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Video of police punching handcuffed man.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Police behavior, acceptable or not?

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:46 PM
This video seems quite tame compared to Oscar Grant's execution.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:50 PM
Hmm makes me wonder how long a fight between the black guy and the pig bully of a police officer would last if the suspect was un-handcuffed.

Also makes me wonder what would have happened if the female police officer in the pale blue shirt hadn't arrived so soon.

I'm gonna go with not very acceptable, the officer should remain neutral at all times and try not to let emotion into his occupation.

At least he didn't shoot him in the back though...

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by SonOfChaos

Well I would say that it could have been alot worse.. I mean the cop slapped him across the face while the man was handcuffed clearly is assult. And the cop should be charged with that.
So to me this is not acceptable! However lets keep in mind.. This guy was fleeing from officers.. He got their blood pumping! There was alot of emotions, and the guy said something that pissed him off.. So he got slapped in the face by the cop.
Who knows what this guys background is. So I won't claim anything.
But prehaps he needed a slap in the face.. Not sayin its right..
But still.. Cops are humans too.. and we get a little huffy when our blood gets a going..
Still no excuse for the cop.. But I would have to ask this guys background.
If he is a dead beat, or a sexual offender, my tune might change.

However.. Im no fan of cops what so ever!! But they are a part of society that keeps things in line.. No matter what we might think of them.
If they where not here.. We would have to police ourselfs. And that would get out of hand fast..
Justice is a double bladed Sword.. And 85% of the time the cops are the ones breaking the laws..
Just like in this clip.. The cop hit a man who was cuffed.. Thats wrong.
But we don't know what or who this guy is.. Some people, sorry to say, need a slap in the face now and then..
Not saying its right.. But its how our world works.. Or atleast thats what we have made it into..

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 08:06 PM

Still no excuse for the cop.. But I would have to ask this guys background.
If he is a dead beat, or a sexual offender, my tune might change.

According to the Paragraph with the video, he was caught attempting to break into a house.

Edited for crappy grammar.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by SonOfChaos
According to the Paragraph with the video, he was caught attempting to break into a house.

Thanks for that info there.. But Im speaking more in terms of long term.
Does he have a long history of being a trouble maker?
People who tend to have a long rap sheet are lifers.. And spend most their lives in jail. And tend to fire up cops.. These cops get so sick of busting these guys time after time, and the crooked system they serve let them go free to do it again!!!

But these cops should show more restraint, and set an example for others.
It did no good to slap the man in the face..
It only showed me that cops will bring themselfs to a criminals level.

They stoop just as low as what ever this guy did..
Shameful.. And the cops IMO should be charged with assult..
They need to uphold the law, and show us.. They are the "good" guys.

But rarely do I ever see real "good" guys.

And granted.. Most of what we see with Cops is all the bad stuff.
Rarely do we see videos of Cops doing the right thing, and doing good.

Yet don't take me wrong.. Im not a cop lover.. And I think most of them are pigs!!! And they make me nervous! Like my life hangs in the balance of their day.. If they are having a crappy day.. Well most the time they will make sure you have a crappy day too..

And I have never been arrested in my life.. Every time I come in contact with a cop.. Its yes sir, no sir.. I try my best to show them respect.. Even tho I might be thinking something totally different..

These guys are out there.. And they don't get paided Jack!
From what I know.. Most cops only make 45-50K per year.. And thats rounding up.. AS far as I know..
You get what you pay for..
Bottom line.. I think if cops had better training, and made more money you might see less of this kind of action.

They will pay a man to act like a cop millions of dollars.. Yet the real boys in blue.. Make chicken feed.. Its a crazy backwards world we live in.

This video seems quite tame compared to Oscar Grant's execution.

Sure does seem tame.. But see what that is doing to us.. Its making us numb.. And feeling like.. Oh well he didnt get it that bad.. so its okay?
No its still wrong.. and its still not right..
But again.. Atleast they didnt shoo the guy!! Or taser him..
He got a slap in the face.. He should count himself lucky..
But hey.. You see how they control our minds now? They do so much bad.. That when something bad happens that is lighter than what we are use to.. We tend to poo it off, and say.. hey it could have been worse..

Well in all honesty it could have gone down much better..IMO
They really didnt have to slap the guy..
But hey.. in our minds.. He is lucky..
See how this works?

Edit-- Grammer fix, heh Im a horrid speller..

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 09:24 PM
I think that this so-called police officer needs an attitude adjustment... he swore to uphold the law and to follow the law in upholding it. That means only enough force than is necessary for the arrest. I think everyone of these cops who are seen doing this once should be removed from duty.

There is no reason to treat anyone like this, even the person they catch who is "NOT GUILTY". Of course we have seen videos recently that have police chiefs making statements about "uncharged" people being guilty of one offense or another. What gives them the right to become the Judicial system?

Cops will understand that what they're doing is wrong when one of their family, a mother or daughter, gets abused by one of their own. Might be by riot baton or fist as we see in this video but they'll get the point sooner or later...

This is their supervisors doing though as they are all part of some organization that retains some type of secret. These secret societies are what is ruining the police and military. Only if they wake up can it stop.

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