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Everyone is Psychic: A Lesson on TK and PK

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 10:54 AM

Warnings before venturing into this hardcore

I've given a lot of information about things that can be done, and how to get a little better. I didn't go too far into the details, mainly because I don't even know if anyone is still interested; But I will need to explain some of the things that you will need to know before even trying this stuff.

#1) If you decide to practice this, remember that you shouldn't become a skeptic because you gave up. The reason why you are unable to do it is because you're limiting yourself from what you think reality is like. Society has shaped you to believe in certain rules, even though you didn't bother reading up on these rules. Being psychic is something that is accepted but still taboo in science, however it's being researched in many universities and institutes. I am thinking about starting research in this field scientifically and have all data available for public view. I don't know if I'll go through with it but my point is, is that traditional science says no, but modern science says yes. Leave your doubts at home or you'll be annoyed.

#2) Practice like a scientist. Create goals, or just play around randomly with your psychic skills. Make sure that you are able to understand what's going on. If the paper is moving, ensure that it's because of you and not the air or static around you. Try to repeat the experiments and LOG YOUR RESULTS. So keep a journal on your practice, even if it's just a little each day. Open that word document and start fresh with "Day 1" etc etc... This will not only help you with your confidence, but it'll teach you more about yourself and how you learn to control your energy.

#3) There may be limits to what you can do, but act like there aren't any. Human levitation might be impossible, but I don't know that do I? I've never seen proof of it being true or false so therefore I have to be open minded about it. However, make your goals gradual and reasonable. Don't think that you can run when you can barely crawl.

#4) I don't know the connection between Psychokinesis and heaven/hell. Quite frankly, I have a hard time believing there's such a thing but I suppose anything is possible. With that in mind, please be sure to keep an eye out for shadow people. I don't know yet what they are, or where they come from but I found that they are very much attracted to those with psychic powers. If you're unsure on what I'm talking about, refer to my Shadow thread:

I give this as a warning because they are not only incredibly scary to see, but they can gather in numbers and they do take something from people. I want to say something like life-force but being scientifically minded, I feel that's still too taboo for me. Anyways, for more info, refer to my other thread.

#5) Your dreams and perception of reality will change dramatically. With that said, are you willing to throw yourself in the corner while your mind runs around against you? This of course depends from person to person but it would seem that for many, including myself, when practicing this consecutively, it changes the way the brain functions and in result, weird dreams occur and the way you see the world changes entirely. It's hard to explain but be warned that it might happen to you and when it does you might be too scared to overcome this. This may be temporary, I don't really know the effects on too many people.

#6) Void your thoughts of delusions. Be sure that you keep your sanity. Life may not be a videogame (although it might be one heck of an MMO!) so don't treat it too much like it is. When I got into the higher level psychic stuff, I started to delve into some serious things. These things are not to be played with like a toy! There can be serious repercussions for going too deep into this subject. I won't say you shouldn't, because it can be quite fascinating, but be warned, you may lose your mind, life or endanger other people's lives, and perhaps even change the fabric of reality as we know it. Psionics is at a quantum level, be careful on what you do and don't jump so fast into new subjects.


I've written a lot already, and I should have really spent a lot more time responding to my other thread. But I wanted to bring this information to light. There's no standard for researching this subject and I hope that one day I can feel motivated enough to do so. I have the skills and the resources to begin such a task but no one to really do it with. But anyways, I hope that these past few posts will be of use to someone out there and I can already tell there there will be three of you that will genuinely take deep thought into this, and if more eventually do so, the better.

Please feel free to respond and ask me questions or what have you. Have fun, play with it if you like, but remember it doesn't matter to anyone if you believe in it or not. I say, your loss if not.
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