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Why is ATS here so skeptical of David Icke?

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by Jeremy_Vaeni

See, you've just proven my point exactly. Thanks for that

You've just disregarded everything he has to say, ignoring the theories he has evidence for and likened his 'agenda' to that of Hitler or a cult leader, just because you don't believe in one very small part.

And might I add that one part is very very small in the grand scale of what Ike is trying to get across.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 09:29 AM
David Icke is right on most things. History has proved that.

Betty Shine the incredible Medium ( now dead ) told Icke what his role in life would be and what he would do. All these things have come true ( check with Wikipedia ) or any biog.

The masses of media power is aimed at David Icke every day - accusing him of being mad - bad - dangerous. One tactic is to compare him to Hitler ! which is totally off the mark because his books are anti Fascist. They are about freedom and being free from the slavery which the NWO ( whether you believe it being organised or not ) has given to you and me.

Ask yourself the question - do you owe any money to a bank ? do you have to work to pay the bills ? do you really know who is in charge of banks and finance ( this last week must have made everyone sit up and take notice ) ? We really know very little about our lives.

David Icke has tried to find out for ALL of us. He has no agenda - he is setting up no religion and though he is a well known speaker he has no major media outlet for his work. He is certainly much worse off now than he would have been if he had stayed in his previous job.

I suggest that people listen to his recent talks which are widely available on video. His research and world view seem to be coming true. He does not have all the answers and he is not dogmatic as far as I can see. He just presents his research and it is up to everyone to read it and make up their own minds.

If we judged major religions by taking certain things out of context we would close down every religion and probably every point of view. Surely as long as a THEORIST is not advocating violence or superiority ( as Hitler did I might add ) then we should accept their right to hold views even if we dont agree with all of them.

Watch the future - I think in another 10 years people will be saying they wished they had read what he had written sooner and acted on it. He is not crazy and yes I have met him both before and after his research work started. He was a brilliant Goalkeeper in his first career I might add !!

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by Frankidealist35
Is anyone else listening to him on Coast to Coast? I have a new admiration to the guy.
I also think David Icke is more insightful and more open to alternative explanations for things than Alex Jones. He doesn't seem as crazy as everyone here makes him to be.

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Hello Frankidealist35
Nice post. I'm a fan of David. Anyone like Icke who has the following he has will have the skeptics cueing up like a biblical stoning to death.

His views are bang on. Reptilians, why not. Bloodlines, illuminati, yea don’t see any point in trying to refute that. The amount of whistle blower evidence that states that there is anywhere between 8 or 9 to 89+ species in contact with Earth people is staggering to just blow it all off as nonsense. If you saw David’s site and read any of his books you know that he’s well research all his topics. True he makes a few outlandish assumptions. But are they REALLY that outlandish!!!?

But then again, how many out there are prepared to think outside their little comfy “the world is flat” boxes

David is cool. He chucked away all that false materialistic bollocks of being a smarmy sports star/presenter for the pursuit of something massively bigger than himself. He is trying to waken up the sheeple (sorry sheeple) I for one admire his efforts and wont get any hang up’s about reptilian points of view either. I think he’s doing the job of a hero. His balls are huge and I applaud him for that, like I applaud Stephen Greer, Jim Marrs, Alex Jones, C2C, John Lear, Sleeper to mention a few. These are the guys and others like em we should be respecting and admiring for their very powerful efforts to bring us eye-popping truths about the deceptions, not trashing their work they have spent decades researching.

Just my take on it

(note to skeptics) My mind is open, but I am not letting my brains fall out either.

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