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My experiences with "aliens"...Help me interpret it

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 09:34 PM
Timelike - Perhaps it is individual human ego that is creating this dialogue. I'm putting forth my perspective based on a rather neutral belief system that is open to any unexplored idea and it conflicts with your perspective as a result of your belief system. When this occurs, it seems there is something instinctive inside of humans that compells them to defend their belief system when something is stated that conflicts with what they hold dear. Nobody asks them to defend it, they just do it on cue, almost instinctive-like behavior, no? That's a rather interesting idea to contemplate? What is behind this behavior? Could it be, I mean, really, could it be that it is a auto-defensive mechanism that is cloaking a lack of confidence in the ego's belief system that triggers this behavior. You see it everywhere as people try to prothelycize others in an effort to steer them toward their belief system. It seems this is done in order to preserve confidence in the core belief system perspective. Very interesting observation indeed. As for me, I've tried to deflate my ego and rationalize from a neutral position listening to all ideas yet unexplored for me personally. I've been down the road of religion and science and it did not fulfill the empty space where truth belongs. I judge not another person who chooses either path. At one time I accepted the religious perspective and the scientific perspective simultaneously. When I pulled back a bit into a neutral position of inquisition of my own belief system, I found them lacking for me personally. Many of the core principals were flawed in my reckoning when I examined it with pure honesty. That was a very difficult task, because it leaves you hanging mentally in midair as it were. At this point, I've reached a point of what I call panning for gold. I can listen to a recording, watch a video, read a book, listen to a lecture, have a discussion, or correspond with others for hours upon hours. If I get one idea that feels like the truth out of all that, I consider myself lucky to have found one nugget after many hours of panning. I appreciate your comments as well and thank you for giving me your perspectives.

Cheers my friend!

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Spirit Warrior - What do you make of the ringing in my ears during the process of purchasing Robert Bruce's book? Based on your experiences, would you categorize it as something of meaning? If so, what are the mechanisms as you understand them and who or what could be behind the phenomena? I would be most grateful to hear your opinion.

For the sake of Timelike - One scientific principal I feel is more of a cosmic principle that I subscribe to is Ockham's razor - that being that given a set of possible explanations or solutions to any given phenomena or problem, the simplest is the most likely. Hence my name - Simpler. It's a bit of a spiritual statement extracted from science. I hope the fact that the melding of science of and spirit in this principle doesn't offend's a violation of the "never the twain shall meet" principle. I know, poor humor on my part.


posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 10:14 PM
Timelike - Here's a literary look into my perspective:

"As I stepped out into the quaint, crisp morning, the spirit of the moment raptured my senses. I closed my eyes. A faint smile overtook my lips

as I inhaled deeply the spirit of a delicious autumn day. The wind bore the weakening scent of receding foilage mingled with the aromatic fragrance of a

distant smoke-billowing chimney. My ears hearkened to a most melodious chorus of robins and finches; a lone mockingbird their passionate conductor.

Still smiling, I opened my eyes. My visual senses were beckoned by a managerie of color. The fading greens, the lustrous yellows, the

vibrant crimsons; a confluence of color, a dessert to my now tantalized senses. My whole anatomy resonated as one with the life forces surrounding me.

At that moment, my spirit reached back into a time long past. My mind stirred with the ancient memory that, though suppressed by the mundane struggles

of life, lies deep within each of our beings. The memory of the ages. I was truly made of earth and this day I remember. I beheld in that landscape the

reflection of the essence of my being; of who we really are. I was a part of the crisp wind, the aromatic foilage, the petal, the earthworm, the resin

laden wood responsible for the sweet smelling wind. Fractions of them were fragments of me. I was humanity; formed from, and truly at one with the earth,

but endowed with oh so much more. I breathe in and I am a chief architect of enigmas who forges deep considerations; a master sculptor of charity

toward my fellow man; a composer of love, a choreographer of kindness with keen senses toward healing. A moment passes. I exhale. In that instant,

I am an addict, a liar, a contriver of division. I am the universal yin and yang. I am the potential for anything that ever was, has been, or will be.

I am a hypocrite, an actor living the script of my thoughts. I am made in the image of what the most eloquent proverbs fail to describe, yet I breed

death. I am a destroying brute beast yet bristle with potential to emanate true light. In consideration of the paradox that is my being, I make a

choice. I labor to change who I am and break free of the shackles of darkness preventing my ascesion to that place men of great honor were inspired

to write. But who am I to say? Who are we to think? We are all duality manifested in the singular. We are the demigod, the serpent, the savior and

the traitor. Principally, we are what we say we are in our quiet whispers to ourselves but would never dare acknowledge to another.

The rationalization that we are merely cosmic accidents

tarnishes our minds, dulls are souls, and hinders our very being. That notion juxtaposes harshly against the common understanding that an elaborate

symphony MUST have both a composer and a purpose. Life is the song played through the instruments of birds, breezes, and seas. The cause of the

composer's masteriece is to be heard. You and I? We comprise the priveleged, exclusive audience by invitation only. We're all invited to arrive at

different times throughout the symphony by intent of the composer. We're here on purpose. The earth peoples in the same way that a cloud makes rain.

By design we arrive at the a precise time to hear the notes written especially for us

but we can't anticipate when the song will end, if it will be followed by another piece, or if we'll be asked to leave after we've heard the part

meant for us to hear in order to grow our spirits. You and I and those who have gone before us, we are the reason for this elaborate symphony.

The music plays on. We laugh, we're moved to tears, we're mesmerized, and we wonder. To cease daydreaming about life's

vanities and recognizing our status, we become a gracious member of the audience. Never forget that you are the succint essence of the composer's labors.

Now be still and be silent taking care to hang on every note composed and conducted especially for you. Life is no mystery, it is a personal

gift endowed to you by a Master Artist. Me, We, All are individual expressions of a great something that most see as nothing.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:57 PM
The above was transcribed by me after an episode with the shadow people. They're the one's who appear to me and have a means of allowing, if they choose to do so, me to talk to what I can only describe as my higher self. I see me, but in a different way than what one sees as they look into a mirror. It is very strange, but it is always accompanied with an insight not gained previous to the episode.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 10:55 AM
Hi again

Usually, when we are being influenced it is in the form of an emotional response. This is because it is easier to affect these responses vs. a physical response. The key to evaluating it is you...its like a dream, it only means something to you. So with that episode, do you think the ringing was relevant or not. It would not be to me because I already know how 'they' speak to me. For me, I feel strong urges or pulls toward things that I could not know otherwise. We are all different though. You need to ask yourself if the ringing affected your thoughts or actions in a certain way. Then again, the ringing could be a side effect of the 'influence'. You may not be able to see the forest b/c you are focusing on a single tree.
My observation is that the ringing may not be significant. However, it seems to me that you were influenced in another way based on the story.

The shadow people you are talking about are a common occurrence...that is if you are in the astral. They usually take this form for your benefit. You can ask them to reveal themselves if you wish. Our guides often do this. Also, since they allowed you to talk to your higher self is congruent with a guide experience. Sounds almost typical of a good NPMR experience.

Based on your stories above, I'm having trouble figuring out if you are in a NPMR or not. It seems that you are, but the story is a bit choppy in that regard.


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