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obama's wife hated american until now?WTF

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by bigbert81
Where do you get your facts from?

I took it as him being sarcastic and just joking around ...
As to if it was a good joke or not ...

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

No I didn't. I read it. But it was completely flawed.
Berti .. just because you say it, doesn't make it fact, ya' know?

No, but I at least shouldn't have to go back and repeat myself for something I said just on the previous page. How many times do you NORMALLY have to hear something before you get it?

Either he doesn't know better, or he believes the crap Wright spews

Yep. I guess you've narrowed it down to the only 2 options. I'm still trying to decide which one of these fits me for the friend I have whom I disagree with.

Thank you kind Sage. Hmmm, only 2 choices...

He was foolish then .. and he's STILL foolish at almost 50 years old for hanging out with the guy and making him his mentor. You can't excuse him because he started the relationship in his early 20s.

Wow, talk about blind. I trust you believe and follow everything YOUR friends believe? Tell me, if they jumped off a bridge, would YOU jump off a bridge as well?

the man has a relative empty resume ... he doesn't have potential POTUS level 'contributions'

Hmmm, that is a 100% opinionated matter. Please do share YOUR requirements for becoming president; afterall, who the hell cares about the issues or a man's views, WE only care about experience, because what he says goes, and nobody else has anything at all to do with it.

any 'contributions' he may have do NOT excuse him for his very close and long term association with anti-white/anti-American Wright.

YES I can say 'too little, too late' because that's exactly what it is. Obama wasn't going to do any denouncing of this guy and the ONLY reason he did was because the house fell down on top of him. Too little, too late. And his denouncement was completely unbelievable

As far as Wright being friends with Obama, too little too late. Sound familiar? If Wright is TRYING to make Obama look bad, too little too late. Now, do you SEE how that term can be used both ways?

And wow, I can see that you read minds too. Yes, it's clearly obvious that Obama wouldn't have done anything had the 'house fell on top of him'.
Amazing you can see what Obama's moves WOULD have been. Amazing. Have you ever tried calling James Randi?

YOU certainly are!

Wow. Good one. Very clever.

Your post insinuated it. You called Hillary and McCain liars and said that we shouldn't vote for them because of it. I showed that Obama is also a liar. Thus, any arguement that he's better because Hillary and McCain are liars is a non-arguement. They ALL lie.

Hmmm, shouldn't we be looking at everything going on here? Let's compare WHO exactly has a REAL track record of lying. Answer: Hillary.

Who has cheated, and admits to intent to cheat to win? Hillary.

Who went against a PLEDGED oath to get what he/she wanted? Hillary.

Who's campaign is run off of lies and UNDISCLOSED information? And yes, that DOES include the TRUE source of her $5 million. Hillary.

Who thinks it's right to FORCE Americans, under penalties, to pay for health insurance, whether they can afford it, need it, want it, or not? Hillary.

Who has a public speaking record of supporting NAFTA? Hillary.

Who has refused to TALK with at least one of our enemies first? Hillary.

Who supports torture? McCain

Who supports a PERPETUAL war? McCain

Who has the endorsements of Bush and Cheney (using YOUR logic here)? McCain

Who will most likely mirror Bush and Cheney's stay in office? McCain

Who, if elected, has the better chance of attacking Iran? McCain

Who's spiritual guide (your logic again), want to DESTROY Islam? McCain.

Who has been caught lying more than Obama, yet less than Hillary? Take a guess.

Who has been publicly heard making racist remarks? McCain.

Who's the MOST experienced candidate who has admitted "he doesn't really understand economics?" McCain. Score one for experience, huh?

I could go on and one with these.

Everyone has already shouted why. Many times. Your pro-obama biased-ness is getting in the way here berti

And why do you think I'm Obama biased, especially after reading the above?

Obama is a proven liar - just like all politicians. Therefore he is NOT about 'change' or 'hope'. He's just another politican

I guess that depends on what your definition of 'change or hope' is. That should be pretty obvious.

Obama claims he's the candidate of 'unity' but he has been an active participant in an anti-american/anti-white church for 20 years. His spiritual advisor and personal mentor is a racist pig. Therefore Obama is NOT a candidate of 'unity'

No. It's a victim mentality, which I will admit, I don't quite agree with, but then again, I've never had to deal with some of the stuff these people have. It's not so much 'anti-white' as it is pro-black. I suggest you separate the 2.

Judicial Watch has him as one of the top ten most corrupt politicians in DC.

Tony Rezko ... read up

BECAUSE of Tony Rezko. Quit trying to separate the two to make it sound worse.

An empty resume compared to Hillary and McCain.

Hmmm, let's see what 'EXPERIENCE' has really done. Well, like I said, McCain has ADMITTED to not knowing much about economics. And let's see here, Obama's and Hillary's voting records are nearly identical, except for one BIG factor. The war. Hillary voted FOR the war. Obama against. Yeah, I guess that must've been experience talking there, huh?

Not to mention Obama being correct about Pakistan while Clinton was calling him naive. Another point for experience.

What he claims to want to do with America is financially impossible. He'd destroy what is left of this economy. Every economist says so. (not to mention the fact that what he wants goes deep into socialism - and we are NOT a socialist country)

I'm sorry, but I fail to see this. Please give me some of your sources for this info. Funny, I'm doing some looking, yet I can't seem to find ANYTHING that agrees with you. Did you get your information from Fox? C'mon, did you? Maybe you left the TV on and got caught up in Hannity & Colmes?

his wife is a racist and anti-american

Ummm, isn't that what we're debating in this thread? So therefore, I don't think it's quite fair to make statements like this like they're true.


Thank you, I try.

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posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 01:36 PM
lol we got a 4 man 3 page running

are there tie's to her being anti-american? yes there are
are there tie's to a hate filled church that preach's anti-white and gd america?yes there is

i still say 1+1=2

but in some form of math we can dived it x 5 =more hatred

but some will take away -50 lol

then we back to square one.

but then again hillary was never called a Nword...but i haven't seen hillary cry yet about women not being abale to vote...till after the black man.

liek i said i give them both respect for running and makign history and sparking our intrest in our nation again.

rock the vote didn't work we got a black man a woman and a old man backed by bush lol

sure heated up huh lol

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 07:55 PM
Well... it is very difficult to try to use Humor over the net...

Ther emight be a slight problem in using sarcasim... and i will not use the sarcasim tags... you know * sarcasim*...

Sigh... but i guess i have to when in the releam of Politics...

So.. where do i go from here...

Ill be honest as possible, i just don't trust Obama... i don't, from the moment in the '04 elections where one of the Alphabet news channels interviewied him, after he had won his congrestional seat. The interview was stragne, and unlike any other interview of a congressman, they asked the Unknow Obama if he was planning to ruin for president, and mentioned this several times in the first interview.

From the first moment that Obama was in the Mainstream media, he has been the Darling of the media.

It has been my idea from the start, that the Clinton Machine made Obama thier man, to take the heat off of Hilliary.

They went out and found the Most unelectable person for the job... his unelectablitly would help make Hilliary look more centrist, and 'help' her win...

Make no mistake about it, he has a TON of unelectably charecteristics:
He has a severe lack of experience
He is the FIRST mix Race Canidate
He is Black
He is to the left of Clinton
His middle name is the name of a Modern Day dictator that we are with War with (at the time)
And his last name Rhymes with the name of the Ghoast we can't catch...

Unfourtunatly the Clinton Machine underestimated the stupidity of the American Voting Populace...

Obama has capitilized on his unknown quanity... and was able to make it thru the debate cycle without laying any structure to his plans that he plans to put into action.

Now the Hordes of the Mindless followers, those that all they need is someone to tell them they deserve somethuing from the goverment, that the goverment is entiltled to give them something... they found thier man... Clinton begain to look centrist, her experience was working against her... and with no areas to point to of Obamas shortcomings.. the people migrated to the UNknown... It was not important what his message is... but only that he is now the 'idea' of change... while not having to commit to any change.

Obama has a brilliant speach writer, and his victory over the Clinton Machine is one that should be an insprational tale... but don't fall into it...

The Machine always wanted Obama to stay in.. stay in this far.. i dont think so... stay in and STAY AHEAD of Clinton... the Machine did not think that...

So now the CLinton Machine has a problem... thier Electrial cycle straw-man has turned into a 'At the polls Monster'.. and is now defeeating the Machine at every stop...

THe Clinton Machine has made thier own Monster, the man that will defeat her, was nurtued by the Machine... he was brought thru the cycle, give free pass after free pass... and now he has grown up and is in the battle of his life against his Creator...

Mabye Obama is realy just an average guy.. just a good American who loves his country.. a man that was taken in by the Clinton Machine to be used... now he has risen up, and he will defeat his creator...

But that does not mean i will give him a free pass... i will not decide to jump on with the Machines choice, just because he is getting better poll Numbers then the Machine...

When i see someone given the Blind benifet of the doubt OVER AND OVER... i can't help but be skeptical... its my nature...

Now that the Clintons are being threatened, they are bringing out all the negatives about Obama... and i am glad they are... His pastor is a SERIOUS concern... ATS has been looking into him for Months now, but now that the MSM has gotten ahold of the story... they can't seem to shut up about it. The views of his wife are also a little scary...

Ther is something to be said about the people we surround our selfs with... his wife and Pastor are not a couple of people that he met a few times... they are THE major players in his life...

I have met people that share the same veiw of that of his pastor... people that Hate the very core of America... people that belvie that the White Man has caused EVERY problem that black people face... but i don't stay friends with those people... if they are beyond Reason.. then.. there is no point to argue...

Do I hate Obama... no... in fact i like him the MOST out of the 3 major Canidates... there are threads on this site WHERE I advocate people to vote FOR Obama...

*warning Sarcasim coming up*

Let me make this clear...

I am not a Fan of Juan McCain... he has for years been my Favorite liberal... but he is dead to me... DEAD... dead ever since he helped Hand craft the 'Amesity Bill Horror' with Diane Frankin-Feinstein... and Ted 'the not dead' Kennedy...

HIlliray Rotten Clinton is a intimidating figure... unlimited power will do that... i am barely old enough to remember what was going on in the '90's, about how people that got in the way of the Clintons, they foiund themselves room tempature...

So that leaves us with Barrack 'Not that' Huessain Obama (or Osama)... a man of mystery... the other 2 canidates, there is a history, there is ALOT of history, and we know, or at least should know, that past history is the best indicator of performance in the future...

Everything i have learned about Barrack has only made me distance myself from him... you can not get straight answers out of him... and i though ti might be able too, the other 2 its hopeless to think you are going to get a straight answer... but we have come to expect that...

There is still hope, mabye Obama can turn it all around, mabye he will start to lay out some of his plans, mabye he will start to denouce those around him that are Liablities... ( His pastor needs to be looked into, Obama still stands by him, and thus by what he has stated... other 'promeneit' people were involed in this church, Oprah, for instance, imediatly dropped from the Church, she was smart enough to know that this Anti-American guy might hurt her Billion dollar buissness... so she droped him...

So who knows... i know i wouldn't have that pastor as a friend if those were his views... but well... this leads me to the only conclusion... that Obama has to at Least AGREE with some of these things that his pastor was saying...

In closing.. i just dont trust him.... and i am SURE there is more dirt.. there has to be...

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 09:21 PM
The previous poster is correct. More than that though the Democrats have screwed themselves. Clinton is going to convience the super delegets that Obama is not electable. Even though the nomination should go to Obama it won't.

When this happens the blacks will sit home thinking they got robbed by the white man and Clinton will lose in the General Election... McCain will get the blame for everything but will eventually win. Then we will have ATS'ers posting here how the Reublicans did "it" again...

Btw... I don't have a dog in this fight... I hate Obama, I think he is more of a racist American Hater than Hillary. Hillary is just down right evil and McCain is way to old and ill tempered. Its all pre-determined folks... Its just a giant fun game to watch.

I will write in Ron Paul with my own very thick Black Magic Marker and stuff it in the rigged voting machine and it will probably come out the other end as a vote for Mickey Mouse...

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posted on Jul, 26 2016 @ 01:18 AM

originally posted by: beforetime

She say's for the first time in my adutl life im proud of my country....

So before Obama wife you was hateign yoru own country ....

go back under your rock hag.......

July 25, 2016

Fast forward to today. Michelle is not only "proud" of America, but now, thanks to her husband, the United States of America is "the greatest country on Earth".

Meanwhile, every speaker at the DNC convention is saying how bad America is in jobs, race relations, poor pay, etc... After 8 years of the Barack Obama presidency only his wife Michelle feels that things are better than they've ever been.

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