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Scientific Evidence of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence exists

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 09:57 PM
Ok Here is the first link Translation of the page I don't know if you have or not because I'm not reading the posts but Thought this might be helpful...

Very honored visitors

Some months ago the recommended periodical room published time a sensation: for the first time in the history of mankind, a voice transmission found via gravitation waves place, and to be sure between Germany and Russia. In the Nr. 116 of the periodical is reported even over a signal transmission between Germany and Australia.

How is that possible? After that globally Scaling theory that of de. rer. riveted. Hartmut Müller developed became, is develop the universe a dimension self-service boundary Resonator in the self-standing gravitation waves when consequence of ruin process and fusion processes take place that in the stars. Standing waves can develop and are only in limited media the result of the overlay of the original wave with its reflection. This standing gravitation waves swing with certain frequencies, that are distributed among a logaritmischen scale fraktal. The universe is not empty, but rather that filled form with Gravitonen everyone together a medium, named of Dr. Müller "gravitation ether". In this medium, gravitation waves spread similar to sound waves in the air.

With the help of 2 devices (named G-element and Bioguard) the one transformation of gravitation waves into electric signals and reversed cause, is arrive Dr. Müller to use a standing gravitation wave of natural origin as a carrier wave for an electric signal. Therefore the connection between Germany and Australia with an energy consumption of only 66 mW (!! became!) possible because the carrier wave (gravitation wave) was already available and didn't have to be produced first, like in the case of the usual broadcaster. With radio waves, the energy consumption several 100 W would have amounted to must!

What is however even more important, is the speed of the transmission, that the light speed exceeds according to user frequency by far. This is to be owed an important characteristic of the standing waves: once instructed, varies transmits itself its amplitude everywhere simultaneously, that is, the utility signal almost without loss of Time thanks to the almost endless phase speed. That is an essential difference between progressive waves and standing waves. Progressive waves (under that also normal radio waves) can reach maximally light speed. Standing waves can develop and are only in limited media the result of the overlay of the original wave with its reflection.

The condition for the formation of a standing wave within a limited medium is L = k*c/2*f, whereby L = the length of the medium, k = 1.2, 3,...n, c = light speed and f = frequency of the wave.

The fact that this transmission with over light speed realized became is the final surprise however not! The real bomb the rooms time in the Nr 116 burst let has is: some frequencies of the universal standing gravitation wave already are used!!! And to be sure NOT of persons!!! That is, it gives are at least two further civilizations that in a position over gravitation waves with over light speed to communicate. A communication over radio waves would be highly ineffective, for they would have to wait hunderte or cable envoy of years for an answer. For this reason the present SETI-project does not make much sense for the search for extraterrestial intelligence, for advanced civilizations would use no radio waves for communication. The solution is named already was made gravitation waves and the entry in this communication natured!

It is only would damage that room publishes time no blueprints for these communication devices, but rather solely the theory in addition, what actually yet already a large aid is. Of that globally Scaling theory outgoing we developed now an own gravitation wave receiver, am catches that actually a Multilevel-Resonator the gravitation waves and transform

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 10:02 PM
it simultaneously into electric signals. The blueprint of this receiver is published presumably end next week on the experiment-sides. Everyone the signals out of that all itself seek would like to can this already soon do. Although it sounds complicated, it is not: the heart piece is not turned becomes actual a special, handmade multiple gravielektrischer condenser (the same of that of Dr. Müller used becomes, he has its secret not revealed), behind that a before amplifier. All components (including. Schichtsilikat) can be acquired in the retail trade.

For that that the original report of room time read would want, is here it: on on the button "current edition" click, click then below on the side on the article "with 66 milliwatts to Australia".

Update 09.03.2002: the blueprint of the gravitation wave receiver is now on the experiment-sides. It to was received extra optimized around gravitation waves with frequencies around 40.8 KHz because this frequency by Dr. Müller was indicated as especially stable for communication. Except the hunt after ET-signals, it can become used to grasp around the "gravitationalen pulse" of the neighboring stars, what is extraordinarily interesting.

A filled cylinder in the self-standing wave with a certain frequency is develop the gravitation wave receiver. The filling (Schichtsilikat) has the characteristic to transform gravitation waves into electromagnetic waves.

Sorry but I cant put on the image below the first one : p

Update 15.03.2002: it is arrive us this week to construct a reduced version of the gravitation wave receiver and to set in function, to be encouraged that no more Parabolantene necessarily around to own oscillation. For that Skalarwellen are used now, that can be produced by means of a modified Skalarwellenemitters. The construction is simpler: the active element of the SWE is placed simply in the middle of the receiver and takes place activated until a resonance tie-in with the global gravitation wave. As reflectors, certain metallic egg goblets can be used out of the retail trade. The blueprints of the new receiver and the new Skalarwellenemitters are published next week simultaneously on the experiment-sides.

Update 22.03.2002: the blueprints for the reduced version of the receiver and for the new SWE are now on the experiment-sides.

The new gravitation wave receiver sees in about so out of like the G-element of the Dr. Müller, is encouraged however own oscillation with Skalarwellen to. What kind of method Dr. Müller in addition used is not well known.

UPDATE 28.03.2002: The entire relevant material that until now with the large gravitation wave receiver received became stands now the decree on the experiment-sides. Although the device day and night reception ready is gets one such signals only rarely, 2-4 once weekly, to different times. The graphic representation of the signals is possible and its appearance lets assume that it (most likely) are intelligent origin. Graphically to be able to represent around it became the signals on a VLF-Trägerwelle aufmoduliert, that can be processed by current Spectrum-analyzer-programs. Such a free-program is ready self graphically represent and analyze would want now on the experiment-sides for downloading, for that that such signals.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 10:41 PM
So they think the space entities (two worlds out in space somewhere) are talking to each other?

I wonder if there will be a follow up that can say what galaxy they are talking from.

and even better if they can get some smart people (like some folks that can learn foreign languages real easy, like the CIA hires people like that , that are real smart and learn I think I heard even 7 different peoples speech--even China I learned has a bunch of different lingo's that even some china folks don't know!!) If we could find out what the space aliens are saying that would really be cool for scientist (if they tell us also).

Seti has been going on for-ever and uses other regular peoples computers and still can't find nothing and all the politicians want the money for war and health insurance etc...

So this could be the break through joe sixx-pack needs to get the real truth on life in space!! Itss all really complicated to me how it works but I understand that the discovery is IMPORTANT and needs to be not covered up if break throughs are made (like in the movie contact with Jodie Foster "who is kinda alien in her own least to me he he heh)

very interesting stuff


posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 05:53 AM

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar
That's just simply not true. I don't know how else to say it. Read Einstein again. He assumed the speed of Gravity to be instantaneous in his equations. He even noted that he did so.

Oh dear, where did you do your general relativity course? I suggest you read any good book on General Relativity and modern gravitational theories, General Relativity by Hans Stephani, or An Introduction to Einstein’s General Relativity by Hartle, there you can find a treatment of General Relativity which will give you gravitational waves travelling with the speed of light. In fact this will save you a little time, have a read:
Gravitational Waves

You see we have what's called a modern theory of General Relativity, it's thing people have been working on for many years since Einstein and Minkowski developed GR.

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar I agree that gravity isn't transmitted instantly, but the speed has been observed at MUCH faster than light.

No it hasn't mate. The delightful work of Tom Charles Van Flandern I presume? I read the paper too. What a hoot! Can you spot the Errors?

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar I
Your above example works with what we can SEE (light) not what we would observe, AND you are assuming that the Sun is the SOURCE of Gravity, something Einstein was way too smart to do LOL.

Picking through all these errors takes forever! The first line is just nonsense, but yes we do assume the sun is the source of gravity. You see the energy-stress term (That’s the T on the right hand side of the Einstein field equations) provides the mass which makes the Riemann tensor non-zero (i.e. if T is zero R=0 and spacetime is flat). Naturally we assume that the largest object in the solar system is the sun, and since we are orbiting it, I think it's safe to assume that it is the source for our energy stress term.

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar I
Simply because the Sun has more mass than any other object in our solar system doesn't mean that it's the source of gravity in our solar system. It only means that gravity has the strongest interaction with the Sun, because it has the most mass...

No no. You see if something else was providing a stronger gravity field it would be observable. Not only would it perturb planetary orbits, but we would regularly experience the bending of star light and other gravitational effects.

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar
If you are still having trouble with this concept, read Lorentz, then read Van Flandern. You can get all the relevant data and math here:

Ah, there's the magical reference! No doubt we can relate instantaneous gravity with tired light cosmology and bring back the ether! LOL
Perhaps his Martian/Venusian monuments can tell us the answer. Just out of interest, how is his theory Lorentzian without a Lorentzian metric?

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar
Honestly, for someone calling people quacks, you've got some research to do yourself on this subject. I suppose you 'believe' gravity is a pulling force? Try proving it with physics. LOL

When you've done a bit of science, perhaps you can provide some mathematical treatments of your ideas? Mind whose shoulders you stand on. It could be a long fall...

Right, I've wasted enough time on this thread. On to something else I think...

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 06:00 AM
very interesting
just a shame that so much is missunderstood and the psudo scientists on here seem to know all ..
so what does a few Universities in germany know heh??

I tell u right now
MORE then all of you put together ! now get your pseudoscience and rip the theory appart when anyone with a bit of brain KNOWS new scientific concepts are always laught at by the small mined scientific community
If we are to listen to normal scientists we would still believe the earth is flat ..

Just the simple fact we are talking earth science is passing by all of em ..
Space is big and physice is made up ..thought up by humans and 100% sure does not apply to the universe ...FFS iam no scientist but i can SEE and am not blinded by the crap they teach you in school
School science does not teach science at all !!!
It merly prepares and condition our youth to accept the status quo ..and to never ever think out the box !!

For me just the fact its a nutter German makes me listen and take head ...dont laugh at what you dont understand !

It makes you look a fool !!!!!!

Look at the past many many germans came up with concepts and wired theories ....even some are now accepted by the blind scientists as fact ...laugh first admire afterwards ..AND the might US Nasa is only in space because of germans !

Science same as History are written by the winners ...meaning you only get to know and understand what they LET you
It takes creative thinkers (yes there are some but not in the US where indoctrination is early and school manages the thoughts of your kids ) to come up with new concepts so laugh as hard as you like then copy it ...As usuall

Science in general is soooo small minded its sickening
Enough of that because unlike others I am not going to run around on ATS pretending i know science ...

I for one have an open mind and wait and read and wait and read ...
Unlike a big part of the ATS pseudoscience community , they search google find some psudo science and quickly paste it on ats showing what a clever monkey they really are when the pasted text really does not even compute in their own little peebrains

End of rant

[edit on 7-2-2008 by goatboy]

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by goatboy

No but you will run around ATS proclaiming that no one here knows anything about science when you haven't even bothered to stop ranting off long enough to see what people are actually saying. And you attack people viciously on other threads because they disagree with you or because their view point exposes a new angle. You call people weak/small/heard minded, and yet you continue to ridicule people who do some work to find the truth about the various subjects discussed here. Keep it up, it will only be a matter of time before you're banned for saying something to the wrong person. Not that it matter to you, but it does to the rest of us. Because we're here for debates, not arguments, we are here for speculation, for fact finding, for science in it's purest of forms. We are here to voice opinions on subjects that are very touchy. Like the 9/11 conspiracy forum, which has some heated moments. But objectivity and CIVILITY is the rule not the exception. The quicker you figure that out the better off you and everyone else on ATS will be.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 09:12 AM
Thank you Goatboy. In my experience German science (like German medicine) runs down completely different lines from every one elses.

This does not of itself mean they are wrong though.

There also some great minds in Russia-particularly those associated with its space programme on which Dr Hartmut Muller worked for some years.

Your name suggests that you too are a fan of the late lamented Bill Hicks.

Am I right?

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 12:09 PM
you know I never understood on star trek shows how the ships talked back and forth with home base and/or other ships while going warp speed (which off the top of my head-were multiples of the SOL times whatever warp they were at) anyway, just like reading a good comic book, it really did not make much difference what science was going on as long as the story and art was great!

Now I think scientist say one proton (I think its a proton or some really small orbital thingy that gos around atoms) in say, andromeda galaxy 2.2 MLYS away will react at the same time I wiggle one proton thats going around ,Mars. Its a chain reaction. Maybe thats what they are talking about.

all the matter in the universe is conected so comunacation can be instant, instead of traveling 186,000 miles a sec to the closest star prox centria , it can be instant.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 02:21 PM
Check out this site (German-i'm afraid-Best run Babelfish (a free
translation service from as I'm sure you all know) on
it.) :

It appears that if you pay them 20 Euros they will send you
instructions on how to build
a "Gravitationswellempfanger" which my German dictionary assures me
means Gravitation Wave

My 20 Euros are already on their way to Germany

Well...What are you all waiting for?

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by timelike

NICE Dude!!! That was awesome. You spent like 20 minutes saying absolutely nothing in big words that half the people at ATS won't even bother to look up in a dictionary. LOL. I hope you feel better now that you've gotten all of that out of your system.

Now how about actually addressing the content of my post...

In Einsteins GR and SR equations (which I cited in my earlier posts but I'll spell it out for the less physics inclined GR= General Relativity, SR= Special Relativity), Einstein laid out equations. In these equations, certain variables relate to terms describing the observable forces in our universe.

How about addressing the term for the speed of gravity's propagation?

Guess what, it's set at INFINITY.

What exactly was it, do you suppose, that kept Einstein from a unified field theory? It seems to me it was the missing variable values when describing gravity.

The math is at the metaresearch site, and Einsteins equations are found IN EVERY PHYSICS TEXTBOOK ON THE PLANET. Whether you like Van Flandern or not, the math is there and spelled out for everyone to see. Math doesn't have a personality for you to attack though, you're going to have to use Math to do it.

Can I spot the errors in Van Flandern's work? Nope. Evidently neither can you, or you would have actually pointed them out in your above post, instead of just insinuating that I'm an idiot.

Prove me wrong. I'm open to learning, even from people with superiority complexes. Let's see your math, or even your explanation of where/how Einstein says that the Speed of Gravity is the same as the Speed of Light? Cite the source. I will read it.

But seriously man, you started out here calling us quacks for being curious, NOT the way to get a polite response. If you want to have a conversation about this stuff, let's have a conversation about it.

Einsteins GR and SR first, then we can move on to newer versions of the original equations.

EDIT: Just read your link here:

Besides the fact that it's a wiki, I think I've found the source of our disagreement.

You believe gravity to be a pulling force, sourced from objects with large mass.

I believe gravity to be a pushing force, acting upon objects.

Here's the discrepancy, PUSHING exists in physics, PULLING does not.
When you break down mass into it's constituents, where are the magic graviton particles to observe?

The math works for pulling or pushing, but physics does not provide for a pulling mechanism.

Unless you are assuming that the effects of mass on space-time provide the illusion of pulling?


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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 08:53 AM
Reply to :

Bill Hicks

Comedian but mostly a prophet of truth ...
I cannot believ noone listened when he was around
He was right in EVERYTHING he said

There s noone even close
And i do like the muppets watching him and saying uhh but isnt he a bit full on


yet it didnt help
ThE WORLD is more stupid then ever
TV has done its evil deed ..
Brainwashed masses and CREATED mindless zombie children ..
School, colleage, Work then Die (preferably sooner then later )...and dont stop to question the whole illusion ..

Your US school system is far far removed from actual history You are creating educated fools . perfect for the cooperate world ...and we in europe are well on the way to copythis system ..GREAT

[edit on 12-2-2008 by goatboy]

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by mikesingh

have you ever considered that SETI and other such organisational efforts are infact designed to not find evidence of ET's?.and that the search for ET's was monopolised by governments black ops centers?.

cmon,just look at thier history,they want everything to themselves espescially communications with advanced civilisations.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 05:00 PM
Reply to Welivefortheson

An interesting point . I have tried to keep away from conspiracy theory on this thread. It was intended to be of scientific interest only.However this information has been in the public domain now for at least 6 years and if it is true I wonder whether the the military
has taken notice and if so where they have gone with it now?

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posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 03:08 PM
Reply to Goat Boy

Bill Hicks: Are there any people in the audience who work in advertising or


(various members of the audience put up their hands)

Bill Hicks: Go and kill yourselves....


(This is nearly as good as:

Reporter: Mr Gandhi, What do you think of Western Civilisation?

Mahatma Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.)

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 03:55 PM
A nice discussion going on here. I posted this link in another thread today but it's related to this discussion as well. Basically professor Kaku talking about aliens and physics.. Begins with some talk of the shortcomings of SETI and our assumptions on how advanced beings communicate..

Kaku on aliens, communication, and physics

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