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If Aliens Attacked Earth It Could Be A Good Thing

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 04:53 AM

Originally posted by WraothAscendant

[5) Many other reasons. I am too lazy to type in.

Too lazy to type & too lazy to think as well.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 05:02 AM

Originally posted by WraothAscendant

Once again reread my post and see what I SAY and not what you want to wish I said. Considering the fact you are mentally stuck (obviously) on how I started the post. I in NO WAY stated how such an invasion would take place, I merely pointed out the flaws in your stated possibly which is also I might add a popular one on this forum and hardly of your own creation (I am sheeple indeed? Right.)

I don't claim to have any original knowledge - I am the sum of all those I read and all that which I come in contact with. I take some & I leave some.

As long as it's become a personal attack for you. I can say I'll be leaving the sum of what I've read from you behind.

Good day to you as well and thanks for the good late night laugh!

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by verylowfrequency

LoL! I am not even going to bother to justify that tripe you just spewed with a response beyond what I have just typed.
Good day.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by verylowfrequency

Hmmm lets see personal attack, personal attack. Shall I quote? Yes I shall.

It's your simplistic assumptions that the human races is somehow the top dog. It is beyond the imagination of most that there may be races so far beyond us, that they study us as we might study a salmon in a stream.

And just a note, your imagination dreamed up, erm I mean adopted your stated theory.

Then you say this.

Too lazy to type & too lazy to think as well.

Attack, assumption and not to mention utterly unfound and baseless one at that. All rolled into a nice neat package.
And use whatever devices it takes to make yourself feel better though you hardly need my permission to do so. Might want to seek that thing called reality though cause it wasn't an attack you just decided to attack your demons using me as a proxy. And no half baked attempts at covering that will work on anyone but yourself and those who want to use me as a proxy as well or just for whatever reason want to agree with you.

Now run along and pretend you never read this response.

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 05:36 AM
My only attack is against your views - that my friend is nothing personal.

It is only your ornery response accusing me of not having ideas or thoughts of my own etc. that is a personal attack.

It was your words that said you were too lazy. I just piped in and agreed that indeed you were being lazy by not typing or making the effort of doing so. If you open yourself up like that then be willing to take it like a man - when others agree with you. Instead of turning it around whining and creating another argument about it.

You expose your own weakness then get mad when others see what you wrote is true.

Crystal clear I'm sure to those that follow along.

Instead of arguing about the subject at hand, you changed the subject to another by making personal attack on me, just because I don't agree with your argument.

I'm sorry I affected your psyche to the point that you felt hurt as it was not my intention - I respect everyone's views (including yours) and everyones place.

Cheers - have a beer. I'm not your enemy.

Like I was saying. Them Aliens will just infiltrate our minds & make us fight each other - while they sneak in and get us good and take control when we are not paying attention.

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 01:54 PM
Actually E.T.'s don't want the credit they just want results. Something that is just equivalent to knowing what to do.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 07:17 PM
If Aliens attacked the earth it could be a good thing?

Unless the aliens are galactic humanitarians, I can't see any good coming out of an attack.

Realistically if a Type II Civilization on the Kardashev scale decided to launch a total full scale assault on the Earth, we wouldnt have a chance to fight back. Within the first hours all communications and power would be cut across the planet. No one would even know what the heck was going on. There would be mass panic and confusion. It would look like New Orleans after Katrina on a global scale. The Power a Type II Civilization would unleash would seem godlike or more like Natural disasters. Most followers of the Abrahamic faiths would be convinced it was the end of the world. Other than that most of humanity would have no idea what was happening. By the time a human even came face to face with an invader, every government and economy would of collapsed. Human civilization would be gone. What would be left would resemble Somalia or Afghanistan. The human "resistance" would be no more of a resistance than Army Ants are to contractors clearing the Amazon.

On the other hand, maybe its not a full scale assault. Maybe its a raid. Maybe the Aliens are the interstellar equivalent of Vikings, Pirates, or Barbarians. They are here to sack and pillage. Then they leave as quickly as they came. This is one of the scariest and to me the most likely, if it ever happens. (Who knows it may have already happened before)

In the event of a Alien Raid, it would be quick and terrify the crap out of people. Imagine 9/11 on a global scale. Again no one would have any idea what was happening. People would probably not figure out what happened until it was over. Im willing to bet some people may not admit it happened, blaming people for it or it is covered up by various governments. In the chance it does become public, it will not be pretty.

The world may unite against the Raider Threat, but it will be at the cost of freedom, liberty, privacy, and democracy. It would be a society of Paranoia and Fear like that of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. There is a movie that depicts a a world like this based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. The movie is titled Imposter and can give you an idea of the Good Thing implemented after the attack.

When humanity itself becomes a Type II Civilization and manages to avoid causing our own extinction or technological collapse, we will then have a chance at fighting back against a Type II Civ.

Until then, whoever or whatever may be out there in the deep black void of space that comes to earth will face no more defense than a human working for a pest control company faces from ants or termites.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 07:36 PM
Or just come in with a ship blast the magnetosphere with an electromagnetic charge throwing the earth in a different frequency field the Earth would be shot out into space.

Or come in change the Earths Genetic Blue Print to something else and all life would have a hell of a time adapting.

Or create viruses and hope the earth is rid of undesirables.

Oh #, nevermind that is happening.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 01:00 AM
Wow, that is a truly terrifying scenario Menguard.
I really sucks to think we could be tossed about that way, but the truth of the matter is we wouldn't stand a chance if we were "attacked".
I haven't the foogiest notion of what would be the reasons behind such an occurance but it seems to me that they would be interested in us not killing each other off and seek only to unify us by giving us a reality check.
It has been said before here on ATS that earth may be stuck in a lower frequency and we need to awaken to cross over into the next, and as a consequence the rest of the universe is waiting on us....?

Interesting but certainly disturbing.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by verylowfrequency

*offers the passive agressive BS of the moment award to freq*

That being said, lets take this back the facts shall we?
My question to your stance is really quite simple allow me to elaborate.

You claim that they would use their "mind control" doohickeys to get us to fall in line with what they want (or that they are show me undeniable proof please?). There are a NUMBER of assumptions aparent in such a statement as I have said.

They have a simular biology in that their minds works like ours and thusly at their level of tech able to manipulate. You are assuming they do, or one of the options I list below.
Or you are assuming that they know quite well how our minds (even if they do happen to work different, I am not assuming anything, such static level based view of technological advancement I think is silly, it is not like character levels ala Dungeons and Dragons or the like where you reach this level you get this) work and thusly have figured out to manipulate them. Ok. Its possible, care to tell me how, and tell me wheres your proof?

Or do you operate off the assumption our biological make up is universal? And once again, where is your proof?
It well might be and I allow for that but considering the fact I haven't seen any life form I can point to 100% with out doubt and say "That is NOT of Earth." the sky is the limit. Perhaps a few possible (but might not be)Martian Microbe fossils.

It IS possible they have been studying us. That matter is FAR from resolved to my satisfaction but you assume it has been.

Good day, and buh-bye. Go back to your ivory tower.

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 11:36 PM
Nothing? eh.
Thought you'd at least come up with something.
Besides it has become rather fun.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:52 AM
Just joined the forum and found this thread really interesting, I think even an Alien attack wouldn't push the world to unite, I couldn't see some of the dictators in the world co-operating with Europe or the USA, on the same note though we under-estimate ourselves in the area of alien attack. In my honest opinion I think if Aliens did launch a global attack on the earth it wouldn't be a walk in the park, we aren't exactly well known for bowing down without a fight. Unless they have advanced technology beyond our comprehension then I don't think we'd die off so easily for whatever reasons they wanted our planet.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 10:04 AM
Well, not that i had read any of the other posts but i would like to just say that....yes if they did attack Earth. Would you know think that it would be to set us free as a people from the GRIP of the GOV'T and bankers around the world ?

Could you not see it like that ? Why would they bother fighting a Society like us which they most likely could wipe out with one weapon. Im sure they have all kinds of Gadgets that would takes us down without a problem.

from what i hear this is something that is very possible in the near future in order to bring about this NWO agenda. So if we ever do become engaged in a fight with them make sure we know if they are here to help the common man or to just take over

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 04:15 PM
Won't happen, crappy thread, has been done before.

Human beings will betray each other, you really expect the several countries(that hate USA)to team up with America rather then trying to team up with the aliens to defeat us?

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:28 PM
Have I got good news for the topic starter....

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:40 PM
If Aliens "attacked" the Earth?! How shall I put this...

Aliens = A Kitten (with a hit of CatNip)
Earth = A fresh ball of yarn

See my point?

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