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Do you think humans are aliens?

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:46 AM
For those who feel we are Authentic Native Earth Creatures, I ask you this:

1.) What part of our DNA proves that it was untampered with at any point in time? How does one prove that even what we consider Native Earth Creatures, are truly Native Earth Creatures?

2.) Dogs are not Native Earth Creatures but rather "Genetic Modifications" of Wolves sought out by Humans to serve a purpose. How would you prove, if unaware of this fact, that Dogs were not intentional alterations of prior life forms on Earth?

3.) Other lifeforms on Earth that have survived up until this current day, have evolved physical and behavioral characteristics that better serve their survival in Earth's Environments. So if other surviving species have evolved traits to better suit their survival on Earth, then why is it that Humans need to "Evolve" the Earth to better suit their survival on it?

4.) What is the Natural Environment of the Human Being? What environment on Earth does our physical genetic traits ensure that we will out survive other competing animals long enough to when we started using and advancing tools? (Remember, we are slow comparatively to other species on land, we spend the longest time of all species before we can survive on our own without our mother, we can't survive in trees, we must be taught survival because our minds are not wired instinctually in order to do so, our conscious mind is an obstacle we must overcome to survive, we require tools for our lack of physical genetic advantages, we cannot kill or catch any prey without tools and by any I mean enough to sustain ourselves, we have no fur coat and our lack of such is not shared by other species aside from those living in deserts or in the water in which we are not genetically fit to survive in without tools, and our ability to see a wide range of colors serves us no real advantage in acquiring resources or reproducing better than other species in our environment.) Once again I ask, what is the Human Being's Natural Environment?

5.) When a genetic trait proves to be the dominant advantage for survival in an environment, other species start to evolve or come close to similar traits in that environment. What I mean by this is, whales lets say, they all have tail fins, dorsal fins, fairly similar bone structures, now let's expand out to other aquatic species like fish which have fins and tail-fins just orientated differently, all airborne species have wings of one sort or another, all birds have feathers, fish have scales and gills, effective land mammals are quadrupeds, insects have 6 legs, etc. etc. If having a larger more comprehensive brain led to humans becoming the Dominant Species on the ENTIRE PLANET...wouldn't there be some runners up? The closest thing exhibiting any sign of higher intelligence are chimps with their very minimal, not mandatory tool use and dolphins which are not even from our same environment. It is evident that a more complex mind, in nature, is not of any advantage to where we cannot document say the chimp populations becoming smarter more complex thinkers.

6.) So with our disadvantaged physical makeup, no specific Natural Environment, useless evolutionary trait of having a more comprehensive mind, having increased emotional activity, mandatory reliance on tools because of our inability to survive with our physical attributes only, limited diet in which we have to cook meat and can't digest leaves, we give birth, for the most part, one offspring at a time, we've pretty much been cut off from nature having no instincts, and we must alter the Earth to better fit our living conditions...isn't this enough to consider that most likely we are not from Earth?

7.) Like a virus, we intrude our host environment then manipulate the host environment to better serve our survival at whatever cost to the host...a virus is a FOREIGN BODY that enters a HOST...just look around you look what we've done to the you REALLY BELIEVE WE ARE A NATURAL OCCURRENCE?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:18 AM
Since we have colonized what seems to have been a pefectly adequate earth I think it is possible.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:23 AM
Nature and Earth has reached some equilibrium point with all the natural cycles regarding weather, preditor/prey relations and locations, populations sizes and control of the natural inhabitants of Earth, as well as oxygen production and processing of carbon dioxide, to the cycles of decayed life or fecal waste of animals feeding or contributing to the start of new life, all these cycles all perfectly matched to form sustainable life on Earth. This had to have taken millions of years reach this perfect equilibrium.

If we, Humans, were along for the ride, we too would fit in the equilibrium as does ALL other life and aspects of nature.

Once equilibrium has been reached, the only way to offset the equilibrium is by adding a foreign contaminate or exposing it to extreme conditions.

Well aside from what us Humans have done to the planet, it seems the extreme condition possibility is out of the question because all life would be affected, complete change of the entire world would be occurring and the Earth would not be able to sustain it's equilibrium if it was under extreme conditions. So it is evident that the Earth is not under EXTREME CONDITIONS...

The only other way to offset the equilibrium is to ADD A FOREIGN CONTAMINATE...

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:31 AM
Perhaps we were the most unruly and rebellious race in the universe then we were sent to earth, a basic simulacrum of a harmonious existence, to see how we would react given a clean slate and no knowledge of previous existence. The experiment would be to see if we would revolve and become once again what we have always been or evolve towards enlightenment. If this is true, the experiment is obviously still in play and the outcome unknown but it's not looking too good.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:44 AM
I know this is a serious discussion, but I couldn't help thinking about this "joke" I found a while ago:


"Of course, there are other religions which account for the observed facts rather well. I like this one from Mike Royko, who was, for many years, a syndicated columnist of the Chicago Tribune.

…I am a member of the Church of Asylumism and believe it is the one and only true faith…

Our church was founded by Dr. I. M. Kookie, one of the world's leading experts on lots of things. In our church, he is called the Prophet Kookie.

As Prophet Kookie has revealed in the Book of Kook, man is not native to this planet. He did not evolve from monkeys, as some people believe, or descend from Adam and Eve, as others insist.

Millions of years ago, a highly advanced race of peaceful, happy beings on a distant planet had a perfect society. But they developed a social problem. A few hundred of them became deranged. Their madness took different forms. Some stole or became violent. Others tried to become lawyers. Some wanted to form political parties. And a few claimed that God spoke to them and told them how everybody should live.

So they were rounded up, put on a spaceship, and a search was made for an uninhabited planet that would serve as an asylum. They found this planet."


My personal opinion, is that the life on planet earth evolved through evolution and then something/someone somewhere along the line messed with the human ancestor......

Of course, my opinion is subject to change depending on my mood and other information that becomes available. :-)

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:45 AM
I have the answer to the question, enjoy

9 minutes and 41 seconds that might change the way you look at your life and life itself.

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