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The New World Order - Untold Story

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 04:19 PM
This is fictional as many conspiracy theories are. I thought about this over coffee this am and figured I'd share my musings.

Sometime in the future a child sits to read his favorite story. This story was pieced together using journals of the planners for the New World Order. Only a handful of people knew the whole plan since it had to remain secret for the safety of all. It was truly a conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

alien jailer - humans are genetic material for our race. We protect this source and like all herds sometimes there must be a culling.
Illuminati- The planning group composed of those who were made aware of unwritten history.
alien alliance- foe of the jailers. Would be friend to humans.

Illumantii Journals
Aliens have been here since human beginnings. They destroyed atlantas due to the atlantian creativeness with the knowledg given them by the aliens who feared humans becomeing space fareing.
Atlantians were trained by the aliens to be herders of the populace. This was an error that had to be corrected. So the aliens triggered a eruption of a nearby volcano that destroyed atlantis and sank all evidence of their exhistance.
The alien viewpoint is as human population grew so does the complexities of control. As technology improves so does the possibility of human extinction and worse spreading through the galaxy. Alien ambassadors sent to Roswell warned of the consequences of galactic space travel.
Since that time we have placed leaders in every major power in order to keep technology from the public. Since they monitor our world television and radio signals we can only trust ELF band transmissions and then only in extreem need. As long as we appear unorganized, greedy and warring amongst ourselves they will consider it business as usual. Yearly Bilderberg meetings are for morale and support.
Yet we know from history that It is only a matter of time that humans will be culled yet again. With this end in mind we have begun the most extrordinary plan of human exhistance. We will bust out of this prison planet with as many humans that we can save. This plan must succede. We will stop at nothing. We will be ruthless, merciless and yet subtle.
Fortunately, we have been in contact with an enemy of our alien jailers thanks to deciphering their crop circle cryptograms. They tell us that if we can escape the race that imprisons us and the universe will accept us. There are treaties uniting many alien cultures and we would be welcome. These same treaties prevent them from directly helping us. However, if we are cunning and dedicated enough to engineer this escape then we would gain their full support.


Only the Illuminatti planners will know the full plan. Details will be compartmentalised.

Secretly build space vehicles and weapons to combat the aliens when necessary. And to take us away. We can build a suitable habitat for the new human race.
We know that the aliens do not have or are unwilling to use technology to penetrate earth so we will build the vehicles and weapons in tunnels that will connect major manufacturing and materials facilities.
Nuclear testing is a ruse to create room for manufacturing all over the globe. Ship builders, engineers and pilots will remain in the tunnels until the time comes for launch.

We must consolodate power in order to hide raw material usage. The fleet of ships will take tremendous amounts of material both from earth and the moon. A one world government will also ease communication problems. This will be done at the last stages of preparation since it will show a form of world cooperation. This global move will follow a collapse in the monetary system and should be viewed by our jailers as a logical move. Hopefully they will not be to curious.

to be continued

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Hyperdimensional travel is impossible for the current human being. This is why the jailors don't mind our picking up their crashes. The know that we physicaly cant travel. Yet.
We have reverse engineered crashed alien ships and have our prototype fighter. Base ships are nearing completion.
Testing is rarely performed in space due to the vigilance of our jailors, but we take advantage of any windows that appear. Sometimes it is necessary to create a window by shooting down one of their ships on either an earthbound recon mission or gene recovery mission.

Advances in areas of ESP have given us addition weapons and allowed us to covertly spy on the ETs.
Our captive at area 51 has shown confusion and fear when he is confronted with our best. Once nanobots are perfected for use we estimate at least a tenfold increase in these abilities among the entire race. HDTV will our training programs to reach the populace when the time is right.
Fighters may be unnecessary if the plan goes smoothly, but we prepare for the worse. Base ships once filled will jump through dimensions to our destination. A rendezvous with the aliance. This again will be managed in case we have been fooled , but our intellegince from the looking glass suggests that it is beneficial meeting.

Change in the human genetics is required to create the human singularity
1. Allow nanobots to survive in the body.
2. Change the bloodstream from requiring oxygen to developing oxygen without external input.
3. Change antibodies to prevent damage to nanobots and increase immunities to identified spaceborn diseases.

This is being accomplished by several means whos individual analysis will not determine the end result.
1. Mass chemical spraying. The conspiracy websites call chemtrails
2. Geneticaly Modified Food. Like the saying you are what you eat. In order to ensure this becomes a world staple we have passed into law Codex Alimentarius.
3. Final stage is the introduction of nanobots using a pandemic as a reason to inject the bots into the world populace.
As with any war there will be casualties. The above methods wil not come without deaths. This can not be avoided and is regretful, but the ends justifies the means.
The bots will be activated when the all ready is given.
At once fighters will appear to protect base ships that jump to major cities around the world. The ships will activate all nanobots and the change will take place. Once changed the former human type becomes a singularity human type and escapes our jailers. These people will be guided telepathicaly to the nearest transporter to enter the base ships.

Once this process is complete we are truly free and jump into the heavens for a new adventure.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by awakentired

WOW, great story and unification of all the conspiracy theories.

I have one question.......... When does this come out??!!

Really though, good story. This thread will prolly get moved to "The Grey Area" though.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 06:39 PM
Thanks Jk,
I cut it short there are several more that fit into the story. Even the beatles lol

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 04:34 PM
Cool i want more! s/f

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 10:39 AM
That was one long coffee break,
I'd say you have a great book and movie.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by awakentired

Wow, got a lot of what I see about all this in the racial/collective unconscious. Cool!
There are a couple of areas that I would disagree with though, should I be writing this story.

1. The average alien is soooooooo not wanting us humans off of earth. They mostly see us as highly dangerous rats with nuclear technology. Bad mix from their perspective.

2. We are going to escape the NWO bunch by making physical enlightenment, not jumping on space ships and finding another world. Once we can do that, NO trivial thing like some chump drac or Jue-sah's desire to enslave us will matter in the least. We will just wave bubye! We won't need ships or any other mechanical means as we head of onto an amazing and completely exciting but currently unknowable adventure. I think it involved pioneering a new universe, but am not sure. Can't see that part since it is on the other side our making enlightenment.

3. We do have a couple alien groups on our side, but the biggest force, the one behind Obama, isn't one of those groups. They just hate the Jue-sah more than life itself, and so are doing everything in their power to take them and their NWO organization down, and any humans in the way will get trampled as much as any NWO flunkie. In this case, the enemies of our enemy are definitely NOT our friends.

4. Atlantis was destroyed by a combination of greedy Jue-sah who were manipulating (gee nothing new there!) humans into over-revving the power crystals which ran the place. I would say stupidity at it's finest is what brought Atlantis down, that and humanity's ability to figure out alien technology if they can get their hands on it. Basically it was a case of giving a 3 year old a gun. Not a good idea. That is one of the reasons aliens don't tend to hang around here. If we get a hold of them and their stuff, we will do our best to, like you say, back engineer it AND them. Many of the aliens, especially the elder races don't use 'stuff' though; they just manipulate pure energy for what they want to do.

5. From what I see in the racial unconscious, the whole 'federation' thing is really just a construct of the indigo leadership who want to take over this world too. Mostly in part because they don't want their people, now in human bodies, to be as abused as humanity has been under the vicious, manipulative and brutal control of the NWO bunch. I don't see any real 'fleet' or star-trek type federation thing out there at all. Sure some of the aliens do work together, but you can see how poorly they do, in general, just by watching humanity, since we have ex-members of nearly all the alien races in human bodies, and in our racial/collective unconscious.

That is the main problem we have towards ever achieving world peace. Grey values are very different from indigo values which are very different from Jue-sah values which of course are very different from those tall skinny blue people for whom I don't have a name yet. They are the backers of Obama and tend to reincarnate when they end up in human bodies in the middle east as arabs. None of those spirit prejudices are easily changed from what I can see, and to reach agreement about what a mutual world government might need to be would require everyone changing their core values to some degree to reach a compromise. Other than that, you would have to do what the NWO is attempting... Just a brute force take over, with their values being at the core of the government structure. It would btw, NOT be a democracy, eh?

But anyway, just a couple of differences I see versus what you have written down. But it is a nice synopsis/melding of all the popular theories out there!

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Wild story, OP! I love the creative juices of our community.

So this has 2 lines now.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:00 PM

Originally posted by awakentired
Thanks Jk,
I cut it short there are several more that fit into the story. Even the beatles lol

Is that the one where people say Paul actually died in 1966?

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:54 PM
I haven't given a thought to this "story" in a long while due to the present need of preparations for the collapse of usa economy and possibly much else.

Today, I learned that jkrog08 passed into the next realm and his U2's are to be honored and I will be completing this journey into the nether and back. This completion of the Untold Story is dedicated to his memory.
Peace and Honor be with you Justin! Inspire me as you will.

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