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why it's frustrating being a christian

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by anxietydisorder

man if you knew the experiences i've had with God you'd call me insane not to be a believer. Trust me. lol...ohhh the irony...........

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by HarlequinChevalier

Good for you for figuring out the big cover-ups. Now if you had some references to back them up....? One of the major reasons i'm a christian is because I don't really see death as a negative thing. That is, I believe that when I die, I'll see my own death as a formality to the evolution (lol) of my "soul". a metaphor might be something like a child is forced to go to kindergarten. He's scared, and doesn't know what to expect, but once he gets there he appreciates it so much, his hesitance to go in the first place seems so ridiculous in hindsight that he can't help but laugh at how ignorant he was.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by HarlequinChevalier

So I guess a confident christian is automatically self-righteous then. That's exactly the type of thing that causes these frustrations. A confident christian is something that people really don't like to deal with. You've taken everything i've said in the worst way possible and then responded to that with your own emotion, which is understandable. Too much emotion was why the original post was so poorly worded.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by stonespiral

hey you're the first non-christian i've heard compliment christianity ( since i'm assuming you live in the west then christianity is the relgion with the most impact in your life). I honestly breathed a sigh of relief after i read it.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by OutoftheBoxthinker

I've thought of many different religions in my life because they made more sense to me. Then I realized that if I gave up on things i didn't understand for something easier then I will always have missed out on what i could have found the hard way.....or the straight and narrow way lol........yeah i'm a comedian pfft.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:18 AM

Originally posted by groingrinder
What bothers me is all the preachers who make a very, very, very, very, comfortable living pushing the bible at people. Christ himself did not make a living preaching his theology. He never said go out and build elaborate churches in my name and amass worldly goods and accept money for fine clothes and fancy automobiles and mansions. Every preacher who makes a living preaching the bible is a hypocrite and cannot be trusted. If they were doing God's work, they would be doing it for free.

I don't you mean that all preachers should only be so until they die of hunger??? but on the other hand, maybe you're right, if what you mean is those who embody christ in their every day lives at work, play, etc. are the real preachers. hmmm. I believe that every preacher reaches a point where they know if they're ripping people off or not. The real preachers turn their backs on trying to get rich, and are happy with the essentials and that's it....

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:22 AM
Right but don't you see, the West may seem dandy to one person and not to another. You say that Christian doctrine has brought so much good to the country but what if Christian doctrine isn't our way?

I think homosexuals should be able to be married any day

So to me, no I don't think everything Christian is good.

What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.



posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:28 AM

Originally posted by amitheone

Originally posted by heyo
Just a little tired of religion (mostly christianity, because christianity is riduculed more on secular forums than other religions, or so i've found) getting flack for everything,

Actually, Christianity being attacked is a good thing for me because it challenges you. It forces you to study more the bible and dig deeper so that you can search for the truth, and once the truth is found, it gives you a sense of victory and accomplishment.

Set aside those people who loves to argue based on taunting in order to provoke you, thus making you ineffective in the delivery of your arguments. This is very common to those who pretend to know, but actually knows nothing at all. They use taunting to get that leverage because they have really nothing to say, so they attack you. They will belittle you. These people are only interested in getting a score, but not in the truth. Here, your patience and endurance will be tested and trained. What you do here is, leave them or just ignore them. Arguments will never be fruitful if it continues.

Always hear what the other side has to say no matter who they are and always see it in their own perspective so that you can get the feel what its like to be them. You will understand them better this way and you might have compassion on them. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do".

Of course, being human, sometimes it gets on your nerve. I've stumbled and have said some nasty things that I've regretted. But, it happened so that I will be careful not to make the same mistakes next time. It trains your self control.

However, take this as a blessing and improvement of self of becoming a better Christian. To show the real fruits of the Spirit.

Don't be frustrated or be afraid to be exposed to such hostility. You'll find weak spots in you and you will recognize it and you'll seek to improve yourself by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Thank goodness, however, that we live in modern times where people can't just pick up a stone to kill you just because you don't agree with them. The prophets and the apostles suffered not only ridicule and humiliation, they suffered death.

......If a man says homosexuality is a sin, he's a christian. If he condemns the homosexual, he's a hypocrite, cause he's sinning. People who aren't christians can't wrap their heads around that one, or don't want to......another defence for homosexuality is that it's natural. So they don't choose to be gay? K fine that's alright.

I don't think it is ever right to condemn someone who is gay. Having a gay lifestyle is sin, yes. However, everyone of us are sinners. There are no contrast at all when it comes to sin. Sin will always be sin that needs to be repented of irregardless of what they are. Anyone who says he/she does not sin may throw the first stone to the gay person. Anyone who sins and does not repent will all perish.

What i was trying to illustrate was that a christian cannot hate homosexuals because he himself is a sinner, and that would make him a hypocryte. it just wasn't worded correctly. hate the sin, not the sinner. The only thing that makes it worse is they embrace their sins and justify them with "i was born that way", etc. we all sin every day, but we shouldn't embrace those sins and accept them as facts of life that we cannot change.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:39 AM

Originally posted by whatsup
Persecution hah! Not being a Christian is far worse where I live.
I.e., most every business establishment and even local government has bible studies in the morning or at lunch. If you aren't "one of them" and participate, you are ostracized, don't get promotions, yada yada. There is far worse persecution in our American society for not being a Christian than for being one. I get rather tired of hearing this whining "victim" stance from Xthians! Try being an agnostic, atheist, or other religion and you will really see persecution.

Also, when was the last time a non Christian threatened or persecuted you with eternal damnation for not seeing it there way? Happens all the time to non Christians.

[edit on 5-8-2008 by whatsup]

[edit on 5-8-2008 by whatsup]

I don't feel like a victim at all, but that doesn't take away the right to get frustrated sometimes. You're personal experience may be true to you. However, your logic of, "if i don't see it (christian persecution), then it doesn't exist", is ridiculous. I'm totally not surprised you can't believe in a religion that requires faith. Btw, it's the bible that says this about non christians. I believe the bible was truly inspired by God, not men, because if we could just make up the rules it would be "everyone goes to heaven"!! such is the love i have for everyone, and my real christian brothers and sisters do too. unfortunately, we don't make the rules. It's like blaming newton for not being able to fly.

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 03:51 AM

Originally posted by jokei
reply to post by heyo

Venting your frustrations? Turn the other cheek perhaps?

Oh, the other one I was thinking of "Let he without sin cast the first stone"

Hypocrisy, christians?

simply stating that something is a sin and "casting a stone" are not the same thing. lol i'm sorry too, i forgot christians had to be perfect and weren't allowed to have frustrations, because the bible said if you aren't perfect you're going to hell. Oh wait, it says that jesus came BECAUSE we're not perfect.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 04:07 AM

Originally posted by justamomma
reply to post by NOTurTypical

I grew up in a christian based family and never really understood the following: "Whenever I am slandered for my faith in Jesus Christ it just reinforces my faith that I'm on the right path."

How does this reinforce that you are on the right path?? I got more flack for questioning christianity, which by your logic, that should reinforce that I was on the right path in moving away from the short sided views of that faith??

Well, the logic in it is this. If you're a christian, and you're around others who arent, but they never slander you for your beliefs, then that makes them christians too, or it makes you a non-christian. What would be the point of putting a label on yourself if you're of the same belief? as far as questioning christianity, the search for truth is the only way to go. I think maybe your questions scared your parents because they thought you weren't gonna turn out to be who they thought you'd be. just like any parents.

Anytime I got flack for being a christian (which I no longer label myself as such), it was because I was imposing my views onto others, not because of what I believed.

Does imposing your views on somebody mean just expressing them and believing them? What's wrong with that?

If god is so great, why do christians feel the need to help him reveal himself?? Why does he need others to do his work for him?

well i think the answer to that is the freedom of choice. Are you suggesting a real God would impose his worship if he was real? Forced religion is a job for the antichrist, not God.

I never understood these things until I started looking at it from an objective point of view. Now I realize that these things are human perspectives being pushed onto others. It is designed to fit a human agenda and hardly the Creator's agenda.

The 10 percent tithe is not something the Creator needs to test obedience, but rather something a human is doing to get you to hand over your hard earned cash w/out questioning. (this is just an example of the human agenda behind the "christian faith")

Come on. Giving is good, no matter what.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 12:23 AM
Here is the world in the eyes of God Almighty...

- True Christians greet everyone with love, but that love is ignored when they find out that the Christian does not agree with the sins they enjoy committing!

- This is how non-christians and antichristians greet one another, and they get mad when a Christian will not join them; and if a Christian does join them they say that if the Christian can do it why can't I?

- This is how non-christians and antichristians view a Christian. They think that the Christian is nothing more than a fool and a bannana, and head over heels for this Jesus guy! Although Christians cherish Jesus, the rest of those who don't cherish Jesus think the Christian is overly emotional.

- This is how Christians actually view the sins of the world. It is very difficult for a Christian to understand that the world LOVES doing their own thing. Non-christians and antichristians alike love to make a Christian "bugeyed". Especially openly homosexuals who LOVE to flaunt their sins.

- While some so called "Christians" (such as Constantine, the popes of old, and the archbishops who followed them) have resorted to the idea that to kill is Jesus' way, Muhammad and Hitler both killed more Christians than any so called "Christians" ever killed! TRUE Christians only resort to protecting those who cannot defend themselves. This is in great contrast to non-christians and antichristians, who kill in honor OF themselves!

- This is what non-christians and antichristians would LOVE to do to the Christians. They would LOVE to silence the WORDS OF GOD rather than commit to them! If it were up to non-christians and antichristians they would silence every Christian so that they would not have to hear the WORDS OF GOD!

- This is the state of non-christians and antichristians, and they refuse to listen. Why should they? They LOVE what it is they LOVE to do, and to heck with God! If there was a God, they say, He would accept me for who I am?! What they fail to see is that God is only trying to help them! If they could only see the pit they have dug FOR themselves BY themselves. As God would point out...You send yourselves to that place you would rather be than WITH Me!

- This is how non-christians and antichristians view Christians. Blue in the face from worshiping God. Fare! Christians will worship God until the day they die. And, after the Christians die they will worship God even more!

- This is how Christians are received by non-christians and antichristians alike. This is the attitude toward Christians when they simply desire to SHARE the TRUTH as God tells them to do.

- This is what Christians do as they privately pray to God for non-christians. This is the way non-christians and antichristians view Christians. As crybabies that are weak minded.

- Both non-christians and antichristians try to make Christians think that humanity is somehow made by a god they call evolution. Christians simply see monkeys as an animal made to closely resemble mankind so that mankind can be reminded that humans are not the only being with the ability to think, have emotions, and make decisions.

- This is what non-christians and antichristians WISH Christians should do...i.e. tape their mouths shut. But, as God has said, "I can make the rocks praise me if you don't!".

- So, when you think of Christians you should see where WE come from, and not what you dislike about us, because we CLEARLY see your plight, and we CARE! You are not alone, and we constantly pray FOR you. You may not like what we say. You may not like what we believe. But we do CARE for you. If we didn't we would do as you keep our mouths shut, and do nothing! WE LOVE you for GOD'S SAKE and YOURS!


posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:11 AM
what a mess this thread is.

I see idiot non christians with their judgements and bias non open minded opinions, and I see very little wise responses except the Op.

OP, God will set this all strait soon. We are entering the age of antichrist and antichristian here in USA as was prophecied 100s of years agoby saints.

Just bare with it, pray for their souls, ignore their Bull**** bias opinion and suck it up.

God that (evil) God, told us to love our enemies, yet they hate us, and that's the difference with us and them. This evil God changed my heart since I learned about him and gave me real love.

what they are living in is shallow pride. What that means is they stay close minded for the fear deep down that God might be real, so they say things like.

" He's a false invisible thing for weak minded people "

basically they just judged every Christian alive like aholes, and they condemn us for judgements.

and when I say pride. They go by the teachings/

" Just be good "

The thing is is that they learned it from somewhere. That goodness comes from God, and they either grew up christian and rebeled, or they take on a philosphy from another faith having to do with Karma.

If goodness is just in everybody, how come we have murderers and robbers, and heartless people everywhere?

It's infused into the soul by grace, which is the reason God came to earth in the first place.

and so those type run on a pride of their own ablity, and it's like what Jesus said about the men who killed him.

" they are insensable to my love "

and so that pride blocks their ability to recognize his grace, and ofcourse they won't understand this because it's all grace. Understanding is grace too.

so just wait for antichrist, and pray, and realize before Jesus comes back, we have to go through hell, pride, lust, this hatetred towards us will get so much worse.

It sucks.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by heyo
...sick and tired of the bible being called a crutch. In this day and age, being a christian and sticking to your beliefs is equivalent to kicking your own crutch out from beneath you in this society

Good line heyo and very true. The huge numbers of people "rebelling" against faith are the conformists these days.

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