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People from "Sirius A" real talking

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 06:21 PM
If you ever were baffled or wondering about the science of interdimensional light, dimensional time travel, real history, phsyical interactions with alternating realities and the connection of us/all/earth, from the stars. We are apart of the stars.

To begin with, you need to know how you fell into this limited consciousness reality in the first place. Realities are special physical collections of interdimensional Light that are drawn up by Heaven and those sentient Beings who occupy them.
These agreements were reached before any of you first ventured into this reality.

Each life has a life script in which the friends, family, and events belonging to it are balanced by the rest of the grid. This balancing is done by the protector of each grid to ensure the reality's efficiency.

As you progress toward full consciousness, this balancing becomes less tedious. As your frequencies rise, so too do those of your reality. Higher amounts of energy safely contained within a reality make it much more stable and easier to transform. It is this goal that Heaven is now fully engaged upon in your reality.

As you move into this higher energy, your physical body automatically starts to transform. To allow this, a number of overlaying epigenetic encodings need to be readjusted......

The present task is to reverse these programs as well as any others that may have accumulated since then....

Our work requires us to make a thorough daily scan of each of you and this is done during our nightly examinations. The result of these constant updates is an emerging picture of how you look genetically.

The dark in this galaxy was trapped by its own choosing within this series of realities, and its desire was to ensnare the fully conscious Beings that they encountered into this same series of realities.

The time has come to reverse all this and return you to your original state.

The definitive step, if you intend to do this procedure swiftly, is to employ a device that can transduce interdimensional energy and, by so doing, flip you into full consciousness. This is what the metamorphosis Light chamber does.

A great deal of preplanning is required as well as a lot of interactive advice from Heaven for you to be transformed into physical Angels. All aspects of this undertaking were agreed to before you incarnated into this reality. The only question at that time was the precise details of how this return to full consciousness was to be carried out. Heaven's answer to this was a first contact followed by the use of individualized metamorphosis Light chambers. Then let the fun begin!

My question is when can I start using this light chamber and realise my full potential.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 06:42 PM
Continued as part 2

the multiverse explained

The movement toward full sentiency means that as you move upward the incredible Light energy stored in the dark matter begins to become more real to you. It is one thing to be in transition and quite another to view the actual vehicle of this operation. You are now close to this revelation. To us, this Universe is full of Light whose magnificent displays are beyond description! We rejoice in these phenomena as it is a constant reminder of the glory of the Creator. We see ourselves as whole, interconnected Beings who have come together to unfold this Creation and carry out the decrees of Lord Surea. The tripartite Godhead is what guides us. You are on the path to this marvelous series of realizations, at the end of which is being able to live in the library of the Akashic and within the sacred walls of this Creation. Here, you are enlivened by the energies of Truth and by the wonders of the divine plan.

You are ready to become a supraliminal Being and are returning to full consciousness, a state far above what you consider to be possible. It is this promise that has led us from our distant homes to these shores.

Meanwhile, as you go through this, entire new galaxies, nebulae, and magnificently colored and shaped cosmic dust are to make an appearance in your telescopes and upon the electronic maps of your science! This splendor and beauty cannot fail to transform you utterly! We ourselves never fail to be awestruck time and again by what we observe on our travels, and this is what awaits you! As you return to your multidimensional state you regain your sense of wonder and amazement at the grandeur of it all!

The reality that you are headed for is something you cannot at present grasp. It is brimming with an infinity of colors, shapes, sizes, and sensations that you daily interact with in ways that fill you with a sense of completeness. This puts you in a constant state of bliss, and everything you do contributes to this bliss as it entails endlessly improving the daily life of your reality and your galactic society. You live in an interconnected array of realms and can move with ease between them. And so we come not only to move you into full consciousness but also to enlarge upon and enhance the multitude of realities that we simultaneously inhabit. Soon this too is to be your truth and you are to use these abilities to help another move into the realms of full consciousness.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 06:57 PM
Hiya DarkCyrus; don't think I've come across you before.... nice to meet you.

I appreciate your posting this, as I'd never had seen it otherwise. It's an interesting read, as is the rest of the Planetary Activiation Organization website.

The primary problem I have with such writings is.... for channelled emmisaries of the Galactic Federation, these folks sure do have a lot of goodies for SALE. Not to imply that that's an automatic sign of fraud, but it does give me pause.

[I just snipped myself]. I was on a sarcastic mini-rant and the truth is, I don't know about these people or their insights nor their goals, so better to just end with saying...... thanks for sharing this.


posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:26 PM
Where can one locate a metamorphosis Light chamber? I dont know somthing about this just sounds..... hard to grasp. Cool post though, imma have to read a little more before I give my final thoughts.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:16 PM
That sums up everything I've been researching for the last year. I've read hundreds of theories, accounts, channelings, etc... and have come to the exact conclusion.

Funny as I look back at the hours and days and weeks and months I had my nose to the books, here it is all neat and together.

edit to ask- where do you read your channelings?

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 11:58 PM
At the very bottom at sheldan nidle updates.

I would highly recommend this free online book, although it is slightly outdated. Which talks about Creation, Evolution, Vibration & Density, Death and Birth, Higher Self, Higher Plan, The Choice, Flying Saucers, Home on a Mothership, History and even the Illuminati. Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

By June 2005, Heru further informed us: "The Illuminati, through from the Fourth to the Eleventh Dimensions, have been taken down. However, as you are aware, the power structure of the Illuminati on Earth is still in place, and the upper echelons of this group are Master magicians. So although they have no support even in the Fourth Dimension, they are still able to operate in the Fourth and the Fifth and the Sixth, to do their dastardly deeds. The next push would be to really be able to get into the Fifth, Fourth, and Third Dimensions of Earth. We managed to get enough into the Fifth and Fourth Dimensions to take out the Illuminati, but not really to be able to function there well enough to prevent the Third Dimension Magicians from operating there. They would see us coming and they would retreat. As soon as we would blink our eyes they would do their operation and retreat again."

HERU: "This Planet Earth is one of the focal points and one of the last hold-outs where the Dark is marshalling its last defenses. So even though vast areas of this Universe are in control of the Forces of Light, for you it is as if nothing has changed, for this Planet is still in the grip of the Dark Forces. Therefore the battle being waged, ultimately, will be for the control of this planet. Those Beings who have remained Dark are fighting for their lives and will not give up until the last one is captured...

"It is the madness of the Dark that it believes in its own invincibly, that it believes it can still win. And so the Dark is fighting as if in some unimaginable way, they could pull off a victory on this planet [i.e. the Middle East], they then could take over the entire Universe and this entire sector. So they are fighting from that perspective. For them, this is Armageddon. For us, the Light Forces, most of the battles have been won. The most diverse and precious and critical planets in this Universe have yet to be liberated. We know, with full confidence, that they will be. For you Humans, there is the combined angst of the isolation that this Planet has been under, and the fact that this, for the Dark, is their last battle. And they are portraying it as universal Armageddon when it is not. Because you Humans are completely isolated, it looks to you to be total Armageddon and the End of the World, the end of life, the end of everything. And it is not. But creating this fear helps the Dark to keep Humans disempowered and helps them in their battle. They have skewed the perspective to further their delusional dreams. And they think that - well, they are just insane! I don't want to detail what they think because it's not worth writing out."

Also believe that if we could define Darkness, it might well be a reversing of the Codes of Life, the "Codes of Light". It's as if all these magnificent, perfect codes were run backwards. Therefore the effect of the Darkness is to reverse the perfection of creation. Love becomes hatred. Purity becomes corruption. Peace and safety become violence and war. Beauty becomes ugliness, and so on...

ELORA: "In one of the Creation Systems - one that was relatively near to us but not our immediate neighbor - the Darkness was created. Darkness has overtaken that Creation System entirely. How and why it was created we don't know. The Prime Creator of that system, we are told, is "diseased and insane". Did he create the Darkness because he was insane, or was it done innocently as some kind of experiment, and did he become insane because of living in a Dark Creation System?

"When the attack from the Dark Creation was launched towards us, Prime Creator and the Forces of Light were initially taken by surprise. However, the Light Forces quickly rallied, pulled together an enormous force of Light Warriors and God Warriors, and joined together with the other Creators to combat this menace. These Creators, along with their armies, soon contained the attacking force and surrounded the Dark Creation. On the weekend of the 15th and 16th January, they joined together their energies and were able to initiate an implosion of the Dark Creation.

As the Dark Creation slowly began to collapse, hordes of beings started to pour out of it in order to escape its destruction. The Armadas of Light Forces were able to contain this outpouring of Dark Beings, and they also began to construct a gigantic net. About a week later, this net was completed and placed around the Dark Creation and its Forces. We believe it would require another three to six weeks for the collapse to be complete. The Creator of this system will be caught in the collapse and will be destroyed as well. Those Beings who are watching tell us that this is both a time of rejoicing and of deep sorrow. Ultimately, the relief that all beings of Light will feel when the Dark Creation is gone will be enormous."

HERU - August 2006: "First of all, in the latter part of July, an initiative was launched to clean out the Dark Beings from the Inner Earth that had honeycombed your Planet, and also to apply a protective shield around this Planet so that no Dark Beings could either come in from the outside or escape from here. So what remains on this Planet is a thin crust of the Darkness that is quite intense - and actually perhaps more intense than previously because some of what was above and below has been sandwiched into this layer. At this time, that is being addressed. We wish to address this in as gentle a manner as possible, but make no mistake: it is being addressed, and the days of the Rule of Darkness on this Planet are numbered. They know it, and out of fear are initiating as much chaos as they can."

Priceless stuff here.

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 01:16 AM
You can find all the different sources, and some of what they say on this page.

"Therefore here you have the most sophisticated and highly evolved souls and you have the most unsophisticated and devolved souls, and the entire spectrum in between. You also have representatives in several kingdoms from very Dark Universes. Where did mosquitoes come from, and poison ivy, and such things? They are represented here at this time; perhaps not forever though."

Have no fear that in the long run all will answer for their crimes, but spare your judgement as they will be their own strongest critics when their life reviews take place. Do not spend your energy focusing on the Dark and their deeds, but turn to all that is of the Light. That is how you will do your best work, and bring Ascension so much nearer. You are first and foremost great Beings of Light and your capacity to love is unlimited. Be that which you are and remember that Mother Earth will also respond to the higher vibrations, and her physical changes will be less damaging as a result. She is also celebrating this occasion that signals changes within Humanity, as she has borne you on her back for thousands of years. She has been through the most disruptive and damaging times, which have left her in despair as to whether you would rise up again into the Light.

that they are sending energies of Love, Peace, and Joy to the entire planet to limit the fear, shock, and possible chaotic attitudes people may have due to this Financial Crisis that is expected to get worse until the Illuminati is fully bankrupt. Secondly, these Ships are monitoring Planet Earth and her health. What all of you are seeing right now is a huge wave of change that is starting to sweep over the entire Planet. 2008 is the year of change. 2009 is the year of action. It is very important for everyone to understand that.

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 08:23 AM
Thank you. It's a good read.

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