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What the Media Will Never Tell You About Islamic Extremism

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posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 08:39 PM

Quote by Freeborn:
Now my question is, why? What have they got to gain? According to this theory "they" already control the policies of most leading countries in the world,
I think Freeborn and then Orangetom1999 are on to something. Good posts! I don't come to exactly the same conclusion as Orangetom however he is getting very close. These different factors all seem to have leaders in high places who are members of lodges. Bankers support the leaders and support all the lodges. The Bankers bankroll factors often on both sides of conflicts and often seem to be the only ones benifiting from a conflict or war. Wars go on and on and seem to have no positive outcome for humanity. This has been happening all of recorded history. Leaders on both sides of conflicts seem to be buddies (brothers in the bond) in the masonic structure. They seem to all understand one thing. Their purpose is to maintain a structure of war in mankind. ie. CONSTANT WAR. That seems to be the overall purpose. Maybe these masons lament a time preflood when this was not the agenda but that is not the case now.
The reason that the masons do not get together and change the agenda is that they are not in charge. That is not their perogative. Someone above them gets to make the agenda and they are provileged to follow if they want or get the chop if they don't. I suppose you could reason that it must be the bankers who dictate the agenda but IMHO the bankers are the same rank as the rest. There is someone above them too. Someone with a very cold heart by most standards! Probably you can research Masonry all you want and you will never uncover this secret. Probably Masons at he highest level don't know who is above them. They just understand the "ultimate human agenda".

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 02:23 AM

Originally posted by BostonOrange
Do you believe that members of the now surging Islamic fundamentalists are members of these "lodges"? Or could they be described as the non-believer side, because I find it hard to link a radical Muslim with pagan beliefs that the lodges follow.

Certain members yes..all of them no. For example..only certain specially placed and recruited people of our military will be key members of the lodges. It is the same with the fundamentalists. Only people in key positions. Not the rank and file. This is the same in all organizations. To outsiders it looks on the level and on the square..but to insiders they know different. Members of this fundamental group may not even know themselves unless they are handpicked and under special calling or authority/oath not given to the rank and file.

I can tell you this with certainty about fundamentalist muslim lodge members...they wont be suicide bombers...or not so smart bombs.

One more thing is obvious to me that these people are running the public education system in this country. They are running the government by handpicked people in matter what party is in office. The government finances our pubic education system. They never intend to give you enough education to put light on this system of non light. Never!!

They are also in our media which is obviously a system of shills for the very political system financing our public education system. Understand now?...they are in bed together. No Genius or Rocket material needed here to see the connection.

I will often state in response to certain postings here..when I have had enough of what doesnt make good nonsense.

"Did you go to pubic school??"

Meaning did you get a television education..which is what much of our public education system is becoming.


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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 03:28 AM
I agree witht the basic outline of what plumranch posts except that I will include with the bankers ..the insurance companys. They insure the bank loans.

Once again ..most of your local lodge members havent a clue and are not in on anything. Certain ones are in on it but dont tell the others. They know on a local state and national level. Only certain key people know on a international level as well.

The Dogma I know from "Morals and Dogma" is titled also in latin...

Ordo ob Chao...order from chaos...

YOu create the chaos such that you can steer it to the new order. Then again and again and again ..twords some goal.

This becomes obvious to those who can read the first chapter where it dwells extensively on the "Intellect" and its relation to "Force." How force is used..effeciently or ineffeciently. What you realize is that they are the force...the intellect. The lodges and their dogma...with the goal of the absolute mastery of everything."

You find this "Ordo ob chao" on the very cover of the book around the double headed eagles. You also find the latin term

Deus Meumque Jus.....God is my right or justification.

What this means is ...what I want or desire is God.

You are talking about demigods here. You figure out on your own merits or demerits what is the actual name of this religion. It will take some serious serioius thinking.

Yes ...I think like plumranch and also as Heronumber0 hinted that even the top people are under authority or control. Morals and Dogma will establish this for you in some of the later chapters and how this is often done to people in key positions. This is why even they cannot change certain things...or dont dare.

However...I do think that some of them know...who is at the top...they just dont dare tell publically.
Certain of the lodge members who are thinkers have actually told me..some have learned by actual reading others by deduction. Also they do not tell to just anyone. Many will not tell you directly..or openly. It is cautiously and indirectly done. Many will not tell other lodge members not worthy to receive this knowlege.

I have spoken with a couple of lodge members..under oath and have explained certain patterns of what I know. They have agreed with me that this is the status quo of what is actually happening out here. That this is a rigged counterfit system we are living under. They have also agreed that this is a religious dogma albet a counterfit one that we are living under.
The most startling thing to actually witness with your own to ask them point blank ..since this is a religion and a counterfit one...being foisted off on this country...without the knowlege or awareness of most people in it...

Give me the name of the counterfitter.??

The look in their eyes...when they know that you startling!! Twice I have done this!!

Twice I have gotten the same results!! These two men knew ..and they knew that I knew!!

" I cannot tell you ..I am under oath."

They cannot tell you the name of their god...the GAOTU.
The Great Architect of the name.

This is a very ...very ...strange thing to behold with your eyes and spirit.
Very Very Strange.

They cannot tell you the name of thier god!!

This is not something you will ever behold in public school..ever!!
THis is not something public school will ever teach you.

Dont ever tell me conspiracy doesnt exist...or that I am a madman.
There was a unmistakable look of fright in these two mens eyes when they knew that I knew.

This is one of the strangest phenomonon I have ever beheld.

Also..for those of you who understand the deep points of what I have related to you here...this puts a very different face on Athiesm.
Remember also that Athiesm is what they are attempting to turn out in our institutions of higher learning in this country. Even in many bible logic and reason.
They would rather turn out Athiests than to have anyone understand the import of what I have told you here.

Are you guys thinking??

Deny Ignorance is the motto here!

Very Very appropriate!


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posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 03:18 PM

Quote by orangetom:
They cannot tell you the name of thier god!!
So you have had some first hand experience with Masons, good! Authors that have influenced my thinking include Sitchen, Tellinger and Jim Marrs. Interesting that Jim Marrs should be coming to the ATS forum soon. Should be some interesting discussion!

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 03:35 PM

I do not know who Jim Marrs is. That is a new name to me.

The Marrs with whom I am familiar is Texe Marrs.

I will have to pay attention for this Jim Marrs and look up the name on the web.

Thanks for the Heads up. Do you know about what the date is for the arrival of Jim Marrs??


posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 03:43 PM
This should explain everything orangetom;

Shame I can't take part in the forum; not enough posts

Still, could be a good thing, just getting my head around a few of points posted.
Downloaded copy of Morals and Dogma; hard work at times to the uninitiated

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:13 PM
Same here Freeborn. I am fascinated by this thread. I have some thoughts and opinions but I need to read the posts again and do some research before I can discuss this topic intelligently. But, I will certainly keep reading the subsequent replies.

My only noob comment is that I mostly accept that there is a behind-the-scenes force that influences and colors our perception and knowledge of most everything, including Islamic Extremism. "Powers-That-Be" for lack of definition. But is is frustrating that it can ultimately only be insinuated as to who the "PTB" really are.

Do we see what we want to see? Are we chasing our shadows? Sometimes the simplest answer is the truth. Maybe our search for a culprit is really just an attempt to create order out of chaos. I haven't fully decided but I am suspicious. And when in doubt, follow the money. I hate banks anyway!

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:40 PM
Ditto Kosmic,

A lot of detail to take in and I think it's wise to know your stuff when debating with some of these guys.

NWO or whatever they call call themselves. Do they exist and are they the architects of some grand plan, probably but if they are so clever how come we've heard of them.

Less said about me, money and banks the better.

Good reading and see you around.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 02:34 AM

Quote by Freeborn:
Do they exist and are they the architects of some grand plan, probably but if they are so clever how come we've heard of them.
reply to post by Freeborn
That's because the architects or the gods or whatever you want to call them have always been around (and always will)! But they are even better than Bill Clinton when it comes to "plausible deniability"!

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 09:30 AM
post by Freeborn

That's because the architects or the gods or whatever you want to call them have always been around (and always will)! But they are even better than Bill Clinton when it comes to "plausible deniability"!

For architects or gods...substitute the word ...demigods.

For "plausable deniability" substute the words counterfit.

Here is the catch or knowlege to understanding a counterfit and how a counterfit works.

A counterfit is not the opposite of the real thing is as close to the real thing as possible so as to pass for the real thing.

Things or conditions must be made to look or appear as if everything is in order ..even when denying.

I will give you a textbook example of a counterfit for which if you have ever heard preachers preach on this they are usually hesitant or never make this connection with a counterfit or the counterfitter.

IN the Bible there is a narrative of an event where some PHarisess come before Jesus bringing a woman...caught in Adultery the very act.

They inquire of Jesus ...What say you Rabbi concerning this matter?

THese Pharisees quote that the Law of Moses declares that such should be stoned.

First off they didnt care one whit about the woman caught in adultery.
They wanted to discredit Jesus in his interpretation of the Law of Moses.
THis was nothing more than politics.....just as it is counterfitted today...nothing new here. Some might call this "Gotcha politics" even way back then.

Most preachers tend to use this to teach that Jesus told the woman ..
"Go and sin no more" after asking the Pharisees ..He without sin cast the first stone."

But watch what actually happened here...for which most never want to make the connection for us. The counterfit...of the counterfitter.

The pharisees claim and boast of keeping the Law of Moses in all parts..zealously and faithfully. THey claim to have caught a woman in adultery the very act.

They bring this woman ...caught in the very act before Jesus for Judgement.

Note that they do not bring the man caught in the very act. You cannot catch a woman in the very act... without catching a man. Not possible.

THe Law of Moses by their own words..requires stoning for Adultery. However it declares that they shall be stoned. Meaning more than one.

The law the Pharisees claim to be keeping says that women get stoned for adultery men dont. Why.,..the man was absent.

The pharisees were not keeping the Law of Moses at all...but another law.
This also means that they were keeping another god than the God of Moses and the Law.

They were counterfitters. Their god was a counterfit too.

They had switched gods and not told anyone ..conducting themselves as if nothing had changed and they were still obedient holy men.

Not much different from our politicians today with "plausable deniability."

Give me the name of the counterfitter??!!

You dont have to be particulary bright or rocket material to catch it.

Notice that the pharisees were attempting to overlay this counterfit doctrine or practice on the Law of Moses as if it was the Law of Moses...when in fact is was no such thing. It was a counterfit and they were of the counterfitter.

There are many examples of this type of conduct around you if you have enough informations and can think outside the blocks or placebo issues (counterfits) which confront us daily to keep us off the main truth or issues.
To keep us neutralized or ineffective while someone else stays on course.

Well...we are getting a bit off the main topic line of Islamic Extremism but it applies there too.


posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 02:27 PM
Gentleman, I agree with orangetom and others regarding the motives of this movement. There are many good men at the lower levels of Freemasonry. I have met them and shared their time, albeit unesasily. However, the people higher in the ranks keep them like mushrooms - in the dark.

The movement has become a natural outgrowth to European colonialism. The rich and privileged colonials were privy to a movement with mysteries and secrets that excited and intrigued them. They became part of an exclusive order in the Lodges to which the 'riff raff' were ignorant and excluded. This, in Egypt, meant that most people who held high offices - civil servants, the rulers and imams (e.g. priests) were Freemasons and owed their complete loyalty to that order. This system of exclusive rule was applied successfully across the world.

However, as orangetom mentioned, only high level extremist Muslims are likely to be invited into Lodges by their Secret Service brothers. I have heard eyewitness reports that lower level extremists have murdered Freemasons in Afghanistan. I think the grassroots of the extremist movement despise and eschew Freemasonry in its paganism/syncretic godhood, but love the secrecy. This change came about in 1928 with the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is about control - about power and money. A small party of high Freemasons in London (the Globalists) could exert a huge control across the world. I have not read Albert Pike but I would think that power and money in the short term in the hands of Freemason brothers suffices.

From my reading, it seems that the high level Freemasons are also Illuminati. Certain privileged families are also Illuminati. If there is an end game, it will place private property and all items of the value in the hands of a pfew super rich families. Power beyond measure. There was such a plan to create one super bank by 2000 and to incorporate all multinationals by the same date but it failed. Remember they are only human as well. If you do nothing else, please watch the Aaron Russo video and you will find that the Rockefellers actually financed the feminist women so that the super rich could benefit from double taxes from households. Remember that the banks controlled by the super rich LEND money to Governments.

Link to Freedom to Fascism Interview

Link to Aaron Russo video about microchipping

Enough in this post but if you feel that there is no conspiracy think about WWI being started to control natural resources and make the bankers more money from both sides. Read this:

As documented in F. William Engdahl's book A Century of War - Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, Britain's interest in the Middle East was piqued when her leaders realized that oil would replace coal as the energy source of the future. At the turn of the century Britain had no first-hand access to oil and was dependant upon America, Russia or Mexico for her supplies. This was quickly understood as an unacceptable situation and through intrigues involving British spy Sidney Reilly and Australian geologist and engineer William Knox d'Arcy Britain was able to secure drilling rights to Persian oil from Persian monarch Reza Khan. D'Arcy paid what amounted to $20,000 cash for rights to tap Persian oil until 1961, with a 16% royalty from all sales going to the Shah. The British company that Reilly persuaded d'Arcy to ally with then became known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which was a forerunner of the mighty British Petroleum (BP).

However, even with a supply of Persian oil, Britain was losing the race to secure Middle Eastern oil reserves to the Germans. In the years prior to World War I Germany had enjoyed an astonishing economic explosion and this was helped by her alliance with the Ottoman Empire which allowed her access to their vast reserves. In 1889 the Germans worked out an agreement to finance, through Deutsche Bank, a railway from Constantinople into Anatolia, and later in 1899 the final agreement for a complete Berlin-to-Baghdad railway was signed.

The British made sure that this rail link was never completed through the use of her ally Serbia, which stood in the middle of the German alliance that included Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. World War I is commonly understood as sparked by the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian assassins. Serbia did play a key part in World War I, but the conflict was not simply a result of this solitary event. The truth is that World War I was fomented by the British so that they could control oil, foreseen by their geo-strategists as the world's most important emerging resource.


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