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7 Days - Degradation of the middle east - Day 1

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posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 06:32 PM
Scenario's for the middle east.

The Nightmare

06 April 2004/D-72h - The seeds of a crisis
First day of passover, homes across Israel celebrate the holiday that made them special people and gave them the belief that they were gods own, on this eve of remembrance the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah detonated massive truckbombs in the city centres of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ashdod as well as smaller carbombs in jewish settlements and towns across the lands leaving many hundreds dead in the immediacy. Television crews already in the small state made their way to the scenes quickly enough to catch the dead on the street, pictures of children and innocents smeared in blood and missing limbs is beamed all across the world in minutes with western stations interrupting programming to show the latest, there is massive outrage by western Governments who pledge support in stamping out terrorists, the immediate death tolls suggested over 1000 dead with thousands more injured. In the carnage a relatively small folly has been ignored, a carbomb in a small Israeli settlement on the coast detonated with nobody around, it is regarded as a mistake by terrorists and is cleaned up by a plainclothes IDF soldier named Jakob Cohen
An emergency session of the Israeli cabinet was called and there was a unanimous approval for action against these terrorists. Statements by President Moshe Katsav and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon show the world that Israel is united in stopping terrorism , "Vengeance and retribuition for these acts of war will be swift and overwhelming" read a visibly infuriated Ariel Sharon.
Meanwhile a few hundred miles away in Iraq, Civil disturbances were flourishing on the streets of the war torn nation, armed mobs were routinely patrolling the streets expressing anti-western sentiments complete with flag burning and the destruction of effigies portraying western leaders. The protestors are met with strong resistance by heavily armed American troops who fired warning shots into the sky, this did nothing but enrage the crowds who surged forwards towards the nervous squad, they had no choice but to open fire with their M16's and immediately took down dozens of civilians, this enraged the crowd who thundered forward and overwhelmed the troops, all 24
members of the squad were captured with 11 of them being executed in various means, the commander was hung from a statue of Saddam with an outstretched hand, this photo made the cover of TIME magazine and was printed in many western newspapers the following day, the rest of the squad was dismembered and slaughtered on camera, live to the channels too worried about ratings to stop it, with their bloody savaged carcases being dragged through the streets of Baghdad, reports of this leaked out and infuriated other American troops stationed in Iraq and it led to heavy handed dealings with civilian demonstrations, on this night it was calculated that 73 civilians died and 34 US soldiers, one of the worst days in recent years for the US Army. But it was about to get worse, radical Mullahs began calling for a holy wind of death to sweep Iraq of the infidels, reinforced by images of dead civilians and mullahs preaching they knew they were doing the right thing.

Exercpt from SkyNews reporter David Chater in Baghdad
"...theres an armed mob and they're attempting...wait...they're attempting to enter the green zone... theres...heavy fire... we..we... we dont know quite whats going on... all we know is that...theres........ theres some kind of disturbance in the green zone....there are gunshots being heard in...the background as you can see behind me... this is... a new level of insurgency... I think we need to get out of here... ok... the gate has been breached...we have to... *camera cuts off*

"Spurred by the pictures of the killings, the Iraqi public decided enough was enough and it was time for us foreigners to leave and to tell you the truth we felt the same way, we didnt like being out here away from our
families but we just do what we're told, its not my decision and its not theres, months short of the constitution. the Mullahs held the greatest control, this plan of action was long ago devised by them and it was only a matter of time, we know this in hindsight but at the time it appeared to us that it was spontaneous, theres no way we could have known otherwise, they didnt tell us anything but we knew this was different ever since we saw it on tv, you could hear them outside chanting things, we didnt know what they were saying but you can bet it wasnt it our praises they were singing. I feared for the safety of all of us, thats why i
orderered the immediate evacuation of non-essential personnel into kuwait by helicopter" states Retired General George Cade, Commander of Allied forces in Iraq Apr 2003 to Apr 2004.

After storming the green zone the iraqi civilians gathered up the remaining Americans and led them to the grand paradeground in Baghdad, this was the scene of so many of Saddams military parades it is almost ironic that the final blow to his enemies would be dealt here, the prisoners were stripped naked and shot one by one, all 185 Men, Women and Children were executed and filmed. This provoked massive outrage from President Bush and the Western Allies, however the decision had been made and America was withdrawing, secret white house tapes uncovered years afterwards show the process of that decision.

BUSH:"This isn't going to be my Vietnam Karl, i can't keep them there, the cost is too high, maybe for once we should just let those arab sonofabitches fight amongst themselves, we're not losing our own #ing soldiers just to give them some freedom, if they wanna slaughter each other then thats their own #ing business, NOT OURS!, get that damn order drafted, and get your team onto this, we can cut our losses and win the election then move on"
ROVE:"With todays losses Mr President i think we can safely justify to the American people our decisions, if not we'll get FoxNews and Drudge onto this with the"Americans back to America" line, the patriotism # worked in the 60's, it'll work now, i think we should ramp the alert level up to Orange to keep the democrats subdued"

"Night of blood" was the new buzzwords being repeated across the world, with over 2000 allied casualties and a revolution in the making it installed fear and a sense of loathing back into the western states. Criminal investigations were beginning in Israel but they already knew just who was responsible, after the assassination of the spiritual leader of Hamas it was only a matter of time before Israeli blood was on the streets, but the course of action was yet to be decided.
It wasn't long before the protests began across the world, In New York and multiple cities worldwide people began to gather and were unified in their defiance of terror, united with Israel, a defiant American President addressed the nation at 4pm EST, it was the expected speech condemning terror, and many were shocked by the withdrawl of American troops from Iraq. It seemed that a sympathetic iraqi mullah was placed in charge whilst overseeing the change of power, this was done in a spin of "power to the people" but anyone with half a brain wasn't buying it, it was only a matter of time before reports came in of an Islamic state being formed. It was in this address that President Bush announced "total war on terror". Historically this address was done at the same time as Prime Ministers Sharon and Blair who also announced this new operation to wipe out Islamic terror.
Just miles away from the Houses of Parliament in London, a squad of Jewish teenagers who had lost family in the Israeli events decided to get their own backs, swept with rage they took matters into their own hands and torched the Finsbury Park mosque in the middle of afternoon prayers, sealing the doors with stolen cars they poured petrol through windows and hurled petrol bombs, fortunately armed police and emergency services were called almost immediately and rescued many, what was unknown at the time to the jewish insurgents was that the Mosque was having a childrens teaching session as well as Afternoon prayers, a burnt and shaken Abu Hamza al Masri was pictured as carrying dead children outside, it was atop a car that he gave his now famous speech calling for a real jihad covered on TV by the BBC and beamed worldwide. The pictures of dead children, some of them still burning added to a further sense of worry across the western world. People watching knew this was different, that times were changing and that something was coming.
Fortunately tensions eased somewhat with the coming of darkness, coverage was still intense but crowds had dispersed with only pictures and candles remaining in the streets, a day of mourning was announced in many countries with services to be held in local synagogues.
At 3am local time Jakob Cohen awoke, he was extremely hot and decided to go for a walk in the cool night air, looking across the coast he could see Haifa to the north with its bright lights and the mediterranean to the west, he looked up into the night and wondered, murmuring a silent prayer he walked solitary along the sand, it was so peaceful here, a place you felt safe in. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was the burning feeling in his skin...

Part 1 of 7 :-)

Feedback is appreciated and i have a solid plan for the story, however if you have any idea's then do tell and i may write them in.


posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 06:42 PM
excellent don't need our ideas...keep going with what you got...really great reading it's a "little too real" for me..but i enjoyed it. I look forward to the remaining 6 chapters.

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 07:13 PM
Why thank you worldwatcher!!

Its going to get a little surreal, just dont get scared

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 07:17 PM
It's say's short story's but i'm guessing this will be a long one,excellent read and i'm waiting for the next part.

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 07:18 PM
holy jesus that was intense. intense is an understatement... wow. that was so vivid and frightening and made me think that this is where one day the world could be headed. good job dude, good up.

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 07:55 PM
Good story Nerd.

Look forward to reading the other chapters,

Well done

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 07:59 PM
Many thanks for the comments.

I plan on a schedule of 1 post a day, but i may accelerate or decelerate it, constructive criticism is welcome!

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 08:01 PM
Whao, sick tight nerdling. Lookign forwards to the next chapter.


posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by DeusEx
Whao, sick tight nerdling. Lookign forwards to the next chapter.


Why thank you!

Maybe i should've entered the damn contest

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 09:41 PM
Competition is pretty stiff, Nerdling, but one more is always welcome. Our little community has developed quite a few talented writers...


posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 11:35 PM
Very good read Nerdling. I think you should become a part time novelist, spinning off alternative history.


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