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Dulce Level Six Video

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by jkrog08
reply to post by thechi

I have found reference to a documentary that aired March 24 1990 and one of the renowned Area 51/Dulce researchers Norio Hayakawa was a key member of the production. I've been in touch with Norio for some years, I'll ask him if he knows more about the footage for you.

Nothing more I have heard...........this was in 2006


I found that Mr. HayaKawa has a myspace

mr.hayakawa's myspace

he has some fantastic links to research he has done on Dulce, that elude to the fact it could have been a secret nuclear toxic waste dump.

Was Dulce NM a nuclear waste dumping ground?

Mr. Hayakawa went back to Dulce in 3-25-2007 to reinvestigate the area after his 1990 visit with the Japanese television crew.

Dulce NM revisited - mysteries still remain!

Mr. Hayakawa is a very interesting man who seems to be interested in many topics that are covered here at ATS.
Here is a link to his profile and topics he has talked about ..

Norio Hayakawa

I have sent him a private message through myspace inviting him to join us here on ATS to discuss his investigations on Dulce and its mysteries. I hope he will respond and join us.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 05:34 PM
I have u2u'd Dulce Guy and am handling his claim,I will keep all informed.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Edited -spammer

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:02 PM
ok who else was paranoid here when the thread was shut down?? i was starting to feel creepy here.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by sheila947

Thank you,I hope he comes!!!It is always nice to ave a 'Conspiracy Master' put his input!I really hope he comes as I am really interested in the 'Dulce Enigma'..

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:08 PM

ok who else was paranoid here when the thread was shut down?? i was starting to feel creepy here.

Just to explain so the topic can get back on Track,

I had to deal with a member who was trying to disrupt some posts,(See above banned member) As i trying to edit the post i made a mistake and moved the whole thread to the trash bin, this member had made about 3 accounts within 10 mins trying to Spam

As i had come to the banned members post via his Profile,

As soon as the OP of this thread contaced me i realised my mistake and moved the thread right back,

If you have any issues with this please contact me via u2u, As to keep this thread on the full topic at hand,



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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by sheila947

um...........YEA,TRUST ME I was on top of it!Apparently 'Dulceguy' was a "spammer",I didn't know there was such a thing on ats?!t was an accident apparently.I will tell you all the final information about the "Spammer" and the "Shut Down" whe I have it.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:17 PM
Okay..hres the official response I got for the 'mishap'

It was necessary to move a thread you created titled, Is The Dulce Topic A Problem?? which was originally posted in the Disinfo and Deflection(couldnt find complaints) forum, to the Trash Bin forum. 12m8keall2c has initiated this action, and included this message about it:

situation addressed.

dulce guy was nothing more than a returning spammer looking to stir the pot yet again... just FYI.

Your thread has been removed because it contained information already posted to ATS, or there may have been offensive content in your post.
Please review our Terms and Conditions:
Or actions for for general abuse:
These may help you understand why your thread was removed from the forum.

This U2U was automatically generated when your thread was moved, please contact 12m8keall2c (by replying to this U2U) for additional information if you have any questions about why your thread was moved.

Bring on Hayakawa!!!!!

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:23 PM
I've seen this video at least a dozen times, as well as excerpts of the Japanese documentary it came from. It's not Dulce. It's a scene recreated from from descriptions of Dulce. While I do believe that the Dulce facility exists, I have yet to see any video/picture that conclusively proves to be the genuine article. In fact, one of the pictures that is most often claimed to be of the Dulce facility is nothing more than a screen shot from the video game Half-Life.

According to the developers of the game, Half-Life is based on the Dulce facility.

In popular media, the computer video game Half-Life appears to be based on the Dulce base lore, says the creators of the game, "Valve".

Other photos rumored to be of the Dulce facility are actually from a subway in Sweden.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:24 PM
All just a coinencidental mistake,no conspiracy with ats,lol.

But back on topic:I wonder if it would be possible to smuggle information out of Dulce?

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:40 PM
The camera steadiness is too good for it to not be on a stand or dolly of some type... which they use in MOVIES. That's what this is from. Just because it's a movie you or others haven't seen doesn't mean it's not an actual movie. There are many, many movies that aren't very big and that a very, very small amount of people have seen. This video is just a clip from a movie, nothing more.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:54 PM
Here is a u2u I JUST got from Internos:

From the book
Liquid Conspiracy: '___', JFK, the CIA, Area 51 and UFOs
by George Piccard
ISBN-10: 0932813577
ISBN-13: 978-0932813572

Norio Hayakawa is an ATS Conspiracy Master, dont know if it has been pointed out:
Norio Hayakawa Discussion Forum Thread List
i think that he should be able to put to rest every possible controversial about the video in less than one minute and in a conclusive way

This is stuff for him: a video analysis is impossible due to the bad original quality of the video (it was grainy when aired) and lossy compression.
**Link to article he sent**~Were is Hayakawa???

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 09:29 PM
Was it really that hard to classify this as Fake?

Let's face the facts: if something is so top secret, if something is so well hidden and a professional video comes out of it all and ends up on the web for millions to see, don't you think the authorities behind Dulce would catch on and remove the video and perhaps the person who UPLOADED the video.


posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Well speaking of Dulce, It is quite the interesting subject. I was reading on the subject of the bat like humanoids that are said to be there which kind of caught my interest because I remember looking around google and such when I found a website that was talking about how someone had spotted a bat like creature that was about 7 feet tall. It was somewhere by california and it also said something about finding tunnels there but I can't remember exactly what it said.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by DarthChrisious

What about this supposed picture from inside a Dulce lab?

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:30 AM
All this Dulce crappola started in the early 1990's by a paranoid delusional
named Bruce Alan Walton (born September 7, 1960), better known by his
pen name "Branton" who wrote the "Omega Files" and has various other
writings penned under "The Branton Files" about underground reptilian
aliens who are plotting to enslave humanity. His writings were somehow
mixed up with the shenanigans of Paul Bennewitz and John Lear who have
collectively (and mostly inadvertently) caused the study
of "Underground Bases" to fall into heavy disrepute
not only within the already skeptical Mainstream Media
but also the general Alien/UFO community.

In 2000/2001 "Branton" was struck by a car in Utah and suffered
Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and now lives
in a Group home remembering little about his former activities.

His writings have been rather outrageous and do seem consistent
with delusional states or at the very least paranoid fantasy,
but they offer an insight to the possibilities of alien invasion
which he MAY have gleaned off of other persons or combined
with his own readings from underground literature and semi-lucid
dreams to form the basis of the "Dulce Base"
controversies which plague us today.

Links to the Dulce Base Players:

For your information, in the late 1980's and 1990's
for a dis-information campaign and targeted
intimidation that, due to his already fragile
emotional state, landed him in few
psychiatric facilities.

The NSA/DIA and a few other offices
DO target members of the ALIEN/UFO community
for active dis-information and intimidation
mostly for the purposes of national security
concerns because sometimes WE DO GET TOO CLOSE
to MilTech R&D and Active Platform programs
which can be compromised by people who accidentally
stumble or purposefully intrude upon bases,
test areas or active deployment locales.

And in order to EVEN HAVE THE CHANCE to join
an infield DisInfo or Security team, you
generally ALREADY HAVE TO BE an agressive
Type-A personality and thus these types tend
to be overly aggressive/pushy in their duties
and may push "The Common Man" people over
the edge or cross the line Legally!


In my case "I LIVE FOR THIS SH**" !!!!
And me having better equipment, more money,
and being FAR MORE AGGRESSIVE than THEM!!!!
can EASILY play and GO WAY BEYOND THEIR GAME.....!!!!!!!!
i.e. The Hunter becomes the HUNTED!!!!!!

I'm also younger, stronger, faster
have better aim, see better and effing

So Bring It On Baby!!!!!!!

Oh Yes....I'm a Ninja, Sumarai,
Indiana Jones, and am a member of SG1 and SGA.....
I also watch a whole lotta TV and read all the Tom Clancy Novels
and know aaaaaallllll the underhanded tricks you spooks play

I also have an Alien Friend named Quagmire who'll
make sure you have a "Real Bad Day" if even one
finger of my massive Star Wars and Star Trek action
figure collection get taken or moved from
my Mom & Dad's Basement!!!!

SO THERE !!!!!!!! BRING IT ON BABY !!!!!!!

I'M READY FOR YA !!!!!!!

I got Lightsabres, Phasers, a Tickle Me Elmo
and my EMO girlfriend who'll KICK UR *SSES
if you even THINK about sending some MIB's
or Spooks to track me....

Wun UV my friendz can even reed UR mind
and he has a HUGE collection of World
of Warcraft Avatars he can sik on U
when he brings them out...

So There!

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by jkrog08
reply to post by DarthChrisious

What about this supposed picture from inside a Dulce lab?

Mate you just don't give up do you? You really really want to believe in this don't you, but why?

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by DarthChrisious

Half Life is a great game. If Dulce exsists, and is anything like the game, I'd go, and it'd be much more friendly than you'd expect.

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 02:56 AM
ok this is out there but i just wanted to throw this in

we talk about dollys

and how the cinematography makes this a gaurenteed fake

but dollys arent exactly hightech... with something as simple as a wheelchair or bike... basicaly anything that rolls..its possible to get that look with a cell phone

in my opinion this videos prob a fake but for factual debunking purposes i wanted to throw that in there

as a film student I've seen everything used as dollys, skateboards, wheel chairs..even a camera man on roller blades with the help of a dollygrip (someone to push him lol)

like i said its pretty simple to fabricate a dolly
and if they work in dulce i imagine they have some intelligence if they are not even a scientist... maybe they just realized they had alot to show and a little amount of time and took a couple photography classes in highschool, learned about framing and there ya go, a simple shot with basic editing added into the final project

maybe it was really easy for him to make that shot... he couldve just been on one of those moving floors like they have in some airports and malls.. you know the little long moving sidewalks...thatd be a good possibility if the room houses thousands of those things then that would be a large facility which would be reasonable to have something like that

[edit on 30-6-2008 by Dramey]

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by DarthChrisious

Just for your information, some the photos on the Garner website
with the semi trucks in it are located within underground warehousing
and manufacturing complexes located within salt deposits in the
Carolinas and in Missouri....


They are SELLING space in this to ANYONE who wants to
store their stuff underground and YES the Military and Government
use THESE facilities for unclassified paper & document storage purposes.

although there ARE large complexes underground in New Mexico


....For You SPOOKS SPYING on ATS...I DO HAVE ACCESS to older
3D GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) data at 3m resolution up to
15 meters underground using radio-based Synthetic Seismic-like
DSP imaging so I DO KNOW what's going on down there.....
You didn't actually think we'd just DO NOTHING with that
fancy toy we've got - Did You?!

Wait'll you see what MY NEW BIRD HAS's got 50 cm rez
at 150 meters penetration even in highly conductive strata because
of new DSP algorithms which are a LOT BETTER than the old stuff
plus we've got a portable 1024 processor Strata Analyzer so we can
do the imaging infield and we've found some rather interesting things
of yours at Pine Gap!!!!

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