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Man Arrested For 'Turning Without a Signal'

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by eyewitness86
What is needed is a group to investigate where cop's live and publish the info online. Let the filthy pigs know that if they anger the public by doing stupid things then we will know where to find them when they don't have a dozen other thugs behind them. I would expose every cop's home address and personal info if I could, and let the cop's get a new attitude. Maybe is THEY sweated a while worrying about a drive by they would not abuse the people.

An armed society is a polite society, and if cop's were taken down a notch every time they stepped out of line they would change. If a cop is protecting and serving then why should they worry? if they are arresting people to harrass them for using the first amendment rights, then they are fair game and should be in fear for their miserable lives.

It is disturbing that you would suggest going so far as to endanger the officer's life after hearing only one side of the story. At least give the cop the benefit of the doubt and get more information before making a judgement.

I know a cop. When he finds a small amount of marijuana on a person he will give them a Notice To Appear (NTA) rather than arresting them and filling up the local jail with minor offenders. So, arresting someone for failing to use a turn signal sounds WAY out of the ordinary. The guy says he "challenged" the ticket, but it doesn't say what he means by that. It is a very vague term. Here's a thought: perhaps he did more than verbally challenge the ticket and the cop is cutting the guy a lot of slack by ONLY arresting him for the initial offense.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by spaznational

Perhaps...maybe..blah blah now the filthy pig did the guy a FAVOR, huh? Unreal. You turn an arrest for a trun signal into a favor for the arrested guy...amazing. All the driver did was NOT give into the pig's harrassment. If a cop asks questions, we have ZERO obligation to chat with them...answering any questions is not required at all. The filthly cop didn't like the fact that the guiy didn't fall down and worship the scummy cop and so the scummy cop arrested him to show him who had the last word..that is what happened.

The filthly pig would have charged the guy with anything he could, and since it is NOT required that we answer questions or act afraid and contrite around the scum, the scum resents it as they always want top be treated as God's and as special people, when in fact they are less than human as far as I am concerned. Cop's today are scum and will abuse the law and harrass people for not bowing down to them, as in this case.

All you cop lovers out there will change you tune fast when one of the scum bothers you for no reason...but then again maybe you will say " Yassuh Master " to them and stroke them a few times so they will not abuse you...I would rather fight fire with fire and ruin the scum...publish all cop's personal info as widely as possible and let them learn a few lessons ios acting nice to the people who are paying their salaries....they are our servants, for God's sake.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 10:00 AM
Bottom line is, if you refuse to sign an issued ticket, you will get arrested - that's the law.

And now we're forced to hear this poor troublefree kid and his family whine about him spending 3 hours in a jail cell... give me a damn break.

How about you learn to follow the law, retake your drivers ED and quit the damn whining.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by eyewitness86
reply to post by spaznational

Perhaps...maybe..blah blah now the filthy pig did the guy a FAVOR, huh? Unreal. You turn an arrest for a trun signal into a favor for the arrested guy...amazing.

Maybe you should try reading what I wrote instead of reading what you want to see. Then you would understand that I was only offering a thought, a vague possibility, not an account of any actual event.

Also, you are jumping to a conclusion based not on facts (since we lack the facts for this case) but on an unreasonable bias. People with your bias tend to be on the wrong side of the law. I don't do illegal activities and I don't have trouble with cops... funny how that works, eh?

You say that cops are here to serve us, but apparently your definition of "serve" is to let us get away with breaking the law.

Qbedobedoo, you are correct sir!

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 11:35 PM
Texas law is quite possibly one of biggest complaints I have as an American.
I live in Texas. We're not far from Dallas County, proud home of the most verified wrongful convictions in the entire nation. (Google the Innocence Project of Texas to see how bad it gets)

When I read an article such as this, several things come to mind.

First, Texas has the largest prison system in the US. Each year it puts more Americans to death than any other state. And more people than the entire European Union combined. Imagine that.

Do you know why Texas has such a large prison population? Until 2001 Texas had no indigent defense or what most states call public defenders. jmagine that.

Let me go further see Texas is one of only four states that still adhere to UPL (Unlicensed Practice of Law), which leaves the courts as the domain of the lawyers excluding the citizen's right to speak in a courtroom (without having purchased the services of a lawyer to speak for him/her).

Texas sued Nolo Press for violating UPL. Nolo Press, those good folks who provide the do-it-yourself divorce kits, counter sued. Eventually there was a deal struck or Texas would have lost. Although Texas did not give in on the point of citizens having access to the courts, they did allow the judge to determine if he/she would hear the citizen.

This is a key point one must understand clearly to see how bad UPL can be. The judge may hear you. You may have every point of law in your favor. Yet if that judge choses, he/she can decide everything you said was moot because you aren't a lawyer. And you lose.

In 1968 the state of New York struck down UPL ruling that it closed and barred the doors of the courts to the average citizen. 45 other states agreed justice could not be done if the courts omitted the citizen from the process.

Of the remaining four states, Texas was the only state that required a person to purchase the services of a lawyer, and had no public defender or indigent defense program. Imagine that. You're charged with a crime, taken into a courtroom, and if you can't afford an attorney, well, we don't have to give you one. (Out of the goodness of our heart, we might, but get what you pay for.)

And it was that way until 2001 when Rodney Ellis, in a late night session with the state senate, pushed through a bill for a $20 million dollar indigent defense program.

Like most of you I believed in the system until I spent 171 days behind bars in a small county federally funded jail at which point a federal court in Lufkin, Texas signed a Writ of Habeaus Corpus to release me.

Unless you are willing to hear a truth you aren't prepared to accept, don't ask, don't investigate, and don't question. Just realize there are many cases dealing with injustices that will never be heard in a courtroom in Texas because lawyers (and judges) do not want to deal with the truth. The truth is worth less when you can pays better to lie.

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by spaznational

So you believe that beiong innocent means that you will not be vidtimized by the filth? Have you been reading nothing but cop mag's lately? There are HUNDREDS of cases every year in which the cop's abuse the wrong person, and they do not even apologize after they have found out they were wrong. Being innocent is NO guarantee that you will not be a victim of corrupt and stupid cop's. Tell the 92 year old Atlanta woman about how honest and nice cop's are....oh, wait...she is dead from their gunshots based on lies and phony warrants.

For one, I would be glad to sign a document that allows the cop's to ignore all requests for help freom my address, they can leave me long as they never bother me either. Fair enough? If I never bother them then they should never bother me. If they do, they will find out fast about a real attitude. I do not like cop's anyway, most are bullies and sissies and cowards that have to have a crowd around them before they take any action. If a thug cop has a dog and a tank and a few dozen other pig;s behind him, then maybe he will venture out and bust some old woman or kid...great heroes, huih?

I enjoy flipping cop's off: It is totally legal in all 50 states and is NOT disordely conduct or any of the other LIES that cop's spew all day long. Cop's are LIARS, all day liars, and that can be proven easily. All day the cop's tell us that we cannot refuse their ' orders ' even tho that is a lie...and they are really trained well in avoiding the laws they are supposed to be enforcing.

Locally, we are going thru trials of the former sheriff of Buncombe county for gambling payoffs and such...all these backwater sheriffs are crooks and on the take. I have seen sheriffs sell moonshine right out of their patrol cars and take bribes to cover up drug sales. Of course the revenue comes from the petty pot busts and tickets that end up in court so the filth busts as many easy targets as possible and intimidate and harrass those who are weak and do not know the law.

Cop's never charge people for not using a turn dignal; it is always just an excuse to stop someone and harrass them further...ask any cop that would tell the truth ( thats a rare one!) and they will tell you that turn signals and lights out are just excuses to stop a car and maybe get consent to search and find a roach and ruin a liofe...thats what the filth lives hell with them all. If I had my way every cop would be drug tested every month and placed on a polygraph every six months and asked abouit perjury and lying and violating rights...not one would pass .

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Yes we are serious! How could you not be?! when someone doesnt signal then it increases the risk for an accident. would you rather have 1 person put in jail or several injured ,or even dead, from a crash?!

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