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Me in wonderland, The rabbit hole.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 03:41 AM
Ok so to start off I'm going to introduce you all to myself, today.

I am an average guy, like to hang out with friends, spend time with my little brother, watch discovery history and national geographic channel when ever something catches my interest, fairly intelligent got my GED at 18, also a computer degree in highschool. And in my time where I have nothing better to do talk about my opinion and stories to all of you...

So, just so you know, this story is very irradical and I will be analytical throughout it to propose to you why certain events maintained a complete disrupt pattern of average events.

So for anyone that views, I'm gonna do a little Yoda-Hoooooo.... =) (inside)

It all started when I came up to Oregon, I decided I no longer wanted to sleep in bushes and struggle for food. Moved in with family. I got in touch with a old friend, he talked to me a bunch about conspiracy theories which really didn't flag any interest in me at that point. Outside of UFOs, I didn't believe/know of anything like the Illuminati, NWO, 2012, Philadelphia Experiment etc etc..

Months pass by, and we continue jabbering about the aliens and government crap, good stuff. This is before I knew about ATS. So anyways, it all kind of started off when I had this dream of a internal combustion engine, completely real and completely mechanically aligned from what I could see, it was fireing off it's pistons. I saw it in a black room and it was the only thing there. I continue to boust about in my wonders of conspiracies... and I figure blah, I'm going to take a walk down to the store to get some ciggarettes.

I walk down to the store, some interesting fellas come by, and I talk with them and they are very eccentric shall I say, compared to me I look like an average dude. They're my age, and we start talking and we're bored so we continue talking, and we find out we all have the same beliefs in conspiracies and what not. So we're walking somewhere and we hear a owl, we look up into the sky and see it fly southbound. A split second later, what seemed to occur is another owl in the same direction and area of the sky flies by and makes the same sound, however the first one is nowhere to be seen and this happened within 1 second of eachother, I'm pretty sure I watched it dissappear and reappear, along with the people I was with.(and no i was not on any drugs, and was not on any drugs throughout the whole time these events took place.)

So. Moving forward.

I begin practicing meditation, and achieved a nice blissful state from time to time. Then I got involved to the basement level of conspiracies...

So wow here I am literally finding more information than anywhere else before on these conspiracies, which are interesting at least. I read up about the reptillians, annunaki and I figure to myself DAMN I saw some lady walking down the street a few days back that blinked twice in one blink(best of my description)....

Now I'm stuck on the whole Illuminati thing, I can't believe how this whole time I've been blind to the very scumbags that run this planet. And I decide to myself, for whatever reason, I want to conquer them, which is essentially where I became insane.

I began deep meditations, and beckoning forth the very evil that they are, I essentially wanted to battle all of the sub-dimensional evil their is on the planet. And, I suspect I had got exactly what I asked for. I had achieved a point where I knew somehow someway they we're aware of my presence, and it's exactly what I wanted.

I'm going to describe the following events to the best of my ability. I lost alot of memories of that time due to induced stress by the very force I called upon.

It all happened in March, 2008

Scene 1

Meddling around on ATS, I go out to have a ciggarette. I look down at the ground and notice it looks like a fire was started, or something of the sort. I walk over to the area and a very, very clear pentagram was to the best of my ability to explain radiated into the ground, it was yellow where the grass around it was green. At this point I knew whatever I had done I had called to something that was extremely evil.

Scene 2

After the pentagram, I had been feeling like someone was going to come and talk to me about what was happening, pick me up or something to the extent. I receive a phonecall from my Dad, I pick it up, Hey whats up, Nothing I heard you we're going to be going somewhere, No , *at this point he begins speaking in a demonic tone.*, Who are you leaving with, *i then begin speaking in, lets say, a funny alien voice*A man in a zebra tuxedo(or something of the sort), then he begins either muttering some kind of demonic chant or mumbleing.

Scene 3

This is one of the most insane experiences of my life, I know I didn't hallucinate it or anything. I'm sitting at my computer, I go online to myspace, I look at my buddies music profile, listen to one of his new songs and it's a very famous rapper and him rhymeing, along with these water droplets that we're exact everytime they'd occur. They'd occur if I was just surfing the web, or hear on ATS, boom waterdroplet sound. Very interesting.

Scene 4

The one thing I cannot fathom and finale. I'm up early in the morning and I feel that whoever it is that is going to pick me up is going to pick me up today. I walk out front to have a ciggarette, I hear a horn like one of the ones a pimp mobile, doo do diddly do or whatever. Twice, so I start walking that way, a older car drives off and I'm like damn... So I walk down to the market get a soda and go back home. I get home, sit around for awhile, and at about 6:00PM on March 12th 2008, I feel like I need to go take a walk for whatever reason. So I walk down to my old school, which keep in mind is a continuation school -- Nothing special happens there, ever. So I'm sitting down, stareing, wishing that some great gargoyle would fly down so I could beat him up somehow, and all the sudden, A bloody limousine is driving my way and I could of swore I heard people calling my name, and I'm just stareing at it, not doing ANYTHING, and it pulls into Gladiola and parks, there was a UPS van there in the parking lot to for whatever reason I dont know. So I figure this is nonsense, I walk over to the limousine for whatever reason a guy actually steps out and reaches his hand out for a shake to me(given my current mental condition, WRONG CHOICE BUBBA)

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 03:41 AM
I immediatly grab his hand pull him close to me face to face(he's about 2 inches taller than me) and yell the holy hell of god at him, what I said I can't even remember, but it definetly was not friendly.After this insane outbreak, I see all these people saying my name and to back off from him, etc etc, so I leave the vicinity of the limousine and set foot to home.

I make it I'd say, 100 feet from the limo and red and green berries, just one officer. I immediatly put my hands behind my back and stop moving, talk to him for a second and proceed to enter the back of the cruiser. We head down to the limo, he gets out talks with the guy for a second gets back in the car and bam. So where do you live? Ummm, right up there by that market. He takes me home drops me off, and nothing to be heard of it.

Now you can say this just set me off more, I expected myself to be in some kind of trouble for verbally harassing some guy in a limousine, but NO nothing to be heard of it.

Scene 5

Well given the fact I couldn't sleep after this and thought the entire world was a pile of crap and wanting to destroy it all, I proceeded to breach 5150. I flipped out. Full anxiety. Grabbed a painting with somekind of meaning to me at the time, one my grandpa painted of a planet and 3-5 light beacons above it, flashing from the ground. Put some stuff on it, lit fire to it inside the garage I had my computer in, setting off the smoke alarms at ~5:30-6:30AM, walked out into the back yard over to a cut tree, leaving just the trunk, and I saw a pentagram engraved, etched, burned deeply into the trunk, and proceeded to burn the pentagram. And just so you know, when I returned to the tree trunk some time later there was no pentagram, so I really don't know how delerious I was I just find it interesting how there was so much other stuff that occured.

Scene 6

Family is pissed. I tell them I don't care I wan't to destroy the world because of all of this demonic crap that plagues it, blah blah, cops are called, I walked out into the middle of the street in my boxers, yelled at the world real quick, walked back, put some clothes on and headed off to the hospital with the popo man.

Immediatly when I entered the cop car, it felt like I had achieved something, maybe just because I was highly mentally unstable or because I had official conquered my fear of status quo hiearchy elites. I don't recall anything but blackness and dead sleep until a officer and two hospital security guards said, get in the wheel chair. I refused, asked to be able to sleep for a little bit, got denied. They tried to force me in the chair, I resisted with full strength, and the officer/guard proceeded to knee me in the area right above your ground, low stomach, and I fell in, no pain.

I then proceeded to pass out again, immediatly. I was now seeing myself ALMOST 3rd person but not quite, I was feeling/watching myself get pushed into the hospital. I was an all white entity, and the others were red/black entities as though they we're fueled with anger. Each time they made a turn, it was like I was on a computer seat, and it was being turned in 90 degree angles INSTANTLY, I could feel a G-Force you could say. As I was nearing the room where they talk with you, should I say, I started feeling all these cognuts in my body turning and ripping me to shreds, then I felt bullets flying through me, then I saw WW2 planes flying shooting, people dieing, all sorts of horrible stuff, and I then I snapped out of it.... Only to wake up in some place I had no idea where I was.

End of story.

Thank you.

Come again.

Honestly.... Make what you will of it I'm only telling it how I saw it, and I do agree I was mentally unstable so don't try and tell me thats what happened, I know that's what happened, I'm just looking for people with similar experiences, or people that wish to portray their idea of something not involving my mental unstability at that time...

So shoot away. =)

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 06:30 AM
You lost me a little on this so can you just clarify for me do you actually meditate? and how old are you now? There is relevance to my questions.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by franspeakfree

Yeah I meditate. And I was 18 when it happened 19 now.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 05:04 PM
That's quite a lot to assimilate.

Quick question though - are you enjoying your "new" experiences or are you ready to lay them aside and move on with a more mundane life?

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by GENERAL EYES
That's quite a lot to assimilate.

Quick question though - are you enjoying your "new" experiences or are you ready to lay them aside and move on with a more mundane life?

Hey now, a "normal" life doesn't have to be "mundane". Just because a person doesn't have an experience like this or doesn't wish too doesn't mean their life if pointless. It's all a matter of perspective.

Things like what the topic creator described happen when people try to hard to "discover" the so called secrets of life. All things get blown way out of proportion. There is a never ending line of questions, so what's wrong with taking your time and enjoying them?

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 07:45 PM
No I enjoy my everyday life now, spend time with family, etc etc.

My mother just recently passed away at age 39, it was very hard on me, still is. However I am finding more inner truths now, sanctioned by the intent of peace instead of trying to confront demonic presences....

I don't really care about the illusions of evil, for all they are is an illusion *Mara, in book of Siddartha*.

I've faced a unimaginable presence that I cannot vouch was complete insanity or actually had substance.... the phonecall and limousine still throw me off to this day, because I wan't to believe it was all just a breakdown.

Now I spend most of my time searching for meaning of the universe, feeling what is around me and being part of the ultimate force, the spectrum of infinity.... all things being equal, etc...

I've found peace now, but what lead me to my peace I've just most recently achieved is not peaceful what so ever... if you couldn't tell.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 08:07 PM
Weird dude. So you just went into a deep meditation pissed as hell wanting to kick some evil ass and then all that happened to you? I believe it. Thats pretty funny. You were kind of like a super hero or the under dog fighting the evils that he seems to be not capible of, but over comes.

Was wrighting all this down useful to you at all? You said during that deep meditation something clicked inside you and you knew what was about to go down. It would seem like a psychotic break, but perhaps there is truth in sand madness...

I remember very clearly when I was very young, maybe about 7 or 8 years old, I was playing outside. Then all of a sudden I heard the sound of chains clanging so I looked in that direction. I followed the noise with my eyes and then across the road of my house, maybe a couple hundred feet away, ran a gaint black dog with chains on it. This thing was huge. Bigger than any dog could possibley be. It ran across the street and made a disturbing groaling noise while these chains were clanging behind it.

Soon after the image was lost behind the trees and the noise died in the distance. It pretty much scared the # out of me so I ran inside. Its weird to think about today because it probably wasnt real, but I saw it.

After it happened I never thought about it again because it didnt really make any sense to me intill I watched something on the history channel that said the image of a giant black dog and chains represents the Devil.

So that freaked me out alittle bit, but it was so long ago that I have no idea what to make of it anymore.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 08:19 PM
During my exploration of this evil dimension/sub dimension, I also came into contact with a animal that presented evil.

I walked into my backyard, and there was a orange cat with strikingly big eyes, almost glowing white, and then it ran off..... It gave me the feeling of something amiss, however. For whatever reason I don't know.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 08:32 PM
Glad you found your peace.

I've been in a similar set of circumstances (though the details vary somewhat) for over a good 15 years myself.

Glad to see you've gotten yourself centered!

I'm still waiting for the day I can sit down and effectively write about all the stuff I've been through. Some of it still throws me for a loop sometimes.

*edit for clarity

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