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The Real Aliens - All other suggestions are false

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by uknow_me72

To be honest, its almost as if you see yourself as the new messiah. If that is the case, you need serious medical help. No offence.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by sandman692

can you direct me to any evidence of this? anything at all? if you dont want to tell it here on the board, feel free to PM me

define "slightly telepathic" if they can't read minds... is it like being "slightly retarded" or "slightly overweight" ?

ok, im not saying you can't count, but if you only lived 4 lives, why are you describing 5? you say you died when you were almost a billion, and i don't think you were a cowboy for that long, then you were a ww2 commander, but which one? what was his name? and a platoon leader in nam, after which you apparently died again, only to start a new life, rejoin the military, and end up in the SAME platoon? i'm sorry, but im gonna call BS on this one unless you can provide some.... actually... no, im pretty sure that there's nothing you can tell me that will make me believe that you're not on drugs right now...

so we've got the billion years with no description, a cowboy, ww2 commander, nam platoon leader, and platoon leader for the same platoon, see? 5 lives.

You remember when I told you that I was alive for a billion years before I came to Earth.... We encountered the Targs severeal thousand Years ago here on Earth. They followed us back and wanted to be part of our Galatic Federation so they can do what they are doing to this planet and see the bigger idea of controlling an entire federation. We rejected them. They know we are comming here because this Galazy is part of our federation. If you read any of my post I mention God and Satan. You know Satan wants to be God to Yahwehs creations and to Rule over what is Gods. If you know any of that at all from the Bible or heard that before it true, there is a reason the Bible was made. It was not to start a religion. It was a survival manual telling you exactly what was happening until the roman catholic church got a hold of it and changed it. The RC was created by Satan and the Targs. Thats who the Targs are. They are the Fallen Angels in physical form that got cast from the heavenly realm.

So say you see a UFO, you go man is that a UFO you get ubducted... Because you seen them and you projected that out to them in there general direction and they pick it up and go to the source, because you are suppost to be asleep and not see them.

I died in an ambush from the Targs when I came to Earth. We were here looking for a ship that went this way and didnt come back. There is a crash site that hasn't been discovered but it soon will.... REMEMBER THE CRASH SITE IT WILL BE BIG NEWS.

In Nam I died when I was a young 19 year old man. If you ever seen an ambush in the movies when a platoon is strolling the the jungle to an empty village and gun fire errupts.... Same story get the picture. I had the memories of that clearly and me laying there dying. No Troops left behind. My Body is buried with the Soldiers in DC.

As for the cowboy I came across the western frontier and got mixed up with Indian Witch Doctors.... They ended up not liking me and killing me to sacrific for their vodoo...

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by uknow_me72

and platoon leader for the same platoon

So you are admitting to being in the US military then? To be honest I find this very hard to believe. As a platoon leader (officer) you would have had to have had post secondary education and get into the officers training school and get good grades in all of your subjects(math, physics, ENGLISH). No offence but reading your posts, you don't seem to have a really good grasp on the English language (written)........something mandatory for an officer in the US military as they have to also write reports and such.

I'm calling BS on your apparent current roll as a platoon leader in the military, and if that is true then the rest of everything you have written(poorly)here is BS as well.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by QBSneak000

Nah I am am not in the Military and have not been this life time. That was then. There is nothing that I can do to show you anything else until you get your own expiriances of waking up and remembering that you may have also had several lives and that you are a child of God before this world.

You discredited the thoughts that you had when you were younger and the dreams that told you who you were. You did it so much that you eventually stopped having them and this put you asleep and made you forget. The population as a whole and the dream senario was and idea put out by the control group so people will generally discredit them and not take them as it could be you in the past and there is not TRUTH behind them. The encouraged the population to believe that it is there imagination and they are "just dreams".

I am not the Messiah but Yeshua will return. I am a leader of the free world. I am waking you up as we talk. You know it make sense and you know what is right. The problem is you are using flawed logic to think if it can be true. This is not to discredit you but you can understand that this world is an illusion and most of what they taught you is limit and false you will understand what I mean by flawed logic. You are trying to use flase data to come up with a reasonable answer but can not because false data is not reasonable.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by uknow_me72

I was A platoon leader in NAM and there is the now!!! I am still the commander and platoon leader that I was before.

Ok, now you have contradicted yourself. Its obvious you are talking in circles and don't remember the claims you have made earlier. I'm sorry but as much as this is a good story......thats all it is....a story! once you start backpeddling like you have, the BS makes itself more apparent.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by prevenge

I would be more apt to call them "Tards", because if they went through ALL that trouble to control us, then they sure miscalculated something somewhere to allow uknow_me72 to blow their cover.


ROFL! Yea, I completely agree with prevenge. He is right.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by uknow_me72

Remember that the truth is often mixed in with lies to confuse and distract the seeker and make it difficult for others to take them seriously. it really looks to me like you need to spend some time purging the lies from the truth

you also need to learn to be more open minded and respectful of other peoples beliefs and perceptions and they will in return be more open minded and respectful of yours. you probably just want to try to spread the word to help others but until you learn these things your message will go relatively ignored by most. i made the same mistakes when i was younger so im speaking from experience here

good luck to you

[edit on 29-5-2008 by HuntaXX]

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 05:06 AM
Right i see where he is coming from it just seems a little to complicated alot of messed up info the basic premise i think is right which is that Aliens are Demons but the rest id leave out anyway heres a link to a post that seems to make a bit more sense to the idea of Aliens being Demons

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 11:37 AM
QB: There is no tracking back just mis-understanding on your end. So your claims of BS has no bar...

Huntaxx: I am plenty open minded thats how I found the Truth and I understand everyones believe's at the same time it is not going to make me stop telling them if they are NOT OPENED MINDED ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING.

Flank: I agree there are Truth in the Lies and have said that since the beginning of my time on ATS trying to get people out of there box. Now you use the line against me. The other conspiracies you have to weed out the lies and there is not enough Truth in each of those conspiracies. Understand that those conspircies of NWO, Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, Dracos, there is one other one are all lies with the some Truth scattered throuh them. This is there cover up and is designed so you pick which conspiracies best fits you but none of them are complete.

If you can take a moment to go over my post, I mean all of them and make yourself a digest and take 20 minutes to read them you will understand.

I have to play hardball here just to slap some sense into everyone gravitating to the wrong end. This is how important it is that everyone know the correct information. It is your CHOICE TO BELIEVE WHAT EVER YOU WILL LIKE but when the time comes you will know who is right,


There is a storm comming and it is the biggest storm you have seen. Choose your side. Light or Dark.

The ARC is being built and passangers are welcome. When the storm comes the door will shut and it may be to late for those that have not found the TRUTH.

So what everyone understands is something is going on but they are not doing anything about it. I AM. I am standing up for my rights I am standing up for the people. I am calling BS on the pre-fabricated Conspiracies that everyone knows already, I am calling BS on what they people are doing...

Someone in the early post asked my what the Aliens want to do with us and I did not answer....I will now so you can see why we need to unite under a common cause, you do not need to be on my side just get your own troops...Look I am offering you a solution that doesn't need to have ties to me, just prepare yourself.

The Aliens want to breed us to make us their worker ants to create spaceships and other weapons so once they are done with our planet and have complete control they can move one. Amongst that they want to EAT YOU.... We will be worker ants that come in with out knowing once you go behidn that door you are done. This is going to be your future. The NWO is connected to them and with all the turmoil and the disolving of your rights is getting ready for this. The news reporting the British UFO files open and the Roman Catholic Church saying it's ok to believe in Aliens is all the precursor and getting you ready.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by uknow_me72

Thanks for at least clearing up the misunderstanding. No harm or offence intended.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 12:39 PM
I have found something that I want to kind of help illustrate the lies that they make in the story while telling the Truth about something.

The Acturians which is where my Billion year life span was started until I came to Earth...

This is the conspiracy that had put out there to lead dis-information.

Some information in there is correct and then on the other end there who discription is wrong and what we are doing here is wrong....

they had made this story so when the Truth reveals it's self they have some type of dis-information back up it and to discredit when you go searching the google engine for information...

Read it and ask yourself why do they have this information, Understand it is all to lead you the wrong way. ask me something about it I can give you a better description of what the Acturians are why we are here to help. If you go back a few pages look at my desriptions and you can figure it out from there where they explained the complete opposite.

I have offered to mail you a Book what they will aslo give you a better description, what I am saying is real and you needs to believe it. for the future...

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Check out the Cover of the book.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:04 PM
Take your time and read through my Threads and post if you really want to know what is going on.

I am spreading this message to spur action in all of you to do something.

This life is not what you think and the Bigger Picture is much bigger then you know at this time.

Please get ready for the collapse that is going to happen and being spread around the board.

The source of our problem is Satan and still the same evil that was in the Bible and we have not got rid of it but embraced it even more.

It's not just a cute story. YOu know something is wrong. So get ready.

There is a solution. I am working on the team with that solution. Get ready for more updates.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by uknow_me72

It's not just a cute story. YOu know something is wrong. So get ready.

There is a solution. I am working on the team with that solution. Get ready for more updates.

Oh my, the suspense is killing me, however, I don't think I will "elect" to read either the 81 page "free" pamphlet you are about to advertise, or purchase the book you have put a link to.

Would you kindly pass along that message to Aurora for me, since she is far to busy to post here herself, being the guardian of the world and all, and has selected you as a team member to spread the word about her book.


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