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What have you experienced ?

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 06:28 PM
I have not had any alien experiences, but I have experimented with out of body experiences from the dream state. I took a course run by Rick Stack in 1989 on how to do this, and the best technique I found was to use the dream state to launch into an OBE. How to encourage them? By simply questioning during your awake state periodically "am I dreaming now?". If you make a habit of this, and perhaps write down your dreams to show you are paying attention to things in that state, you can become lucid in the dream state, and move into an OBE state.

Have you ever read the Seth books by Jane Roberts? A lot of info in there. Basically Seth says all dreams are out of body experiences, often in other dimensions. And he also says most aliens (probably grays especially) come from other dimensions, and their "ships" are the symbolic projections within this reality that we interpret as ships. They are creating the "ships" as mental constructions, traveling by mind. Likewise the aliens look like what we expect them to, hence in other cultures they often look different. A point he makes is that all matter in this dimension is symbolic of something, and I would then say archetypes have something to do with how we see these things. Now as to ghosts and such, these would be people moved on to still other dimensions, hence the similarity of such experiences with alien ones, and dreams.

I would also note that the last I heard, roughly half of alien experiences were when the persons were awake.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 06:48 PM
I guess since I didn't post my experiences in the other thread I will do so here.

I will only mention 2 of them though.

The first (and the one that still sends shivers up my spine) happened I guess....15 years ago. I had stayed home from school that day because I had woken up that morning with a really bad headache, and stomach pains. I was also very dizzy and could barely walk. I was upstairs in my room, while my mom was downstairs in the living room watching something on tv. I was looking outside the window and the next thing I know I'm on my bed. I get off my bed and go to the bathroom to look in the mirror. There were two doors to the bathroom, one to the left that connected to another bedroom, and the one I had entered that was attached to the hallway. I turned on the faucet to wash my face, hoping I would feel better.

What happened next still haunts me and I get the shakes typing it out.

The door to the bedroom on my left opens, and the room is dark grey (it was the middle of the day) on the other side of the door. And then a tall dark figure (I say figure because it was like a shadow, that's ALL) reached out and grabbed me and was trying to pull me into the room. It reached around my neck and was pulling at me. I fought back, screaming and telling whatever it was to let me go. The VERY next thing I know, I'm on my bed sweaty and screaming. I could still feel that feeling that something was around my neck though. I immediately ran downstairs, screaming to my mom that someone was in the house. She of course looked at me like I was crazy! I kept repeating it and saying that she should call the police. I then went over to the door and bent over and threw up. I then passed out, but when I had awaken I felt completely better. I was no longer dizzy or anything. But I was still wary of going upstairs, and had no idea what I had experienced earlier.

My second story, is set xmas eve a few years earlier. My sister and I decided to share a room together because neither of us could sleep on xmas eve (me especially lol). I dunno if my sister was sleep when it happened though. It must have been about 2 am. I was tossing and turning not able to sleep. I was staring out the balcony window, at the streetlights and stuff.

When a bright blue light shone to the ground! Like a search light for a heli, only REALLY bright, and completely quiet (no heli overhead or anything). Then the light shone on the balcony. The rest I don't remember at all. I do remember that a few days later I had what looked like a scar on my right hand, in between my thumb and index finger. It was like it had been sown back up (the scar was about 1 inch long). I knew what a stitch scar looked like because I had been in a really bad wreck as a young kid and I had to have my face stitched near my lip on the left side (and the scar is still there but small, but you can still tell its a stich scar). A few days later, the scar was gone and there was NO scar! I still remember having that scar, I didnt imagine it. I guess I was too young to put two and two together as well. Sometimes I wonder what happened that night, but part of me thinks I shouldn't pry.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 07:10 PM
Hello all. I thought I would post one of the things I have seen. I have seen many things in the sky over my lifetime, this is one that always really stuck out to me. This happened probably about 14 years ago now when I was in my mid teens. My best friend and I were sitting in a field we often hung out in between both of our houses. We lived in a small moutain town up in northern california at the time. It was probably around 10pm the sky was clear no clouds blocking the stars.

So, when it happened we were both talking and happened to be looking down. All of a sudden there were two blue flashes. The light was a sort of darker blue but we could see all the way across town in the light. Everything was visible as if it were day time but everything was blue. Now these two flashes happened very fast. My friend and I were always into ufos and had seen a good deal already by that time so instinctively both of out heads shot up to see what was overhead. There was a round extremely bright white light that seemed to have a slight blue tint to it but the blue tint was very faint. The object seemed to be only about 50 feet or so above us and as a perspective I have always thought of a nice sized full moon in the sky, well you could easily fit at least four of naked eye views of a full moon in the light so it was pretty big. Hope that came across ok=). As we saw it it shot of to the right of us out of sight extremely fast. So fast it left behind a white tail steak the same width of the light that followed after it so the speed must have been pretty incredible.

We then ran to my friend who i was withs house to ask his mom if she had seen anything and from inside she had seen the blue lights flash at the windows and that was it. We then ran to another friends house. His dad was a local cop and we knew he was always very interested in ufos as well. He was on duty that night and just happened to be home out in his yard when we got there. He had seen the blue also and was searching the sky for a reason. We told him what we had seen and I remember he was very excited, he was also bummed he missed it. The next day we talked to him again and he said they had gotten a bunch of calls about people seeing something flying through the sky. There was even a report that two people on a small little windy road heading out of town were followed by some kind of craft in the sky. Always loved this expierence so I thought I would share it. Maybe someone has seen something similar if so I would love to hear it.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 07:47 PM
The only one I care to mention publicly (at least now) is one that's happened 7 or 8 times since Sept., '91. My bedspread and sheet have been VERY neatly lain in reverse (during sleep). The last time - last September - they were folded into each other in a very geometric way - something I couldn't manage even if I had a history of sleepwalking. (I've lived alone since '95). It was quite mind-blowing.

Though I don't go into much detail, I mention a few other experiences in the earlier entries of my blog. Specifically DIAGNOSES, OFF-PLANET MILITARY (a very apparently psychic dream), MATRIX THEORY and, most insufficiently, OIL SPILLS & TIME BUBBLES. Peace out.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 07:50 PM
I've had an experience one early morning about 3-4am when I have been startled and woken up tiredly to find a figure sitting on my computer chair next to my bed. All I can remember afterwards was that the figure told me to fall back to sleep which I did immediately by facing myself towards my pillow. Then I saw a few really bright flashes and heard a high pitched noise and a few other loud noises. I fell asleep again for an hour and I woke up again with little recollection. The following week I would always here a lot of aircraft especially the military ones flying across the top of our housing area.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 08:21 PM
Don't want to get into much details, but I'll list what I've experienced so far...

I saw a UFO in clear daylight. Cigar shaped, brownish metal like colour like a dull bronze, two lights on the side, just hanging in the sky in the same way bricks don't (cookie for those that get the quote).

Once while walking a golden lab I stopped because of a loud metallic humming noise, a very sci fi sound. The dog, which had never done this before, just turned and ran. I stayed a second but then followed his lead. The noise was very similar to the one Billy Meier claims is the pleiadean ships recordings. A very rich multifrequency hum. I have no idea what it was, could not see anything out of the ordinary.

In meditation I have asked for UFO contact, I was testing the telepathic alien contact hypothesis, and then I saw a light travel across the night sky. A blue light flying in an S pattern overhead, silently. To this day I still have doubts if it was a satellite, I have seen plenty, or a legitimate alien ship sighting or something along the lines of what I was doing. The S flight pattern is distinct from what you see with a satellite, which is usually just a very faint starlike object moving in a straight line, and it was pretty bright.

Once, while with two family members we saw a very bright object on the same course as the above object. Same blue light, no S pattern though, flying silently and very high. Still wonder if it was a satellite.

With Meditation I can reach blisslike states of relaxation. They only last a few seconds but they are very destressing. I suspect my fear of the unknown, a common human trait, keeps the experiences from growing in significance. The medical explanation would be endorphins, which I accept, but that's just part of the fractal imho.

I've had a few outofbody dreams but the recollection of them is very sketchy and incomplete. I've woken up with that sudden shock that feels like you just fell into your body a few times too.

Despite the list, I am not really a new age type, I just dabble in these things from time to time. What I have experienced and how I feel about it, added to the rather extensive amount of stuff I've read, has made me very open minded to the complexity of this universe, and possibly of others linked to it. Life is grand.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by Circle
reply to post by h3akalee

He thinks that it is a mechanism they use to entrap the mind. A part of the the brain called the Wehrner Process (?) or something like that. I think that's what he said. With the mind occupied on a fight or flight scenario, the ETs he encountered, take over the control of the body.

Interesting. Makes sense.

I looked up that term, and there is a Werner's Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder involved in premature aging. Didn't see a Werner's Process or a Wehrner's Process.

If you find out the actual term, post it. Most brain parts are 'lobes' or 'areas'.

Here's a pretty exhaustive list. Maybe you can spot it.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 09:39 PM
When I was 17, a group of us had gone camping down in Harmon's Den, Tn, We'd done this on a pretty regular basis. It was October. We'd fished at the stream, had a nice campfire, ate, and had climbed in our sleeping bags to go to sleep. It was cold, so falling into a peaceful sleep was no problem, after the sleeping bags had warmed up.

We all woke up at the same time, (2:15 am. I remember this, because I looked at my watch.), because there was a humming sound that just didn't belong in Harmon's Den. There is no high tech anything that used to go on there.

We decided to see if we could follow the sound, and were able to go about 1000 feet down the stream to where it was the loudest. It never was truly loud, but you could feel that humming right into your bones. My buddy Tom and I were at the front of this group, so we topped a hill around the curve in the stream, and saw something that looked like a big V with yellow and orange lights, hovering about (based on the trees), 30 feet above the stream. The "nose" of it was over the stream, and looking up, we were under the right side, almost under one of the yellow lights, possibly under one of the "wings".

The other guys had lined up on either side of us by then. We kept looking at that thing, and looking at each other. I guess we were too shocked to say anything. The V started shooting white and blue beams of light into the stream. The humming was doing a variable thing now, It almost sounded like it was warbling. You could see the beams, because they looked solid. something in my head, that wasn't my voice, said "Go back from here, or you'll come to harm.". It was like we'd all heard this at the same time, because we all hit the trees behind us at the same time. We sort of trotted back to the camp site, and nobody had said anything.

The campfire was a lot less red than when we'd left, and I just happened to look at my watch again. It was 5:47 am.

It didn't take us that long to walk down to that curve. It didn't feel like we'd been watching the whatever it was, and it didn't take us that long to get back. We'd all heard the same thing, and seen the same thing.

anybody who has gone camping down in Harmon's den, has probably seen something strange at least once or twice.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 09:59 PM
I've written quite a few of my experiences here already and haven't had many replies. I guess I can comment on some similarities. It sounds typical when people mention their hair standing up as if in some magnetic field. The last time I experienced this was at a local gas sation a few years ago. I kinda recalled it at that moment as it had apparently happened before in Wisconsin. Here's a link to the report of 2001.

The time I had initially went through this was in the 70's and it was as if I had also experienced it in the future as well. I'm not so sure as to their connection, but I assume these people didn't actually show up until around 2001.

The nose bleed is similar to other reports of nasal implants into the brain or frontal lobe area. This was used in a HBO scifi movie series Taken. Many other aspects od abduction stories were apparently added. This is somewhat annoying as to point to as merley fictional and borrowed from these. I recall having nasal implants that fell out after an MRI around 1995 and what appeared to be an Air Force officer at the controls and taking the implants afterwards that fellout. My head was spinning as my brain was boiling.

The bite marks I've also had but on the top of my left arm. I suspect it may have actually been part of the medical procedure as would an emergency stay in a hospital might be. I guess it's more of a home doctors visit though. I've recalled a few life saving sugery visits.

Memories could be false and possibly be by another species based here such as reptilians. These reptilians may actually be former ET's using another form etc. Many of my experiences appear to be with some type of android. Typically these appeared to be radiactive and heavy and a few times made me ill with my hair falling out.

When I was younger, they put me in an artifical body a few times. One memory was going to school and a girl next to me crying to the teacher and pointing to me saying: "He's making me sick!"

False memory? maybe. Delusional? maybe. All I basically have as proof for now is one scoop mark on my right shin.This a similar link with one.

Memories are questionable and scoop marks are as well. Implants in your body are a little more interesting. I recall having two in the back of my skull, but haven't any recent x-rays to prove it. I have recalled an original memory of what seemed to be my first implant surgery around 3 years old.

Now on disability and being diagnosed as delusional etc. Many just ignore me anyway. If I heard these stories; I probably would also.

Your story sounds like you might benefit from hypnosis to recall more and better detail. I recall a hypnosis treatment when I was around 11 years old. I don't think he was the same afterwards. I'm almost 50 years old now and have lived my life in a cycle of opression,suppression,repression,regression and much confusion.

"Did we go to the moon?"....something like that.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:45 PM
I posted my experience here on ATS a couple of years ago and I was absolutely hammered for it. I was ridiculed by many and it was embarrassing. I was accused of being a hoaxer. I wanted to drop in and wish you luck and to give support. I am a father as well; it’s tough when we as the man of the family feel helpless. Good luck Lee.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 12:29 AM
Well it's 6:30 in the morning guy's and i have a contract to complete some 30 miles away.

I will read thru the post's that where made while i was asleep when i get home and make some replies.

Thank's for the post's !

Take care.


posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 02:20 AM
Nothing. I have been looking up for 33 years. I have driven all over New Mexico, Nevada and you name it out west. Mostly driving at night I might add. But I won't give up. In my biz we sell Gen III ITT night vision and I have even spent hours at a time in the middle of Nevada FREEZING my ass off looking at nothing but dull mountains and blinking lights. I will not give up, but as the years go by I start to wonder if this UFO stuff is a bunch of crap. But I have friends on here I believe with all my heart and they are not liars.....So I wait.......If ANYBODY should have seen a UFO it would be me.

I have lost time..Legit.....So that keeps me going.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 08:46 AM
First off, id like to introduce myself.
Im Liam, Im from england and i have many experiences that i remember in my 16/17 years of life.

The first one i can remember is my own birth, sort of. Its quite strange and i have scared my parents and friends with this, i know it down to the last detail, apart from the names of the nurses are abit vague. I first said this when i was 6 or 7, my parents or grandparents had never said anything about my brith in detail to me.

Firstly, my mother was in a blue flowery night dress on the hospital bed, i recall looking at her from the corner and seeing all the apparatus and equipment and a nurse. Then i was following my father around, he went into an english bakery called Birds and bought a cream bun with a cherry on top and icing, i remember this clearly, he was also wearing a kickers jumper and driving a ford escort, a blue one to be accurate. Then we walk into the hospital and meet my granparents at the entrance and somethings from the shop, most noticably the baloon, which was blue. The rest is very vague. I figured i must of been born.

So that was my earliest memory, before i was born. The next one is in the irst house i lived in, i was about 3 or 4, i had alot of toys and we kept them in the understairs cupboard. One day i went in there to get my toy cars, i loved them, and i was overcame with a severe feeling of dread and on the far wall, there was a big circular shaped black mark, i remember it looking like it wasnt on the wall.

The next experience at that house was on a christmas eve night/christmas morning, i was awoken in my sleep, so i shouted my parents, my dad came into the room and starred at the curtains, inside the curtains was a perfect face. He said go back to sleep or santa wont come, something along those lines and gave me a kiss and went off. That night i couldnt sleep, and i was drawn to look at the curtains. Being young i thought it was an owl, and kept shouting my dad to shoo it away, but he must of not heard me. Also, i remember buzzing in my ears, most of the time in that house, very high pitched. Btw, the face was gone by the morning, which seemed to take for ever to come.

At that house again, me and my mother and my younger brother was comng back from shopping. we walked up the hill we lived on and could smell beer. I didnt know this then, but my dad had been home brewing some beer with a kit he got. We got inside to find my dad, cleaning up and quite scarred. I vividly remember him hoovering upthe beer out of the bottom of the stairs carpet with a dyson looking hoover.
Later on in my life we was talking about experiences he has had, and he brought it up, he says something pushed him down the stairs and he felt a hand and a great force. He also scarred me by bringing up the face in the curtains, and how he had seen that all around the house, and he new the house had been haunted. He also said that whenever he was doing work on the house, he got the feeling of someone starring at him and the feeling of dread, like he shouldnt be doing the renevations.

This one is about my mother, same house as the rest of the experiences. She saw and felt a figure in my parents room, standing by her side of the bed, every night they lived there. She said it was a male, mid 50s and about 5"9. Quite scary exact information. She kept her wedding dress and all her wedding things ontop and inside of the cupboard wardrobe things at the top of the stairs. The night Princess Diana died, these was all spread over the house. She has also saw faces come out of the walls, and a "dog walker" walk through the wall and out again through the opposite wall.

We also had cats then birds, then fish. They all ran away or died, within weeks. All were very frightened and paranoid. We had a dog tho, she is still alive and kicking now aswell. A few years later, my dad did some work on that street a few doors down from where we lived. ( carried on next post).

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 08:52 AM
When i was 17 i was walking home in wollongong ( suburb south of sydney australia ) round 0430 am and i was sneaking home after visiting a love interest at the time on my way home i noticed how the moon was almost down which ment every one would be up soon and id get in major trouble if anyone found out i was out.
i wasnt far from my house (we lived the street behind the beech)where i turned in to my street to see a massive Orange light siting of the clifs at the south end of the beech it was a bit smaller than the moon but it was totaly stationary wasnt pulsing flashing or rotating, wasnt making a noise it was just bright orange like a street light the light from it was reflecting on the roofs of the houses it was siting above, id say it was round 800 meters away from my house but it was definate without a doubt in the world a true ufo. As soon as i got home i woke my nan up and she came to have a look and she too couldnt explain it either

the thing that really disturbs me is if it was so close to these houses what was it doing? did i witness an abduction?
id like to hear any opinions or similar sightings

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 08:53 AM
(Carried on from previous post.)
The man my dad did some work for, held regular seances(not sure how to spell it) and did very frequent Quija boards. Also another man approached my dad, who lives at my old house now, asked him if the house is haunted, my dad said he seemed very scarred.

The next experiences are not paranormal like the previous.

A few months ago, my grandparents paid us a visit, as they do very frequently, they lived near by. We had been looking at a tremendous light in the sky, bearing in mind it was broad daylight, approx 2pm on a sunday.There was a few clouds in the sky but not overcast. We was looking at it for around half an hour and it didnt move. We was looking from our backdoor and on the decking, through binoculars, but all we could see was this white/yellow light. It was very far away, over the horizon, so it was high aswell. My whole family stood and looked at in amazement, all we could think was UFO. The strange thing is, we felt wierd before and after, but at the sighting we was completely calm.



posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 03:25 AM
Re: OPs 1st post.

Everything appearing white. Could it possibly be as a result of UV light.

Aparrently insects see in the UV spectrum, on here in the past someone said they believed grey aliens to be like insect colonies.

it's a bit 'out there', soz

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