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October 7th. Surprise

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:34 PM
Hey, it's 10/7 I was in meetings all where did the attacks? Nuke in LA? Chicago? Were there simultaneous bombings in public buildings? That must really have panicked the citizenry!!

What? Nothing happened? But how can that be? There were visions and bots and security gurus all predicting it would happen TODAY???

This is most surprising!

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:40 PM
Maybe it's the start of that outbreak we've all been waiting for.

Imagine. Someone infected with Ebola is flying towards one of our bussiest airports right now.

In a few hours he'll land... he'll doubtless cough or sneeze... thus spredding the germs to the passengers in the plane, who will then fan out from the terminal and further spred the germs.

It'd take us days, even weeks, to realize what happened, but by then it would be too late.

...I hope this is the case, if we're all going to pop out, let it be at Mother Nature's hands. For all of our ICBMs and stealth bombers... we can't conquer the germs.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:45 PM
OK its the 8th already here and the only bad news was the DOW dropping 5%.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:52 PM
When's this a "Crash?"

I'm not sure how far down the Dow has to go in what period of time to be considered a 'crash'. Is it the 4,000 point/30% level? Is it a thousand point volatility in two trading days? hardly seems to be a point to asking except to note that as the Dow's short-term rally seems to be toast for the moment, the Time Monks have sent ups this update to their subscribers which we've been given exclusive permission to post:"

Salve omnes,

Sorry this email is so late. It was a trying night with very few hours of sleep. And since then waaaay too many phone calls...

well, Igor informs me that we shifted over into release language sometime around 6:15 am UTC this morning.

We have 'pegged' several circumstances which were ongoing at the time of the shift. These are not necessarily proximate causes, but they do provide the flavor of the moment, and may be guides for the continuing release language that will wash over all of us these next few month.

Russia Buys Iceland 1) the major banks in Iceland had failed. The Icelandic government had rather foolishly, but out of necessity, guarantee *ALL* bank deposits. This had developed prior to this morning. What occurred this morning was the announcement that the banks in question had deposits that ran several times the Icelandic GDP. 1.a) Subsequently, *after* being informed that the EU will not/cannot help them, the Icelandic gov't has turned to Russia for assistance. Russia has agreed to provide the Icelandic gov't with necessary funds of sufficient amount to help them out 'for a few days'. The language around the Icelandic currency failure went from 'worry' into expressions of 'dire' and 'calamitous' very rapidly early this morning.

EU Splinters 2) a meeting in France this morning of the EU official 'finance ministers' was a dud. It was such a dud as to produce a sudden, precipitous change in language around the whole of the EU as a context within our modelspace. This single meeting may be the actual pivotal point for the EU as an organization of nation states. Basically what happened is that the EU politicians in the meeting agreed to take actions which are /were meaningless, such as a 'deposit guarantee' that is now raised, but still is far less than any of the member countries individual deposit guarantees. Thus effectively taking no action at all. Further it is rumored that the attendees of the meeting expressed agreement with the idea of *not* coordinating rate cuts with the Federal Reserve Bank of the USofA. This likely will be seen in the future as *the* moment that the EU began to only crumble back into Europe. (rather than the spectactular Irish vote to kick the EU elite in the crotch). BBC reportedly saying that the "EU is in the #ter...can someone please flush". Other reports have the attendees of the meeting actually running with their aides in tow to avoid having to face any press.

RBS Clearinghouse 'failing' 3) The Royal Bank of Scotland reportedly, this morning, begun seeking a 'recapitalization' so that they may continue their clearinghouse functions. The story coming out via rumors is that RBS is/has run into liquidity issues regarding their ability to handle transactions from other banks. This is also, according to rumor, affecting the currency trades globally. There is now some small substantiation that several of the governmental agencies approached have 'kicked the problem upstairs' as being beyond their ability to accept. The language within the articles and rumors of the RBS capitalization issues is decidedly in the release category.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:53 PM
France to guarantee deposits for its citizens/banks 4) yet another country within the EU collective has had to declare is own intention to guarantee is own banking struture and its citizens deposits separate from the EU. This is *potentially* another Iceland problem as the total insured deposits are rumored to be several times the GDP of France. Yet another nail in the EU coffin.

5) LIBOR rates are still screwed, and banks are still failing, globally, and pretty much any and all banks which got into the SIVs, CDOs or other 'specialty vehicles'. Note such headlines... and the timing...

6) various military components are also expressing themselves. This includes Iran and airplanes as well as Israeli TeeVee and their open discussion of the 'attack on Iran' being 'vetoed' by TPTB due to fears of huge losses of American soldiers and mercenaries in Iraq should Iran retaliate.

7)...other economic details piling up.... where from here.

Firstly there were many emails from people who, in their minds, heard 9/11 and disregarded what we are saying about the emotional tones. They were of the opiniion that 9/11 meant some form of attack, probably nuke-lar, and they were disappointed?!...

What we maintain, is that from this point forward, the release language grows, daily, and at intensity levels which are greater than 9/11. We are already seeing this. Go read some of the icelandic media, and the release language is clearly there to be seen. There are several millions of people globally already affected by the crumbling of the icelandic banking system/currency, and that will grow as the currency disease spreads about the planet over these next weeks and months.

We have shifted into release language. It is dominant now (marginally) and as the days progress, and bank after bank, country after country begin to topple as the currency dies beneath their power structure, the expressions of the release language will grow. By the time that we (the planet) reaches February 19th, we will all be totally sick of the release form of language.

Oh, and given our track record of being a few days early, it would not surprise us to find that this is another situation as in Pakistan and the capitulation of Mussaref where in the 'negociations' were done on the day we had chosen, but the announcement and the implementation came the following day.

Our best guess as to scenario goes to a continuing, inexorable, grinding down of the global economy as a result of the dying of the usofa dollar. We expect that each day brings more release language, and more behavior alteration which begats even more release langauge as it all piles after day after day for months. With a few exciting release gasps thrown in just as seasoning on the mix.

Oh, and by the way, the military component is now rising as the 'rumors' of a 'pending biologic weapon/disease attack' are appearing. AND there are some levels of confirmation that the officialdom of the US is already responding to the 'information'. Hmmm.

So hopefully we can get a few minutes away from the phones here to examine the data streams. We do note that we have had a large, and continuing increase in data since about 11pm last night.

Part Five will bring in the first of the new data sets.

Vale, clif and a very tired igor. "

Depending on how the rest of the week goes, this could either turn into "crash week" or the week the "Euro busted" or any number of other economic events.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 07:12 PM
They never said that the "Monumental Event" would happen in America. They simply said that it would begin today, and continue through the spring.

Iceland had two monumental events today; the collapse of their economy and the bailout from Russia. Today, Russia bailed out a free country in Europe as France set themselves up for the same thing. Russia could never take over Europe militarily. Maybe today begins the takeover financially.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 07:28 PM
MAYBE, Just MAYBE.....this means that we, the blabby, have had it! And the bitching is going to start and increase steadily in volume. We, the very special, always the exception, no I will not pee in THERE, Americans, have finally had it. (This is my fantasy, hang with me for a few lines)
Here we sit, at our pc's......for GAWD'S sake folks! GOOGLE the addys of your reps and start whining in classic American style. Don't just send one email and feel all smug. Send one email EVERY DAY! RELEASE your anger onto your duly "elected" reps!! RELEASE your outrage! RELEASE your fears!

REALIZE, and I mean this in the truest sense of the word, the web bots "telling" prediction BUT RELEASE IN A PRODUCTIVE DIRECTION!! At least in the direction where it MIGHT make a difference.

OK, putting the soapbox way. This is REALLY cutting into my drinkin' time!

Sally Forth, America, and do what you do best!! BITCH about it!!!

Cheers!!! X DG

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 12:39 AM
welp, looks like there was nothing of importance for the "world" today that happend, sure iceland is filing for bankruptcy, but who cares? not me(flame me all you want i really just dont care lol)

I am officially stopping my following of "doosmday" threads now, why? because they do nothing but stress me out and in the end nothing happens...

only reason i followed this one was because so much has been happening, it "felt" like this could really be possible. But..... nada.

FEMA camps = prison built style in order to control a population that may be out of control in the case of a nuclear attack. Death camps? not likely. The coffins that are stacked at them are for being "prepared", they are fully operational why? because it would be really stupid to build all these fema centers for a nuclear attack and then simply "forget" about them until they are needed. SMART people are ready at any moment... I would rather FEMA camps be setup and ready to accept people in a disaster then have to wait even 1 day for them to become operational(and it probably would take longer than a day if they were to just leave these facilities dormant, hence the reason for having them ready the second something happens.) Why does the barbed wire face inwards? Well think about it, if a disaster strikes you won't have anyone trying to scale fences to get into facilities such as these, but you could definitely have people who panic inside due to the whole situation that in order to maintain security in the country they need everyone to be contained properly, wouldn't be very smart to let a bunch of paranoid and panicky people escape and go run around the country without any law besides the military that would be deployed in an event such as a nuclear strike.

Bush declaring martial law? Not likely, why? He knows he has screwed up and will do anything to get out of office now, you really think he is having fun doing his job? Smiles are for show

Banks locking up and taking a holiday? Highly unlikely as EVERYONE knows this will do nothing but screw the economy completely, this would cause massive civil unrest that couldn't be controlled, trust me the government doesn't have the power to declare martial law(think about it, 300+ million americans and less than a million men/women serving in our armed forces, there is no chance they would be able to cover the entire country and pull it off without failing miserably), and you can also trust me that there are many many people in the military that would not comply, not soldiers, but commanders. You seen how many commanders we've been through for the iraq war? none of them want to be a part of bush's business

so please, no more threads about "surprise on 'x' date!". IF something really does go down, I GUARANTEE that we will not have any warning or knowledge of it until after the fact, so stop listening to "intuitive" people, many people can actually predict events, but 99% of the people who claim they can predict events simply "misread" their signs or symbolic hints and instantly come up with a conclusion. Yes its possible to predict the future, but most of the people that try to fail because they misread the hints they have been given through their third eye....

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by MaynardisGod

It kinda suprises me that someone on here who seems to be somewhat intelligent, would competely ignore the bigger picture. It seems to me that the dominoes that have been set up by those in the know, are falling exactly as they want them too. We as a global community, are marching headlong into whatever they have planned for us. I almost would like to die of some kind of plague as one poster commented, than be alive and 'well' in the kind of world the people on the ATS here speak of.

Will it be as bad as most folks make it out to be (the NWO)? Maybe, maybe not. But it will be different, especially for those of us in the so-called civilized parts of the world. Lots of people all over the globe already live in these types of countries, so little will change for them, but for folks in the USA and other places that consider themselves 'free,' it looks like life is going to take a radically different day-to-day perspective. I am not sure if it would be a world worth living in.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 05:48 PM
Well Guess What??Here It Is October 12 and NOTHING HAPPENED!!!
Barring Any Unforseen Circumstances,I Plan to AWake at 7am Tomorrow and Go to work!!!

Oh Yeah,About FEMA Running'Concentration Camps':The Way FEMA Handled Hurricane Katrina,What You Makes They Could Run a Gulag??!!
Hell,The trains Would Get Rerouted For One thing and Half The Prisoners Would've Escaped Before They could Get a Head Count!!!
I'm sure That down in The Ninth Circle of Hell Former SS and KGB Kamp Kommandants and Guards Are Laughing Their Asses Off Over That!!!

"People Who Love Sausage and Obey the Law should Never see Either Being Made"-Mark Twain.
"I Am For Whatever It Takes To Help You Make It Through The Night.
For Some People,It's Prayer.For some,It's Tranquilizers.For Some Others,It's a Bottle of Jack Daniels.
I Beleive That Man and God should go it Alone without the Witch Doctor in The Middle."-Francis Albert Sinatra.'Ol'Blue Eyes'.
"When I Was a Kid,They Taught Us In Sunday School that People who Drank Beer;Smoked Cigarettes and Played Dominoes would Never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
If That's True,I've Been hellbound since I Was Eight Years Old."-Willie Hugh Nelson.'The red Headed Stranger'.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Chronogoblin

Great comment about the domino's falling. Remember, the one domino that they are counting on that we have control over is the "now the people panic" domino. No matter how bad the media wants you to panic, don't!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:30 PM

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

Your the one thats wrong .2012 is a hoax and only a hoax

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