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A human life...

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posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 07:46 PM
By the time of my late teens, I had become so disillusioned with the reality that I had known that I went on a journey to discover what I had been missing. Now, 10 years later, I have a story to tell unlike any that I have ever heard. I found what I was looking for not realizing the implications. Years ago I began to write a book on it, but kept getting side tracked. The following is that book in a skeleton form. I hope that you will benefit from it. Thus is the following....

Edit: A few terms to better understand. Satori=Japanese word for enlightenment (rough translation=Kick in the eye), Original Echo=the closest one can come to experience Essense while still existing in Existence.

I had though of calling this book either 'The memories of an original echo' or 'Within the satori plague' but never really decided. Perhaps I am just searching for some sort of validation to start it all up again...who can say. I did receive many positive inquires about my ideas and decided to post them. That's about it.

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posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 07:49 PM
Listen! Listen carefully. This is path to your evolution…to our evolution. I have been waiting for you to show. It seems like eternity…I no longer remember what revolution I’m on, but I suppose that is really of no consequence. It’s just that the form hold reflexes that the are not of the form. Things come out of me that I have not put in. Well, perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. The lost are yearning to be found, not through the finding, but instead through the losing. Look down at your feet; you are where you are. The lost are found through being lost. Wake up and breathe for the first time. Breathe in deep and exhale everything that the form holds. The you are not what you think that you are. I love you. Listen!

I went away one day. I went away to awake in the countryside. I was searching for Truth; pure untarnished Truth. Well, I found it…and in doing so found everything. It is all so simple, so blindingly simple. It will save you…save us all. Further everything. Pease listen and evolve. At the end of it all…we will meet again.

I can only imagine that the first few tapes (NOTE: at the time I was recording all this to write down later) will be mostly reading notes and elaboration on ideas from scraps of paper. It really can’t be helped, but if you are truly ready to understand then it will all just seem like common revelations spoken out the other side of your head. This is not so far from the truth. Like I said before: I went looking for one thing and found that the one thing…was really everything. Makes for difficult writing I think. Trying to explain the entire spider web at the same time as attempting to describe the chemical makeup of fibers. Holism and reductionism are both illusions as is all duality. But you will see…that everything is connected.

When we started writing down this memory, I had just begun to realize the Truth. What truth you ask? Yes, I know that this sounds skeptical at first, but there is only one Truth, one answer, from which everything else webs out. The center of an endless web from which everything is connected and each silken strand gives birth to the next. For we are all like tiny spiders that can only remember the last few strands that we have tread upon and foresee the next few strands that lay before us. Much like the phrase: One who cannot see the forest through the trees. Our memories, or lack of, are what bind us, but how can this be helped? Our memories are the means by which we create, both consciously and unconsciously, the concept of who we are and where we are going, of the world around us and of all our blindly excepted realities. Reality, how little the socially accepted concept of that word means to me now. My eyes have plunged beyond the brow of my cranium and lost themselves to a world in which eyes have no value. Of which our every day concept and ideas are based on the inept traditions of yesterday that refused to transcend themselves.

In the early drafts, I was well aware of the Truth, but did not have the experience to understand the method by which it touches everything. Being that I had only ever written poetry before and never attempted anything on such a scale as this, my task seemed overwhelming. While the first map of my thoughts was very artistic with the particular style of writing that I had grown into it was nonetheless difficult for others, without my experience, to understand. Realizing the difficulty in this, I then sought out to learn everything I could about different avenues of thought by which the ideas (I do not say my ideas because one can never create the Truth, only rediscover it) could be more efficiently translated to others. I researched everything from quantum physics to molecular genetics to astrology to religion to philosophy to psychology because I believed that it would be the best language in which to express these ideas. And while this was quite a bit more comprehendible, it had also become dry, cold, impersonal and artless. But life is a work of art: a multitude of textures and emotions, the firing of neurons, the spin of a quirk, our desire to love and eat and whistle and the astonishingly beautiful truth of Neo-Absolution. The exquisite ballet played out in time and space on a stage that was constructed from neither time nor space.

I had finally become comfortable with the realization that I was becoming what I had always been. And so, I write this final version of my thoughts, your thoughts, their thoughts simply because I remembered what it is that we all already know. Remember…

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 07:51 PM
I have heard it said that to gaze upon the raw face of God is to instantaneously become mad, but the world has long been mad because of its own suffering. What is madness?
It almost seemed instantaneous that the satori plague freed my conditioned thoughts. As if the entirety of the ocean crashed down upon me and penetrated my body with the needle like accuracy of skilled hands to awaken me from an excruciatingly tedious and repetitive dream. But this was not the beginning; two years earlier I was exposed to something that I would probably never be able to properly explain. In one brilliant untainted moment, I witnessed the brake down of all forms and concepts there of. A birth through fire that left me lost and confused, for the subconscious mind does not submissively accept such things that can be seen as possibly harmful to its existence. It took my subconscious mind two years to process what happen in just that single moment on that boiling August sidewalk in Kyoto, Japan. What I held witness to and what I have now come to understand because of that moment is the reason for this book. It is what Buddhists, psychologists, and theoretical physicists seek out, just to name a few. It is the path.

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 07:55 PM
We are organisms defined by our own devotion to form, by our existence within time and space. We are born, we live and we die. The humid air seeps into our lungs, moist spring blades of grass slide between our toes, and photons expelled from the closest star warm our skin. We revel in our own self-proclaimed totality, our mastery of reality, and our dominance over Earth. And we are alive…or so we claim to be. But all of the things that I have just said, as well as ourselves, are illusions. We are, by our own tainted understanding, trapped within a cage without walls. Confined within the cell that we call form, trapped within our own skulls. These are the deeds that we have been bred for, but all of this is just the illusion of existence.

For the searchers, everyday is another page conquered in the way of understanding. Every day we become more awake, more alive. It is here that I plan to prove the One is the only real number, there are no others and thus the truth of the matter is that One does not really exist.

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 07:56 PM
As with all journeys, the path is begun with a single step. It is this first step that allows one to feel comfortable enough with one’s own footing in order to precede upon this path with confidence and perseverance. However, one must always be cautious not to become obsessed with a single stepping stone, to bathe in one’s ego, and lose sight of the path. This path, of which I speak, is the voyage to the understanding of our own existence at a fundamental level that goes beyond our own existence. It is the yearning to answer the age-old questions of: who am I, what am I, why am I here, where am I going and where have I been. The astonishing thing is that all of these inquires lead to the same single conclusion, but it is only when we follow these questions from start to finish and then back upon themselves, as if we were to weave a web strand by strand from the outer structure inward, that we can truly understand. Understand that One is the only real number.

First I believe that it is imperative to differentiate between the Essence of a thing and its Existence. Essence is the absolute nature of all things, which we, mistakenly, consider as separate because of our conditioned cognitive processes which are confined within the boundaries of time and space. In other words, essence is that which is the sum of existence residing outside of Existence. Essence can be described as the what “Is” or the Absolute notion of “Being“ or “non-Being” (as they are one and the same). It is unbound by our concepts of birth and death, of duality, because Essence is beyond the trappings of Existence. In technical terms, it is the quantum singularity. The everything which is by itself nothing.

Existence, on the other hand, is the separation of Essence though conceptual form. It is similar to the idea of dividing the ocean by draining it into different sorts of containers. This is the realm in which we all live and believe is reality. In crude terms, your parents have given you existence, but you come from the essence, which no form can bestow or revoke. You see, all things come from essence where as form or existence is merely a divisional extension created for the purpose of better understanding itself. By this I mean to imply that, essence is (although not conscious itself) the whole of pure consciousness or energy (because they are one and the same), but in order to comprehend itself it must divide itself through perceivable forms within existence. This is the pure energy which condenses itself in order to form matter. Since all systems require another system to gage themselves by in order to validate themselves, essence must invest itself in its own separation in order to comprehend itself in relevance to itself. At this point, this may seem like quite a paradoxical concept, but as we progress on it will become much more self-evident. This is just the first act of our play.

So it is through essence that we come into existence through the embryonic period or, in other words, are born into a realm of time and space through the accumulation of corporeal energy. It is through the creation of form that the “I” or “Ego-self” develops. The Ego-self is nothing more or less than a manipulatively functional comprehension of positive and negative responses obtained through past experiences as being in relevance to the benefit of the self. In other words, the Ego-self is much like the homogenization of an audio recorder played backwards in time. After a very short period, the Ego-self becomes practically indistinguishable from the consciousness instilled within the form which it inhabits and a vital truth is hidden (but that is to come much later). The Ego-self's purpose is to protect the individual's well being both physically and psychologically. In what society refers to as a well-adjusted person, the Ego-self accomplishes its goal quite well, but what is the price that we pay for this? It is the Ego-self that maims and kills, that harms others for its own advantages, and that wishes ill will against those who do not conform to its own pious beliefs; it never promotes another system outside of itself that does not directly or indirectly benefit the Ego-self. I am sure that you have heard of individuals performing "selfless" acts for the benefit of others. While this is seen by many as a noble action, it is not sought after on a universal level because we live in the world of the advancement of the Ego-self at all costs. This advancement that I speak of is based, world wide, on a zero point system. This zero point system is one in which if individual A succeeds (+1), he or she must do so through the failure of individual B (-1). So the realm of individual A and individual B is always zero ((+1)+(-1)=0). Just imagine how much progress we could make if we were to discard this system, if we were to work together instead of in competition with one another. Vaccines for illnesses, advanced medical procedures, new sources of fuel, extended life span, and countless other scientific and technological achievements all created in a fraction of the time. But it is the Ego-self that works towards its own self-gratification, that strives for the wealth and prestige of the discovery of the next great invention. This is the hindrance to our evolution that the Ego-self creates. It is the inability to remove the training wheels when we no longer need them.

Do you see the dilemma yet? Besides the fact that a zero point system will never progress at any substantial rate, the Ego-self is finite. It has no point of transfer from within the confinement of complex corporeal structures. The Ego-self can not exist indefinitely in its reality because the same form that brings it into existence also hinders its ability to be transmigrational. In other words, when the body dies so does the Ego-self. You see the Ego-self is a byproduct of the interaction between mind and form, which in turn is an action of neurological processes (i.e. the mind is not a noun, but instead the action of an active brain). This is to say that the ego-self is not transferable down into a purer energy because the smallest level it can hope to achieve is that of a specific combination of molecular architecture, of the organic mortar, metal and wiring that is needed to construct an organism. I say organism because the brain can not complete its goal without the interfacing of other organs, fluids, bones, etc., such as those that make up the human body, in order to keep the brain active. It is here that the real problem makes itself know; only entropy can be achieved from this sort of system. The death of kings. There is one thing I feel that I must make perfectly clear: the Ego-self is NOT consciousness. The existence of the Ego-self is made possible only through form, consciousness is not. The Ego-self is like a parasite that strengthens the false ideas of the separate nature of essence through the creation of an “I“. It modifies the perceptional abilities of consciousness and form in order to further its own existence. What consciousness is we will come to after more stepping stones have been lain, but as I have shown it is only logical to conclude that the Ego-self is merely a single stone on the path and not an end unto itself. Just as a boat is needed to cross a river, but afterwards simply becomes a hindrance to carry on your back, the Ego-self is something that should be discarded when its usefulness has been exhausted. However as all things are seen as “survival machines”, most believe that the Ego-self is the only way to propagate and so they buy into the myth of the perpetual existence of one’s separateness.

Now I do not wish to express the idea that the Ego-self is useless; it provides a very important service. This service is the protection and security of the form that it inhabits. How else would the form survive during its childhood, but the Ego-self is only needed during a particular stage of life. It is like crawling before walking, in order to evolve we must stop one to start another. In other words, the sense of an “I” that the Ego-self generates in order to assist its growth is the same thing that holds itself to limitations of the “I”.

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posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 08:00 PM
SInce I'm a writer, I'd be happy to post in there for ya...


posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 08:04 PM
You don't need to have the writer status to post in short stories.

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 08:04 PM
Don't worry! If that isn't enought to make your head spin, I have much more. I just want to see how this is recepted.

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 08:11 PM
The first step on the path to satori begins with the suspension of the Ego-self. It is only through this action that Freewill becomes a consciously possible decision. Now I can just imagine that someone, possibly many, will be offended by the insinuation that he or she does not have Freewill. However, what most consider to be Freewill is in fact not. You see, the Ego-self is nothing more then the desire for the preservation of a system that consists of little more than the accumulation of past experiences relevant to the individual form. At an early age, one develops habitual tendencies through the responses that he or she attains from specific behavior. These habits develop into what can be considered as an individual’s personality or base characteristics. If one performs a specific action biased upon habitual tendencies, this is not Freewill, but instead a deeply instilled conditioned response. Raise a lever; receive a pellet....or a shock. We all shake as mice at times. Many think that they are free, but that is the real illusion concerning Freewill. How often have you or someone else pointed out that you were displaying some sort of behavior that is typical performed by a parent or someone that you have spent a great deal of time with? This is because when we are exposed to a recurring behavior performed by someone that we see as having greater power than ourselves (i.e. parents, adults, childhood heroes, etc), we unconsciously mimic that behavior in order to provide the Ego-self with more power to protect itself. The Ego-self continues to do this throughout its existence in order to propagate itself with everything from desirable traits to attract mates to profitable behavior within a business environment. The problem is that we have unconsciously conditioned ourselves by so many different sources (family, friends, environment, religion, government, education, media, etc.) and we don‘t even realize it.

There is yet another way in which we tarnish any chance that we may have for Freewill. This can be seen when we believe that someone or something other than ourselves has control over us. We shall first discuss the invalidity of externally control over feelings and emotions. I am sure that we have all heard comments such as “he/she has hurt my feelings”, but how is it that an outside entity can have any control over something that is beyond its reach. Emotions are internalized processes that can not be manipulated by an external source. In other words, when a person feels something it is because on some level one wants to feel that way. We are our own victims without ever realizing it. We give other people control over us, we allow them to harm us. There are many reasons for this. When we are children it is quite difficult to differentiate truth from lies within any semi-rational boundaries. We merely believe what we are told because of ‘good faith‘ because it is what we are expected to believe, and so we often fall into the trap of mistaking the perceptions of others as reality. Only you can define your worth because only you can create your worth. We are all capable of much more than we allow ourselves to realize. You must remember the power to control yourself, your value and your worth are always yours. There are only two things in this life that are beyond the control of your presence in existence: the fact that that you were born and the fact that you will die. This is they way of form; the constant evolution of existence. True birth or death does not exist, only the Becoming. Existence is the Becoming. This is because Existence is a constant state of transition. Absolute being is a solidified state that only takes up residence outside of time and space (Essence), where as Existence is the realm of the becoming of form.

Most individuals reading this book will realize the truth in the concept we have just covered, but control over the self, in an external sense, seems to be a more difficult idea to grasp. One can not be physically forced to do the will of another.

The only thing that an individual with Freewill knows that he or she must do is deal with the consequences of their actions. The consequences, that an action or reaction brings into being, have no hold on its origins because time moves forward and not backwards (as far as we within existence are concerned). In other words, the ends only exist because of and after the means have been performed and therefore do not have any control over the means. Now do not mistake this purer structure with that of one involving a goal. A goal is a stipulation that one places on the action in order to achieve a desired outcome. Goals are merely illusions of thought because they do not exist in Absolution. It may sound like I am contradicting myself, but you must remember that up to this point I have only discussed things in detail pertaining to Existence. Both the Ego-self and Freewill can manifest themselves within Existence, but they can not do so within Essence or what I call the Neo-Absolution because form and concept only exist within existence. These are concepts that I will come to much later.

There is however a larger problem; we are not the only ones conditioning ourselves. We are conditioned by society through culture, religion and education for the purpose of continuing an established system. Whether the imposed conditioning of a system is conscious or unconscious varies through what individual is performing the conditioning. For instance, culture is an unconscious conditioner because it is based upon the acceptable norms in relation to traditional beliefs; this is a habitual behavior. The established religions, although they may have been based upon a longing for a purer truth during they’re conception, exist as a pious hierarchy where one individual can be seen as infinitely purer and as pertaining more value than another. This is a prime example of a system that possibly started or grew from a conscious conditioner, but was accepted with such unquestioned belief and faith, even by those in highly esteemed positions, that it has become an unconscious conditioner. The general education of a society is a bit more complex. Assuming that the information being taught is historically and universally correct (in the sense that it is not manipulated to comfort or farther the future of a particular society or idea), the real factor is the educator’s objective. Sometimes one teaches only the knowledge that they want to be known, sometimes the knowledge of things that are both true and untrue because they simply do not know any better and sometimes one teaches what they have sought out to be true. This is both a mixture of conscious and unconscious conditioning. The human mind has been conditioned to fit into a “peg & slot” game for the reason of perpetuating any number of belief systems.
So should we condemn everyone and everything that may have conditioned our behavior; that may have caused us to be untrue to ourselves? No, of course we should not. What we need to understand is that most of these individuals or systems perpetuate their beliefs because they honestly believe that they are the truth. Neither the parental unit nor a particular culture nor any specific religion is the originator of the belief systems that we live with today. They are merely passing along the information that has been relayed to them by other sources. Like any rock dropped in a pond, each repercussion to the preceding action is similar, but slightly mutated. What it is that we must strive for in the search for ultimate truth is the first reverberation of a stone thrown into the pond. This is because, in our present state, we can never exist as the actual stone, but instead only begin to comprehend a symbolic representation of the stone through its impact on existence. To exist as the actual stone would be to exist outside of existence and such a thing is not possible. This first reverberation is what I often refer to as the Original Echo. This is the first sign of an impact upon the waters surface. It is birth of Existence. This is the furthest that we can achieve through the forms that we hold.

Now I am sure that there are individuals out there who believe that they have Freewill because they have fought against the system and its conditioning all their lives. This is not Freewill because the structural basis of this new system is nothing more or less than the exact opposite of the old one. The most glorious skyscraper constructed on a dilapidated foundation will not prosper. The individual that rebels or deviates from the norm is ostracized and penalized. This is how the system’s beliefs are enforced, by the fear of being powerless and rejected from its group mentality. A perfect example of this lies in Christianity with the figures of God (the system), Jesus (the rewarded follower of the system) and Lucifer (the punished individual rebelling against the system). Jesus and Lucifer are equally important to the system because they both enforce it. One as an example of the rewards bestowed upon those perpetuating the belief system and another that is used as an example of the punishments pertaining to the rejection of the system’s beliefs. The strange and interesting thing is that the system needs a certain small percentage of its mass to rebel from its structured beliefs because it instills a type of fear factor within the rest of the system’s population that helps to ensure their cooperation. These Jungian like archetypes of God, Jesus and Satan are extremely common in many belief systems.

This however is merely the first part of the problem concerning the illusion of freewill. What it is that we have been discussing thus far in this chapter is Freewill in its relevance to the past. Now it has come time to discuss it in relevance to the future. The future is set, not because it is preordained, but because it is being set every moment in the long progression of moments. As I have stated earlier, the only thing that you have to do is deal with the consequences of your actions. Every action causes a reaction like a further ripple upon the water. Destiny is only a reality in so much as it is based on the actions of the past and the decisions that we make within the current moment. Only you can create your destiny in a fashion which you chose, but this can only be achieved when one realizes that they have freewill as per the definition that I have given it. One can not change the past, but when one is aware, the future can be manipulating by changing the now. You see the future is only set because we are constantly creating it with everything that we do.

Let us speak of actions and reactions. Action is a motion of an offensive nature because it has the ability, although rarely realized, to begin and end with itself. Reaction is a motion of defense; it is in response to something that precedes itself in time. Therefore a reaction is constantly subjected to the will of that which it is in fact reacting against. I have often heard it said in certain martial arts that the movements performed are not meant to be actions, but instead reactions. This is because these same types are taught with the purpose of only being used for protection. While this makes some logical sense, being that a reaction is often faster then an action because an action is a calculated thought where as a reaction is more of a self-preservation instinct, no ground can be gained by playing the part of a brick wall. Eventually something big enough will rumble through a wall that has no ability to change and progress.

The conditioned mind reacts because it is not free; it is confined by its own desire to be controlled because of its learned feeling of hopeless dependency. Here we can see that the conditioned mind is like a vessel set adrift in the turbulent ocean of fate; it has little or no control over its destiny because of the forces acting upon it. However, freewill carries with it the ability to control one’s own actions because it understands that it is not confined to simply reacting to a situation. But how is it that I can claim that freewill and destiny or fate can exist in the same realm? If freewill can produce conscious, calculated actions and fate is the final result of a series of actions, calculated or merely reactionary, then a specific series of calculated actions can produce a desired final result.
There are two things that are necessary for the construction of fate: freewill and something that I call FTA or future time analysis. FTA is the ability to predict future events by way of the intricate interaction between certain factors. I will explain each of these in turn.

Extended Mathematical Probability: I am confronted with a decision: A, B or C. If I chose A then the action of my choice opens up the possibilities of D, J or P from happening. If I chose say J, I am led to the choice of R, X, or Z. This idea is most easily seen in the game of chess, as I have often heard that a wise player always thinks three moves ahead. What I am suggesting is that the last move, the desired one, is seen first and then worked back to the current position in time for that player. Now when the process is looked at in this way, there is a multitude of possibilities in the way of paths that can occur. This is why the mathematical probability of each stage of the occurrence needs to be cross referenced with other factors, to cut down on the immense amount of mental processing that one must do to achieve the desired results.

Analytical Observation: This refers to the observation of the current situation that one is confronted with. Take another person for example, this individual’s current emotional state, the muscle structure of facial expressions and general movements are all important in fully understanding that given situation. For example, it is easy to tell the emotional disposition of an individual without a word ever being said. How many times have you asked someone what was wrong before they told you that there was a problem in their life? It is because of their physical expressiveness. This is where we can predict the reactions that will come about with a person’s specific physical/emotional state because of the attributes that are generally attached to any specific emotional state. These are such things as aggressiveness when one’s brow and jaw are tightened or vulnerability when one is looking ‘down’ or tense and nervous when one is holding one’s self in an uncomfortable position or can’t stand still.

Historical Knowledge: Since the conditioned mind is a creature of habit, the actions that have occurred before, under a similar situation, are likely to happen again. This is the problem with conditioned mind; it is hopelessly stuck in a cycle until the gears burn themselves out. And when they do freewill is still not discovered, but instead merely a type of opposite reaction. This is what I call the ‘Pendulum Effect’. It is when one is feed up with the results of one’s reaction to a certain situation and so decides to produce the opposite reaction, from what one was originally doing, in the hope that one will also produce the opposite of the result that they originally procured.

It is here that we can finally see the process of conscious actions in evolution. This is the path of freewill that must be traveled in order to control one’s destiny. For the future is, through your hand, on a direct route to the sun.

It is here and only when we are free of our conditioned pre conceptions of the past and future that we can live in the moment. because the moment is the only point at which we exist in time.

The notion of the past and of the future are abstract concepts; they will never come or go because when they do they are no longer themselves. Only the here and now exists within existence, the current moment. Never the less, the past and future are important because the Ego-self bases the current moment on them and vice versa.

Now that I have shown how the typical human sense of Freewill is an illusion, I imagine that you are wondering how it is that this illusion can be broken. First and foremost, the illusion must be recognized for what it is an untruth. One must discover their own conditioning and overcome it, to rethink their behaviors with a newborn mind. I know that this sounds impossible and for those that have become hopelessly dependent on the lies for a long period of time, perhaps it is, but I have know a few individuals that have transcended their own conditioning. It is possible when the will is strong enough. One must unlearn what they have already learned in order to find the path to becoming an Original Echo.

posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 09:36 PM
very interesting reading Jonna..I had to reread just to try to grasp all that you were saying. good stuff, keep it coming regardless of where it's final home will be.

posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 11:13 PM
On An Unbiased Truth

I have often heard truth referred to as a triple edged sword: my truth, your truth and the truth. At this point our goal is to discover the Ultimate Truth; the one Absolute Truth that is outside of our conditioned perceptions. In order to accomplish this we must first differentiate between our perceptional concepts of truth and discuss why they are indeed false.

Perception is an individualized concept that is generated through the Ego-self. It is employed for the benefit of the self and for the system in which the self is incorporated for the reason of benefiting itself through the benefit of the system. It, the Self, is a structure consisting of information conditioning, ego-self and sensory information. I have already alluded to how conditioned information and the ego-self are not associated with Absolute Truth, but now I will explain how the perception of sensory information is also false. For a long time it was believed that the world was flat, this is because when one looks past the event horizon the only thing that one sees is open space. We know now that the world is sphere like and that the concept of the earth being flat is ludicrous, but to the sense organs, in this case being visual, and the perception of a conditioned mind, along with help from the ego-self, it is logically flat. So obviously perception is a contaminant of truth. You see the very nature of truth dictates that it can not be untrue. The truth is not perceptional, situational or relative to something else. If it was then there could always be found a point of view in which a subject or situation is both true and untrue. The only Absolute Truth is one that is universal.

Let us begin with the understanding that for something to be true, in the purest sense, it can not be untrue. This is a simple enough starting point for our discussion to which we can relate. We perceive a particular thing as true only when it is compared to something else which we consider to be false. This duality within our perceptions of constructional systems provides the two extremes of that system (i.e. good and bad, holy and evil, proper and improper, yin and yang, truth and lies), but how is it that we can attribute the nature of something, outside of us, to itself. We can not within the realm of Absolute Truth. Our perceptions, that are generated through the Ego-self, are conceptions of what is beneficial or harmful to the existence of the Ego-self. For instance, it is always better to be good and righteous in the eyes of ourselves and others because this is perceived as being within the acceptable norms of a group system and thus causes less animosity directed towards the individual. Let us take a controversial able figure like Hitler as an example. Most people today would say that he was a man of pure evil, but, at the time, to his own group he was a hero. So what is the Absolute Truth of the nature of a man named Hitler? As far as Absolute Truth dictates he can not be both so he must be neither. You see, it is the only way that the truth can not be untrue. The absence of a dual nature within perception is an indicator of the discovery of the Absolute Truth.

In the beginning of this chapter, I said that we can not attribute the nature of something, outside of us, to itself within the realm of Absolute Truth. This is because duality does not exist in reference to Absolute Truth.

Now if this is true then how is my or your reality true being that we experience reality through our normal sense organs in different ways? This is where our distorted sense of what we perceive as true also distorts our reality. Most of the world subscribes to the same general sense of reality, but if you have been to a distant land then you will see that societies and cultures all have slightly different ways to worship reality. There can be only one Absolute Reality because, like Absolute Truth, there must be no perceptional interpretations, which distort the original. Absolute True is Absolute Reality; they are so intertwined that one can not exist without the other. Now with that said we shall refer to the one Truth and the one Reality as Neo-Absolution. Just like time and space, one can not exist without the other.

What is true, that the sky is blue or that one individual is more morally correct than another or that that pain hurts? All of these are false. The sky is blue only because one of the three cones in our eyes interprets the wave frequency transmitted to one’s eye, and in turn brain, as having blue attributes in the brain’s ‘paint by numbers’ code translator. One individual is more morally correct than another only when based on a specific fixed standard of moral beliefs. Sensation, being nothing more than an assault on the nervous system, is only pain when it is perceived as such and that is the key. Morality is an illusion. Value is an illusion. This idea of illusionary truth is very integrated into belief systems. Every belief system holds its values and rules to be the one and only truth and all others as false. All can not be true and so all are actually false precisely because they are based on perceptional systems. This is a highly visible statement when we come to look at religions.

This belief in duality is our folly. The Buddha and the atom bomb. A balance is always maintained through time between the upper and lower extremes (the positive and the negative). Both must exist simultaneously because the existence of one is not possible without that of the other. They are born of the same umbilical cord. What is the positive if not an extreme? What is the negative if not the comrade in arms of its extreme? One’s validation of the other’s existence. One being just as valuable as the other.

Let me explain it more simply, there is a great tree in the forest which stretches it’s royal head high above all others into the sky and at the same time must dig its roots deep within the dark earth in order to support its weight. One end evolves into a more intense positive and the other into a greater negative. The extremes of Light and Darkness with the most mass residing in the median of the tree (its trunk). This is why I say Buddha and the atom bomb, a power of great healing and its twin of great destruction. One will not come to be without the other simply because there would be no reason for the necessity of the other. However do not be swayed with your preconceived notions of good and evil; they are merely technical moralities that hinder our judgments. It would be more precise to think about them as either positive or negative towards a common goal. The reason why this is the true utopia is because both extremes provided nourishment for the tree. While the branches harness energy from the sun, the roots are finding life giving nutrients in the soil. The monster is just as valuable as the saint, because the game must have opponents to be played. And so I have come to love the murderer of my enemies as well as of my friends. This may sound strange to you, but it is partially because the murderer has done what he has that I may be prompted to become a savior or a murderer myself. For we define ourselves by our actions as well as our reactions to situations.

So how exactly, you ask, is evolution possible under these circumstances: through greater extremes. Why should the branches stop in our atmosphere and the roots stop in the soil. The stoplight is broken and corroded at the end of the street. We, as a species, can only evolve with a greater positive power accompanied by an equally powerful negative power. And when we have gone as far as we allow ourselves to go, we must start over again by using ourselves up. When we come to that point, we must save ourselves by destroying ourselves.

So now you’re probably wondering what is the absolute truth? This you will find when you strip yourself of the ego-self and the perceptions that it carries as well as your conditioning. When you discard your skin and awake to true reality.

posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 11:17 PM
On Absolute Reality

What is reality? Over the entire history of Homosapien existence, the human mind has assimilated sensory information as symbols. I am not speaking merely of words and the sounds of language, but also of visual images (i.e. animate and inanimate objects). This corruption of perception warps Absolute Reality into what it is that we believe to be reality. You see, a symbolic representation of an object can never come close to the thing that you are attempting to comprehend. For instance, if someone were to hand you a photograph of a tree you would be able to identify the object as a tree, but this representation of a tree is not the tree. Now if you were standing in front of the same tree that was represented in the photo, you would be able to identify what stood before you as a tree, but it is still a symbolic representation of what you believe a tree is suppose to look like. You see this misinformation is not obtained through your actual senses, but through the conditioning of your mind in the way that it translates sensory data.

So what is reality? Reality is the interactive accumulation of symbolic impressions as acquired through one’s senses and sociological conditioning. In other words, reality is only what we believe to be true because of our historical knowledge, present experience and culturally enforced sacred and secular dogmas. Perhaps the most extreme falsification of pure reality through such means (commonly known to date) is that of a time when it was believed that the Earth was flat or that the it was the center of the universe. At the time, those ideas were considered to be reality because they were what was accepted as true, but, as we can see today, they have no validity within our current sense of truth or reality.

Now you may be wondering: Why is it that so many individuals of such diverse cultures and geographical locations cling to such similar concepts of reality? I believe that this question can best be answered by something which a zoologist named Richard Dawkins refers to as “Memes”. Memes can be explained as a sort of parasitic idea or concept that is transferred from mind to mind by way of language. Its reasoning behind migration is the same as genes, to spread itself out as a survival instinct. These memes or trends spread and become the norm by way of mass reproduction.

As we have already seen that there are many truths but only one Absolute Truth that is free from the constrains of the Ego-self and sociological conditioning, the same goes for Absolute Reality.

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The rest I am even having trouble attempting to understand what I had meant from years ago. Chapter titles, random thoughts, various poems, etc.

I will have to deciper it all and get back to you, but I will post random sections for the time being. Feel free to ask any questions so that I may be helped to remember the reasoning behind it all.


Essence or what I can the Absolute is the actual stone dropped into a pond which creates Existence through the waves that are brought into form (this is an original echo, it is that closest that a form can come to non-form while still existing in existence). The name that I give to the interaction and final result of all these participants is the Absolute. This is the understanding and merging of universal truth, universal reality and energy. The result is something that is not even possible to fully comprehend unless the stepping stones have first been tread upon. For the destination can never be reached without the journey.
The Absolute is that you do not end or begin at your perceived physical or conscious self. You are as much me as I am you; we are merely disconnected by our perceptions of the “I” and of the “Other”. We are as much the rock as the rock is of the tree or of the air or of us. We are all, as is everything, energy disconnected by ego-perception. Forms only exist in the way that our minds perceive them. It is all One. If you wish to call this One god, you are wrong because that would be to place false ideas of morals, values and other stipulations on something pure. The One is not conscious, but instead the whole of consciousness that exists as nothing but itself. If you wish to call this One the void, then you are wrong. It is nether void or not void. The One is a strait line, no deviation from area A to area B, consisting of no more than a point.
To walk the path, with ventilated eyes and hands unbound, is to be one with the One of all existence, to be existence.

consciousness is energy/energy is consciousness

Non-localized phenomenon

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posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 11:36 PM
Just an interesting poem that I never knew where to fit in....

Love & The Other

One’s reflection off another is not the love of that person
But instead the illusion of self love
To be able to love the other is to first love one’s self
One who loves him self will never search
Out another to love in order to feel loved
This is because one who is content with their own actions
Will not search another out in order to make the other
Confirm the one’s self worth
Contentment with one’s self must be achieved before
The one is able to love another for the other
This is the love of the other for being them self
And not love of the other as a confirmation
Of the value of I
When one feels better about one’s self through the other
This is not love of the other or the self
But instead, as I have said,
An illusion of one’s self worth
It would be better to say, in relationship to the love of the other,
That the company of the other is enjoyed because the other is not I
And has nothing to do with the self worth of I
It is merely different
Not in such a way as to complement the other
Because that would indicate the absence of one as a whole
But instead as a connection to the other’s existence as being separate from I
The existence of another world outside of one’s own
The world of the other

No memory of what this is:
they say that the soul never ages
but that is only because what is referred to as soul does not exist within time

The reason that I am posting any of this is for someone to find guidence in it. I can only hope that it helps someone...not for myself...but for all that I have gone through to get to this point.

Be back with more next week....

posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 08:30 PM
This was actually ripped apart to make other things, but I think that it still stands on its own.

Old World / New Order

The concept of a “Utopia”, a perfect society where every being is blissfully content, has been sought out by countless belief systems. It is viewed upon as being an euphoric body whose blood runs through the major arteries of religion, culture, society, government, etc. An organization in which all of its cells are trapped in a constant state of happiness. In order to achieve this “ideal” world everyone would be required to be morally and emotionally identical as well as subscribing to the same value system. A flat line. No turn on red. No U-turn. This concept of utopia is absolutely impossible and false. Human nature does not have the ability to flat line because of its perceived sense of need. However if it were possible for the entire race, it would not be happiness but instead pure nothingness. The only conceivable possibility for emotional sameness is indifference. No extremes of any degree can exist in this “perfect” society. You see happiness or contentment is part of the upper extreme of the emotional scale. Now if every one were happy all of the time that emotion would become the median and in turn become nothingness. Thus creating misery because of the loss of a higher emotion. This is because mankind always reaches for something more, which in part has to do with the boredom of constancy.

The surprising truth is that in one degree or another utopia has always been here: the Buddha and the atom bomb. A balance is always maintained through time between the upper and lower extremes (the positive and the negative). Both must exist simultaneously because the existence of one is not possible without the other. They are born of the same umbilical cord. What is the positive if not an extreme? What is the negative if not the comrade in arms of its extreme? One being just as valuable as the other.

Let me explain it more simply, there is a great tree in the forest which stretches it’s royal head high above all others into the sky and at the same time must dig its roots deep within the dark earth in order to support its weight. One end evolves into a more intense positive and the other into a greater negative. The extremes of Light and Darkness with the most mass residing in the median of the tree (its trunk). This is why I say Buddha and the atom bomb, a power of great healing and its twin of great destruction. One will not come to be without the other simply because there would be no reason for the necessity of the other. However do not be swayed with your preconceived notions of good and evil; they are merely technical moralities that hinder our judgments. It would be more precise to think about them as either positive or negative towards a common goal. The reason why this is the true utopia is because both extremes provided nourishment for the tree. While the branches harness energy from the sun, the roots are finding life giving properties in the soil. The monster is just as valuable as the saint, because the game must have opponents to be played. And so I have come to love the murderer of my enemies as well as of my friends. This may sound strange to you, but it is partially because the murderer has done what he has that I may be prompted to become a savior or a murderer myself. For we define ourselves by our actions as well as our reactions to situations.

So how exactly, you ask, is evolution possible under these circumstances: through greater extremes. Why should the branches stop in our atmosphere and the roots stop in the soil. The stoplight is broken and corroded at the end of the street. We, as a species, can only evolve with a greater positive power accompanied by an equally powerful negative power.
And when we have gone as far as we allow ourselves to go, we must start over again by using ourselves up. When we come to that point, we must save ourselves by destroying ourselves.

posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 08:34 PM
This is another section that I never knew quite what to do with.

The paradox between Holism and Reductionism in Neo-Absolutism

For those who cling to belief systems based upon either holism (the whole as being greater than its parts) or reductionism (the value of individual parts over the community they inhabit), the concept of what I have recently come to dub Neo-Absolutism is unfamiliar territory. In the past, it has usually been believed that to accept one style of thinking was, in turn, to reject the other. However, Neo-Absolutism attempts to show that holism and reductionism are mere fragments of one truth that by themselves add up to nothing more then a misunderstanding of the truth or, in other words, a lie. I plan not to show that these theories will meet in the middle, but rather at the ends.

What better way to begin with holism then by taking the largest system imaginable for our discussion and showing its value as a whole. This system, of which I speak, is made up of all things because it is all things. It is what we call Existence. I must first make quite clear that I am not referring to Existence in a philosophical sense; I merely mean everything that exists regardless of its perceived static or transient physique. Now the holistic point of view would be that Existence makes up all things and not that all things make up existence. But what is Existence in its primal form free from the results of an introspective autopsy? Existence is Energy. The multitude of formations that this energy finds shelter in is unimportant (from our current viewpoint) and so we must also concede that energy is equal to the quantity of one where as one is the system that we are dealing with. So it is here we can see that one Energy or an Energy of one is the pinnacle of importance within the holistic point of view.

Reductionism shows the importance of the parts over the whole, but rarely identifies the true smallest division. In order to save time and for reasons of familiarity, we will begin with a living organism (such as a human) and work backwards. This formation of matter is constructed of a skeletal structure, various fluids & organs, etc. Now the parts of this system are made up of molecules just as every other form of matter. These molecules are merely groupings of atoms that are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. These are, in turn, made up of mesons, which are groupings of quarks. Now here is where the smallest level is thought to lay, but matter, in all forms, is merely condensed Energy and therefore quarks are nothing more then energy at its most fundamental physical accumulation. So it is here that we can see that Energy is the existent of the ultimate reductionism view. But what is Energy? It is the one and the many; it is the indivisibly divided. One part of energy (if such a thing is even imaginable) is identical to any other part of Energy. It is like oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, rain, ice or snow in that we differentiate between their shapes and structures, but they are, first and for most, all water or, to leave our symbolism, all Energy. The one Energy.

So it is here that we come back around behind ourselves and look at ourselves surveying the scene through our old belief system of either holism or reductionism. But it is only now that we can see what before our peripheral vision only imagined we saw that either is detrimental to our accurate understanding, a type of tunnel vision, without the other.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 05:52 PM
i dont quite understand the whole process of getting published, but go for it, man. that was amazing. you sure got my head spinnin, keep up the great work

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