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McDonald's posts sizzling 80% profit rise in 2008

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by Finn1916

Originally posted by Raytracer
I cook my own food, so I know what I'm eating.
Has anyone seen "Supersize me"?

Watch it, you are going to see the effects of one month of eating junk food.

When are you going t learn that that mockumentary is inaccurate? most people are not going to eat mcdonalds morning noon and night for a whol month, forcing themselves to eat more and more when they are full to th ponit of vomiting. Spurlock is a hack, plain and simple. the few that ould eat it that muh deserve everyhtinthat happens to them. So in short, that "documentary" can't be used to show what eating mcdonalds even 7 meals a week will do to you, as it was 21 meals a week for 4 weeks that he ate it.

What I cook I can eat every day.
And by the way he vomited the very first time on a supersized meal.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 05:43 PM
I never understand what these hippies talk about, tying to convince people mc donalds isn't nutritious, it bloody hell is. An who only eats mcdonalds?, you've got to be stupid to only eat mcdonalds for breakfast lunch dinner.... :|

This isn't 1985, they all use real meat now, well in newzealand they do... Times have changed.. these stupid hippies need to stop saying meat is murder, because in all honestly eating a plant is murder.

I want someone who has quite a good knowledge in this to explain to me how mc donalds isn't nutritious.

1. Nearly all their burgers have lettieuce/and a few other greens, they also use meat+sauce+bread

Tell me how eating that isn't "nutritious" ?

I'm not fat, i've never been fat.. i'll never get fat. It's just a stupid minorty of people who eat mcdonalds everyday or for everymeal who don't exersise and are unfit, personally i like to have mc donalds once a week sometimes i push 2 times a week getting hungar buster each time i go..., i sit on the computer pretty much 24/7 an i'm healthy, i do go for walks often

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