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Guitar players... Lets see those rigs.

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 02:15 AM
I suck with the search function so i apologize if there are 133 of these threads.

I really enjoy seeing what gear people are using since it's such a intimate (for me anyway) relationship.

So if you don't mind sharing, lets see them.

Here is some of my main gear. I'll post specs. if someone is interested.

i love this guitar more than life....literally lol

this is the thundermaker hehe

If someone has a better way to post images please enlighten me lol.

EDIT to try and link bigger

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 03:48 AM
Just a stock picture (Mine is missing strings at the moment

Epiphone Limited Edition Special II - Flames

Not the technically best guitar, but It is suitable for my skill level.

My amp is just an old Ashton. It does the job but I want better.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 09:15 AM

Originally posted by fooffstarr

My amp is just an old Ashton. It does the job but I want better.

It matters not if it's the "best." What matters is that your happy with it's tone and the way it plays.

Amps can be a little trickier to find when it comes to tone, power, blah, blah, blah.

I liked the Peavy 5150 for EVER. Then, the Line6 Spider Valve came out and I have not looked back since.....

I'm putting up better pics lol.....

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 10:53 AM
This is my stuff... This strat is a 40yr old mod. Bulgarian Stienberger knock off for small venues cheap Chinese $500 delivered to my front door
When I gig, I usually just plug the basses into the PA with a sansamp DI box. Amps for guitar are Roland JC and a SS fender slave.

for the Lounge gigs

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 04:43 PM
Here we go.....Better pics.

This is my Eastman El Rey 3.

Here is my Yamaha semi-hollowbody.

and one more of my head/cab which is Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 with a Basson cab.

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posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Dang, double post. please excuse the noob.

i love cheeseburgers.

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by anonamousantichrist

Sorry this is a reply to an old post. I was about to put the same thing. haha. Thank search bars.

Nice gear. I'm currently using a PodX3 as my everything. Recording, live, vocals, bass, you name it. I'm mostly just recording these days..Here are my two loves. The bass now is different, (thanks economy). I'm running a black and white squire Jbass 5 string. Very similar.

I have a bunch of music on and myspace, etc...under the same name.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:55 PM
Will have to see if I can get some photos of all my gear

Guitar wise

PRS custom 22 amber flame 10 top
Les Paul Classic heritage cherry sunburst
Parker Fly Deluxe majic blue
Fender Roadhouse strat Teal Green
Fender Malmsteen strat Cream
Fender HM strat light blue
BC Rich custom strat
ESP custom lynch Skull n Snake graphics
Charvel Fusion
Jackson SL1 Lighting Sky graphics
Ibanez JS 90th

amp wise
Line 6 Flexytone 2 combo
Line 6 vetta 2 head/ stack and full board
Carvin belair combo
Messa boogie dual rec head
Hughes and Kettner switchblade half stack

Art SGX2000 and x15 floor unit
Line 6 podpro original firmware(best!)
Digitech 2120(x2)

thats a load of stuff but I do use most of it!Flexy combo for noodling at home-vetta stack for cover band-switchblade for rock band-preamps are all racked up and can be used as backups into the PA if any band members get amps problems(good to have!)
Recording wise any guitar can be used but for live stuff the gibson or the prs are worth their weight in gold

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 05:50 AM
Hm..sadly I'm struggling to afford my dream amp, but for now my current amp gets the job done just fine. I couldn't be happier with my guitars, but as any guitarist would I still plan on getting more.

2004 Schecter Diamond Series C1-FR (Take note, this is BEFORE the C1-FR's were made into Bolt-On's with Licensed Floyds. This is a Set-Neck with an ORIGINAL Floyd Rose. She's my pride and joy)
Epiphone Gothic V (Seymour Duncan Distortion in the Bridge position, DiMarzio ToneZone in the Neck.)

I play through a Peavey Bandit 112, as well.

Unfortunately it won't let me load pics

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Welp, I guess bass is technically a guitar (hence "bass guitar") so I'll just go ahead and show my shizz, yo.

Welp, actually, I don't really have photos except for some really awkward one of my with my fretless. Oh well, here are some pics from the internet that show my current gear:

ESP LTD F-255:

Some random "Saker" bass. I can't find any info on it or anything. All I know is it's in a fretless 5 string flavour:

Amplifier - Line 6 LD300 Pro:

Edit: Eh, stupid BBcode. Oh well.

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:32 PM
Gibson Les Paul Menace
Takamine EG Series

I have a Fender Deluxe 112, but I would never even consider using it to play out or record. I usually play through a mackie CFX16 Mixer into JBL EON active speakers. Its a little overkill, but then again, so am I.

Also, I love all Dan-electro stomp boxes. I don't know whether its form or functionality, but I do know the daddy-o is a pretty crunchy pedal.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 05:08 PM
i don't have any pics but all i have now is a samick and a fender frontman 25r. i use a crybaby wah for that little something extra. i used to have many, many more guitars but when i got divorced i had to leave them behind

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Great topic! Currently I use ESP/LTD guitars and have so for about 11 years now. I have an Eclipse

As well as a Horizon both with Seymour Duncan Invaders.

I currently play through a modified Peavey, although it sounds about as far from a Peavey as you can possibly sound. A guy named Joe Dessinger out of Flint Michigan modified it, and I have photoshopped an accurate image of what it looks like now.

I play though a Marshall 1960A, I love this cab.

I also use various Rocktron effects including ‘The Zombie’, ‘Hush’, and ‘Tsunami’.

I’m a tone freak, and I’ve managed to build a rig that suits my needs for now.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 05:23 AM
i have a small rig. Crate 120w 3ch 2x12 combo, Boss metalzone,chorus ensambel, Crybaby wah,and a Wylde overdrive.
I play a 54' Fender Tele, reverse flame top jackson w/flowd rose.
custom camo wrapped jackson w/fixed bridge, and an old ibanez ice man.
oh, and a ibanez acoustic electric. i have about 5 more guitars,but i dont play them as much.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 08:20 AM
Yes! Finally a thread that I thoroughly enjoy.

Just have to upload pics soon as I get a chance...
It's big. I'll just have to keep the suspense going until I actually get pics of everything. (gimme a day or so.)

1. Full Marshall stack 1960A and B, DSL100, Mesa Dual Rec (2ch.)
2. 32" pedal board with too many goodies.
3. '99 Gibson Custom Les Paul
4. '08 ESP LTD MH1000 Deluxe (REAL Floyd Rose)
3-4 Various Schecter including an '07 Hellraiser, Blackjack Tempest, Tempest Custom, and an old Stealth.

I'm definitely going to have to get pics up asap.
It's taken too many years and to much money to accumulate this stuff.
But, its great. I wouldn't gig without it.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Some of the stuff is in the pic on the left.
All guitars factory lefty, everything modded

`78 hardtail Strat
`77 Strat (natural, used to be Burst)
`77 Strat antigua (I call it pukeburst) my #1
`78 Tele
`94 G&L Legacy
90's Squier Pro Tone
90's Strat w/ Warmoth V neck, reverse headstock
Ibanez jazz box
Ibanez lawsuit Les Paul
Ibanez RG440BKL
late 90's Les Paul Studio
`59 historic reissue Les Paul plaintop
Kramer metal guitar
reso guitar

`53 tweed Deluxe
`59 tweed Champ
`74 Marshall 50w half stack
`71 Deluxe Reverb
Blues Deluxe (orig tweed)
Ceriatone DC30 kit
Pro Jr
`62 Bassman head
`64 Bandmaster head
2x12 Marshall cab

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Dano CTO-1 overdrive

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by anonamousantichrist

Here is what I play:

1995 Fender American Limited Edition Strat with matching headstock - candy apple red:

My Acoustic - Breedlove not know the model off the top of my head:

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 04:33 AM
I don't have pics of my guitar setup unfortunately, but it consists of:

Marshall JTM45 amp, through a Marshall 1960AV cab.

I only have one guitar, a USA Fender Telecaster.

Pedals are a 1980's Marshall Bluesbreaker, Boss DD3 delay and TR1 tremolo.

Nice and simple.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 01:32 PM
Hey there

This is my other wife my 1996 Taylor 810. Lots of goodies, Gold plated tuners Rosewood back and sides, abalone inlay on sound hole, ebony fretboard and mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard.

I love her
and my wife too

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