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Hi I'm new to ATS

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 01:43 AM
Hi, my name is Cynical, I've been visiting ATS for about 6 months now and I finally decided to join. I believe this site is great. I look forward to participating in the fascinating discussions that take place here. I figured I'd post one of my poems in my little introduction thread, so here goes:

I am every deaf composer's epic under water,
I am every hero's exageration cast asunder,
In my heart exists the sum of life, It's brightest in the clutch,
Merely just a particle of light that's slow enough to touch.
The universal artist's colors, how they paint the solar blue,
So each book at end is just a friend considered over-due,
The seed, the tree, the flower; How their angles measure true,
Inside my soul is pumping something that the Angels never knew.
I am every second Helen keller couldn't read,
I am every villan's grand illusion in this dream,
In my heart exists a vault in which an ancient secret's kept,
Merely just a particle of dust that's waiting to be swept.
The golden spiral is infinite, while the moment is at hand,
For epiphanies are born, with every page I understand,
The woman and the child become the oil and the lamp,
That flame of life that beacons through the darkness like a map.

Well see you around...Peace and good truth seekin' to ya

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 01:49 AM
Hi cynical572, welcome to ATS!

So which parts of the boards interests you the most?

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 01:49 AM
Hey man! Great opening post!! Very poetic!! lovely

You will fit in nicely umoung the passionate writters we have here at ATS..

Im part of the night crew here, so I will be the frist to velcome you..

get it velcome, like dracula...

Ahh Beachcoma beat me to the punch... so I lied.. second, Im not a disinfo agent!!

[edit on 5-9-2007 by zysin5]

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 01:50 AM
Hi how are you. I am new too and so far it has been very interesting here. perhaps we will cross paths along the way. welcome!

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 09:28 AM
Hi everybody, thanks for the warm welcome, The topics that interest me the most? I'm really into all that ATS has to offer, but my preferred subjects of interest deal with "secrets" and how much we (the average working class of the planet) have been lied to...though I so dislike when people stray so far off subject and make personal attacks on others. This site is great, I pretty much visit daily.

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 09:28 AM

Welcome to ATS

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by cynical572
[...] I so dislike when people stray so far off subject and make personal attacks on others.

I know what you mean. But thankfully we've got responsive mods and the complain function in the member centre. Or you could just use the ignore button, but I personally prefer being able to see those people make a fool out of themselves

Anyway, welcome again

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