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Alien Spaceship(?) Shooting Plasma-Like Jets Near Saturn!!

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by TrentReznor

That just about settles this for me, didn't even notice that.
But yes, really beautiful images.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 03:14 PM
Great anime!

Looks to me like a collision between one of the moons or orbiting astroïds, with an meteor or something. Just my 2cents.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 03:56 PM
I post here a HRG report that relates closely to this very interesting news:

H.R.G. clears out that the report to the 119+1 meaning 120 ships of the opponent doesn’t carried out in order to discourage the Hellenes (and the white race) but in order to report the actual situation.

From the astrostrategic H.R.G. charts it is proven that the 120 giga ships of the Draconian Starfleet out of those the 118 stationed in Jupiter’s orbit *, have as an opponent 360 visible giga ships - war planets and 600 giga ships stationed in Saturn’s orbit, invisible to the optical telescopes, and visible only through neutrino telescopes like the neutrino telescope of Island Sfakthrias Pylos, Japan etc.
The 118 giga ships in Jupiter’s orbit and the 360 giga ships in Saturn’s orbit have been observed by the observatories team on “Mauna Kea” mountain of Hawai-US and their spectrum analysis reveals titanium alloy.
H.R.G. is not aware of the interference times of the 960 Andromedian WarPlanets.
In any case, the traitors Epsilon, Greek Masons, Theosophical and Philosophical, and the rest of traitors will have bitter end, eliminated either by the Chinese (Sin-Zion-Sina) or by the arrival of the Andromedian StarFleet.

Some of the receivers of the 3rd HRG Signal, irreversibly addictioned to receive poisoned and mutated “mental food” from the “super markets” of HebrewSaxons University & Goverments and Mass Media, deny to accept as truth the HRG revelation about the “Andromedian StarFleet stationed in Saturn’s orbit and the Draconian StarFleet stationed in Jupiter’s orbit”, because “NASA” and the observatories “Mauna Kea” of Hawai, which are specialized in observing Saturn and Jupiter, through the Media and their WebPages claim that the “dozens new satellites of Saturn and Jupiter are physical bodies”.
In the case the above mentioned receivers of the 3rd Signal accept as truth the official University False-Claim that the “above mentioned physical bodies, from the years 2001 to 2003 left their orbits in our solar system in order to gather specifically in Saturn’s and Jupiter’s orbits”, then there is a serious problem with the signal receivers intelligence.

* The two draconian flagships, hybrid Levan and metallic Lilith remains in Earth's orbit and doesn't take part in war operations to the height of the Gas Giants orbits.

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by TrentReznor
In my opinion after reading only the first two pages of this thread I thought Lens flare(and yes I have read all the rest of it first :-)

its not the lens flares I'm used too but these cameras are not your typical cameras and lenses and lots of weird Artifacts appear on them

Lens flare? why?

this anim one of you posted clearly shows any bright object that goes out of range of camera view at the edges flares at the bottom and top exiting and entering the cameras view..... look

the brightly lit moon that hit the edge of camera view "flares" into the frame as it enters..then exits

there wonderfull images though.

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All the things seen in olegkvasha's post I am very familiar with as a result of the camera and the lens and the quoted post is very convincing. I, however am not fully convinced. In this slow "frame by frame" animation the supposed lens flare appears to have moving particles. Also the shape of the "flare" is typical of z-pinch shapes as it becomes thinner and then widens again when it gets closer to the psd.gif
On the other hand, the coordination with the flare ariving once the moon leaves the frame is very compelling, especially when there is a flare when it first enters the frame. However, the flare which happens when entering the frame does not appear to have "moving particles" and appears to have a perfect v shape. (I cannot be definitive about that as the frame or frames I am referencing need to be extracted from the animation as the animation is quite fast. I am at work and don't have the program here to do that.) I think a comparision of the 2 flares would really help to decide this issue. A this point, and we will see what such an analysis will show, but I think there is sufficiant evidence that this particular animation and/or set of images cannot be used as evidence for what I set forth as a possibility earlier. (maybe a comparision of the 2 flares will confirm or deny that this is simply a lens flare, we will have to see. Maybe someone else can do it before I get home and have the time to do it.)
Also, the flare which show up upon entry appears to just flash which would be expected, whereas, the flare leaving the frame grows, seperates, and then dissipates.

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 04:12 PM
Well, the more I think about it and the more I look at it. I think you may be right that it is a lens flare. The all the images show a flare which is similar from saturn. This is the lens flare present in every image and it is also disconnected from saturn. Also, in the animation you posted there is a flash from the rings of saturn before the lens flare of the entering moon. Also, the flare which happens when the moon exits disappears so suddenly and the shape which I pointed out may also be due to distortion cause by the edges of the lens.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 04:18 PM
It is lens flare. Remember the entrance and exit flares would likely be different as the angles the moon is traversing will be different on each side. As it enters the frame it is coming effectively across the lens. As it exits it is about to make its 'u-turn' and from that angle is slowing down to change directions right out of the frame. It makes sense that the flare looks different and even particle like. Look at Saturns, it is also particle like, but not shifting as it is stationary. The moon is moving hence the flare will change hence the particle effect.

Now, this is coming from a plasma cosmologist, so I'm not trying to discount all the people who are claiming it is a filament or other discharge phenomena. I'm just more oriented to this being a lens flare effect due to the positioning of the object and camera, and the fact the object is moving explains the different flare and the change in it.

edited to add: again, I also believe there is plenty of life in the universe and that there very well could be ships all over the place. I just don't think this is a propulsion system in this instance.

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Thanks for your input! (as well as others input) I totally see what you are say and now totally agree that this is a lens flare. (this is why we have these discussions so that we may see all the sides and can therefore make come to the right conclusions) Although there is mountains of evidence for the electrical interations in space and particularly around saturn, this is not one of them. (also, I am not OFFICIALLY affiliated with the site or team.)

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 08:44 PM
I think what is most interesting about it regarding it being shown as it is leaving the view of the camera is that when it does is when we get to view the plume as it is on the Saturn facing side of the moon... it is visible to us for a few moments then its alignment is once again off and it renders the view less promenant..

Lens flare may play a part..

I however would like to see some x-ray analysis, infra red.. etc...

As far as it being .. GIGA SHIPS and Hybrid ships to some WAR being fought...

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 09:00 PM

Saturn's Moon Rhea Sports a Dusty Halo

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., March 6, 2008
Los Alamos instruments provide ion data

Who'd have guessed that Saturn has its own moon-sized vacuum cleaners, circling the ringed planet and sucking up electrons from the plasma at the orbit of the icy moons. Or that one of Saturn's moons has its very own vacuum in the form of a hitherto-unknown dust halo, not quite visible as a ring, around the midsection of Rhea, discovered by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Cassini is carrying among its instruments a pair of ion-mass and ion-beam spectrometers built by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

News of Rhea's hidden ring and its plasma-depleting capabilities is appearing in a Science magazine paper March 7, 2008, "The Dust Halo of Saturn's Largest Icy Moon, Rhea," which lists among its 35 coauthors Los Alamos space scientists Hazel J. McAndrews, Robert Tokar and Robert J. Wilson.

Read full article here
Thanks to V Kaminski for bringing this one to my attention.

Saturn's Moon Rhea Also May Have Rings
March 6, 2008
(Source: Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of material orbiting Rhea, Saturn's second largest moon. This is the first time rings may have been found around a moon.

A broad debris disk and at least one ring appear to have been detected by a suite of six instruments on Cassini specifically designed to study the atmospheres and particles around Saturn and its moons.

Read full article

Cassini Plasma Spectrometer Investigation
DOI: 10.1007/s11214-004-1406-4

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by olegkvasha

Nicely done olegkyasha, that clinches it for me, it's a lens flare. That first animation of yours shows a similar effect as it passes out of frame, although not as prominent.
The final animation I would say, is the result of same particles making there way past the filters to strike the lens.

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 09:16 PM
Before cassini started taking pics of this object, two guys one called Michael and one called Riley said that it was a huge mothership miles long and high.
They say they were taken on board this craft and go into great detail on it,Michael said this object actually grows in size and that on board they are building other crafts some of them V shaped and a mile long.
You can check out their stories at click on Michaels story you can also read the coming of tan.
Riley and Michael both say that Tan is the name of one of the beings on board,they interact with him to this day.
They also have pics of this craft taken by cassini,Tan said to both of them that they will be returning to earth in the future and that if they wanted to know about Gods existance then they should read the urantia book which was given to earth from them.
I have begun reading it and its fascinating,if this is all true then I hope they do come as it ties in with mans spirituality or lack of it and things are about to change dramatically.

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Cassini, now busy exploring Saturn's rings and moons, caught the blast on Nov. 11. Among its dozen instruments is the Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS) instrument, which measures the electric and magnetic wave fields in space and within planet's magnetic fields. It detected solar radio bursts from the particularly intense flares. By downshifting the frequencies and condensing the data from four hours to 15 seconds, researchers were actually able to make a sort of 'soundbite' of Cassini's data
Found this on NASA website by typing in "solar flare". Sorry, I am unable to do links.
Prior posts re: auroral activity got me thinking.
Just wondering if phenomenon could be some weird cause/effect from massive solar outburst.
Article goes on to state that our galaxy could be temporarily expanded by 400,000,000 miles due to event. Within 10 months. I would think that gives ample time for what ever energy form to have reached Saturn at time of image.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 12:02 AM
I can tell you now that NASA will explain this away as a reflection from Cassini's "Flash Bulb"...

ROFL LMAO Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

But seriously, thank you for all the great posts.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 12:20 AM

Originally posted by Ionized
It is lens flare.

I personally do not think this is the result of lens flare as some have suggested. Consider the shape of this emmission…

Does this look like a flare? Charged ionized particles seem to be emanating from the object like a fountain. Voyager 1 discovered a gigantic torus of plasma around Saturn that begins far beyond its ring system and extends 25 times the radius of the planet. Could it be this plasma interacting with a moon (Which one is this? Enceladus?) or shall we say 'object', which is producing these plasma jets?

The jury is still out on this one!


posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by TrentReznor

awesome sleuthin', dude.
'closer' to the truth.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 02:11 AM
Mike, excellent post, and congrat to yourself and Internos!

I found this while looking for a video sequence with a similar shape as the 'stream' you're talking about.

It explains the Enceleadus Plume pretty well, and shows a nice comparison of Yellowstone's Geyser.

This video below is more what I was looking for:

The shape you highlighted is what catches my attention here too. If this were a Lens Flare Effect we would not expect to see the expansion at the end of the 'stream'. The picture seems to show material being ejected from the object, and a clear dispersal pattern.

The animation on an earlier page where the 'stream' seems to appear at both the beginning and end of the animation (top and bottom of the gif)seems to be made from a different set of Cassini images than the images you are discussing that show the 'stream' in close up, do I have that correct?

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by WitnessFromAfar

Thanks WFA!

That vid was pretty interesting. What I liked particularly was the jet (not lens flare!
) emanating from it. Whether it's a geyser or a plasma jet, it sure is pretty to look at!!


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posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 04:03 AM
Y'all may have pegged me as a 'skeptic'...because I am, but if we see real evidince, then I am onboard!!

I mean, I will be on that train with YOU!!!

Just show some good, solid evidence, and I'm with ya all the way!!!

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

Right, having looked at this again properly, I'm pretty sure this is a lens flair. If you look at the post by olegkvasha on the 2nd page of the thread you can see the flair as it enters the camera shot and as it exits! I don't think there are UFOs in orbit around Saturn I'm afraid.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
Just show some good, solid evidence, and I'm with ya all the way!!!

Originally posted by timelike
I don't think there are UFOs in orbit around Saturn I'm afraid.

Probably, but have you seen what this object under discussion looks like from close up? Take a look....

Zoomed in by NASA....

Funny shape for a moon, what? And if it is, which one?? Looks like that light bulb I misplaced last month. Ahh..So that's where it is!! Near the rings of Saturn!!

And hey! Why the dickens would NASA want to zoom in this object particularly? Because they don't know what the heck it is!! So is there something fishy going on? Probably a UFO?? The plot thickens!


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