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Stratford Mass Sighting (Display Analysis)

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posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by Aldolas

Originally posted by instrumentality

if they were lanterns where did they finally end up? they would not be carried off to space or anything like that. they must have ended up somewhere on the ground...anyways off topic but...

the formation IMO looks totally like some sort of signal, shape , some kinda warning. very remote possibility but maybe its pointing to a constellation or a point in the sky? (no idea)
also maybe that the way the whatever they were left the area may indicate something else we dont see yet.... any meteors or debris that are heading this way ? like maybe something very unimportant looking is heading our way and "they" may realize we dont know about it or something like that.

could be a possible signal to look in that direction maybe? why would the aliens want to cause us harm this late in the worlds history? i say if they aliens were going to attack they would have done it way back when "they" had complete air superiority.

of course this is all just my opinion

P.S.>>This is gonna sound super far fetched but i was thinking just now about how thousands of meteors enter our atmosphere a year. comets and meteors carry radiation and parts of the solar system that we have never encountered. these may contain virus and or bacteria not ever encountered by our immune systems.

if anyone remembers the most famous FAKE case of such a thing happening it would be either the movie MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD . both movies show a world gone awry when radiation from comets and meteors can have on things. OF COURSE this is FAKE . THEY ARE MOVIES. but what if something like that did happen?

in closing i truly think that the beings that we see in the skys and encounter otherwise are not trying to hurt us but to warn us. i think if they were here to hurt us we would be obliterated long ago.

how is it your theory? i brought this arrow thing up way before you did and no one even bothered to say anything about it.

i suppose the internet is full of people willing to take credit for someone elses theory/ nice job there taking that theory as your own.....

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by Aldolas
Since we seem to be getting back on topic:
What about my arrow-theory?
What if they were pointing to something?
Supposing that the ships are being piloted by ETs, they should know this area of the universe fairly well.
So they could be pointing to Planet X (if it exists), to an asteroid on collision course or perhaps even an astrological starsign...

Does anyone have an idea in which direction they were 'pointing', in which starsign they were etc.? (I couldn't find it)

@ Alex Krycek: you said (under point 2) it could theoretically be a x-mas tree from a certain perspective. if you look at the lights: not really.

If you look from below, it would be interesting to know, if are they in a straight line.


i love how its YOUR theory even though I was the first one to say it.....

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