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Fallen Angel as a Guardian Angel?

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by Levita

I do not take them (evil spirits) lightly, nor do i take their side in any way. Though i tread lightly on ATS and try to give my opinion in a nice(r) way

Michael did not bring a word against satan but made it clear that The Judge will judge him.

I will deal with them as i should and do not not stand up for that which is weaker aka evil. I will do spiritual warfare where i need to in my personal life and if asked by some who are under oppression.

True, shadows are evil and i have NO time for them. They are weaklings who take people on that ain't strong enough at certain stages in life. To me they are no different from any malevolent spirit.

I for one won't give them a chance to play role in my life, no matter how they try. As i said they are deceivers, what more can i say to warn anyone to be careful in trusting spirits? They can and will appear as dead relatives/friends, they will play nice for years on end to get to a person. The fact is they are weaker than The Supreme who's got our backs.

I hate being crude and say what is on my mind so i try in lay it out in a nice way without being too forceful when expressing my opinion

*What i said about demons being "honest" when under authority is true. Demons will let their true name and the reason when commanded with all faith in The Supreme be known. It is a spiritual rule or law. They will try and deceive as long as possible but when it is spoken from someone with faith and with authority of The Supreme there is no way out but the truth.

Humans though do go and swear in The Supremes Name every day. They swear to God on the whitest of lies. Blasphemy. We all know that fact.*

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by qonone
reply to post by Levita

Though i tread lightly on ATS and try to give my opinion in a nice(r) way
...I hate being crude and say what is on my mind so i try in lay it out in a nice way without being too forceful when expressing my opinion

Was that a hint that i may have been mean? If there is a problem, i get a little firey in posts at times, but i don't mean to be mean. If anything, i hope there will people who want to put the truth out there. I don't know. I just don't mean to be mean.
Although, i seriously am interrested on your take on them. As i said, it is an odd interrest of mine, and i would like to ask you, if you know of any reason why a living person would have anything to do with shadows. Not at all because i would have anything to do with them beyond opposition against them. But would they be manipulating people very badly, beyond attacking? Would anyone know much about these?

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by Levita

Not at all!
I totally respect the way you come across and that without being rude in any way.
You have a way to express your feelings/opinions, where i myself will lose control and fall of the track hence i do not want be looked at as a right wing loon. Even though i do not follow any church but The Supreme Himself.

All you have said is true, you came straight to the point that they have NO reason for hanging with the living and it is true. People have always had scientific explanations for the paranormal, example "Shadow people are caught usually in peripheral" thus it is our mind or eyes playing a trick.

When shadows do appear it is caught out of the corner of our eyes, true. But there are those who appear within seconds time after time, they want the bait to notice them. The feeling of the "want to be noticed" ones usually come with chills, cold air or something is watching you feeling then they appear. They do that to strike fear into people and at times get away with it. Fear makes us weaker especially if it happens time after time, and weaker people are much more open to attack or in other words oppression.

Everyone gets attacked in their lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Believers or non believers, we all have a down period in our life. They seek that gap. To stronger people they will appear as "angels" or a dead relative/friend, some say as their dead pets. A demon is evil and will take the shape of anything, they have no heart than to hurt and break us. I believe when someone dies they have their way to go and that path should be taken without hanging around in the plain of "in between" or evil. So anything in that plain are not part of us, they have nothing to do with us. Lost good souls have someone waiting to lead them so if a soul is still hanging around it should not be "haunting" us unless it has intensions. Not long ago i was fooled in believing a friend contacting me, and i have been into the spiritual war since 1993, still "fooled" me for a few days.

Our guardian angels do not appear to us, though i believe if they should for some reason we would know and be warned. I cannot judge people and tell them "you are not talking to your guardian angel but it can VERY well be a demon" as they do things their way. I will give my honest opinion and say it here, we have more than one guardian angel, we have a few and they do not appear to us but protect us. Those people who "know" their angels usually called them up to find out their names or for a favour. I have heard of LIMITED cases where an angel just appeared to the one they protect.

That what is out there i cannot judge unless they have attacked me. And if i do come under oppression all i can command them their name and reason for attacking and then to leave. They will find their next piece of meat but trust me their eyes will never be off me.

If The Supreme loses one "sheep" out of the hundred He shall leave 99 to find the one lost sheep. So if the dark loses one sheep they will do the same. It is a good vs evil battle in the spiritual realm and we are the ones it is all about. Atleast we can sense evil but they deceive so so so well, sometimes it is a mind screw as to what act to follow. Faith
. Just my opinion.

You are not mean in any way Levita. In honesty i know you are stronger asyou say what you need to. I respect that big time!

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by qonone

Why thank you. I asked also about the meanness because i do sometimes get pushy, just hoping there will be other pushy people out there who, i don't know, want all the more to tell me the things they know, even if to correct me. I guess i thought i got too pushy, openly searching for truths like this one.
I am still more interreted in your opinions. I have another question. Do you suppose there could be such a thing where the people would be otherwise involved with shadows, demons otherwise, or angels? And just hypothetically, not to be rediculous, but hybrids? Thoughts there?

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by Levita

Levita, you are a fiery person with a way to lay it in words i cannot
It is good to have met you here.

There are many different views on fallen angels, demons and evil spirits. I cannot say for sure who is who, what is what but that they are evil. They only want to cause harm and have no good intension. I cannot tell anyone to believe a certain scriptures/s or theories but i can try to tell and warn them to stay as far away from the evil malevolent beings as possible.

My take on hybrids, i believe it, no doubt. A few different scriptures and theories i look at excluding my personal experiences.

As a fact in honesty, for my life i do not know what the differences are between fallen angels, demons and evil spirits. I have always seen them as the same and that they have the same goal and that is to hurt us. Things i believe and studies i have and am doing, Here are some i take serious.

Many believe that demons are the spirits of the Nephilim, the hybrids from fallen angels and women in Gen 6. They were destroyed in the great flood and their bodies cannot be resurrected and they are the ones looking for bodies to possess. These were the giants i am talking about, the sons that came from interracial relationships. The latter i fully believe in.

Powers and Physics of Demons and Fallen Angels - Demons
Let's now begin to talk about "Demons", which are also called "Evil Spirits". We have already covered where demons come from: they are the disembodied spirits of dead giants, paternal life-blood descendents of the Nephilim, or the first generation of Nephilim themselves, the paternal life-blood descendents of fallen angels.

So are demons then 5 dimensional spirits? Yes, they are spirits that exist on the 5th dimensional spiritual plane. Are demons spirits just like human spirits? No, demon spirits are different from human spirits.

Some believe/know that a demon or fallen angel are not the same, fallen angels are far worse. What i come to believe over time are The fallen ones are those who taught the tricks and magic to flesh. A very well known fallen angel, one of the fathers of hybrids is Azazel who was a chief of the Grigori (the ones that married women). 1 Enoch 8:1: The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.

I myself understand what this mean but in the long run all evil will end up into nothing, no matter what they are. A person have to go through all scriptures but do so with respect and prayer. Do not get derailed as many scriptures can be mind boggling and ofcourse the personal attacks a person receives when you are really getting into the good side.

People have had (maybe some still do) dealings and intimate relations with fallen angels. This is a fact if you are a believer as not one scripture hides this from the believer. The Bible Gen 6, right in the beginning we are told of this. Enoch talks about it. The Apocrypha to The Scrolls talks about it. I can even go as far as to say that the Urantia Book tells us about Lucifer and Satan and all those who fell with them, but it leans more towards that evil is the weaker, yet still it boils to deceivers and wrong, evil beings.

There are too many known scriptures over all to deny the existence of evil spirits but the best proof is the personal experience, and that is a shame.

I suppose if i ever get into a serious spiritual fight i will ask this questions before sending it away, "What are you? Are you fallen, demon or a evil spirit? Are there any differences?" Maybe i get the answer!?

There is one thing i have read that stuck in my head; Devils and demons do not get along or have time for each other. I have been looking for answers that will make sense.

Imo we should not worry about the "dark" side too much, we should not spend wasting time on them unless needed. It is a great way to throw us off the path of The Supreme, to go day in and out studying and stressing about them and "forgetting" to just do a daily prayer of thanks for our being, the everlasting protection and love He provides. We are protected and we must have faith in that, by that we are free.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:28 AM
Double Post ***

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:32 AM
I apologize, lost signal. Another delete.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by qonone

True, shadows are evil and i have NO time for them. They are weaklings who take people on that ain't strong enough at certain stages in life. To me they are no different from any malevolent spirit.

Please let me offer my experience with a shadow person...

Late one night, while driving home from a nightclub, I was going though a fairly quiet part of town, where I live, and I see a very dark shadow person crossing the road about a block and a half in front of my car. (the traffic light was green for me to go, and I thought it strange for someone to be walking against the light, but maybe they had too much to drink.) Naturally I slow down, and watch as this being disappears in front of me. Just as I realized what I had seen, I looked up to see a large pickup truck run the red light where I should have been. The shadow saved me. This was not a being of light or a white spirit, it was definitely a shadow.

I personally thought this was a good thing, not evil. I believe that some shadows can be evil, others helpful.
Not trying to change your opinion, just give you an alternative.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:02 PM
To begin with, your true guardian is a positive angel and you can ask for discernment in this matter from God and from your guardian as well. You have to remember that fallen angels and demons, for example are different. Demons are deceased people who begin to serve the fallen ones, and the true fallen ones are a strong group. I believe we all get targeted and tempted in various ways. I've read many accounts of high cults, who visit top leaders and even religious leaders, with an embodied Satan/Lucifer and who visited certain famous muscicians and others who bartered their souls for success. So for some its fame and fortune, and for others, perhaps those who aren't enamored by greed, it may be companionship, even for some romance. My point is, even a someone who appears to be protecting you, is not serving your best interests. I don't believe the biblical account of the fall, because God is the entire multiverse and beyond, and its hard to imagine a part of the whole challenging the whole. I have wondered if instead, for the gradual evolution of everyone, certain beings had to agree to play the bad guy roles, and then had the light taken from them to become true bad guys. Who knows how it happens, but the childish accounts given can't be accurate. The soul of a bad guy et, would not be a fallen angel, but instead would be demon. Angels are not the same as us or ets, and I've read they have a completely different signature.
I also believe in the redemption of all, including fallen angels. But try to remove yourself from their presence. They believe they are in a war against God, and you are a pawn.
I've fought this battle myself, and in one of my dreams was rescued by an incredible angel. I spent time praying for them, due to some experiences that affected the entire household. The one I saw in a dream was very beautiful man with dark longish curly hair, dressed very sophisticated casual, in fact I knew he was a judge and had a book, and was extremely sophisticated trying to appeal to me. I had a series of dreams about this. My son at one point told me he thought there was a presence in my room, a kind of judge.
I took his book in a fit and intended to doodle in it to show what I thought of it, but when I opened it there was a dark magic and an incredibly negative vortex, not quite a whirlpool, sort of abstracted with layers of dimensions, all in a little book. It was scary and I threw it back. I asked to be rescued by angels, and felt that I was too little to be able to pray for their redemption. I got a feeling, for an answer, that I was doing just fine, and that angels work for their return all the time. But when I was rescued, a 9 foot tall angel stood between me and him. and told me to climb up on his back. I started waking up when I touched him because a super nova kind of joy filled me. Later praying for my fathers cancer, I felt the presence of angels and a great joy. Angels bring the joy of heaven. Try to ask for help with the matter. When you feel you're helping someone you get sucked in emotionally and its not for your best interests. Pull away and seek help from the good guys.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by Cheyracingchick

to the one that saved you!

I do not know what angels look like, but i know we sense an overwhelming feel of love and pureness if the Good communicate with us, what a feeling than if a Guard should show All of us should (imo do) know if it is a good or bad being. You had a good feeling and the "shadow" most probably saved your life and needed to show itself to diffuse a trick of the dark side. That is the war that i am talking about between Angles and fallen ones, demons, evil spirits.

Years ago i had personal confirmation that we have more than one looking over us, the logic is that there are so many evil ones that try and attach themselves to us. Typical demons would gang up on one guardian angel and no door and space should be left open.

I said in a previous post i believe our true angel/s will appear if really needed and believe one of yours did. I thank you for your story. Amazing feeling IT IS!

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 11:26 AM
Thinking back now, every time I have been helped by a being it has been dark almost like a shadow. Since I am not religious do you think my "guardian" will change its appearance to appeal to me? That it knows ,if it was in angel , or light form I would not take it as seriously? hmmm....

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by Cheyracingchick

I do believe believe a guardian can change or appear in ways not to "scare" a person away. No matter if you believe in The Supreme or not He backs us anyway. We never know how we will grow spiritually.

The question seeing you would disapprove if a "being of light" appears makes no difference, it protected you and you felt safe. I have no argument or worry how our guardians looks like as long as we feel a spiritual relief, that we are safe or a overwhelming feeling of peace, love and pureness.

In honesty, i do believe it was an angel to say that saved you. Reason when we do not have The Supreme in your they will take any chance to get us. We are protected. I do believe you have a purpose, one greater than mine anyways as for an angel or being of good appearing to stop something dreadful.

Could it have been a "guardian" not under The Supreme?
Yes it is a popular belief. There are many stories to what length some demons/spirits will go to get the better of you. Only you know what you believe in or what you follow now, and if you feel it was good then it WAS. We should follow what our hearts tells us in faith, that i do believe and by that we set our path. We should not allow ourselves to be fooled by flesh, it is a spiritual thing. I know you believe in a spiritual existence and that tells me you believe that there is good and bad out there.

Life works in mysterious ways but The Supreme works it His way. Nothing will stay hidden. All that flesh have hidden from us He will show to us, one way or another.


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