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Anti Vaccination Body Count

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posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 08:09 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
When the long list of deadly additives that they deliberately put in the vaccines to harm us seriously as they are the most evil things that breathe on this planet, then and only then will I be looking to see if vaccines work for some of these illnesses.

But I will never allow my family to be vaccinated.

Good for you, mystiq!

There's no longer any rationality in thinking otherwise? Just look back on the history of vaccines and you'll find the horror they have provided! In fact, there's only one thing vaccines provide more of than horror, that's profit! We all know to what extent they will go to overlook things like pain, suffering and death when it involves $HUGE PROFIT$!! Hell, put enough zeros on the figure and they'd gladly poison every child on the planet!

Below shows a bit about how these degenerates planned and profited from the Salk Vaccine for Polio. This first vaccine was not only useless at preventing Polio, it actually infected, or at least damaged, those unfortunate enough to have received it? This also proves their prior knowledge due to the obvious plan in place to scapegoat one company to protect the rest.

VACCINE ECONOMICS—A 2-year prediction in CAPSULE NEWS came true last week when a verdict for $147,000 was rendered against the Cutter Laboratories of California for the crippling of two children with Salk vaccine.

At the time (in 1956) the US Public Health Service and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis put on their drive to sell Salk vaccine, to the glory and profit of the Drug Trust, CN said the Cutter Laboratory had been taken into the fold of the six licenses to be the goat "in case something happened."

All of the other five licensees were members of what is known as the Rockefeller Drug Trust, because the House of Rockefeller is heavily interested financially. The jury said the Cutter people were not negligent "either directly or by inference."

Salk vaccine made a barrel of money in 1956 for the killers.

Pitman-Moore is one of three subsidiaries of Allied Laboratories. So great was the profit from Salk vaccine that Allied’s 1955 profit ($1,292,136) was upped to $2,598,060 in 1956. An increase of profit (not just sales) of around 100% for the parent company.

Eli Lilly made a profit after taxes of $16,328,081 in 1955. With the Salk vaccine sales in 1956 this profit was upped to $30,052,815; an increase of 90%.

Sharp & Dohme is one of 25 subsidiaries of Merck & Company. Salk vaccine sales so boosted Merck’s business in 1956 that its net profit, after the tax bite, was $20,224,427 compared with $15,714,342 in 1955.

Wyeth is one of 41 subsidiaries of American Home Products. Salk vaccine sales boosted AHP’s profits from $20,536,619 (1955) to $31,250,355 in 1956. A 50% profit increase for the parent.

Parke-Davis’ management must have been below that of the others for this dealer in death only increased its 1956 profits from $14,322,015 (in 1955) to $17,645,728.

All of these figures are taken from Moody’s Manual of Industrials, the investors’ bible. All are "after taxes" profits.

The poor Cutter people, goats in the legal action, actually saw their profits drop from $584,219 in 1955 to $188,241 in 1956.

Lloyd’s of London (who will bet on anything) seem to be the big goat, for these six companies have been insured against this kind of thing up to $5,000,000 per company. A trillion dollars couldn’t pay for the cripplings and murders which happened before the companies stopped the slaughter by putting red water in their ampules, instead of the pus of diseased monkey kidneys.

Vaccines, like everything else nowadays, are for making money! It only took man a couple thousand years to completely infect Earth, turning it into one, huge cesspool for profit! Greed has infested every corner of this planet. Not even the tiniest of things can escape this fate. Corruption has no limits, greed no bounds. Pitiful!


posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 04:27 PM
I am a Psychologist and worked with toddlers after diagnosed with autism for a year. I wondered if there was a correlation between allergies to chemicals (preservatives & additives) in food that caused or set off autism in certain children. One parent on my caseload thought it was from the vaccinations, but I doubted that.

A couple years later, I relocated and made friends with a couple in my neighborhood. They had two beautiful and normal-functioning children. Then the wife took her 3 year old son for his next 'routine check up' where he received his next vaccinations.

Within ONE WEEK of this vaccination, the boy who had been interactive and talkative completely changed nearly overnight into a boy who would not make eye-contact with anyone, stopped intelligible vocal communication and began 'stimming' as well as throw tantrums (amongst other changes). She asked me if I had any clue what may have happened to him. I told her I had thoughts, but to take him to his doctor for evaluation.

When she took her son in to get examined, I told her to remind the physician when the vaccinations were given and when the behavior changes happened. The doctor completely dismissed ANY correlation between the changes and the vaccinations. Then my friend took her son to another doctor for evaluation to diagnose his condition which turned out to be . . . Autism.

So I went from a skeptic to a hard-core believer and will never give vaccinations to my children. EVER. I've witnessed this with my own two eyes. I was able to deny previously because I had only seen my patients AFTER developing autism. To continue to deny after the proof was in the pudding . . . is like driving in rush hour traffic with a blind-fold on (stupid).

(edited for spelling & grammar)

[edit on 8/21/2009 by Nivcharah]

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Tentickles
Jenny is not ignorant of the topic, she is rather astute. Her efforts are not misguided.

Backless claim.

Originally posted by Tentickles
I will not take vaccinations and I didnt even know she was promoting the subject until long after I started refusing them.

Random off-topic fact no one cares to know.

Originally posted by Tentickles
Edit: From your location I am going to guess you are a Disinfo Agent.

Immature, anger-motivated ad hominem.

You have to be very careful in analyzing this sort of issue. Statistics can be very confusing, so you have to remember to control for lurking variables, to ensure that what you count as a data point really is a data point (for example a "preventable illness" must have actually been almost certainly prevented if a vaccine had been administered), and to remember that correlation does not, no matter how much you'd like it to, imply causation.

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