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Heathrow Airport Something going on??

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:09 AM
Heathrow Airport Something going on??

Flights have been delayed after a jet lands short of the runway,

There's some incident happening, Have no really idea whats going on,

Skies are clear??? which is a little odd?

More will follow..

There was a lot of security there today, So there may be something in that,

I think Brown was due there today and also royals from China,

Ill get more as I can,

BA flight 38 is the plane,

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:12 AM
Whole Airport is now been closed,

The main undercarriage of the plane has collapsed,

Foaming the area. Ambulance and police are there

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:16 AM
How do you know this

[Edit: Sky News. Got it

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:19 AM
News are now reporting this,

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:19 AM
Anything yet from the UK, guys and gals ??

Nothing here from Aus, the late news services have just been and gone the last half hour and reported nothing....typical.....pffft

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:21 AM
Ok....According to Reely's thread, a plane suffered an undercarriage failure, so the PM was delayed ??

Big deal !!

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:22 AM
I'm right here in London,

The aircraft came down at an odd Angle from what I am hearing,

The plane was coming in from Beijing,

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:24 AM
See news thread on this,

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:26 AM
Still not a lot of info at the moment. Still don't know if there were any injuries or worse..

BBC News

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:26 AM
Here's the still shot that CNN is showing:

Undercarriage collapsed and emergency chutes deployed to evacuate the plane.


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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:28 AM
only talk of injurys are 3 people getting treated for minor injurys,

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:29 AM
Lord I love this place and moreso the people on it !!!!

How fast have we been able to get some decent coverage on this thing in such a short period of time ??

All of you deserve cadet jobs with AP or Reuters

Great going as always ATS'ers

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by Rilence

I was thinking that same thing.

Very nice.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 09:39 AM
Here's another picture. Very nasty, just look at the trailing edge of the wing!

Detailed pic

Engine is totaled!

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 01:15 PM
There has been a lot of news in the last few weeks,

about boeing aircrafts onboard computers being vulnerable to terrorist hacking.

I just wonder if we will be told that iranians or al qaeda,hacked into the aircraft,and shut the engines down.

Either that or a flock of iranian (al qaeda) suicide geese were sucked into the engines.

plus it is 911 days since the thwarted london attacks on 21-7-05.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 01:23 PM
The pilot apparently told an airport worker that he lost power "without warning" and had to glide his aircraft in to Heathrow.

An airport worker told the BBC the pilot on the Boeing 777 had said he had lost all power, and had been forced to glide the plane into land.

All BA short-haul flights from Heathrow have been cancelled and others delayed.

The worker also said the pilot had told him all the electronics had also failed.

"He said he had no warning - it just went," the worker added.

"It's a miracle. The man deserves a medal as big as a frying pan."

BBC - Source (Much better than yucky Sky News)

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 10:34 AM
Does this kind of thing happen?(power loss) im more than a little concerned that some terrorist group has some kind of directable EMP machine, and this was a test.. im not one to go into all the conspiricy stuff, but these things have to be checked and this is the place to do it.

after all ATS has members everywhere including places where we recieve no news from, has anyone heared anything that could be related? .

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 12:16 PM
Maybe a EMP pulse shot all the electonics out or somet, odd that it failed near its destination

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:30 PM
EMP? Are you guys serious? Wow -you watch too much TV or something. This was an ACCIDENT, the landing gear malfunctioned.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 08:36 AM
This was clearly a CIA Black Ops exercise.

Seriously though - it could have been absolute carnage, all credit to the expertise of the pilot - he saved all those lives with his actions.

Not good news for Boeing though, any of this.

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