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Can Alex Jones be trusted?

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 10:01 PM
I have to with respect say that to me the accepted version of UFOlogy is no more a field for expertise than Star Trek, and has less documented reality behind it. Alex Jones could cover it the same way he covers anything else (in my opinion, superficially). AJ stands tall in comparison to his field because his field is abysmally supported by scholarship.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 01:18 AM
As a remote possibility.

Alex Jones could be a tool to spread fear and propaganda for the NWO. Always quick to point out and rant about every single liberty that has been taken away from the people by the government, every new harsh law passed that can be used against anyone at anytime. Breaking down your door putting you in some offshore torture camp. All the horrendous things the government have enabled themselves do to anyone as they see fit.

You would think the NWO/government could do this quietly, but fear is part of the agenda to make the machine operate smother. If people know the risks and consequences they are much more likely to comply and be passive.

Conveniently enough Alex always seams to have this information about bills and laws before they are passed, mentioned publicly, or even officially acknowledged. Somehow. And he gets the message out in a loud angry tone in every way possible. You only need to scare the people that might be on too it and willing to resist it and these people listen to every word of Alex Jones.

He gives you the feeling NWO WILL happen whether we want it or not This could be the brainwashing making people just shrug their shoulders and say "OK" in fear of consequences. I would say this fear is in effect already, people are less and less willing to talk about these things with an open mind or take it seriously.

So I would say yes he could be used or hired for the sake of brainwashing people into compliance.

Remember It's all about scare tactics. Have the people walk along the line where the "NWO" wants you. All packaged in an interesting and believable format. But the underlying message is there.

But more than likely he is just a regular Joe with an extreeme and insational interest in conspiracy theories and found a way to pair this with making a living for himself and his family.

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by thetruth777
Is Alex Jones a freedom fighter, a man who spreads the truth, or is he a tool for the elite?

More than likely he is a tool of the ego. (ego - which is supposed to be a tool for human, but now possesses the majority, or they are unaware of 'choice').

In saying that, can ego be trusted? What is ego?
Simple its story.

Stories change and cannot be pinned down, for they are not truth, they are...stories.

So, in that since, no you cant trust him or anyone else acting out of the ego in an unconscious manner.

All this polarization is a game.

Look at Jones comment about going into the grove and getting past the guards because he told them he was part of the Hillbillie group. (or whatever the password was.)
How was he to know their set up and passwords? What a joke.

Again, life is but a dream, as the old child song goes...and it is true.
You can take it serious, or lucid dream and wake up in the middle of it and enjoy more control over it. I suppose that is what the illuminated ones are doing, the rest are blissfully a sleep playing the role of sheep. Bah, bah!



posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 12:58 AM
i believe the man because he wants to protect / free America

and also because he shows good points about the nwo that I think

the elite would not want people to no

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 03:08 AM

Originally posted by vladmir
Why dosent Alex Jones talk about UFO's?
Because i) he is not a expert in the subject,
ii) he will have to extend this daily radio show from 3 hours, to 5+ hours, because there is just so much to cover from the UFO angle.

Now, honestly, Alex has got a full plate of news every day Monday to Friday, his radio show is for 3 hours!
At the end of the show he is alsays saying that he has just mentioned the tip of the iceberg,
and his job will be a lot easier if more people take up radioshows and become talkhosts, so he can focus more on what his interests and strong points are are in this fight against the NWO.
And nobody can deny the fact, that Alex is very knowledgeable when it comes to how governments have sponsored terrorism throughout history in odrder to
Alex is not an alien, he is human.
He has got a wife and kids, he is a family man.

Now considering the ground realities, Hegelianism just dosent apply here.

We cant expect people to not be completely paranoid about everyone

I've heard it all. Hes a Jessuit, change-agent, catholic church agent hahhaha!
What more can we expect from a pool of conspiracy theorists.

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