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The New Rome

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 10:57 PM
If you find what I'm about to explain to you interesting, please call me or reply to this email.

A long story short in 1980 the united states was in a cold war with Russia. We funded, trained and utilized the pashtun tribes in the south of afganistan to fight against the russians(the straw that broke the camels back). The soviet union being out spent on the developmental/defence front and drained by war crumbled under econimic hardships.---Also collapsed because of a number of other reasons as well----

At this point in our US history we learned that strategy can successfully defeat another super power.

Presedent Regan and V.P. George Bush and cabinet at this point our nations history realized our defence agenda needs to shift from an offencive(building nukes) society to a defensive(protecting from existing and rouge nukes) era. The design and attempt at implementation of the star wars shield met a rebuttle from russian federation with the payload delivery system. The russians implyed "why build a shield if we can simply over power it with vast numbers of war heads. In a sence told Regan and Bush to go back to the drawling board......And so the story begins.......FFWD to desert shield.....

Desert storm was declared mission accomplished and our troops came home.

What about desert shield? 1. What was it? 2.Why was that executive action not declared accomplished?

FFWD to 9/11 2001- Buildings were hit and we launched pre emptive ware fare against radical islam.

I would argue the cipher to this war was not on 9/11/2001, But in Nov. 2001!

In november the US withdrew from the ABM treaty and in a sense said to our enemy's here we come to build balliastic defence shields.

We advanced battle groups into the persian gulf where we established war forces in saudi, and kuwait. We then used pakistans air bases to launch ariel attacks against the taliban.(the post 80's war lords that guarded the poppy's) Musharrif was put in place with a bloodless coup funded by our government. $$$$$$ We then advanced into afganistan.

Political unrest in pakistan forced our airbases out of pakastan and into kazakhstan. Resupply chains in uzbekastan and bases in turkmenistan, Ground invasion into afghanistan. Next we establishe better realtions with the turks to get them to allow us to build bases to prepare for pre emptive war against Iraq. Previous to these incursions we were building the georgian military to resolve their own border conflicts to be able to meet nato criterea. Back to the War Plan..... Shock and awe through Iraq, Then blitz crieg from kuwait into bagdad. Convieniently enough the way we gained success in both afganistan and iraq was by de stabilizing their political inforstructure and creating a power vaccume in both countrys. This turned the focus of the people of those countrys from fighting fighting each other for the $$$ political power grab! ------Afganistan = Split Northern alliance/Pashtun warring over power, and in iraq the separation of the suni and the shiea warring over the power position and for the control of the land and oil. We instigated 2 civil wars in order to prevent from taking the full brunt of the country people in all out war. To this d

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:01 PM
To this day we occupy in both country's. This my friend is the impossible happening!!!!!

Alexander the great failed at gaining accsess to the persian empire! Nazi germany froze to death in russia and was defeated in northern africa! China failed with the otteman empire and the brits failed miserably with the colonozation.....

The Amreicans walk into the persian empire and occupy it to this day...simply brushing the sand off our shoulders.

That is the biggest military victory in history!

We took the persian empire by playing chess through politics and war!

To see just drawl a pentagon around Iran and you will see our strategig positioning(our fort)

Now comes the interesting part that has to do with strategic missile defence.

A pentagon is designed in layers x5 that have sonets that inter connect the layers.

This is a fully redundant design. The problem with this scenario is a fort without a perimeter is comprimized. So if our fort is a pentagon around Iran then lets see where that would place our perimeter......drawl it out! a pentagon is simply the inside of a star!

If you draw out a completed star this would land you in 5 differant points of the eastern hemmisphere. 1. poland and the chezk republic 2.Kazakhstan 3. India 4. the sudan region of africa 5 Indian ocean. This would be too large of an area for any conventional military to occupy....I would argue that in the afformentioned regions we have constructed a comprehensive nuke defence shield(Interceptor/other) I see it as the answer to the failure of star wars! DESERT SHIELD!!!!!!! This defence shield creates a fully redundand star mesh network that is capible of covering 1/3 of the globe! In china and russia's own back yard without starting ww3!

We saw a display of our shields capibility when we saw the georgians engage the russian military.........condi rice announced to the russian federation the call for the seise and desist and the russian withdrawl from georgia, This was a warning shot fired from the guard tower letting russia know that they have entered our perimeter and to leave......of course the russians did not listen..........until condi announced the deal struck with the polish and chezk governments with the US that was signed to build an interceptor defence shield.

This got russia's attention quickly!

The russian federation said if this was going to be built they would have to nuke poland to prevent it's creation. Condi replied "A series of 10 intorceptor battery's have already been built in eastern europe and that they are already fully functional." This means the US can nuke russia but they have been put into the position of not bieng able to fire nukes back!


So if we've just witnessed the neutralization of both russian and chinese nukes, then whats our 2nd greastes threat?

Conventional military from China!

Think about this!

In the past 10 years The US has effectivly gained logistical access to about 93% of the area's thet china gets it's oil from!

We surround Iran, The Sudan has US security forces and britts gaurding the pipelines in the name of anti terrorism(speculation&oil cost) We refine the oil china gets from venesuela, and Meliki in Iraq has signed cheap oil deals with china to lure them away from the russian oil import!

If you recall battle of the bulge, we learned the best way to fight a conventional military is to not fight them at all! You simply restrict their natural resourses!

This will shut down their industry and make their military machine incapible of mechanization. 2 billion man military sitting still in a carrier with no gas to get anywhere!

Last threat we face in our time is economic.

Back in the 60's with johnson......We offered a trojan horse to the chinese govnt. This pretty little horse was called capitolism and prefered trade.

For thousands of years the gold inside of china stayed inside of china, Now we give them the trojan of capitolism/ preferred trade and once our horse entered the great wall our soldiers got out 1 by 1 and borrowed the wealth of china away!

We now in 2009 have the weight of the chinese gold in our hands and all china is left with are bonds!

We are seeing our government launder this chinese gold into hard assets within our own country.......

This govnt is making the fed go broke!

as we are building infrastructure with the chinese gold inside the US!

This means if the fed goes broke we are in a sence filing bankrupcy to CHINA!

if the entity that issues the bonds is broke doesnt that make the bond worthless?

We just stole the wealth of the Chinese, Gained access and created oil shut off valves with our military to prevent from conventional war with china, and neutralized the chinese nukes with desert shield!

Jesus H. Christ, Thats Check Mate against the chinese!

We Won!

We now have their neck inder our boot and if they move we press harder!

Screw the germans!

Screw the romans!

WE ARE THE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like a job with your company to be able to do my part in the greatest nation to ever arise from the earths ground!

I Want To Serve on your team.

I would love to share all of my ideas with your team.

I would like to share the developmental strategies I have to create redundance in our national security.

What do ya think?

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by milqueecereal

Your logic has a fault.

In a likely future, not all war machines will require Oil to run. There are many alternative energy sources (some which are top military secrets).

Also in the future, machines will fight more battles that humans do.
And if you think about who controls machines better via computers...I believe that Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are way ahead of America.

In chess, a good strategy is to let the opponent take control of the centre too early, then attack from the flanks.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 12:19 AM
An even better strategy is to hide your pawns. Do you know the US's true technology advancements? and no, the iPhone doesn't count. Do we even know the true tech advancements of any nation? To base this whole "imaginary" war on who has a better tech advancement would be illogical IMO.

About the OP's theory, i'm not a fan of shapes on maps, i don't think it means anything. If there was a pentagon on a chess board it wouldn't matter (nor would it be possible lol)

And it will be a FAR Far Far away future for machines to run on something...anything other than oil. Until oil has run dry, an alternative won't be found, it will be withheld till the last minute. There's a great chance other countries have an alternative that will help out majorly, but it won't be used anytime soon.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 12:20 AM
Given the benefit of the doubt as far as the accuracy of your information goes, I would say I'm very impressed with your reasoning and the way your post was constructed.

You lost me at the end though. See, I'm from this country called Australia. We don't know a lot about war and most of us don't want to. Unfortunately some of our "mates" have dragged us in to their wars.

We would rather have our thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, endless sunshine, low population density, high standard of living and knowing that when you're trying to merge onto that busy highway, somebody will surely go out of their way to let you in. You will, of course give them the little wave which is Australian for "thanks mate".

While impressive, military might is not what I believe makes a great country.

[edit on 20-3-2009 by OZtracized]

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 06:42 AM
the funny thing in my mind about this war crapola is in the end technology will form spiritualism and people will see how creation of anything must be done with humility and respect for the effect it might have later. Peace is the end result despite all genocidal rages through time.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 07:03 AM
A few problems with the OP

Alexander the Great did in fact conquer the Persian Empire. His forced marches across the area that is now modern Iraq covered more miles per day on foot than the US army did in their invasion.
It is something of a simplification to say that 'Nazi Germany froze to death in Russia'
China has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire.
How does China present a conventional military threat to the USA?
There are no US troops in the Sudan.
Your implication that the US didn't fight in the Battle of the Bulge will come as some surprise to the defenders of Bastogne.
Still, congratulations on your defeat of China. . . . . . .

[edit on 20-3-2009 by Osmoses]

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 07:56 AM
Great freakin post man!!!! Wow, is all i can say.
Im not going tonit pick at historical inaccuracies, because I know those dont matter in the big picture here. I am blown away at the work put behind this post, seemsyou have spent some time, research, and put a lot of thought behind it all. I applaud you.
Even if its not the truth, it sure would make for one hell of a movie script.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 08:51 AM
How did you come up with these conclusions anyhow??
Sources? If you dont have any, its cool, I dont really care.

And what does this say about the Bush administration? Would this mean that he can beknownas one of the greatest Emperors that ever lived?
Wouldnt that be something? wow.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 08:57 AM
Yes, quite right. It's silly to nitpick at historical inaccuracies. I now accept that the OP is comparing the historical context of the contemporary USA with a fictional universe of his own invention.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by Osmoses

I guess you didnt take that the way it was intended...I dont think Alexander the great is what you should be focusing on here =)
that a little more simple?
Nit picking aside, I think that if this were true, it would be huge.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:17 AM
The thing is, none of it is true. Is the US occupation of Afghanistan (not a US operation, but a UN mandate), and Iraq (withdrawal announced), 'the impossible happening'
As the Americans haven't 'walked into the Persian Empire and occupy it to this day', then it can hardly be called the 'biggest military victory in history'. ( If the US have invaded Iran and taken over the place in the last hour, I will admit my mistake).
If I could nitpick at the geography, how do these points around Iran make a star???
As far as I can see the point of the OP is based on this erroneous history and geography, so which part is valid?

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:13 PM
All an Idea! just a simple, interesting idea!
My history may be flawed.. i dunno.
Just Thought A few patterns of behaviors, logistics and manuvers show a little more than bringing freedom to iraq!

I don't see much happiness or freedom...........let alone weapons of mass destruction...

So you tell me mr. genius..........
Why The Hell Has All Of This Happened?
A Freakin Dude named osama?
I don't buy that for a dollar.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 10:20 PM
besides i know it took you a good 5 minutes to read my post

I obviously interested you otherwise you'd have no rebuttle.

You should loosen up a little and have some fun with your imagination!
living uptight is like a rocking chair, It gives ya somthing to do but gets ya no where.....

Use My Idea, reconstruct it accuratly and see the truth in your eyes! It's all perception........ Have Fun With it and enjoy yer evening a little.

If ya wanna swing by my house I'll Give Ya a Beer!


......................Aegis+NKorea = Light Show Watch and learn!........................

[edit on 2-4-2009 by milqueecereal]

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 04:28 AM
Ah, I see. It's an exercise in imagination. Perhaps you should have put that in the OP. Something like: 'Although the following has little or no factual basis, if it were true it would be interesting'.

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