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UFO-Electromagnetic Levitation Demonstration

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 07:24 PM
reply to post by scottr.

I haven't read all of the comments but just in case anyone else hasn't already said it. This is actually an extremely misleading experiment. This is pretty much common knowledge, and this exact same demonstration is done in universities all over the world. Its a trick, basically. You could never make it work over any normal land. The only reason it works is because of the large piece of aluminum underneath. It flies by creating eddy currents in the aluminum which are opposed to the magnetic field created by the alternating current inside the coil. Alternating current = magnetic flux....magnetic flux causes small eddies of charge to flow in the conductive metal underneath....these eddies create their own magnetic field which opposes the magnetic field produced by the coil. This principle is pretty much common knowledge, as many motors run by this exact same principle. You can do a similar experiment by dropping a rare earth magnet down a copper pipe. It will fall in slow motion because of the magnetic eddies it creates as it falls. You could never build a UFO by this principle, that is unless you only flew it over a large sheet of aluminum (or other highly conductive surface like copper).

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by bhornbuckle75

I agree with what you are saying, none-the-less it is still a very interesting video and thought.

I know that Earth and most-probably all planets, planetoids, and other large bodies in the cosmos are made up a in large part of metallic ores. Do you think it would be possible that a variation of this technology could take advantage of that fact and work well within a certain distance from Earth?

I have had an idea in my mind for a long time, but I have never studied on it or researched anything that would allow me to advance the thought into a working idea.

I have long wondered if the magnetic fields of cosmic bodies could be interacted with, using some type of magnetic technology? I know the planetary magnetic fields are very weak on Earth and probably on every other significant bosy in outer space. I imagine some cosmic bodies have little in the way of magnetic fields, if not completely absent.

I have no way of knowing whether technology could actually interact with magnetic fields on this level, with such a weak field to work in, or whether magnetic fields are present around ALL cellestial bodies.

It is hard to be sure that the following video has been posted, since I haven't read the complete thread recently, possibly ever. I do aplogize if the video is redundant.

I believe a few of the points made in this video have since been revised and may no longer apply. The author of the video does link to other videos that offer refined theories of the possible mistakes he made.
He seems to be a very popular man on and goes by the screen name of AlienScientist

Here is the video I am referencing;

Clicke here to go to the YouTube page that displays the above video 'Plasma Torus Anti-Gravity Centrifuge Engine'

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by esteay812

Thanks for writing. Let me try to answer your questions as best as I can. As for a device that could push use the planets Magnetic field itself for propulsion, or push off of the molten core....I suppose it could probably be done in theory. The only thing is that it would be extraordinarily inefficient, and a poor way to travel. I couldn't even imagine the enormous amounts of energy that would be needed to pull off such a feat. Not only would it be enormously impractical but it would likely be quite dangerous to everything around it. A fluxing field of such intensity would induce electromagnetic effects in everything around it. Although to be honest such a thing might cause some of the effects associated with UFO's....(burnt radios going dead...etc.) Still such an impossibly powerful magnetic flux would likely do a heck of a lot more than just make a car radio would probably make the whole car blow up!!! LOL! Also moving through space would be difficult with such an engine, because as you rightly guess, many of the planets have weak magnetic fields or even no field whatsoever. belive that the Earth has the strongest field of any planet in our solar system....I may be wrong but I remember reading that from somewhere) Not to mention it would only work around magnetic bodies, and not in empty space. I should also point out that there are other similar types of levitation that a UFO could use which would cause all of the effects I mentioned above. (more on that in a minute)

As for ALIENSCIENTIST's videos...yes I think that at least in theory his Ideas could POSSIBLY work. Although I have some serious disagreements with a couple of things in his video. For instance the Indian text which speaks of a craft that flies by spinning liquid metal is not what it seems....however I admit I had heard of this text too, and thought it real myself for a long took me a long time to find its origin. It turns out to be a very modern text that is supposedly "channeled" from some spirit reading from an ancient text. Its one of those things that I've heard reference to in probably a dozen books...all without mentioning that last little detail. Because of that I can't hold it against him for believing I stated before... I took for granted that it was real too, until I discovered otherwise.....sorry that was a bit of a tangent...let me get back to ALIENSCIENTIST's theories. They, in and of themselves seem quite credible. The only problem is in order to test them, you need access to things that simply do not exist yet...or if they do, then they only exist in top secret labs somewhere. Personally I think he is missing it by going this route....I think he is doing it the Hard Way. I have researched Anti-Gravity and Flying Saucers myself and have found plenty of much simpler methods by which a craft similar to a UFO could fly (at least within the atmosphere....but perhaps in space too, for some of the methods) Some of the most promising is the work of T.Townsend Brown....ever see the "lifter" devices that people build? Here is a good link to one Now there is some controversy about just why they fly. Some say its all Ionic Wind....others say its electrogravitic (basically anti-gravity electric effect) the guy in the video goes into some of this...(although I disagree with his Idea that he states as for evidence that Ion Wind is not reason it flies) As for what I think? Im not quite sure. I am planning on doing some experiments myself. I've built a simple lifter before.....That was simple enough. I had a 'next step' that I built to try to make it more powerful (and help to prove it was not Ion Wind in the process) but I made a sort of stupid mistake. I used super glue to glue on some metal foil to a particular type of material (sort of like Styrofoam) and it ended up eating right through the material and shorted the whole thing out when I tried it! LOL! So I need to try that one again! Anyway if you REALLY want to see a lot of what I was speaking about (And A LOT more) then check out this guy's AMAZING channel. He actually performs something like 15 different ways of achieving an "anti-gravity" type of levitation effect (including the one that that is shown at the beginning of this thread). Not only that though, he goes into an enormous amount of detail about how and why each one works. I could not recommend it more (plus I've gotten advice from the guy myself for my own projects....he's a really nice guy)

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 04:22 AM
Sorry if im taking this in some other direction..
But that coil gets REALLY REALLY Hot you say...

How much energy is drawn from the jack? kW, mW???

Would it be possible to use as a HEATER to get steam??

I think u get my drift.....

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