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Tuning in to Extraterrestrial Contact

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posted on Mar, 2 2010 @ 11:17 PM
Skyfloating good treath but you should at least explain a few things like this:

Contacting ETs is not for the fait of heart, you should know that fear is inherent in all of us, everybody will and like i said poop on their pants each and every time, the reason is because there is some code in our genetics made from ET's that makes us fear them, yes you could meditate and try to controll it in some extent but fear was put for one reason and was to put us in no movement, yes you will get paralized each and every time and contacting the "greys" is very common actually most if not all the ET use greys for their tasks (good ones. bad ones, even black ops) they are just androids, advance androids like their word is explain "ebe", they dont have a soul they are just advance machines made of flesh, thats why people when see them says they are "cold" and only do what they came to do, its because they have no soul, they are robots in a way controll by the real ET behind it.

If a good ET comes to visit you surely you will have a bad et coming to you, the simply reason is that of course the "bad" one wants to know what the good guy is doing and viceversa so surely you will have both contacts. Another thing you didnt explain is no the fear what makes you contact bad stuff or have bad experiences, actually is how advance is your soul, if your soul is not so advance it will contact mostly bad stuff all the time, if its advance it will contact higher levels, so i would not endorse that eveyrbody throws to contacting a ET you should know the risk first and then make your desition. Of course there is a posibility that a black op visit you, and they will send greys and you may think its the real deal "ETs" but it may be black ops just cheking you out and see what are you up to.

Sky you should explain this stuff first to people around here before selling them the idea of contacting because they will always have a good experience "good for you means not gething kill in the process" so my advice is that this is the least important thing in the life, actually thats what real ets explain, live your life happy with integrity and try to do the right thing if you can, the ets are just part of the universe and they are the police around our earth and are part of our family in a way, eveyrbody have their chance of contacting them in dreams and OBE (if your guides let you in the first place.) when the time is right, do not push it or you guides may get you a good lesson.

Thats my 2cents on this.

posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 02:01 AM
Good point Alex!
I'm with you.
It seems you know something, right?


posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 03:22 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating

Its because we´re so unfamiliar with them that we´re scared, and since we´re scared, they often only appear in half-wake or sleep-paralysis or dream-states. They do this so that the mind can still "reason" and say "it was only a dream". Its a safety net.

I have had a very similar experience to some of those discussed in this thread, although not from conscious 'meditation' on my part. Basically for a period of several nights while alone in my apartment I began to see strange flashing lights in the peripheral of my vision, accompanied by the feeling that I was being 'watched'.

If anybody has seen the movie version of Communion where the little alien is kind of playing peek-a-boo with Christopher Walken, it was a bit like that, seeing weird things out of the corner of my eye.

Then that was followed by a night of intense dreams, where figures similar to a traditional grey alien kept appearing out of the shadows of my dream. Not really scary, per se, but definitely intense and woke up drenched in sweat several times.

Then on the third evening, this culminated with me awaking into a semi-wakeful, sleep paralysis state and seeing a being floating in my room observing me. I turned my head and definitely saw it, and I think it freaked out a bit as it noticed I was waking up 'too early'. It then turned and looked directly at me, extended its hand and was able to somehow induce a powerful sense of sleepiness in me, forcing me back into sleep.

I would really like input from other members about the race and intentions of this being, because it seemed different from traditional/hollywood depictions.

First of all, it didn't really look like a "grey". It was actually sort of light brown colored and very small, about the height of a large, hairless cat standing on its hind legs. The head was slightly bigger than a cat's head, and with large eyes. but the eyes were more wrap-around, not almond-shaped like in the normal image of a grey. Also, it seemed to have eyelids.

Another strange detail -- when I turned my head and saw it, I had a hard time focusing my vision on it. Like my vision was obscured by a kind of static that created a screen of interference between myself and it.

posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Now you are someone that knows what they are talking about and its refreshing to be able to empathise with what you write.

Anyone can gain insight through a higher awareness and all it takes is a little bit of time and not much effort.

Whenever I meet people who have a fixed idealogy of life I feel very strongly.passionately towards them as I want to show people just what they are capable of.

Going back a few years I used to get very upset with people who had closed minds, but as I have grown and matured I see things very differenly indeed. Its not about their opinions and beliefs its about them as a spiritual being. I am like I am because I was born like it . Whereas other people base their opinions around the very system that is designed to keep them where they are, to realise this takes alot of trust and vulnerability on their behalf and the majority just don't want to open themselves up to something that is foreign to them. In this case they are nurtured in their own confines of their beliefs.

I take a much more subtle approach now when I speak to a person I drop in a few coincedences about their life and then 'tune' in to them over a period of time and then let life do the rest. IMHO Its all about trust,open minds,relaxation,understanding,growing. The rest comes naturally.

As regards to ET: As soon as you mention to anyone (who is in a state mentioned above), that its possible to converse with another civilization, its a losing battle and straight away your labelled a tin foil hat wierdo with mental tendenceies.

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posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by AlexDJ
If a good ET comes to visit you surely you will have a bad et coming to you, the simply reason is that of course the "bad" one wants to know what the good guy is doing and viceversa

When people mention the good and bad in all of this I always think of the following:

A baby views a doctor as bad because they do not have the knowledge and understanding as to why they are causing harm to them at that time, like having an injection for example. It isn't until such a time when they 'grow' and learn, they can then see why the 'bad person was treating them this way.

I believe this can be said for ET/channeled entities. Our level of undertanding is but a grain of sand in the entire universe and then some.

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posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 10:41 AM
In the debate, for it could hardly be called an interview, that project camelot did of Steven Greer, they were both right. Each had points that were right.

I have experienced both sides of ufology. And basically when your frequencies raise, or your energy stands out, if you are psi, when you are giving off a starseed vibration, or anything like this, those that love power do come in and mess with you. But, whatever is thought of on the surface by us, our souls know this, we came here for purposes anyway, and on a soul level, we see through duality, and can send light and unconditional love to everyone. Ho'onoponopono is a wonderful technique for healing duality, cleansing, and it raises our vibrations, as does whales and dolphins.

Everyone is monitored, every thought is monitored, we can have faith. My faith, which includes freedom fighting archangels serving the Cosmic/Divine Mother (and no I don't mean Isis!), the Force, the Universal Energy, the way of the Jedhi and 12 points that my walk in, angelic friend points out, means nothing is lost. This is a negative system, but we're all here on assigment, and its a school. So leave the fear out and shine the light and love. Put on your golden armor. See the golden light pouring through your body, filling every single pour, and expanding into your field and shielding you. See it raining out the top of your head like a fountain (or do this in the shower) and soaking every cell of your body, every organ.

We never have to give in to fear.

posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 09:12 PM
Wow have I got a story for you! I woke up about the "reality" of ufo's; asked within myself for a sighting; AND GOT 3 sightings, the third including MULTIPLE WITNESSES. All within 2 years of waking up, are these sightings just a result of pure coincidence? Or did my desire for a sighting enable it?

First off, thankyou Skyfloating for a well written, thought provoking, and highly relevant original post.

My story is a long one so in the interest of not losing too many people's attention I will give you the short version of it here, and link to the full version at the end of my post.

Essentially, a few years ago I "woke up" about ufo's after a chance viewing of "the disclosure project press conference 2001" on youtube. I was so blown away that I suddenly found myself downloading and watching everything I could. I also remembered my mothers story of her sighting of a classic silver disc. Within weeks I was in a kind of shock! I was actually so shocked that I actually began to have problems sleeping for the first time in my life. I saw my doctor, had a heart to heart with my sister, etc. I pulled away from ufo googling for a week or two and calmed down a bit, but since then I have been hooked and eductaing myself constantly on the subject.

I started to look at the sky at night desperately hoping for a sighting. Something to help me get to grips with this new reality. It couldn't all be real, right? So I desperately wanted to see a UFO for myself. (Dont we all!)

Within about 6 months I had the first of 3 sightings of two black triangles. As I drove up to my sisters house one evening I saw 2 basketball sized orbs, swooping in formation, in an arc, DOWNWARDS out of the sky to behind some houses. I parked, jumped out and looked to where they went, and 2 black triangles appeared, flew silently, directly over my head, pretty high up, and off into the distance! I was in disbelief. I thought it was WAY too much of a coincidence that I got interested and then see ufo's within months.. It took a few weeks to sink in that I had seen 2 black triangles AND ORBS!!

About 6 months later I moved house, into the centre of town. I did a meditation, just before the yearly town music festival, asking for the triangles to return above the stage and "wake people up". Wishful thinking!

But a few months later I get the best sighting yet!! And only a stones throw from where the stage would normally be:

I am driving my taxi with passenger on board a few miles out of the town and we both see 2 black triangles floating over the car. They had 4 blue lights along the back end and like before they were less than 2m apart!!
I dropped him off, went back towards town to wait for someone who didnt turn up, then I went back into town.

As I came down the motorway towards my old school I saw 2 orbs, one above the other, hovering completely still, just metres above the trees by the other side of the motorway. As I pass them I am only 3 lanes and the height of the trees away!! I'm about 10-15m from 2 amber coloured basketball sized orbs, one slightly bigger than the other, flickering with energy and beginning to change shape!!

I pull over as fast as I can, and in that short time, 10secs at most, they have turned into black triangles, each the size of a small fighter jet. I stare at them shouting something like "what the hell is that" as they SILENTLY glide across all four lanes. I am within 100m and they are so low I could hit them with a stone. They BOTH momentarily go partially transparent and as they move they slowly stretch from EQUILATERAL triangles to longer more pointy triangles. As they turn their rear ends towards me and leave the scene all of their coloured lights including the 4 blue ones on the back end FADED TO WHITE.

Later I put it in the local newspaper. Others saw the triangles!!! See link for my drawings and the newspaper articles:

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posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 05:40 AM
i just want to post and say thanks you for posting this thread. i will try this out in a few months, so i can at least "ready" myself for anything that can or might happen.

i wanna share a very slight experiance.
im not sure if it was real. or just my subconcious mind.

i was practicing meditation one morning. and i remmebered a thread i read awhile ago about contacting ets using meditation.
so i gave it a shot.
and after i had done what the thread said, i went on with my meditation.
i was practicing some healing meditations i read about a while ago. and all of the sudden, in my mind the image of a grey's face(mostly the eyes) popped in my head(this was about ten minutes after i attempted the contact) and the face startled me. becuase i wasnt expecting it, and my body kind of jumped, and i was knocked out of the state.
so for a few months i stopped meditating, just cuz i didnt have the time.
but the last time i meditated(the other morning) in my mind i kept picturing the faces of greys looking down at me. and i freaked out. in kind of a "leave me alone!" type way. just out of fear.
which is why i want to ready myself, so i can at least try to avoid making that same mistake. lol.
but yeah, thanks again for sharing this information, i will surley give it a go in time.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
Types of Extraterrestrials you can Tune into

Lower-Astral-Entities (not recommended)
Mid and Higher-Astral-Entities
Physical Extraterrestrials (telepathic contact only)
Celestial and Higher Dimensional Beings (recommended)

how exactly do you tune into a certain type of being?
do you just do the process you mentioned in the begining? or do you do soemthing along the lines of "i would like to speak to this kind of being"?

posted on Mar, 14 2010 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

i'll give it a second try. this time im gonna keep a clear head and control my fear. i'll try the things you suggested hopefully it will help. Thanks

posted on Mar, 14 2010 @ 07:11 PM
Im reading this and "nodding" as a lot of it "explains" something that happened to me when I was very young, Ive been trying to explain it for a long time, but every time I come up with nothing.

Whats even more concerning is that the memory of this is my first memory, I cant remember anything before it, I was maybe 2 yrs at the time.

Im waiting until my post count hits 20 so I can make threads, but I dont want to spam the board to get there, Ive waited 25 yrs to get opinions on it, I can wait a little longer.

Im also reluctant to bury it in another thread as its quite important to me to get some idea one what the hell was going on.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 02:39 PM
Hey guys,i tried your meditation just there and when i was trying to picture the white star a burst of hundreds of colours came rushing towards me.They were so fast in scared me to jump back out of the meditation.
Any of you guys know what this is? thanks guys

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by fuserleer

HEY FUESLEER ,id love to hear your story!! I have strange memories i had as a child too.Where im lined up in sort of holding place for people what are not living yet.I KNOW FAR OUT!! OR WHAT!!
And it gets weirder the person i see is me in my twenties but i have this memory from childhood,HOW COULD I KNOW WHAT I LOOKED LIKE WHEN I GOT OLDER???

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:13 PM
I dont think fear should be a normal response, but maybe it depends on a person's perceptions and level, because everyone here has their own version of reality. Just to try to contact, perhaps even anyone, not having a sense of what is safe, to me is like taking a risk, particularly if you are strongly into the norms of this matrix, institutions.

Meditation in general is a very good starting point, in this search, including seeking Higher Self, and connecting with who you are, ie. listening to hemisync/binaurals/whales and dolphins, or sitting outside on a pleasant day and sungazing or just getting some some, we can search within, we contemplate Infinity within us, for example, reach into the grid of waves/energy. You may not do this already, ie. akin to knowing the minute you touch your computer that someone you know is on and has just emailed you. Its energy grids, but in anycase, seeing yourself putting your hand in a creek/river and feeling the current metaphorically can unblock some of this, if you set this intent. Also, asking yourself, who am I? Why am I here? What can I do to help? And always seeking the Highest Good, for all, and the Highest Light/Power.

Meditating in general, freeform I like best.

None of this is a fear based thing, but at the same time, for some of us who have contact, there is more to it than simply casting a fishing line out and trusting whats on the other end.

Some of this depends on what you think this world is, do you believe in reality, or see it as an illusion, and a school, do you know who you are, have you attempted to look at repeating bad behavior in your life, flaws, and difficulties, reverse engineering them, knowing some of them may be part of your situation, but some are in you, and its all in your lap, so the best approach is to consciously work on yourself, and take responsiblity for it all, not in a karmic way, not in a punitive way, but in a freeing, growing, learning, loving yourself, blessing some of the diffiuculties, harder for the ones you may have hurt others in. Note our Higher Selves, or fuller selves are the meanest judges, often people are harder on themselves than others.

I see this whole thing as a combination of developing yourself, and hopefully to make a difference and help others, and a lot of it is trying and intention, some issues take the team on the other side to really heal.

This meditation is akin to pursuing contact with those benevolents that are watching over us, connected to us, and earth in general, rooting for us, "you can do it, we believe in you." In Quantum Pysics/Infinity/Time versus No Time,where there is only one of you in each segment of the infinite film roll (metaphor) of your life, in "time" (which is a concept only, metaphor or program) there is a separate you in each time clip. So, who you are contacting could be yourself, you Family or Extended Family.

Main thing is you have to have the faith to know that their is always soemthing that may want to interfere or test you, that you can see your life winding like a road with drop offs and pitfalls. I always walk straight in my mind and walk on air necessary. If something negative comes, can you send it light and love, but renounce it and tell it to leave.

Do you feel the surge in your heart of light and happiness with a connect with family?

Stargazing is like that too, we just need to be working on self and sending love out, as unconditionally as possible, and then keep trying to do the right things in our lives and help others as we can, meditate and touch base with self.

Colors exploding can be seen just closing your eyes when you're meditating, and ringing in your ears, rushes of vibrations, I see this part of the ringing (not the medical condition, there are symptoms you have to compare) and rushes of vibration as a kind of threshhold to a vibratory shift, a channel opening. Not channeling, I don't think thats safe, but you in meditation are making a vibratory/channel shift. It should not be alarming.

I always have faith, I'm an ex Christian, no longer into bloodline religions, but......I have faith in the Divine Plan, the Family of Light/Divine may be the love or unity between us all, and Highest Good and Love. In short LOVE.

So if anyone has fear, or is alarmed they need to start out the session with a 15-30 minute meditation and really connect with themselves, their light within, their wish to progress and work on self, sending love to all, and ask for guidance from Higher Power, Higher Source, Love.

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:15 PM
Im just pinning this thread,. read later

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

When I saw a UFo with my g/f, friend and myself we all had the feeling like we were meant to see it. It was kind of close but still had some distance, but I know it was a UFO though, because it disappeared right in front of us. I do think you have the right idea, just be careful it is unusual ground your walking in...

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:33 PM
Basically, if earth is a school, its like a testing ground, it reveals to us our flaws, and even when we ride on thinking we're just peachy, in the end its all recorded and we see it all from everyone's viewpoint. A friend of the family who I've known since he was 2 stayed for a week and we had experiences, including some dna taken, he really woke up. It was him sharing his story, when he realized he had permission, that we were experiencers too tht really got things going, I think. One thing that occurred in that week, was the next day after the experiences, I was writing to a friend in Finland and he insisted on writing to him, and wrote this incredible converstation that I sent to his grandmother because I felt it was something that concerned her and him, since he was 16 and living with her, and she needed to know. Well, she has watched every project camelot video now, and disclosure related video there is, but in a sense, she was telling me this and her experiences for years, but it was dream time, astral time, never in our face like this.

That letter was a paradigm shift wherein that youth openened his soul memory banks and told my friend, who is a walk in, that he recognized him, knew he had watched over him all his life, he felt, and that he loved him. He then said things like not knowing where this memory was coming from but that earth, Gaia, was a testing ground, and he implied a karmic trap, where you are here over and over again, trying it again from another angle maybe, that he was here for progression, he called it the shift, (not clear in or out of body however so not necessarily our idea of this in new age literature).

Then he said, he wanted to High Five, and when asked why, he said, that he now had five levels of consciousness, soon he would have hundreds of thousands, and was he making any sense. He also told my friend that, because my friend walked in, and greeted me and him (can't explain that, but he did that for healing too, there was always this big wind.) and said pleaidain, beautiful.

Then they started typing in this other language complaining about such a primitive keyboard. He actually took these words and others I showed him, said it was a hymn and is sung and sang it to me, and then told me what some of it meant, but not all.

I reread that letter lots , I get more out of it each time. It was a paradigm shifter.

The testing grounds and the school is very similar idea. If so, there are probably things that can set you back, real tests that appear negative. So its best to have faith always, in Higher Good, if nothing else, Higher Self, and Love, and really try to be uncondiitonal love because it takes fear away.

Basically if something negative were to occur and you respond with anger, meanness, rude words, you shrink, and the "negativity" grows bigger.

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 08:29 PM
S+F Great post, I look forward to adding this to my meditation practice and hopefully getting some great results. Maybe the 2012 shift starts here with this thread? Haha.
I will give intention to everyone's success. Namaste.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 06:08 AM
A great thread!

This is practical information at its best.

It is an interesting question whether the fear some people have in the seconds immediately prior to contact (maybe felt as a vibration) results from fear of the contact itself or something else.

In my own case, I have several times had to "turn off" the visual aspect of encounters (through 3D eyes) because I do find them "too much", especially if I am alone.

This is not to say I have any fear of benevolent ETs. It's just the visual aspect. I am perfectly comfortable communicating in other ways (telepathically, automatic writing) and can get a lot achieved without the visuals. In fact, for me the visuals seem like they are a distraction.

Does anyone else experience this?

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 08:38 AM
Fear is part of some of the procedures. Most contact isnt like that. If its surgical, primal fear and panic can even begin ahead the encounter, I get warned ahead of time that I'm on that list, twice in just over a year that has happened.

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