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What brought you to ATS/BTS

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Givenmay

Hey GM! Good to see you!
Being ‘stuck’ in BTS is not all bad. Sounds like a punishment….”You are no longer welcome in ATS. You will be banished to BTS!!!!”
Besides, by all accounts, aren’t you the reigning Queen of BTS?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:30 AM
The government made me come here as part of the program.

Second line.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:57 AM
Yes, hence the stuck on BTS....(since I became the Miss lmao)
It took over Myspace for me and I believe I should represent it lol!

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by Givenmay

You are always welcome in ATS, don't be discouraged. ATS has much to offer you besides reading. It may not have the fun of BTS but ATS does have stuff for you to participate in.

I do feel bad if a member thinks that they have nothing to contribute to ATS. Even questions deserve their place in ATS and should be encouraged.

Yes you are the well deserving Miss, BTS, but don't let that stop you from exploring your interest in the paranormal. This topic if it interests you, you should participate in. I don't have all the answers but I think that I have learned a lot from this site and I think that if I have an opinion or a question regarding the types of things that go on I can turn to my brothers on ATS/BTS for help in these areas.

This is what ATS is all about and this is why so many people come here. They want to know the truth, and the truth is in here

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:09 AM
I believe I was looking up some things on Area51, when I got pointed to a thread here. I lurked for awhile, created an account, and here I am.

Amazing story, I know.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Hexidecimal
Amazing story, I know.

I for one was spellbound....

Sorry. That was totally uncalled for but I couldn't help myself.
Thanks for your input. This is what we are after.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:13 PM
I've been racking my wee little brain to remember what my first post was. Well, I can't, but I'm pretty sure that it was in the ufo category and probably went something like this.....

(thinking very must be an intelligent, well thought out post....hands shaking nervously as they lightly touch the keyboard....beads of sweat beginning to form just above my lip.....ok, here goes.....)

"Cool video, thanks for posting"

(lame) Rush

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:04 PM
I had been researching Project Aurora at the time and stumbled into this site. Although it was something entirely different that caused me to get a membership.

In my case what caused me to de-lurk and become a member was while I had been perusing both ATS and BTS I found a post that I just HAD to answer. A member had posted something that I felt that I could really relate to concerning someone very dear who had passed away. My heart felt that that person needed to know that he/she wasn't alone and I could sympathize. Been here ever since making a minor nuisance of myself. (Chuckle)

Edited for spelling.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:18 PM
I came for the chili, but I stayed for the clean restrooms!

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:12 AM
I came across ATS sometime in 2004 while researching shadow people after an uncomfortable experience. Finally decided to jump into the fray in 2005, and I've been active on and off since then. Currently, I'm in the "on" mode!

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 03:17 PM
To be honest i like ATS, but the best thing that happened to be here was finding TinWiki, I love the wiki


posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by hsur2112

What can I say. Insightful. To the point. Plenty of room for development of discussion.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 04:56 PM
I came across ats last march when i was looking up conspiracys when I was stuck in my apartment with a broken ankle and then I saw this and thought it looked interesting so I clicked on it started reading and then I never left.
Even though I dont post much I still enjoy it alot I find it very informative.
And now that I can use chat I spend a lot of my time in there.

posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 01:32 AM
I came here because I am attracted to the allure of conspiracies. I originally planned on not being active here... but now I find myself coming here and looking at every topic that I find myself interested in... and it's become more of an obsession for me.

It's just that I am impressed by how intelligent all of the members here are. The members here are so thoughtful and they are so knowledgeable. I'm amazed at the quality of this place. I keep coming back for the high quality of the boards here.

As for BTS... I discovered BTS not too long ago... and I use BTS when I want a break from ATS. It's nice here

posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 11:22 AM
I was googling around about some space event (cannot remember witch one) and I ended up here. It really opened up a new world for me.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 07:13 PM
I remember pretty much what happened. I was looking through WoS other site The Subersive Element and through Googling something I saw on his site was directed here.

Then the Amigos took my mind and I became a puppet of the site. A mere fleshy extension of the Three Amigo's in their bid for world domination.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 07:45 PM
Well i stumbled onto ATS in probably 2002/2003 when researching about 911, then was probably hooked when started reading reading about John Titor which i thought was a fascinating read.

I then found the myriad of things to look at and got lost lol. I lurked for probably 2-3 years before joining June last year, however, i didn't really start being 'active' until roughly February 2008.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 10:21 PM

John Lear

Too bad he`s gone


No real reason really, must have been the occasional laugh I get from some witty members.

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 06:54 AM
i read jon ronson's Them.... a few years back which lead me to mr.Icke which lead me here.

posted on Sep, 24 2008 @ 12:20 PM
I first heard about ATS/BTS one night at work while I was listening to Coast to Coast AM. The site sounded pretty interesting, so I pulled my car over, fired up my laptop and checked it out. I'm happy to say that I've been hooked ever since.

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