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Revelatorium - connecting all dots

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Dear Fellow ATS-sers!

For a long time I have withdrawn from writing here for many reasons, one of them is my poor writing skills.
So in the beginning I would like to apologize for my english, with hope that you will understand what I want to say.

I have been following many threads here on ATS, fascinated by broad range of topics, from which I could learn and make my own research wider.
I have a strong feeling, that we are going to be witnesses of amazing changes within a time frame let's say next 5 years, and yes I'm very anxious how our future will unfold.

I believe our human civilization is much older than our official history is teaching us, I believe many threats here are touching interesting points to proof my believe.
I have enjoyed reading
and I'm certain there are many other important "hints" leading towards that idea.

Let me post some links here:
Forbidden Egyptology

Dropa Stones

Japanese Underwater Piramids

Nazca Lines

Ruins of Tiahuanaco near Lake Titicaca

Incan "Stargate" in Peru

Stone forest in Peru

Ancient Artifacts

There are many more interesting discussions on this forum, which touch the same subject and worth mention here, those I mentioned above are the most striking examples for me.

What is interesting, that many of those findings connect us to another important discovery - we are not alone in the universe and we have been visited by extraterrestrials trough our whole history,
I would say even more - history of human kind is connected to the history of the Universe and we are descendants of much more powerful galactic civilization.

Again some links:

Ancient Astronauts

Urantia Book

Terra Papers

Both, Terra papers and Urania book led me to conclusion that we are not only connected to our extraterrestrial ancestors in our third dimension level, but we are created as sort of "vessels" for multidimensional beings we call Soul

Lately I discovered and interesting site called the Revelatorium
which in my eyes connects all those dots together, explains what had happened to us, and what our future will bring.
This site or rather the book in this site made connection between my reason and my spiritual part
and that is why I decided to share it here, where all my discoveries began

I would like to thank to all for sharing your knowledge,

Love and light,


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