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'Bush gave Israel amber light to attack'

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by Grailkeeper

to answer your question about Iran oil.

We attacked and invaded Iraq and took their oil mikel moore had footage of a hall with microsoft, IBM, intel ect that was a meeting talking about investing in Iraq's oil.

The truth to Iraq is we own it every thing their we own. This is undercovers.

we took the country and we put a local person to be president this is now our puppet. The U.S does things in behind the scenes and they are very good at it. The reason why we don't have an american guy as president in Iraq it would make them alert.
So the U.S picks wellknown local that they know would convince the people that the country it's on their own. The guy that is president currently really thinks he is the president and he makes the calls. The U.S dosen't tell him or anyother local people that they conqured Iraq.
Now our gov system is now in Iraq so it's proven yes we conqured it and owned it but we have a person that is form the local area to be control of it but not full control he will deal with their problems. When we need the land or resorces we will have power/ control to overide the Iraqs president control power ect. We are not interested in running another country we are interested in assets of that country anything that would help the U.S that also includes land.

Now Iran will be next I am sure of it. Unless Russia steps in. They will do something similar as Iraq. They will blow up the facilities. We will only concur resorces like oil and any raw material. I don't think we will take out the current president, since he is weak enought that we have control over them.

The oeverall point why we got suddam out of power was we put him into power to be a puppet for us. Then saddam stop listening and we lost control so the only solution was to go their and take him out of power and regain control on Iraq.

So to answer your question, I bealive they will make Iran to at a point surrender, at this point the U.S will make demands and Isrel by international law will have to pay for the damages the war caused. The us will demand resorces they might just ask for oil. Iran will have to give in to allow this to happen.

The U.S is not after Iran for oil they are after Iran becuase they slowly are getting to a point where the U.S will lose control of them. The U.S wants control they want to be the TOP country that would have strings attached to many other countries leaders once that country snips that string then the U.S will have to manually go and force them back on that string.

So the only way I see the U.S getting oil is if they win this war they will split it with Isrel. They just need to make the demands when Iran surrenders.

I am just saying if this war thing happens it will be a long one. I don't think Iran is very weak I think they are somewhat close to use but I know for a fact they aren't stronger then us. If Russia steps in Then I think Iran has a chance of winning. Ruissa is not attacking the U.S becasuse like like Iran or bealive Iran is telling the truth. They had their own fear of the U.S gaining more power and control. They feel The U.S is trying to put control on Russia.

The control I am talking about is like a bully control. Like for example if I took your money and I have like a gang and you don't how can you fight back I just now have control over you I can do whatever because you now fear me. However if you make friends and that number grows and I know about it I will beat you up and I might even spread rumors or spy on you so like if your friends tell you secrets and don't want to tell anyone and yet I then tell that friend that you told me this and that. I can break up your group.

It's basily a power struggle. Russia see's actions the U.S are doing that is trying to put a control on Russia so this concerns Russia that is why they threaten to attack the U.S

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:18 PM
I think Iran has every right to defend itself if it is attacked...the jewish state has known since the beginning occupying that part of the region would be a tall task. I don't understand why the jewish state cann't sit down with the palestinians and work this out amicably. Everytime a peacefire is achieved the jewish state tries to occupy areas that weren't agreed upon. I think this is becoming a case of someone calling Wolf. What the United States oil company are doing to the people is outrageous, they were called to Congress and what came of that. Similar to Karl Rove and his disappearance suddenly for a business trip. Our Congress is disrepected as well as the American people. I don't think G.Bush has our say so to make these types of decisions in the election year. WHO will be blamed when Barrack has to clean up this mess ?

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 01:56 AM
I will try to search it down but i believe july second, didnt israel send 7 letters to heads of foreign countries stating that they had no intentions of attacking Iran at least in the year 2008, so is this a smoke screen, or bush putting more media and political pressure for them to act quicker?? Ill find that post or maybe someone remembers JUne 28 and 29 cnn and abc report that bush says we attack and that the pentagon said israel will attack if iran didnt step down, 2 days later israel wrote a official letter stating they had no intent......SO WHO'S INTENT IS IT??

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:08 PM

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:35 AM
This is an american cia backed war, they will attack our navy or israel will fire first.....BOTH will be are CIA.

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