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The kingdom of God is within you??

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Greenize

I have a little different view on the kingdom and God being within us.

It has been my experience that we have the spirit or essence of God that can reside in us, but I don't believe in - everyone. There are just too many indicators that evil cannot reside with the light.

I believe that we can connect to his spirit or force (separate from essence) if we choose to, and don't have too many filters. An active addict cannot grow spiritually. It is impossible, as addiction becomes the God (for example).

I have full blown conversations with God and don't have to do anything special. But starting out writing on paper and asking him questions is a good place to start. Often formal meditating takes too long, and is too ritualistic.

Going for walks, or going somewhere where you won't be disturbed and talk to him like you would a friend, not with any piety. Nothing formal needed! Sometimes too much ritual, becomes too complicated when it is simple, and logical.

I have thoughts here that you may want to check out!

Good thread!

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by MatrixProphet

I tried that not to long ago. I went off into the woods and sat down on a log, and to be honest I became so overwhelmed with a feeling that I can't even describe that all I could do was cry! It was a feeling of gratitude if you will, that is the closest I can come to telling you how I felt. I couldn't have spoke it I had too!

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by Greenize

and to be honest I became so overwhelmed with a feeling that I can't even describe that all I could do was cry! It was a feeling of gratitude if you will, that is the closest I can come to telling you how I felt. I couldn't have spoke it I had too!

Yes, I do know exactly what you mean. You learn to lean into it and it becomes so regular that you cannot imagine not carrying on communication. I have known so many that do the traditional meditation that never come away with the one-on-one communication that this can deliver.

Eventually, the paper and pen are no longer needed, as in my case He communicates directly. No hocus pocus. Just simple and logical connection.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by Eleleth

Hello Eleleth,

Interesting question indeed Eleleth. I dont dare put a name of God, so I would say that Ra might of been the the level of God that the Egyptians were able to understand. I think our relation to the ALL is and has been , evolving. I think our getting to know this God is a process and it takes thousands of yrs to evolve our spirit bodies enough to understand the nature of God.

I do not think Ra was an archeon....but, I also do not think we have a pure idea of what Ra really stood for or meant to the people. I think it got distorted, just as the same as many other times the consciousness of mankind distorts itself, God becomes distorted also. So we see God move through the consciousness of mankind over time. I believe that there were archeons 'rulers' who did possess Egypt, but in my opinion, God allows these archeons, giving us the balance of 2 different we learn to weigh these two result, learning there is a pure righteous nature that does not rule, it only IS.

Ra represent a true source of light in our world....the sun. Our planets only reflect the suns light, producing false lights. This is how I think Thee is working with us, showing us things through nature. Showing us, without the true light, nothing would reflect light. I think Ra came to the consciousness of man when man was able to begin to understand symbolism....

And, we have evolved from this. We have evolved from understanding that even though the sun is magnificent and Almighty surely, it was symbolism for us to begin to understand something. Now, we talk of 'lights' and invisible lights that pertain to the spirit, spark ect.....we have evolved from the God within the Sun, to understanding, surely the Sun is not the full encompassment of God, because God is within all things that hold life.

I believe that Ra was a time of mankind's consciousness to began to work out this mystery of energy that the Egyptians felt and knew there were forces that they could not explain. It makes sense that they would relate this unknown force of energy to the Sun....even though they might have not understand the whole symbolism.

I dont have a for sure direct answer of yes or is something that I try to weigh and measure with the nature of righteousness.....which I believe is love, unity and compassion. Many great teachings came from Egypt.....I think for sure, there are traces of The Almighty Supreme one being with Egypt.

When man lives for riches and pride of themselves or their land....this consciousness of God becomes polluted. I think this has happened many times over in this world.....but for a reason.

I think when we try to name God, this itself, begins the pollution of our consciousness about Thee. Only through us seeking our righteous nature, and trying to live it...we then clean the polluted view of Thee and see what nature is of Thee.

I very much believe though....that for a time, the Egyptians were given a open channel of Thee dwelling with them. I also believe, this is why Yahweh was so successful in making those believe that 'God' was leaving Egypt to dwell with new that Egypt was corrupting the Righteous consciousness. But Thee never leaves any land. Like the Sun, Thee always is shining, but we might choose to not see Thee.

I think this is why we see Egypt being referred to so much in the Bible. So yes, I do believe God dwelt there with Egypt, but it was man that fogged this consciousness. I dont think God left Egypt...but man made us think Thee left Egypt. I believe that the line of David is a Egyptian bloodline. I believe that the idea of trinity, circumcisions, and knowledge of the ARK all came out of Egypt. By the time circumcisions and the Ark was created, the consciousness had been distorted and we see man trying to box God with powers that were not righteous in their nature.

When the Egyptians began to worship the Sun, I believe the distortion began...and also with giving God a name. Still, we can see the importance of what the Egyptians were able to understand for their time.

Sorry for the long answer, it is something I still am seeking answers on myself.

My best,

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