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BBC to Premier New 9/11 Program!!

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 04:51 PM
EVILAXIS is 100% right about the way in which the BBC will deal with the WTC 7 issue. They realise that more and more people are finding out about building 7, and will try to dissuade others from even bothering to look into it. I noticed on the alex jones video preview that the BBC have again taken some comments from korey roewe. In the last BBC documentary about the 911 conspiracy they said he was a "proven high school dropout". So i guess they are using him again as viewers from last time already think that! They will claim it's unbiased, then give 90% of the time to the official story, as they did before. I sometimes wonder if they get 'ORDERS' from the US to do this!!!! it makes me spit venom

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 06:47 PM
Unfortunately, people like ourselves will realize how biased the MSM are in just about any political matter, but those who don't seek to question this kind of thing in the first place and just accept what they're told, are going to get reeled in by this program.

The last BBC documentary set out to discredit the idea that any CT surrounding 9/11 could actually have some basis in fact, yet their own facts wouldn't stand up to scrutiny themselves.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:00 AM

GoldenFleece said
Why won't a single U.S. media outlet even mention 9/11, let alone ask if it was a conspiracy?

Much the same can be asked of the UK media - why do they show shoddy, factually inaccurate "infotainment" like "Conspiracies 9/11 - The Evil in America" and "The Conspiracy Files" (which don't even imitate the form of serious investigative journalism) when they refuse to air more carefully researched and argued pieces like "Press For Truth"? (Even Google Video seem unusually vigilant in removing this documentary). To date, no program has aired on UK TV that makes the case for a new investigation.

Sayzaar - the UK were active partners in cooking the intelligence to support a war in Iraq. Many are vaguely aware now that the war was illegal but it is repackaged as a terrible mistake. The State and the media have much to lose when it is revealed that the UK was allied to a criminal regime fighting a criminal war launched by a gross act of domestic treachery.

According to the Loose Change team, the BBC is also taking testimony from Barry Jennings (Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority) which will also no doubt be suitably spun.

Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies in WTC 7

Here's the original testimony that was omitted from Loose Change by request of Jennings and will appear in their new documentary "Fabled Enemies":

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by EvilAxis

Thanks for that clip. I had wondered why that wasn't in LCU, now I know.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 08:04 PM
Funny how the MSM was all over Watergate, Iran-Contra, Whitewater and Monicagate yet won't give the conspiracy angle here any serious attention.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by Kulturcidist
Funny how the MSM was all over Watergate, Iran-Contra, Whitewater and Monicagate yet won't give the conspiracy angle here any serious attention.

That was before The Death of the Fourth Estate. It was just a bit sick back then.

Sorry to have to say "told you so" - but the BBC's The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower has now aired and, as predicted, is an atrocious piece of yellow journalism, manipulating the material outrageously to support the official story.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 07:23 AM
It was truly sad - Experts were completely ridiculed in favour of inexperienced opinions - facts were mocked, nothing checked and in no way did this represent the questions being raised but merely belittled them.

I found this to be an outrageous piece of journalism.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 07:47 PM
Finally, someone posted this. I had taken a couple of week off froml ooking for it but it's now up for us on this side of the pond.

Th e Third Tower

I'm off to watch it now.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 08:00 PM
That this is being done on the BBC and none of the American networks
even bothered to investigate 911.
Is a shame and leaves people around the world wondering why Americans
are not demanding answers .

I have a hard time believing Americans are nothing but sheep and hollow shells of of their fathers and grandfathers who stood down Johnson,Nixon and the US Army in the 60's.

I love the BBC and Channel 4 best in the world period!
A testament to their commitment to their viewers ,by comparison American
broadcasting is shallow shameless and CIA controlled.

I look forward to this one with anticipation

Now if I could only get Speckled Hen in Canada where I live.

Cheers mates

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 08:12 PM
Take a look at 00.51
this to me is a very important observation

it clearly shows that it was most certainly imploded,pulled as Larry Silverbrain
called it.

3 blgs pulverized into a fine powder

only explosives could cause this

everything in those blgs and the blgs themselves ended up all over NY
and in the lungs of the inhabitants .
The vast majority of people in America are not asking who why where and when?
But are willing to accept proven bald faced lies so that they can remain in their comfort zones.
What they do not realize is that, they will not only be abused over and over again for their apathy ,but they will lose their freedom,Constitution and way of life ,along with their comfort zones for failing to grasp reality.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 08:14 PM

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 08:14 PM
have they waited all these years knowing that theories will come out, hence get the theories and then de-bunk them in THE official account!!!! Seven years too late in my book.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 03:54 AM
I was a little disappointed in the video. It just seemed they wanted the viewer to believe the official story. That's the impression I got, your mileage may vary. A t least they got the info out there and maybe more people will start to open their eyes - yeah, I know, fat chance LOL - and take another look at the absurdity of the OS.

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