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Rumsfeld Berated at White House by True Patriots

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Rumsfeld gets Called out at the White House Correspondence dinner Sat nite

by Code Pink. These demonstrators are showing us what needs to be done, bring

ALL corrupt politicians out from the shadows.

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Poor old Rummie. Everybody wants to pick on him. All he did was try to protect the country from the enemy. If they would have let him invade Syria and Iran at the same time as Iraq, like wanted to, this would already be over.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Seany

Brings a smile to my face, all these Bubba threads ongoing at the moment,

all the tough talk about revolution,
they could take a page from the Code Pink ladies

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:37 PM
Code Pink is a psy-op. They were created and funded to villify, in the public's mind, anybody who's anti-establishment. How do you think they got so close to Condoleeza Rice as to throw red paint on her? They look ridiculous and do ridiculous things for a reason.

Understand your enemy.


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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:50 PM
Wow, its scary to think that Code Pink is the patriot here, lol. These "ladies" sure do get around, yelling and screaming. No wonder the East lacks respect for the West. In some contries these screaming mimis would be rounded up and shot for simply not covering their heads in public. But of course Rummy is the creep here, protecting us from another attack, what a horrible man for doing his job and helping to insure the freedom for these lovely prom queens to voice their opinions so eloquently.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by Dr Love

you speak the truth, But when its the ONLY game in town...

At least they are doing something, to coin a phrase

They are making Headlines and if you watch the vid, they are getting people
to ask " What was that all about "

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:53 PM
I don't really see the point in going up to someone, then making jumbled sounds with the most, stressing most, annoying sound on the face of the earth.

I'm surprised Rumsfield didn't just sucker punch her in the face, I wouldn't of blamed him either.

You want a revolution, go march on the White House, and take it over in the name of the American People, oh wait, everyones so infatuated with the new President, they want to give him an 8 year chance.

Revolution will never come.

American Idol Season 1,000,000 will inevitably come.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by Seany
...But when its the ONLY game in town...

But it's not the only game in town, it's just the game that the MSM is falling all over themselves to show you. I don't see a lot of 9/11 truth rallies reported on by the MSM, do you?

See what I'm getting at? It's all a set-up.


posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Dr Love

The only Truth Movement 9-11 I EVER see is not from the US...

But in Ottawa Canada , Ive seen them on Canadian Tv , they are always handing out vids, phamplets

But back to Code Pink, I have the feeling your like me sir, a few grays
on the rooftop. I remember when Mothers Against Drunk Driving started.
They weren't taken seriously at all.
Now you have to agree they have changed Laws.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:13 PM
I got to hand it to Rumsfield. He handled theat alot better then I would have.

At the first shriek of war criminal I would have been startled into punching her in the face. It would have been reflex.

I mean, who does that? What type of person will circle someone inches from their face screaming "war criminal"?

Code Pink needs to go away. They are beginning to be like PETA.

[edit on 14-5-2009 by jd140]

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by jd140

Do you know why you would have punched her in the face?

Because you didn't do anything wrong.

Do you know why Rumsfeld didn't punch her in the face ?

Because he did everything she said.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Seany

No I would have punched her in the face because she got in mine and shrieked like a banshee.

My wife was being playful one evening. I was brushing my teeth and on the way out of the bathroom she jumped from behind a corner and startled me.

I didn't get luck, I had to sleep on the couch and explain to her commander why she had a busted lip.

Call me crazy, but I get jumpy when someone jumps in my face.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by jd140

Man you should not be allowed a gun then. Rumsfeld is a liar and a cheat... everyone knows this, those who don't are either too young or incredibly stupid to realize it. That he did what he did because he believed in it or not is beside the point. "When you stand before God you cannot say "but I was told by others to do thus" or that "virtue was not convinient at the time. This will not suffice." (I LOVE MOVIES btw)

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