - but now I cant wait to see it!

If JJ has done a good job then I'm with the reboot - after Enterprise (I saw the Borg episode tonight on Virgin - and I was cringing!)

Reboots can work - for me the new Bond franchise is great - and I grew up with the Roger Moore set - but always loved Connery.

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 07:14 PM
First off, I am SO LATE to this party....but, am lapping it up immensely!!!

Now, I will have to go back, and read all of the other posts.....

BEFORE I do that....has ANYONE mentioned, utterly unsatifying the ending was????

OK....notwithstanding the lack of scientific accuracy.....and, I don't wish to see this as a discussion about the 'reboot' is really, a very flawed script, If I saw it correctly.

The point of the 'red matter' (whatever that is supposed to be) was.....a sort of super-duper "matter" that could, when injected into a planet's core, result in the planet "imploding"....and, if I heard correctly, making a 'black hole' or a singularity (my word)???

So, the destruction of the planet Vulcan (which, BTW....I made notes...WHY was the sky blue??? OK, picky, picky....)

BUT....Vulcan was destroyed, via the "drill" that injected the 'red matter'....which old Ambassador Spock hoped to use as a way to save Romulus. But, "Nero" (horrible choice of a name for the main villian...I mean, really???? "Nero"?????)

Well, 'Nero" was so enraged, he felt he needed to go through time to exact revenge....even though the point of Spock's effort was to save his (Nero's) planet....Romulus, from destruction.

Come on!! I could write a better script in my sleep!! The machinations to twist and turn, in order to "reboot" were, in my opinion, dreadful.

Back to my last point....the ending. Nero, in his raqe, after destroying the planet Vulcan, went next to Earth. Of course, Earth was not destroyed....the intrepid crew of the Enterprise saved the day, as always...BUT.....the climactic explosion, of ALL OF THE RED MATTER!!!! on Nero's ship, would, I assume, have made at least a a really close orbit around the Earth....I mean, a REALLY close orbit!!!!

I know....I AM BEING TOO picky. I just like my science fiction to at least be somewhat plausible....and, I know, I know....TOS had a very patchy and spotty rep....but, The "Great Bird of the Galaxy" (as he was often referred to) Gene Roddenberry tried to get it more correct, when he launched TNG. In his defence, TOS was subject to whims of the network (NBC) and the executives who just wanted the show to make money (i.e., seling advertising space) for the network.

Here's a little sumthin....many may not know, about Roddenberry. He originally 'pitched' Star Trek to CBS....if you grew up in LA, as I did, you'd know that CBS was (still is) on Channel Two...NBC is still on Channel Four, and ABC is still on Channel Seven. Back in the day, we had about thast many channels....the three networks, and whatever local programming was offered.

Anyway.....Gene, AKA the "Great Bird" pitched to CBS.....and they thanked him very much, and went on to make the shlock called "Lost In Space", I see that many of those stars went on to formidable careers......ermmmmm....yeah, right....

I may stand alone, or a big ST fan. AND, with all due respect, Dave Rabbit.....we are NOT 'trekkies'. At least, not in mixed company. The preferred term is "Trekker'. At least, that is the wink. wink, term for insiders......

"Trekkies" has made it to the general vernacular....and, we should leave it there, thank you very much!!!!

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 05:14 PM
OK...not much action here....WHERE ARE ALL OF THE TREKKERS???

Here's how much I am a ST fan.....went to my first convention, flew up from LA to SF. I was 18 years old....rented a car...and THAT was difficult, even then....since for some strange reason you need to be 21.....

I was such an ignorant nerd...but, I had fun. In fact....I was slightly embarrassed by those in 'costume'...I thought THEY were way too extreme!!!!!! I just liked ST....didn't know about he whole sub-culture that existed....learned as I went!!

EDIT.....since I was talking about costumes....I was Klingon for the last two Halloweens.....and, a very good one, I might add. It was the kit that Michael Westmore used to sell....found it on E-Bay. Love the fact that, when in makeup....NO ONE knows who you are!!!!! It is great fun!!!

SO.....ST:TNG, premiered in 1987. Was doubting, at first...every new series needs time, for actors to get into their roles....eventually, as mentioned already....some absolutley extraordinary scripts, were offerred. Star Trek at her best!!!

Voyager....sorry, "ST:Voyager"....again, a stellar cast (pun intended).

Kate Mulgrew, as Captain spot on!!! ( we shall not discuss the first actress hired for the "Janeway' role.....that is a fun trivia question, for later... )

I didn't like ST: DS9 much...tried to....great actors....but just didn't float my boat.

I was SO surprised that ST:Enterprise failed. I simply adore Scott Bakula....perhaps he was still settling into the role, as Captain Archer.....I kept seeing him reading, and acting...and thinking....not sure 'where' he was going with the character. Knowing his work, form other properties.....such as "Quantum Leap"....I was confused by his delivery, in the character, of Captain Archer.

Not wishing to throw the entire show on his shoulders.....I am certainly not qualified to judge. Just a fan, expressing a few opinions.

The ensemble cast, from 'Enterprise'....were all well matched. Maybe there was "Seven-of-Nine' overload, by casting Jolene Blalock as the Vulcan....and making her wear those way too tight costumes.

I happen to think that Ms. Blalock was EXCEPTIONAL in her role....they all were. Just....people likely knew that "eye candy" wasn't what Star Trek is really about. AND, that may have been the downfall. OF "enterprise'....

Given the romance angle explored, on "Enterprise"....between 'Trip' and 'T'Pal'.....and then, seeing the 'romance' angle in the new ST movie....well, that just didn't sit right, with me.

On ST:Enterprise.....they led up to it. In the latest MS was thrown into our faces, and realy makes no sense, to ST fans.

OK....nerdiness is showing, quite clearly now.....I will end this right here.....

BTW....please don't judge. I actually have flown airplanes...had a long career at a major airline. So, you just never know......I may be a fan, but not always a fanatic!!!!

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 05:28 PM
I really liked the movie. Also provided some insight into why Dr. Mcoy was so often a pain in the ass. Loved the interplay among the actors. Sets and equipment were also upgraded so that the Enterprise diden't look like a 1960;s Holiday Inn. I can't wait for more.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 08:28 PM
actaully....BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!! ot ST:TNG on now.

the time ravel episode....NCC 1701-C.....went foreward in time to make history!~!!!!

LOVE that episode, titled "Yesterdays' Enterprise"

One of my BEST all faves......sorry, I am gushing.....

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

ANOTHER ST:TNG episode....LAL!!!!

DATA makes a child, a recreation of himself.

THIS makes me think of another great TNG episode.....the first new Second Season episode......The Child....Troi is impregnated, by an alien influence.....It is JUST another fabulous examination of!!!!!!

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