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What have you experienced ?

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:18 PM
Well hello there ATS !

There are a few reason's i am creating another one of those damn thread's that talk's about experiences.

Most thread's i see are lacking the experience of the person who actually created the thread. This can make people very cautious and not want to talk about there sometime's very personal stories.

Another reason is the thread's i have seen created show no support for the person who want's to contribute.

Well this thread is different those bases are covered !

So without further adieu these are my experiences thru life as i saw and interpreted them.

I have had to simplify them a great deal but still i think you will get the general idea of it.

Here we go !

Firstly my name is Lee.

Second i am very pleased to be here at ATS and to know some of the great people that use this site.

Now a little about me i am now twenty six i served in the British Army from the age of sixteen to the age of twenty three.

I now own my own fencing buissness.

I am a family man with three children.

I am very open and genuine.

I consider myself an abductee and i will give you all the same detail's as the one's i have submitted on various site's and to a vast spectrum of people.

I was as a child always drawn to the night sky and the absolute beauty of looking up at the star's.

At the age of around nine i awoke to find my room including all it's content's had turned white there was an almost deafening high pitched tone.

This scared me and i seemed to snap out of it.

I fell asleep then awoke again. And the high pitched tone was present and also my room was white again including all the content's !

This time however there were two being's present it was hard to tell how tall they were as i was laying down in bed unable to move.

One was standing and one was sitting in my swivel chair.

There was no contact just a definate feeling that these being's were making themselve's known to me.

This same white light and deafening high pitched tone have happend again twice in my life.

Both time's when i was in mortal danger and should have been seriously injured if not dead.

Both time's when i was in a vehicle accident.

Both time's i was left with no injury apart from a scar on the rear top left of my head.

These two incident's were around fourteen year's apart.

Thru the year's i remember waking up and seeing strange light's in my room. Ball's of light red and gold.

I joined the army at age sixteen and thing's seemed to quiet down. I had a STRONG urge to join the army.

At age twenty three i again had a STRONG urge to leave the army.

My next major experiance that was a fully awake experiance took place when i was twenty five.

It started with me noticing the shadow on a cup on the floor fell in the wrong direction it actually went toward's the light source.

It was actually amusing and i seemed to take it in my stride for some reason.

The next thing i noticed was the static in the air my hair's stood on end as did my girlfriend's.

She was also very calm considering what was going on and she went to bed ?

I remained downstair's and had a strange feeling that i was trying to be amused and that i should take my jumper off.

I subconsiously rolled it into a pillow and laid it on the couch.

I got up and went to my computer i felt a strong static around my wrist's and was compelled to go into my room.

I actually felt really content and safe considering what was going on.

It was now that i noticed what seemed to be shoaling fish in my tank i did not have any shoaling fish in my tank at the time. (However now almost a year later i do)

I was now sitting on my couch and noticed what i can only describe as hundred's of glowing light's around me that were the size of a garden pea.

They looked like spark's of electricity. I also noticed white shadow's from the corner of my eye.

Then two very prominent metalic spider's very small in size went across my room floor and perched themselves on the couch opposite me.

They seemed to be waiting for me to choose what i wanted to happen.

I placed my left hand on the floor.

The both bolted over and thing's got patchy.

The next thing i remember is the jumper i rolled up and placed down on the couch was being put to good use as i was laying down on it.

My left arm was extended and rigid.

I saw what looked like a heat mirage on my left forearm about the size of a playing card.

It can only be descibed by me as liquid fire.

I snapped out of whatever was going on and was immediately filled with a sense of dread.

My left forearm was burning but not like a burn from fire. I can only describe it as being like that muscle rub you place on your skin to sooth your muscle's only ten time's worse.

There was a strange pattern on my skin aswell.

See below.

I went upstair's gathered my children and girlfriend and went to the only safe place i knew my mother's.

One of my daughter's had a fever her bed was located directly above the couch downstair's.

All the time i had my back to the wall's whilst i was getting my kid's to the car.

The car seemed to struggle to start but did.

It was around midnight.

When i got to my mother's we talked for what seemed like 30 minutes but turned out to be two hours ?

And i could still see the white shadow's out the corner of my eye's.

When i got into bed at my mother's my shoulder's burned with the strange burning sensation again.

I awoke in the morning to find drop's of blood on the pillow.

I had a phobia of getting into the bathtub for some time afterward's.

And i also refrain from sitting on that couch if possible.

I would class the above experience as being extra dimensional and including extra dimensional beings or intelligence.

On the patch of skin that was effected there was a definate dip like flesh had been removed my mother felt it and was worried. It seemed to strangeley fill itself tho.

Some time later i noticed two puncture mark's on my inner left forearm they resemble what i can only describe as a snake bite.

However as there were two metalic spider and two what appear to be puncture mark's i must speculate that this is where these spider's exited my arm.

I am still not certain how they entered my arm.

The next experience happend some time later around 6 months.

Myself and my girlfriend were whatching a kung fu movie called HERO.

We noticed that the film was only on for what seemed like 30 minute's from the start to the credit's rolling.

This puzzled us and we both said that it was a pretty short film to be on the movie channel.

A few day's later it was on again on a repeat channel and we found there was much MORE content than we had seen previously.

We were baffled and agreed we had experianced missing time.

In general thru my life i have seen many U.F.O's and experianced too many wierd thing's to place in writing without it becoming a novel.

I have noticed street light's go on and off around me including one's that i look at in the far off distance.

I have noticed a strange tone in my ear's sometime's it is painfull.

I have been in many situation's were i should and could have died.

At first i was terrified of my experiences however now i am starting to learn how to deal with them.

Again i must stress these are the experience's that stick out most but they have been made into a more bite size read.

Now if there is anyone out there that want's someone to talk too about there experience's feel free to talk to me !

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:33 PM
well, never been abducted far as i know
and only ever seen 1 thing that i am sure was a 'UFO'
about 3 to 4 years ago, late one night, went into my sons room to check he was asleep (he was 3 to 4 years old)
went to close the blinds on hios windows and noticed what looked like a parachute flair about 6 feet form the window
was basically a small parachute type thing about 10 inches across, domed at the top
then had like a small cylinder around 8 inches below that
all glowing a bright yellow and hovering outside
thought some idiot was messing with flairs so went right upto the window
realised something wasnt right becos it was pretty windy that night, the trees 60 ft away at the end of my gardeb where swaying with the gusts, but this thing stayed put, also noticed alltho it was briught, it didnt seam to light up anything, like the ground, trees, power line etc..
thats when i thought it was maybe some type of mini camera probe thing
so i started to close the blinds and it kinda moved upwind (right) about a foot, then headed off downwind
as i finished closing the blinds i ran downstairs and out the back door
looked up towards his bedroom window and over past next door, but never saw anything
first last and only time anything i cant explain has happened to me
for those that may say it was a flair
no smoke, nothing actually iluminated in the garden, and it was static against the wind, trees were moving a fair bit, and the power line was swaying), this thing just sat there
funny thing is, this is the first time i ever told anyone about this except my father

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by babylonstew

Hay very interesting post you made thank's for sharing that with us.

Im wondering what made you think the object had a parachute above it did the light source seem to dangle on sting's ?

Was there any detail on the parachute area ?

How bright was the object ?

Have you ever heard what you think might be footstep's in your child's room however when you investigate you find the child is fast alseep ?

Any feedback would be most welcome.

Take care.


posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:57 PM
It is interesting that most abductees were asleep when their experiences happened. I do wonder if these are a version of night terrors. I had a friend who had them and would wake up screaming and yelling. He thought the dream was real and if he was hypnotized, would probably state it happened. I do think you should write everything down and even go to a doctor if there are any physical signs. That way there is evidence of something. It could still be the mind causing it, but who knows? The abduction story I believe happened is the Betty and Barney Hill case. I am interested in all the other cases, and wonder if it could be poltergeists or any other supernatural causes.
I saw a UFO a few years back when I worked as a security guard. It was dusk, and I saw a blue globe that looked like an afterburner. It was light enough so I saw there was no aircraft outline and it made no noise. I have seen shooting stars and was in the Air Force for 11 years so I have seen plenty of jets and afterburners. It just went across the sky and seemed close.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:35 PM
Hello kidflash2008 !

You stated that most abductees have experience's while they sleep i would agree with you on that point. There are a lot of people who do experiance there abduction's while there body is asleep.

However i dont think it's a proven fact that MOST abductees do.

I personaly beleive that abduction take's place in two way's one way is a wide awake fully physical experience the other is just as lucid however it take's place astrally.

Now i can personaly say that in my case i have experienced both and both are just as terrifying and as difficult to come to term's with as each other.

I would say again on a personal level that there is less control when you are astrally abducted.

Something that need's to be made clear at this point i feel is this.

If you give your permision to be taken then at a later date are infact taken.

Then you must realise that you have given your permision for the act to take place.

You are no longer being abducted your are taken with your consent.

It's just a warning i will give to anyone reading this thread be clear in your mind let yourself know where you stand.

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:47 PM
There is enough evidence in the Barney and Betty Hill case for me to believe it. However, I don't think every other case has that amount of proof. I have started a thread on the possibility of people mistaking poltergeist activity for alien activity.
BTW, I understand what you mean about the psyche (soul) being transported out of the body to another place. That is a very real possibility that should be looked at too.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

My good man !

I like how you talked about the possibility of people mistaking poltergeist activity for alien activity.

I REALLY liked that !

Now what you need to do and possibly think about is swapping those around so it look's like this.

"Possibility of people mistaking alien activity for poltergeist activity"

You see ?

You have touched on something that i fully agree with but just the other way around.

It work's right ?

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:56 PM
Poltergeists have a history of making mischief and throwing things around. You do make a good point it could be aliens in some cases. Either way, I believe it should be studied, but I doubt the scientists would go for it.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:08 PM
There's more proof of aliens and UFOs than there is of Poltergeists

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:10 PM
It was an interesting read h3akalee. I was particularly interested to read about your observations in the shoaling fish. Unrelated to any direct abduction experience I have had, also, I can report an odd thing here about fish. I witnessed these tiny neon fish (in my tank in a former home) actually swim suspended outside the aquarium. I think I was about ten at the time. The fishtank was near to a place where my father and me saw a ghost.

All the best - Circle

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by Circle

I have had other thing's happen where i can place fish together with strange experiences.

For example i once awoke when i was still in the Army in my barrack's room to see my Angel fish from my home some three hundred mile's away swimming around in the corner of my room totally random movement's very beautiful to see.

I found out the next day when my girlfriend phoned they had all died.

Very odd.

The fish i saw shaoling in my experience moved very naturally and even seemed to interact with the fish i had in my tank and in turn the fish that i had in the tank reacted with them.

It was a wonderous sight and i think a possible distraction.

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:30 PM
Yes I agree that it could have been a deliberate distraction put there by the ETS for you. I have had other abductees report other pleasant distractions while others have had very nasty ones put their way. Why some get fear mechanisms while others do not is a puzzle isn't it?

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by Circle

I would be VERY interested to hear about those distraction's if it is possible for you to share them with myself and anyone else reading this thread.

However i do understand that it might not be possible if the person who told there story would like it too remain private.

Take care.


posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by h3akalee

Good friend of mine has a fear of snakes. Apparently he has had these things presented to him (probably not real snakes) prior to some of the abductions. He thinks that it is a mechanism they use to entrap the mind. A part of the the brain called the Wehrner Process (?) or something like that. I think that's what he said. With the mind occupied on a fight or flight scenario, the ETs he encountered, take over the control of the body. I have heard that other people have had other things like owls; cats or lizard creatures to induce the same effect.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by Circle

Very intereresting post you made there Circle and i thank you for it.

A thing i have noticed when i have had an experience i might not actually know about it.

I might see a flash of light or a blue blob in the corner of my eye.

What i find disturbing is the fact that some of us might experiance these flashes ect and not realise what is actually happening to them.

My brain had created some sort of defence mechanism it had found a way to feed the the information that obviously overloaded it back to me.

Now you could say it was a dream well i would have to say it was a dream yes.

But what happen's is this that moment i see a flash for me it just goes on after that flash i dont remember the experience until i go to sleep now like i said it's a dream yes.

But in that dream right after i fall asleep i will be shown what happend to me during that time of the flash in vivid detail.

It can be very disturbing but it's something i can use to get over what's happening to me.

Now in these dream's that seem very real and seem very short.

I will see my abductor i wont see the total being just a leg or the head.

Now what i see happen's to be in the exact location that i was saw the flash.

They do however end sharp and hard.

I wake up feeling and knowing that i am defenceless to there control.

Now this make's me ask myself how do they know how to control us so well ?

Who perhaps know's oneself better than oneself i ask myself ?

The answer i come too is that " I " know myself better than anyone this for me open's up pandoras box just who are these being's who where these being's before ?

Where they us ?

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by h3akalee
reply to post by babylonstew

Hay very interesting post you made thank's for sharing that with us.

Im wondering what made you think the object had a parachute above it did the light source seem to dangle on sting's ?

Was there any detail on the parachute area ?

How bright was the object ?

Have you ever heard what you think might be footstep's in your child's room however when you investigate you find the child is fast alseep ?

Any feedback would be most welcome.

Take care.


its overall shape was that of a small parachute with a small cylinder suspended beneath it
as for how bright, id say a 100 watt light bulb, and the whole thing was lit up like that, even the 'strings', alltho they seamedabout 1/4" think or more
if you have ever seen a parachute flair, think of one that glows all over without burning, or making smoke
or for that matter, actually making the suroundings brighter.
as for detail, not that i recall, think the best thing i can do is try and draw it in paint maybe?, then get it hosted somewhere.
as for footsteps in my sons room, nope, got paranoid for a while after that and slept mostly during the day while my kids where at school lol
still wake up at night and check the house sometimes, just in case
see if this pic works, and yes, my paint skills suck

edit for the piccy

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by babylonstew

From your post i can see you are obviousley a very good parent !

If your not too embarrassed (and you have no reason to be) then i would welcome your diagram of the object.

If you need any help with finding a host just give me a shout.

Take care.


posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:27 PM
"this thing just sat there
funny thing is, this is the first time i ever told anyone about this except my father"

That is precisely what happens to experiencers all the time. You have these extraordinary things happen to you and either have amnesia over them or a feeling that you cannot tell others. Sounds very familiar to me babylonstew.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:31 PM
Rest assured that anyone who make's a post on this thread will not be belittled in any way.

It sometime's takes courage to get something off your chest no matter how trivial it may seem.

But beleive me it's like pressurised gas it's better out than in i say.

babylonstew once again thank's for sharing.

Take care.


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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 06:24 PM
I had an experience when I was about 8, dealing with something that we think was a ufo. A couple days before the sighting, my dad and I were outside on a hot oklahoma day. It was about 4 or 5 in the afternoon and clear. My dad pointed to the sky and said look at that. It was a very very small object which appeard to be circling the earth in orbit. My dad said it was probably the space shuttle which had launched a day or 2 before or that it could even be a satellite. It was very cool but not that interesting to an 8 year old. A few days later my dad took me to my uncles house to play with my cousin which was the same age as me. We took a walk up the hill behind his house to a pond that was about a 45 min walk from the house. It was my uncle, my dad, my cousin and myself. After playing around the pond for awhile we decided to head home, about 15 min down the hill my dad and my uncle stopped. They talked for awhile then called us boys over to them and told us to look up. We were in the woods with a sparse canopy. It was about 5 or 5 :30 when we first looked up thru the trees at this object. Now anyone knows that at this time being in the woods is kinda dark when looking up at the bright sky thru the trees. It was a clear day and we saw a much lager bright round light. It had to be like 5 times larger than the one we saw the day before but yet it still seemed to be in orbit. It was following an orbital path when all the sudden it stopped. At that moment 4 red lights came out of the one bright light, they were much smaller in size. They exited the other object at points of north, south, east, west. They stayed close to the larger object for about 1 min and then they shoot off in the direction they exited the larger one until we could no longer see them. My dad and uncle were awe struck. Both of them were seasoned non believers and everything they did was grounded in the blue collar working world. They could not believe what they had saw. This is why this has stayed with me for so many years. Nothing upset my dad or my uncle but this had them dumbfounded. After about 4 or 5 min of talking aobut this and still watching the bigger object my uncle noticed a red glow coming thru the treetops. Now remember I said it was around 5:30 and getting dark so being in the forest you could see the evening sun in some parts of the forest but you could really see this red glow. At that moment directly above the red orb appeared above the treetops. I assume it was one of the ones that came out of the larger orb. At that point it shot directly straight up and reunited with the larger one, at the same time so did all the other ones. Then in an instant, like it had never been there it was gone. Just gone. All this seemed to take place in a matter of minutes. Shortly after the object had gone my uncle was the first one to ask my dad what time he had. My dad had to use the light on his watch and replied 9:20 or something odd like that. Then Eddie and I looked around and noticed the woods was entirely pitch black. This has been an uneasy conversation for my father and uncle to talk about but it was discussed all the way back home that night. Somehow we stood there and watched the orbs for at least 2 or 3 hours which seemed like minutes. Its a very bizzare story I know, I have not shared it with many people but it reamains the one main reason why I keep an open mind about UFO's. Once I got older and started reading on the subject, I have since found many many stories like my own, its kinda creepy. Thanks for listening

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