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Disaster in Rachel, NV

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by bknapple32

Well thank you for the invitation to your century but I obviously have email. I think forums and BBS we're started so issues like this could be read, shared and discussed without getting them in my email directly. Many people on these forums either don't use their email address or they don't give their primary one (I don't see a reason to have 3 or 4) like our good friend gariac (,, etc, etc).

As for Mr Arnu and his resort bunch I didn't say he doesn't own property here in Rachel ... they spend about 5% of their time here and that's for their own sake and self interests not the town. His primary life is in Las Vegas and not here.

As for Glen Campbell, I didn't bring him up first ... on the first page of this thread Gary [Sellani] chimed in with what a good "analysis" Glen has on his blog. I thought you'd be keeping up with this thread since you started it? Now like most folks in Rachel I've never had any use for Glen but I do agree with what he says on this prison issue.

"reply posted on 31-8-2008 @ 03:42 PM by gariac to FosterVS

Glenn Campbell's blog has some good analysis on this project:
Glenn Campbell's blog"

I'll honestly be glad when this whole ruckus blows over. I miss the old days of sitting in the bar with Joe Travis. He'd bad mouth UFO, conspiracy nuts and "government watchdogs" alike (many who post on these forums) in one breath but as soon as one of the suckers opened the door he was a true believer and the best story teller about strange lights and secret aircraft he saw "nearly every night". He knew that at his prices he didn't need to sell many shirts and shot glasses to make a living ... with the right bait all fish bite.

Now if we could just get the FBI to raid another place like they did Chuck Clark we'd have a whole new thing to talk about.

Oh .. and if Mr "Torrenson" meant anything I'd learn how to spell his name but thanks for correcting me.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:15 AM
And soon, those "visitors" will destroy the giant Colonel Sanders, making it no longer visible on gmaps. Sad.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 12:34 PM
This is Joerg Arnu, Owner of, as well as the official Rachel web site at I was asked to take a look at this thread, and after doing so, I feel that I need to correct a few misconceptions about Rachel and the prison situation. I don't read this board regularly, so my apologies in advance if I can not reply to follow-up posts in a timely manner. I can be reached at

First, to clarify my credentials, I am a part-time resident of Rachel, with my primary residence and job as a senior software developer in Las Vegas. I have owned land in Rachel since 2003 and I spend a lot of time there. I believe I know as much about what goes on there as any of the full-time residents.

Being a customer of the Rachel power co-op since 2003, I know that they are the only power company in town. They buy power from Lincoln Power, manage its distribution, network infrastructure etc. and sell the power for currently 7.5 c/kWh, which is a great deal compared to the 10.5 c/kWh I am paying in Vegas. I am not aware of any restrictions for new power hook-ups in Rachel, due to limited line capacity or otherwise.

That said, the Farms, as well as Mr. Toreson (yes, that is the correct spelling) are dealing with Lincoln Power directly. I believe they buy the power at around 4 c/kWh. While it is correct that he can not build a solar farm because he could not export the generated power throught the existing lines, there has never been any mention of the lines not being able to supply power for the prison in any of the public meetings and hearings. I think the County Planning Commission in Pioche would know of such a restriction, if it existed. Yet, it never came up in the meeting there last month.

He has plenty of water rights with his property, I believe the number is 2500 acre feet. More than enough to supply the prison and community he is looking to build around it. He certainly has enough water rights to farm the land, a total of 1000 acres, if he chose to do so.

Mr. Toreson first approached me with plans to sell off land as residential property in early 2001. As I told him in the public hearing in Rachel on Sept.6, he could have sold a lot more, and would not have to resort to these desperate measures, if he would offer the land at a fair price. Instead he is asking $16,500 per acre, which is more than 10 times (!) the going rate for land in Rachel.

All this said, we, the residents of Rachel, feel that this prison would have far to great of an impact on our community to take it lightly. Yes, there is a good chance that the prison plans will fail, as all the other schemes Mr. Toreson came up with over the years. Including a retirelent community, mental hospital, hazardous waste disposal plant and who knows what else. So, we treat it as if it is going to happen, and will continue to do our best to fight this insanity, that 98% of Rachel residents strongly oppose.

Thank you for being concerned enough about this issue to read through my somewhat lengthy post. Those of you who support our cause, your help is much appreciated by the residents of Rachel.

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