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I found Gelatinous Blobs on my truck 2 times

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by jcsftwre

I found this while looking for photos of Chemtrails.
The stuff found on the ground in web form and glob form if from Chem- trails is highly toxic and making people ill.
The substance appears after reports of heavy chemtrail activity.

YOU ARE NOW BREATHING ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE, NANO-PARTICULATES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM AND CATIONIC POLYMER FIBERS WITH UNIDENTIFIED BIOACTIVE MATERIAL: "We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes." "Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria" Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fall out. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in chemtrail fallout. Dr.R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers. Others have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers. Welcome to the brave new world of toxic barium skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP. Our health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems as well as the emergence of a new plague, Morgellons Disease, an infection with a new and unknown pathogen that is seriously disabling and disfiguring. Over 12,000 families in the U.S. are now infected with Morgellons. I am one of the infected. Our skies are increasingly hazed over with fake barium/ aluminum particulate, ethylene dibromide chemtrail clouds. Whether in the atmosphere or in the Ocean this added particulate matter is a hazard to the health of every living thing on this planet. My health and the health of my family has already been drastically affected. There is a main-stream media blackout on this subject so the only way to get the word out is by word of mouth. People are already dying because of the chemtrails. Life expectancy is down. This situation presents an immediate and serious threat to you, your family and loved ones. We must join together to stop this insane program of chemtrail spraying now. Please do what you can to help. might give you info on where to send a sample and how to preserve it also. A microbiologist is who you need to get a sample to.

Don't send it to the EPA as you will be lied to... and their Libraries have been closed to the public !
I wonder why ??

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 08:23 AM
Last night: I watched a guy come into the auto store, where we were addressing a suspicious fuel line failure that onset at 2pm. At 7 he were parked outside our apartment. Yelm blobs-or repo guy?

I am worried that the op has not responded.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 12:50 PM
Im live in South-Africa and have seen exact same thing. I found some in my garden. What ever it is seems to be all over but with no explanation?

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:03 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by Scramjet76
According to this website those blobs could be dangerous.

many callers on Art Bell's show described a substance that fell from the sky, and illnesses that occured directly after being exposed to the substance. The substance falling from the sky has been described as being like cob webs, made up of fibers, filliments, strands and in some cases blobs or jelly like globs.

I was unable to locate the craigslist post. Is there any way to contact that fellow? Here is another story (also in Washington State)..

Military Conducting Biological Warfare in Washington
Air Force General Threatens Local Resident
In August of 1994, a bizarre sequence of events began to occur in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to rain down over an area of over 20 square miles during a storm. It would happen six times in 1994, and continue periodically thereafter.
A lab technician found the first startling clue. The substance contained human white blood cells, but exactly what it was could not be determined. The goo was promptly forwarded to the Washington State Department of Health for further analysis.”

Weird huh?

There is speculation that the substance could be Aerogel. Check out the pics of that stuff. Would be great if we could contact this fellow and see if the blobs which fell on his truck match the wiki pics...


That is what I posted on the other thread. I saw Telafree's post and after seeing the pics concur it doesn't look like aerogel.

State govt keeps records. Why not forward it to the Washington State Dept of Health? The incident in Oakville happened in 1994. There might be people still working for DOH who remember the peculiar substance..

Maxine Hayes, MD, MPH, State Health Officer
101 Israel Road SE
Tumwater, Washington 98501
PO BOX 47890
Olympia, Washington 98504-7890
(360) 236-4030

I Have the suff! My name is Rick Email me at

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by jcsftwre

Thank You!

*heart back in chest*.. I was just so worried.

from above

A lab technician found the first startling clue. The substance contained human white blood cells, but exactly what it was could not be determined. The goo was promptly forwarded to the Washington State Department of Health for further analysis.”
(*that could be me*)

I wonder if they still have that sample???>
White blood cells show up in human waste when severe infection is present.

*I know-everyone's first thought of human dna (re 1994) falling from the sky as 'gray alien' consumption-or maybe medical dumping*
but... are going to want to report that, Rick, to Thurston county Health Department area code 360-786-5581.

Some comments you haven't responded to at LINK

Involve freezing the substance as well as putting sample in alcohol.
I'd suggest a sample in the freezer-in plastic, a sample in alcohol: jar?,

and stop handling it with your bare hands

oh, and ignore email from yellow-I see your still around...

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by jcsftwre

If you were in Australia I would get you to send it to me and I would send it to our labs to get it tested

Although the disinfo allegations and me lying about the report would allegations would also come out too

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by Scramjet76

Not this nonsense again. There is no evidence for chemtrails, or UFOs being anything other than misidentifications of mundane vehicles/phenomenon, so how people feel it possible to say they are possibly linked is ridiculous. It's like me saying it's possibly linked to Santa Claus or possibly the Tooth Fairy.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 11:45 AM
I have put the stuff in the freezer a few days ago. It does freeze solid (I was curious about this) I have this posted in a few web sites and will wait until I find good information on where to send it. I did not handle it with my bare hands a scooped it into the plastic bag. I have read about this years ago before I found it myself. I don’t trust the government or a government agencies and will wait until I find a privet party to analyze it. I have had good responses from Craigslist in the Seattle area under Science and math section and some feel it may be slim mold. Most people that post there seem to be in collage and are very interested in this stuff. I’ll up date when I get good information. I have read the links that you people sent me. Most of the information I already knew as I have been a believer in a lot of strange things for years. Thanks for the info.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 11:28 PM
I had a couple blobs of that stuff fall on my car windshield, a few months ago. I assumed it was just bird poop from a bird who ate something weird. But a week later, no amount of windshield wiping and windshield-cleaning fluid could get rid of it! It had solidified into something like a wad of glue, and I literally had to chisel it off with my ice scraper. I think I left a couple scratches on the glass in the process, and some of it might still be stuck there.

Anyway, for all its resemblances to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I doubt this is anything to be too worried about. If it isn't some kind of weird bird poop, or tree frog eggs as a previous poster suggested, what about human poop?

Check this out:

While we could not find specific FAA documents on disposal regulations, it's common knowledge that the so-called "blue ice" or "brown goo" that accumulates within airplanes does drop onto unsuspecting targets from time to time. Recently, an unlucky resident of Santa Cruz, California, received a special blue ice delivery courtesy of an American Airlines plane right through the skylight of his boat. He took the airline to small claims court and won a modest sum. A Pittsburgh woman's home was also subject to such a delivery. Other folks describe mysterious biological material that appears splattered around their houses and property.


Basically, this stuff is probably waste that's been dropped from high-altitude planes flying overhead. That would also explain why they have white blood cells, as a previous poster mentioned these cells are the kind which can appear in human waste that has been seriously affected by exposure to nature.

P.S. In other words: Quit touching it! Eww!
... And jcsftwre, I think you have somebody's poop in your freezer.

[edit on 8-11-2008 by Magnus47]

posted on Nov, 23 2008 @ 03:15 PM
Any update on this? I found some on my windshield a few days after halloween in Vancouver, WA. The leaves were falling so I just figured it was something on a leaf from a slug. Then yesterday my daughter & I were walking down our road in Yacolt, WA & we found a large blob about 3" long. We poked at it with a very small twig (I hope it's safe). I thought it was something that might have eggs in it as we live right off the Lewis River. It wasn't sticking to the twig & went back to it's original form as you mentioned before. I could go back & see if it's still there today but I'm not sure what I would do with it.

posted on Nov, 23 2008 @ 03:34 PM
I have actually had a client near me send me pics trying to figure out blobs in their yard.

It looked similar to what you have. Almost like frog eggs.

They also lived beneath a heavily traveled flight path.

We came to one conclusion, it came from planes. Then I was told that planes evacuate bathroom contents in the air. So gross!


I am hoping for you it is clear gear grease!

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by nixie_nox

If this came from planes recently and in 1994, there was so much of it raining down that there would have had to be an armada of planes flushing poop on oakville all at the same time. Now, comon, you actually believe it came from toilets in the sky? Besides, the sky toilets waste is always blue...this was clear.

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