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Greyhound bus killer found not criminally responsible

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by never_tell
it's a jungle out there folks... there's no guarantees in life that you won't be struck down needlessly with out provication or cause... go swimming in the ocean you may be eaten by a shark... walk through the woods and maybe you're mauled by a bear... i guess the answer is to kill the shark and the bear for doing what seemed natural to them?... i think not

there's no doubt this guy was mentally ill... there's no question... no one in their right mind does something like that... so what's the answer? it's not about an eye for an eye (all you old testament adherants)... it's about having a system that identifies and deals with the sickness in real time... not reactive, but pro active...

my spouse works in mental health as an RN in Canada and has witnessed first hand the numerous ways in which the sytem is broken and lets these folks fall through the cracks... we need to deal with the issue of mental health head-on, not put them behind bars where they live the rest of their lives in confusion and terror... with the right drugs and therapy, they can lead a semi-normal life...

is it their fault they hear voices? do we need to condemn them for it? if someone was "nuts" and heard god telling them to give everyone they met $100 they'd be hailed the kindest person alive... yet if they hear a voice telling them to commit acts we aren't so cool about... well, out come the pitch forks and torches and the call for blood


I understand your stance, but I see too many people using the "I heard voices in my head and one of which was God" told me to kill this person. Not all of these claims are true. Many are cowards not willing to do the time for their crime.


You can also then state that anybody whom murders another must have went through an insane state to follow through their selfless act.

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:50 AM
The Law makes a distinction between the body, and the mind. The mind of the human is what represents the legal "PERSON". The legal "PERSON" isn't anything that is real (man or woman). It's a legal construct. Since the law can only prosecute the legal "PERSON", they can't prosecute a human proven to be legally "insane" because their mind is NOT capable of representing that legal "PERSON".

Jordon Maxwell and others have discussed this at length. And as Jordon Maxwell has said so many times, you need to do your homework!

Our legal system is set up this way (detached from reality) to protect the rich elite when they hide behind corporations. It just so happens that several decades ago some smart lawyers figured out how to exploit this legal loophole to protect their clients if they could legally prove their client was "insane".

One more note: Legal insanity has NOTHING to do with clinical mental illness. In the science of Psychology there is no such term as "insanity". "Insanity" is a legal term borrowed from popular culture.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by disfugured

it's one thing when someone goes out gets drunk, gets in a fight and kills someone... or doesn't like someone and plots their murder... or is enraged during a domestic dispute or...

it's quite another thing when someone loses it sitting beside a total stranger and the stabs them and cuts their head off for no apparent reason... that folks is mental illness

and yes you're right, people use all kinds of excuses for their bad behaviour... i think most of the legitamate condistions can be detected through testing and psychoanalysis .... that said, there will always be those who go undetected...

i heard of a guy who went on for years selling iinvestment opportunities that didn't exist... and even though some people new this guy was crazy, nothing was done until he'd spent all their money and ruined a few lives...

we just don't pay enough attention

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