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U.S. signals new era for global economy

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:24 AM

U.S. signals new era for global economy

LONDON - On the eve of a global economic summit here, President Obama delivered an unusual warning Wednesday for an American leader: The "voracious" U.S. economy can no longer be the sole engine of global growth.
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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Remember the old cliché "Follow the money"? This is the beginning of a New World Order. First they will start with the money and with the current global economic crisis most will see this as not only a good idea but the only solution.

Once the money falls into place everything else will fall into place like dominoes.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:49 AM
I really, really, don't want to be flamed.

But I really really, feel Obama, has some sort of Vendetta against America, and is hell bent, well maybe not hell bent, but bent on making us look ignorant, and be the blame for all wrong in the world.

We really could've of used a Pro-america president. Someone who doesn't give the queen a two handedhandshake with an Ipod.

Arrgh, I could go on, but either your right and this goes toward a NWO scenario, which is very plausible, or he's just some guy who got lost and ended up President.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by jwstarry

How strange that Obama states that the US has been the sole engine of global growth. How so?

Is all I can see is a stranglehold over the rest of the world through the US dollar's reserve status, control and profiteering from oil and drugs procurement in various areas of the world, destruction of other countries infrastructure through military activities and over consumption by the citizenry of cheap imported products due to the inflated value of the US dollar. The country itself has lost most of its manufacturing industries (apart from the weapons and related military "requirements"). The financial industry has brought the world's growth to the brink of collapse thanks to debt based capitalism which is now insolvent.

Sole engine of global growth...rubbish. The countries with the highest GDP's are mostly where the growth is and they are the developing nations which are simply playing catch-up to the west. The newly industrialising countries, most notably China which is experiencing their industrial revolution as did the western nations in the 18th to 20th centuries.

Perhaps it is time for the world's leaders to realise that the fable of growth cannot go on for ever and that the focus needs to shift towards quality of life issues. Growth can only continue to a certain point before it becomes damaging to the world's environment and the mental health of the people.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by Nineteen

Amen to that ....

here's a little bit of 'follow up', which underscores your line of thought...
i reckon the rest of the world is finally waking-up or growing-up...

~snip from a Jim Willie


Certain contacts of mine have been especially valuable in sharing information concerning important events behind the scenes. Only about 25% of news ever reaches the public networks. Perhaps another 50% reaches the myriad internet journals. That leaves 25% which never is reported, too sensitive, too privileged, too dangerous, too deadly at times. One colleague has numerous connections on at least three continents, and has been very active in sending messages over the past weekend. The news knocked me off my feet! That is not easy to do.

It seems the G20 Meeting has another agenda, as a group has assembled in the last few months, one with a purpose to pursue justice, prosecution, restitution, anticipated to employ leveraged actions behind the curtains. Details will be provided in the upcoming April Hat Trick Letter, as events are still fluid and information is being collected. The Spanish Govt has already begun criminal proceedings against certain Wall Street executives.

The G20 Meeting is doubling as a forum for legal prosecutors of unknown identity.
They are accepting evidence from players within the Papa Bush & Bush Jr & Clinton Administrations regarding criminal syndicate behavior extending since 1980.
The climax of the Carter era was the Iran Contra deal and the disastrous mission to rescue Tehran hostages.
My view is simpler, that the 1981 date marked the Papa Bush era of control, complete with burgeoning narcotic activity with protected US security organizations, whose channels of money reached Wall Street, with full knowledge by the US Federal Reserve.
Those providing evidence, data, documents, and testimony hope to achieve [...]

Bottom line to the threads purpose: New Era for global economy
The USA & Obama might not like the comeuppance the USA is about to experience...loss of status, position, dollar hegemony, etc etc

[edit on 2-4-2009 by St Udio]

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 08:31 AM

Truly excellent post & analysis! Spot on.

This is the line of the day: "A New Era." The Washington Post is carrying almost the exact same banner headline.

But the fine print is all about the incedible shrinking US economy and the US prodding everyone else to spend to bring us out of the mess we created. Well of course we'd want that, but no one else does, cetainly not Sarkozy or Merkel, whose countries have been largely responsible while we were profligates.

The ploy I see playing out is this: since the end of WW II, we ran the world and set up all the postwar institutions to do so: the IMF, World Bank, etc., and pushed for globalization through sweeping free trade agreements. That era just came to a crashing halt when we bankrupted ourselves thanks to the money men driving the bus since the Reagan era onward.

Now, under the guise of addressing the crisis, we will push to install a global layer of financial control which is pretty much what most of us would understand as one of the fundamentals of the NWO playbook. The money men have run the US into the ground and are now turning their eyes to the entire globe, and have the perfect excuse, of their own making, to justify the new global layer of financial control--"we'll save all the rest of you from ourselves."

And it really is that blatant: the US financial "policy makers" are nearly all Wall Street alumni or toadies groomed by the CFR/Trialateral groups. The US call for the Western Europeans to spend like us is an obvious gambit to undermine their economies as well, so that soon enough they find themselves in the same mess we are and, so weakened, they can be more easily brought into line to accept this "new era."

St. Udio, I hope that your post is more than wishful thinking. The only responsible way to handle the mess the US is in right now is to treat the US to a taste of its own IMF tactics: demand that the gov't clear out bad debt, break up banking conglomerates, and toss out the croniies who have gained too much control of gov't and set up a rational, responsible, and sound banking system that does not rely on its influence over the gov't for its profit. This is what was done to Argentina and Korea and Thailand, etc., and it has to be done here too; the crony banking cartel has to be tossed out of Washington and rationality re-established in US finance.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Nineteen

man, you are right. i've always felt this way. the world is way over populated so i view growth as the quickest route towards depletion other things we cannot forsee. i will always wonder how many more billions of people need to be on the planet before they realize? i'd say we are 2-3 billion over right now but i am no expert.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by St Udio

You are so right, the G20 meeting will signal the new emerging super power house that our insatiable voracious consumerism has created China.

America will not dictate the policies of the Free trade World of deception anymore.

Neither can America support the rest of the worlds imports as our pockets are starting to dry.

Mum's the Word on “Free Trade”: Money Controls

Hence, “free trade” in the U. S. means an open market for profit; and “free trade” in Japan means a closed market for market share resulting in Toyota being #1 as Ford, GM, and Chrysler struggle. To China “free trade” means that the U. S. continues its open market while China with authoritarian rule closes its market and controls its labor and currency, but fails to control its air and water so as to have the cheapest production in globalization. Thus, globalization is nothing more than a trade war with production looking for a country cheaper to produce. Today, “free trade” to Corporate America, Wall Street, and the big banks, means the U. S. should not compete in globalization. It means the United States should not trade. “Free trade” means Corporate America should continue, unfettered by Congress, offshoring its investment, research, technology, development, production, jobs – literally, the U. S. economy. Today, “free trade” means to Corporate America that it be permitted to continue offshoring our economy while it builds the economies of Mexico, China and India. In short, “free trade” means for Corporate America to ruin the economy of the United States as it begs for bailouts and bonuses from the taxpayers.

We will become the new producer of debt to supply the rest of the emerging Markets and banking system so they can keep supporting the wealthy global elites.

Just keep printing Geithner and Bernanke.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 09:55 AM
I cannot bring myself to argue with those who see this 'their way' and no other.

But I must say that I am disappointed that the flow of the thread seems to present this "It's America's fault" flavor.

There are no national boundaries in the crimes that have occurred, whether you maintain they began in the US or the UK or Bavaria!

The players responsible for this state of affairs are STILL holding all the cards. They are the traditional landed gentry, robber barons, and 'self-proclaimed' elite of the world. Not just the US.

It seems to me that President Obama is an instrument of a marketing scheme to bring the burden of guilt on the USA (as if her people REALLY benefited at all from the goings on).

Money has no nationality. It may have in history, but now the lesson to be carried away from here is that the transnational financial arm of the obscenely wealthy has very nearly succeeded in nullifying the relevance of national sovereignty in deference to a rising doctrine which places their financial interest at the top of all human affairs.

We stand upon the edge of a knife. Stray either way, and we will plummet into a chaos of their design or a chaos of no design. The Ordo ab Chao crowd has maneuvered the financial system by promoting the virtualization of money through previously illegal financial 'vehicles'. Most all historians agree that until the lifting of certain controls the problem of this concentration of economic power was a slow trickle. The G20 will now legitimize the monetary powers (whom I maintain are a sovereign state of their own) as rulers of the world - via economic stranglehold.

Economies are often characterized metaphorically or through simile; but it is usually a distraction from the underlying paradigm that ANY economy MUST include the established practices of the central banks with monopolies on currency, inflation, and credit rates, protecting the 'fractional reserve lending' model that has bled our nations dry.

Please stop blaming any single country on this matter, they all (in particular the G20) actively enabled this situation - and if you wish to see the beneficiaries of this it's quite easy..., just look at who is 'not allowed to fail' and who owns them. Just examine those who get to tell you what the economic reality is, as opposed to those who are declared 'fringed' despite their continuing ability to predict the course of our economic futures.

Our problem is that as sovereign nations, we should be moving TOGETHER to declare the transnational corporate banking cartel as an 'enemy combatant' responsible for acts of terror, and crimes against humanity.

But since the leaders are all the landed gentry and members of the transnational corporate community, gathered into 'think tanks' and 'advisory groups' like the CFR and the WTO; they can't. Their loyalty lies there, not with us.

They will make us hate each other, if they can, because that is the best way to control and channel our energies. Even if the individuals who make up their cadre honestly believe it is not so, look at the effect and actions they willingly undertake, despite the people's will, and you'll see that their 'good will' is just words.

There agenda is status quo at best, and utter domination of the global market at worst. Americans, British, French, German, Chinese, or Russian; it matters not a lick where your from... they want all our money, and they want us to have NO CHOICE but to submit to their concept of how the world should work... because somehow they have deluded themselves into believing they know more, or better, than the 'common' people.

The media is NOT our ally in this affair, they haven't been since they began to be co-opted by the globalist transnational corporate interests centuries ago.

[edit on 2-4-2009 by Maxmars]

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:07 AM
Maxmars, you are right Is not Americas fault but corporate America and what our government has become now a financial cartel ruled government.

America has not lead when it comes to the deceiving practices of Free trade and Globalization.

We has been propped to be nothing more than consumers on loan and credits and now that is backfiring.

But rather than fix the mess that caused that effect, our corporate and ruled financial cartel government is once again using the nations citizens to pay for the mistakes of the elite, now we are to pay for the global elite too.

How far can a nation go in debt before collapsing? and why will that may the desirable result after all?

Wall Street’s inordinate amount of influence on Washington policy was achieved through a combination of campaign contributions, an unwavering belief in the idea that the financial wizards making billions on transactions with nothing behind them knew best, and the fact that Wall Street has become akin to a minor league system for those in charge of regulating the financial industry.

With Wall Street holding the levers of American political power over the past two decades, financial wizards were able to end regulations separating commercial and investment banks. They also enacted a ban on the regulation of credit-default swaps, instituted a measure that allowed banks to judge their own financial health and passed a law increasing the amount of leverage investment banks were allowed to take on. Those lax regulations combined with a virtually absent Securities and Exchange Commission produced the excessive risk-taking that brought the world economy to its knees.

The corrupted elites ruling the nation doesn't give a crap about what becomes to our nation as long as it supports their fat pockets.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Maxmars

I agree with much of your post but inre the US's "guilt" in all this, we let this happen and happily accepted the bait: all the credit cards and ARMs and 401Ks and all the rest of the shiny debt-traps so we could build our Mcmansions and buy so much crap that we can't even store it any more in our McMansions and now have to offshore it in self-storage.

The US public were the useful idiots who were stupid enough to endebt themselves so thoroughly that we enabled this mess and we share a good part of the blame. We let our gov't morph into a vile parody of a republic ruled by corporate, military and financial interests and couldn't get off our tv couch to protest any of it. We allowed ourselves to be infantalized, and now bullied, and we're so hopelessly clueless that now, when TS has HTF, we are willing to go along with anything to save the scraps. We were too busy watching the toob to notice we've been bought and sold a hundred times over.

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