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ATS.P: My Astral Projection Guide

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by irishpride2one5

I am unable to do this as my projections are few but numerous once they start.. that is to say.. if the conditions are right and if there is enough intent there, i WILL project..and when I do I often kind of shoot back and forth from my "body".. as it seems located astrally. So its like multiple projections and in total they can last an hour long sometimes. But as far as controlling it or doing it well enough as would be required to come get you.. i don't think i'm quite there yet.
.. or I would try, and I would find you but there are no guarantees.

Like last week i projected and willed myself to meet a friend and I did, but her waking conscious self was unaware of it. However, I don't think this sort of thing is entirely possible. A friend tried to "yank" me once.. and she said I was lying in bed and like swatting at her, so either i was subconsciously too scared or perhaps it just didn't happen from my perspective.

We do these things when we are ready, when there is true intent and also confidence / lack of fear seems to help.

If iI know I can probably fall asleep and if I think i would really like to project.. i get serious with myself and tell myself "I have sleep paralysis." trying to convince myself this is the way it is at that point in time.. i also try to visualise the sounds and feeling from other projections to tell myself "i am in the state, and I will awake in this state".

I only started projecting last year and I probably had a strong desire to do it for a full year or more before it happened. But since i started last year, i have had many following experiences which have been interesting and productive. So i guess from my perspective I think it will happen from you when everything is in place, and you'll become a pro in no time.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:29 AM
Hey man cool guide. Im trying to do it your way .. Let me tell you what i saw during sleep paralysis . I awoke paralyzed , a little scared because it was my first time.. and i saw my brother enter the room.. but it wasn't my brother it was someone posing as him , or so i felt. He had a giant foam hand like the ones at Basketball/Baseball games.. It was something i had in my room as a kid , but hadn't seen in years. Anyway he is walking towards me with this foam hand on , i am freaking out a little to be honest , and he gestures for me to slip my hand in the foam hand.. This made me totally flip out and seemed to knock me out of sleep paralysis. This guy seemed taller than my brother.... he floated on air almost aswell. What strikes me as weird tho is he could tell i was very scared and his way of trying to calm me down , like we do to kids with toys , but in this case he had a giant foam hand for me to play with.

Yeah so i will keep trying your way , maybe next time i can try and relax and come out of my body. Obviously , getting over the first hurdle , which in this case was my brother (or someone who wanted me to feel relaxed so they posed as my brother) is the first step.

Thanks for the guide man it really opened my eyes. Any words of advice ?

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by nasacarl

hey man, interesting. I will get to this tommorow. First I need to sleep. I'll gladly give my input. I just wanted to respond to let you know i'm still following this thread.

AP is fun and very eye opening. I have much much much to learn myself but I guess first of all its a matter of doing it eh? You'll get it. Let me know if the technique works for you. its great to try it when you have a little nap in the middle of the day, get all serious with yourself and imagine you have sleep paralysis and will to be that way.. you just might wake up into it.

But yeah, i'll comment more tommorow, good luck

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:20 AM
i been experimenting with astral for the past couple weeks as to i have projected a couple times b4 but b4 i even really knew what it was, now i do my research and attempt, cant do it!...but anyway, i cannot get passed the vibrations, they always start at my feet, its def. them, unmistakable, but the furthest i get them is halfway between my knees and waist b4 they go away....but the odd thing, the sound b4 u actually project, the "gushing wind" type sound, the last couple attempts (unsuccesful) i have been getting the sound but never experienced any vibrations previous during these attempts.....any 1??????

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi Caveman,

Man, i just need to tell you that I almost got out last night...

i know that you said to try a couple hours before your usual wake
from sleep time, but i want this so _bad_ that im willing to go
to the trance method.

Summing up: my heart raced [again] and I had to stop.

Let me tell you how it went...

I followed the guidelines of:

1) Lie down and became aware off your body "going" to sleep;
2) Watch the ideoretinal lights with my closed eyes;
3) As the trance goes, you will naturally dislocate to astral
as you shift your conscience (or frequency) from the opened
etheric body that goes out to charge...

Simple right? Yeah... but things keep changing as you go....

I´ve noticed that, in trance mode, your mouth is a damn distraction,
as every minute you need to like, swallow... My eyes got in the way
too by blinking excessively or just getting opened without my command,
so i had to put my shirt over my head, leaving only my nose and
mouth uncovered...

Also, the body starts getting heavy and heavy... not very fast, but

As this all occurs in the same "time" (this illusion of the physical),
the ideoretinal lights start to... change. I saw deep blueish, purple
circles starting to pop and dislocate, then move fast... the colors
were dull, almost a dim faded light...

At the same time, I was experiencing fragments of thoughts, like things
that happens in my everyday.. but different, and more towards my desires.

Needless to say, some involved sex... i was shocked at first, because this
is a legit try to bypass the body, getting to a "higher" ego and so...

The ringing in my ears were loud as it could be.... just there, high and
high, but not hurting, not in the brain matter...

A mind beacon??

I noticed that i was drifting away from my ideoretinal lights, and i found
that i was seeing those "hipnagogal" imagery, or as robert bruce defined
as the "surface mind"...

"(...)you will be plagued with thoughts from your surface mind, wich acts
like a huge memo pad. It carries messages,reminders,pressing thoughs,
problems to solve, unresolved issues etc. It is constantly busy, it
NEVER rests, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, one after the other, all
clamouring for attention."

-Robert bruce - Treatise on astral projection (v2)

you contemplate them and move on... i just cant explain how with words...
but you can and you WILL do.

I could shift off or "let go" of those suggestions between the ego´s and
then see the circles of colour again, going fast, fast, like a starfield
simulation of sorts..

My body started to feel like a ton of inerte matter...

I noticed I was paralised... as i couldnt move only if i REALLY wanted too,
because my body was heavier than a horse...

Then, 2 things come to my attention - if my wife was looking at me, she
probably thought i was having a nightmare, because my breath was short, quick
and... i was monosilabic in fear..."aaa...aaaa..." like my body refusing to
acept what I was doing to "him".

My awe of this incredible events was par with my fears, and then i noticed
something was different...

what was it? In the other SECOND i understanded it: the sound changed!


posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 11:34 AM

Damn, the oscilatting sound, not like a siren anymore but like a signal
from a ship (???) gave me the creeps... suddenly i was saying out loud in my
head "Rest the body, focus the mind" as my heart raced and raced...

Instantly, everything stopped. I moved my legs and changed position.
I slepted 5 mins after, in the normal "ok, go"...

Out loud thoughts interfere and stop the process.. seems that it is too
much from the "ground" to pass along to a energy process of non-psysical
cognition... I could be wrong, but when you say "WOW" you kill the process.

Im very confident that I can manage my fear over next sessions.

Just listen to the sound gave me chills this morning when I opened the
audio file again...

I´ve been there.
Its freaking real.


posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

hey man, yeah doing it that way is something i'd like to teach myself to do one day. I just don't think i have the discipline at the moment. Its wild, like you said.

Some say lucid dreaming and projection are the same.. i say they are similar yet diffrently different. One morning I had maybe an hours worth of projections, i kept going back. When i woke up my skull with from all the internal vibrations, it actually transcended down to physical. Its funny like you said about your wife maybe think you were having a nightmare.. I was taking a snooze on my parents couch one afternoon and my mom was like trying to talk to me while in sleep paralysis and i probably looked like my soul was ripping out of my body.

The funny part though man is that at some point, the people that were in my house physically I think were there astrally as well and I didnt notice until after. Its amusing really.. so what i'm saying is next time you get to a deep vibrational state, just see what happens if you get up and walk around, maybe you can fly? lol.. i find there is uncertainty until you get off the bed, and then your lack of weight becomes apparent. There is lots of confusion surrounding that "am I still physical?".. and you dont want to get out bed, thinking you'll ruin it, yet you have to at some point, some times are more obvious then most and you can feel the separation.

Lately i've been waking to a different vibrational state where the noise has been higher but quieter and not felt as much... the funny thing is I think in this state its just a matter of walking out of bed... like i've had dreams where I was trying to project, what i mean to say is, i've been unaware that i was in the astral plane already. So think about that one.

I will tell you one of the most eye-opening experiences for me was projecting a little while ago, the morning where my skull ached afterwards. I would wake up to sleep paralysis, project... and then wake up.. i'd be awake, maybe shift around... but if you had a projection..try listening to that internal ringing you have in your ears and intensify it, you might find you are able to.. in this sense I kept initiating new projections from an awake state... as I recall my eyes were open and i projected out of bed and it was like... there was no distinction where i went from the physical to astral, it was so gradual.. i think this really helped me experience a shift in perceptional frequency.

if you wake up with sleep paralysis and move around a little, maybe roll over from one side to another, you'll notice you'll wake up and feel physical and the ringing will begin to fade away... try lying still and holding onto that ringing and bringing it back and intensifying it... in this sense you can re-initialize projections even though your back physical again, its like a window of opportunity but I find even if i'm wide awake for long periods of time, if i decide to close my eyes and try to sleep more with the intention to project, i ALWAYS do... if i get one projection.. i will get as many more as I want until i'm satisfied.

You start to learn the tricks and really feel, experience / understand how you shift planes etc. Really cool stuff. I'm hoping to take it to the next level soon.

But yeah, hope that gives you or anyone else some ideas. This is just my perspective. As others have stated, they have heard different sounds then me and mine have changed as well. My state of sleep paralysis is less intense and strenous as it used to seem.

Projection from a trance state, thats hard stuff man but I bet if you got it, you'd totally project all the time.
I know i would.

My neighbor tought me a technique, lay on your bed.. just count down from 3000...usually around 2700 i have no idea what number i'm on.. I can see this leading you to a deep enough trance to project.

Good luck with that and tell me how it goes.. some of those AP techniques are crazy.. i tried one lesson from this site a year ago and i woke up like 10 minutes after going to bed with my heart chakra filling my whole chest and spinning so rapidly that it was uncomfortable, confusing and even a little scary. I didn't know what to do really.

That technique was the basically... going to bed, relaxing the body, and then feeling your pulse in your heart, and visualising your heart, and then becomming aware of your pulse all over your body.

I have tried a technique where I would lay still..after I stretched every muscle in my body.. and then i'd become aware of each part of my body and tell it to become paralyzed. I did get to a point where i couldnt move my body. It was like sleep paralysis except no vibrations and my mind was alert and in the physical, i didnt know what to do really.
.. looking back though, I would have probably tried to focus on the ringing in my ears if i did it now. I used to read about projection, the wind sound, the vibrations and I had no idea where these things were supposed to come from or how you'd induce them. I believe focussing on the ringing in the ears is usefull.. you can increase it.. and if you're in that state like waking up from a projection.. you can turn that ringing into a full out sleep paralysis followed with projection.

Well keep at it man.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by irishpride2one5

Try actually getting out bed and see what happens, you might already be aware of your astral body and not know it.. the astral body can be tricky as at first it feels like the physical body, and it can simulate the same vibrations that initiate a projection. Theres a lot of confusion to get over when it comes to projection as to what state your in.. I describe my experience more in detail in the post above to Robert. I had occassions where I shifted to astral and didn't even realize it until i said "what the hell, i'll get out bed and see what happens".. needless to say i was flying around about a minute later.
.. its the shift that seems to be the most confusing part to me.

Other then that I'd say to try and focus on the ringing in your ears, the kind of hear while consciously awake if you try and focus on it.. that BS they call "tinitis".
.. apparently tuning into ones energy is a medical dissorder. haha. But yeah man.. try tuning into that, and increasing it and see what happens.

You'll get it.. its a fun and annoying learning curve that I bet we all go through. I can't begin to understand the state you were in, your experiences are your own, so in time you'll understand your own situation best and you'll be doing this often I bet.
. I don't intend to have many projections usually but I'll tell you i started having them last year after a couple years of really wanting them, thinking i'll never achieve them, and i've had maybe 10 projection experiences since then but thats just the individual events, because each time I might project 5 times or more, so i got the feel for it pretty quick once it started rolling.

I'm sure you'll do the same. Keep at it.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by nasacarl

I wanted to come back to your post. I think many people's first projections are often quick because the experience is so new and different that its a little scary and unpredictable. A little fear is enough to send you back I think, but that doesnt mean its over.. In my experience its pretty easy to project again once your back in the "body".. Its like you keep getting shot back to the bed but you just have to be amused by it and just get out again. The fear will go away as the experience becomes familiar to you.

I've had some wierd astral people / things scare the hell out of me and send me back before. I think when we project its like... well I think dreams happen locally in our 3rd eye, like exploring the astrally internaly.. and thats where projection is funny because I think all location is perpceptual and projecting is like a means to explore the astral externally yet it doesnt really matter, its all the same.. .. but yeah I think when we project its actually like projecting a very sensitive light form, sort of like forcefield... some talk about a silver cord. I've never seen one myself but I support the idea of something of a lightbeam.. like take a flash light... flash it at a wall and that spot of light on the wall is you while put your hand or an object in the way of the flashlight and suddenly the light is blocked and theres no spot on the wall anymore. So I think of it like interference, and this is what they mean by astral PROJECTION.

Its a very sensitive projection that seems to keep getting knocked back to the start.. i'm not sure the workings of it... i tried to charge my chakras while astral and it sent me back...thinking of teleporting somewhere sent me back.. hmm.. i actually have another perspective on that now.. interesting.. I think thats how you teleport.. you get knocked back to the body and choose a destination and let the dreams form and shift, and then you can explore it that way or possibly project. But yeah... fears... umm.. all sorts of things knock you back...sometimes it seems like your on a timer. I'm trying to extend the time / strengthen the sensitivity to have more prolonged projections.

I would suggest thinking about your fears and why we should fear what we percieve, its like a scary movie, it cant harm you. I find the projections require me to really take command, and nothing scares me there anymore.

I'm sure it will become easier with each projection man, just keep at it.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I just cant work today...haha... just too intense of a experience to deny
and keep my mind off...

I was putting on paper today all my stages, and keep it like a journal,
for me to see the changes and probably overcome my fear, step by step,
day by day.

I read that the heart racing is a "newb" factor, as this chakra need to
compensate any blockage to a extended function of a projection...kinda
like a extra 'weight' analogy.

hum... can I invite you to join me in trying the trance method when you go
to sleep at night? we can exchange notes and learn faster.. and
antecipate things, as I recognized the sound you provided earlier in
the last part... hehe... when i chicken out.

Summing up, im calling stages A,B,C so far - all them happening in 3
different sets at the same time (physical)(mental)(sound);

I bet there is a stage D or even E, but i only got to experience C.

April 8th, 2008 - (my dads birthday!)

#Stage A
(physical) Relaxing body parts and overall body. Hardest parts are mouth
and eyes. Put a blind over eyes.
(mental) Watching the dark before your closed eyes you find the
ideoretinal lights, the million pricks of yellow/white lights;
(sound) the normal ringing you hear when in a dark room;

#Stage B
(physical) Entire body gets heavier. You notice some chills and a
awareness of a flowing.. (the start of opening the etheric body);
(mental) the lights form dark tiny and medium sized circles of purple and
blue, moving fast from the center to left or right, up or down;
(sound) the ringing gets louder and louder;

#Stage C
(physical) Body weights a ton, paralized; heart race, unnerving fear;
(mental) hypnagogic images, "surface mind" of thoughts.. you can switch
back (i cant define in words) to the ideoretinal lights and see the circles
motion getting faster...
(sound) the sound changes to an oscillating type of sound, not so loud as
before, but more 'come from space' for the lack of a better notion.

Trance ends with too much fear.... high heart rate.
External sounds (damn street dogs) need ear plugs next time.

Well, lets see how today goes... i will try chakra flowing... and see if that
changes PK of course!


[edit on 9-4-2009 by RobertPaulsim]

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

That picture of the pleiadian couple looks just like the picture of the postcard I was sent repeatedly each time my son and I saw a craft in September, October and November last fall. We were both pinged strongly by it, though it was soundlessly, and he said "they're back!" and we ran back outside to see it soundlessly fly over again. Then he pointed to an orb at a tree. Each time we'd see the craft, this postcard of that couple was projected in my mind. And in November I actually received a message from them about working in the community locally, grass roots to wake people up. And that they were working around the problems created by our leaders to get this world to a freed state, and this would take some time. The message was relayed in a very fast way, and I had to ask them to slow down. It wasn't relayed in words, I have to put it into my own words, but in wordless ideas, that filtered through my own language translation.

By the way my 17 year old, the one also sharing experiences with me, and missing time, etc., had a first time astral projection while meditation, and he's only done it a bit, when he suddenly realized he was at the ceiling and it shocked him into his body. Whereas I have never been able to do this, though have gotten to the ringing ear and vibrational stage and felt my hands as if they were floating. But I can't seem to go into sleep paralysis either.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

I'll try the method you posted, we'll see how it goes, but i am very tired so that could work for or against me. The past few days i lie down to go to sleep and try and put some intents to do stuff but it seems like i'm asleep in a matter of minutes, as soon as i hit the pillow i just start to fade.
So we'll see about tonight. If no success, i'll try in the morning, i'm almost tempted to set my alarm just so i dont sleep too long, and be tired enough when i wake up to go back to sleep and project. I dont do it as often as I think i could.

I'll try the trance.

I started writing stuff down like you do a while ago but i stopped. I had a calender too just to remind me of how productively consistent i've been with stuff. I think writing it down has strong effects on the subconscious, like intent to succeed.

let me know if you get it man.. if you see any entities, dont be scared, they're a joke, they cant even touch you... but if you like, imagine a white protective sphere of light around you. I do this and it manifests instantly, you can see it, and nothing can penetrate it, and if i can.. i think the worst thing that can happen is you get sent back to your body.

You might notice that from your first few projections you might feel completely tired for most of the following day. I'm not sure of the exact reason but I'm thinking it could be linked to all the struggling we do at first figuring out how to separate... theres nothing to struggle..increase the frequency as much as you can, if you feel like you can't get out... just try getting out of bed, you might just be astral and not know it.

good luck man. I'll try the trance method and see what it gets me.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Whats interesting about the ceiling and going through walls and doors, for the longest time I couldnt do this until my last projection I think... its rather funny really... i think of it like this... you see an object you wish to interact with while projecting and all of a sudden it becomes physical to the touch.. you see a wall and expect it to be physical... yet at the same time when we walk out of body/get out of bed, its interesting because i know i've rolled through my desk and the bed and things like that... i've gone through walls without thinking about it, you just kinda let go and let the projection fade a little like its a dream bleed-through.. its interesting. I've read some site where they talked about different vibrational levels, higher planes / etc.. and more abilities there. I've noticed that each place i go to has like different laws percievably.. different levels of energy to go around.

Well i'm sure he'll figure it out soon and have interesting stories to tell you.

As for you, thats interesting because i read all the things you post and your telling me you've never projected? I find that interesting. I thought it was one of those things I could never do, but then again, i've never succeeded by doing it through trance or any method but my own. Its like skyfloating said.. the subconscious doesnt want to project.. putting the intent to get sleep paralysis is an indirect method. Projecting can put alot of strain on ones energy field I think.

But yeah, try my method and see if it works. If you wake up tired like you can still sleep.. put the intention "i have sleep paralysis, and imagine everything about it, like the sound and what it feels like, and really tell yourself its happening, hold this thought while you fall back to sleep.. if you succeed, you'll have sleep paralysis.. as far as projecting:

hear the sound, imagine it getting higher pitched, feel it and increase it.. feel it like you feel the energy in all your molecules, you've probably done some meditative excercises where you tried to stimulate this energy all over you. Just increase it until it wont go any further... the funny thing is depending on the state we're in.. it seems like we have tear ourself out (extremely hard unless the frequency is raised).. or the funny realization that you can simply walk out.. you think you're feeling your physical body... just think, hell with it.. i'm just going to move and get out of bed and see what happens... and you just might be astral and not notice at first. I think if the sleep paralysis feels less intense, then your already astral to some degree and dont even realize it.

I'd like to know if you finaly get it.

Ahh the pleaidians. I feel I am affiliated with them but at the same time its like everyones leaving me alone. Cmon, i want a visit! A couple years though they did give me a short fly-by though when i meditated and asked for it. I'm still waiting for my pleiadian visit.

Anyways, good luck with the projection. I know you'll get it.. but the subconscious fears it and doesn't want it.. it requires a little tricky intention or using difficult mehtods I feel but perhaps for others it comes much more naturally.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 06:25 PM
Unfortunately never me. I had some strange lower astral dreams, that would happen day or night, with all my energy suddenly gone a few years ago. Those were like dreams, except lucid and I knew I was in a different place during them, like a different dimension. The closest I came to thinking I go somewhere at night was when I had a flu and was feeling somewhat depressed at the same time and I was woken up by what felt like me, but a wiser and more advanced me who was checking my state of well being out. I felt checked on both physically and emotionally and was aware of hurt in both areas, and then the curtain was falling quickly, so I blurted out, "wait, where did I just come from and where am I going?" because I sensed this eagerness to get back there. But it was lights out!

I've been trying techniques for oobes since I was a teenager and had gotten some books in the library, as my mother had shared her ability to do this all my life. I'm going to keep trying with your method.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Well, i read books enough to understand how it goes, but i will see
myself.... the things were INSIDE you in wake state go OUTSIDE you
as the astral matter creates itself out of desire and emotion, mixed with
the thoughtforms, or things that we think everyday...

I understand that maybe, since this apt. im in is rented, when I go
out i will probably see what this houses were in the past, since the last
owner was here for like 10 years.... thats a lot of thought... then it FORMS
here in the collective mind emotion meld...

Perhaps when you project you relate to what you define as restroom,
in thought form you go back to what feels like this with more intense to
you... your parents house, as you lived there for long years enough and
that is registered in the astral with more intensity as your current dorm...

Also, the old thoughtforms that are constantly "minded" by everyone,
are the most "solid" and consistent in the astral matter... who is in
constant change...

I wish i can experience this soon enough... because, like minds think
alike, and will be a collective plane with thoughts there are no alien to

Oh boy... perhaps if we are exchanging same thought patterns here
there is a good solid chance that we can meet in the astral...


posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

ha, its possible man. I'd like to meet someone astrally.. like i meet people all the time that i know.. but they are in different forms, its different aspects of themselves, or its them as I choose to see them, however you look it, i'm saying I havent projected, met someone who was also projecting.
But I hope to eventualy.

Yeah the planes are interesting and varied. I've been to darker planes and they were quite interesting to say the least. I still want to go to a hellish one though and go around kicking demons or something.

haha, but that might be a bad idea. I wonder what thought process would be needed to put onself in such a place. hmm. But yeah. I wouldn't mind sycn'ing up with someone one day. I think it will happen sooner or later, when i gain more control over the projections.

Good luck trying tonight or whenever.

I went to lie down a couple hours ago and i tried to focus on the ringing in my ears to see what it would get me. I think i was close to the SP state but not quite, i was just experimenting to see what would happen. If i wanted to project i'd just will myself to get sleep paralysis.

I'll try the trance method tonight if i have the energy and patience in me.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 10:15 PM
Cool. Im studying right now what goes beyond "Stage C" and
from what i´ve read could be two options:

1) (the normal) the "surface memory" washes out and you feel the
slippery of your conscience to a place called "void"... in there there
is nothing, just a blackout place of peace.... authors said you can look
at your hands (they will form in front of you, since you this is a thought)
and then by focusing on moving your hands you synch to a astral plane
that is close to your state of desire/mind.

2) (the oobe) you can stay in the "buffer zone", but you need to deal
with the "motion" of a very low charged astral body, closely to the
physical, that will respond by thought cognition... when you move
your "legs" out of the body vessel by thought.... the climbing rope
method... the vibrational method.... in the buffer, you can either charge
more and more and project into a astral plane or dislocate in the buffer...

(those are my research... it could be entirely false)

Either way... lets see.

The consensuos is that number 2 is more advanced to get.....

Hum... what really tricks me right now is that when i recollect the
whole thing last night, i kinda get a peripheral vision of me from above...
this is strange, because I was thinking all day about the experience and
never got into question why my memory was that way....

I hope you have sucess Cave, so you can tip me off what to expect.


posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 04:06 PM

It happened. In the morning, for 5 seconds. My mind is so, let me say, challenged by the experience, that I almost denyed the projection at the first hour awake. That, right now, some good ten hours after, shows that fear is my thing to overcome.. not technique or beliefs.

Let me tell you how it went...

My wife mistaken her cell clock to 6:30, so i got up very early (and very mad)... I disconnected the thing, had some juice and back to bed.

I was so "auto mode" that i completely forgot to use this chance to project and everything...

Off i go to dream land. In there i had a vivid dream about returning some old VHS tapes, with their big plastic casing... i worked 3 years in rental, so I know their look and feel like the palm of my hand... tha was some good 13 years ago....

I was talking to the guy (in portuguese of course), and was going to pay him... i bring my wallet and when i open up, there was like a lot LOT space in there and the money was tiny... in the dream i reacted cool to that, almost neglecting....

I pay the guy and then some old friend called me in the left.

I moved my head and realized that the rental place was now a workplace, with computers and cubicles... like a corporation. My friend started to talk with me about one tape I should save...

And then I notice 2 things (dreamsigns): he was talking in ENGLISH with a terrible accent (and I was replying too!)... the talk lead us to agree that the last film i should take home.. since we are in JANUARY.... and return it in march.


The other guy looked at me with a insane grin... right now, i think this was my inner ego saying "hi."

That point on i was lucid.. We are in april, I dont have a "harry potter" wallet, neither old friends of mine talk in english..

I run off.. recognized this is the downtown of my own wake conscience city (Porto alegre). There were like 10 people on the whole very urban street, walking with thinking, intrigued faces, wearing suits and regular work clothes.

Some guy hurried me, talking gibberish... I run and went to the bus station (not my regular... this was odd).. and the station was super weird, with lots of unreadable signs very close to one another.

I waited by a sign post with a tree.
And waited...

I woke up.

Here now comes the experience: When i woke up, i have the fast thought "I must come back! I wanna come baaaaaaaaaaack".

I closed my eyes again, saw the ideoretinal lights (way WAY brighter this time, like a screwed TV)... i cant remember the sound.. I was unaware of my body, as I close my eyes so fast after waking up... I watch those lights dance, while focusing on "coming back"... the swirling and swirling got faster and faster.. but extremely different from anything I´ve seen.. it was not like a gateway.. it was animated random noise, if you know that feature in photoshop..

I noticed that my heart started to beat hard, but i kept on..

Then some odd thing happened: i felt my chest CRACK open with some energy, the ideoretinal lights flickered and i was at the station again.. With my wife and the whole bed! I was having the same first person perspective as the dream.. and the most amazing thing: the tree was giving us a 'shadow' of sorts... Today was cold here in the physical, but in the astral we were using only a white sheet.. my wife was with her back to me, so I could only recognize her dark hair and silhouette.

That was 4 seconds of awe.. But fear was striking hard and when I was turning my head to the station it all blurred out and I just... wake up instantly.

When I woke up, i was hot, like I´ve been climbing a stair on the run...

Boy, what a trip! I think i lost the "lockmold" as some say..

But as far as HOW i got there... if I never had the knowledge of the ideoretinal lights... this whole experience coould be missed!

It wasnt like a "slip" to astral... felt more like a big old push, "off you go" sort like way, through my chest.

I hope people who just woke up from a lucid dream (or not!), try looking hard at the ideoretinal lights and thinking hard to come back.

It was intense, but it was somewhat of a free ride... and I loved it!


posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

hey man that sounds pretty cool and i'm sure you're experiences will only get better.

sorry for the delayed response but I came back home on sunday only to realise my internet was down but i have it all sorted now.

I woke up with an intense ringing in my ears this morning but i wasnt in the mindset to try and do anything with it.

The transition from physical to lucid is quite an experience eh? I just feel the head/body buzz, and then i get out of bed and realize i'm actually astral. Pretty cool.

Don't know much about the lights you speak of unless you mean like dream imagery bleeding through, sort of like a deep meditation with flashes of images.

Keep me updated.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey, i was wondering if you were traveling again.. hehe.

I dont know, but last days i just lay in bed and crash, like my mind
is in denial and needs lots of will to "go there" again...

On other fronts, i found some local (same city) friends who are really
trying to do all this stuff with me! Awesome, i feel very good, not so
alone anymore... we are using Skype, but we will hang out next week
or so.. pf... the guy moved the psywheel ON THE SAME DAY... damn,
i took alot of time to do that... hehe...

Send me an u2u and we can use Skype to videocam... its great!


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