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The Coming Change?????

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 03:51 AM

For a good while now,
have been saying that we are close to some kind of massive change

"People" have been saying this for pretty much as long as I can remember.

1. Do you believe that a major change is imminent?

"Imminent?" I think the question contains a misleading pre-conceived notion. What do you mean by "imminent?" To me it conjured up notions of waking up one morning and having the world be different. Being sitting down to tea and suddenly having an air raid siren go off and a voice over a PA shout "Ok! Things are different...wait for it...wait for it...NOW!"

I don't think that's how it is.

Things ARE different than they were, yesterday...the day before...last year. Look around you. Do you see that the world is different than it was a year ago? Do you see how the world is different than it was five years ago? Ten?

The change is ongoing, all around you, and constant. Not "imminent."

3. How have you formed this viewpoint?

By paying attention? By remembering what yesterday was like and noticing that it's not the same as today? By reasonably concluding that tomorrow will probably be different too?

what will the nature of the change be?

"Will be?" Why speak in a hypothetical future tense when we can simply look around us and look at the now?

why do so many others feel it is?

I think that on some level people are aware that things are changing. And, even those who aren't are probably aware that there are thousands of people constantly nagging them about "imminent world changes." But, they don't pay enough attention to notice that the change is now, and has been "now" for an awful lot of years. A lot of people only notice great big "whack them on the head" sort of signs. Like 9-11, for instance. I think a lot of people perceive it as some sort of "instant" event of change...but to me it really wasn't. My personal life didn't really change all that much between 9-10 and 9-12. The only real difference was that suddenly a whole lot of people were spending an awful lot of time and energy talking about some event that also didn't really affect them.

How did 9-11 affect you? Seriously? Did it...AT ALL?

I've never been to the towers. I don't know anyone who died. It didn't affect my day to day life, who am I as a person, what I do, anything. Other than everyone wanting to talk about it all the time, the "event" of 9-11 may as well have been something from a fantasy novel.

Think about that.

Personally, the "event" of 9-11 affected me about as much as this latest Harry Potter book being released. Or Paris Hilton going to jail. Or Britney Spears shaving her head. How did these things affect me? Not at all. But, after they happened, a whole lot of people around me seemed to want to talk about them all the time.

But...the aftermath, the ongoing events that have resulted from it, more security cameras at street intersections, passport changes, people being more snooty than usual about being 'one of us' in terms of patriotism, a friend detained at the border by paranoid border agents...these things have all been an ongoing "change" that have occurred over these past six years. And THESE changes, collectively, have been significant. Far more so than the "event" of planes I never saw hitting buildings I never saw in a place I've never been.

"Earth Changes," if they are to be, will be like this. Don't expect a single earthquake that forever changes your life. Don't expect aliens to knock on your front door one day to say "We're here!" Don't expect change in the form of a singular "event." If you do, you'll be one of those people who were shocked and horrified by 9-11 instead of interpreting it as merely a single, fairly trivial indicator, amongst thousands, that occur each and every single day of our lives.

The change is NOW. Just understand that "now" is a period that is likely to encompass your entire life.

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:36 PM
As a resident near DC it did affect me. But that is because of location. It was frightening day for me considering my mum works a block from the capital. My brother lived near the national zoo. My family lives in Pittsburgh.
They shut down cell phones, transportation and any way of communicating. The last call I got from her was they were evacuating. I didn't hear from her for 12 hours.
Not only could I not get a hold of my family, since everything in this areashut down immediately, everyone was stuck in gridlocks(if you know the traffic you would understand why.
I had to find coworkers in the field in bring them in. I had to drive to daycares to round up friends children because the friends were locked in gridlock.
We all finally met at 4 in a friends house.
While I wasn't in NYC. It was frightening nonetheless.
When my mom finally called, she was in PA. Bless Greyhound's heart, they rallied their buses and started carting employees out of there. Most people use public transit to get to DC. My mom said that thousands of people were wandering the city trying to get home. She grabbed the last bus with another coworker and ended up in PA and had someone drive her home.
What makes me wonder is if Greyhound could rally and get people out on such a moments notice, Why, with a weeks notice, wasn't New Orleans evacuated. Why did all those school buses sit there?
I finally got a hold of my brother, who was one of the few trying to get back INTO DC from work. This was 9 hours later because of all the gridlock, a coworker drove him in as close as they could and he had to foot it the last five miles.
I will never forget when I was listening to a DC rock station while the towers were being hit,everyone was trying to figure out what was going on when a truck driver on 95 called in and said the pentagon was hit.Exlcaiming a huge explosion. The DJ threatened his life if he was kidding. 15 mintues later we found out he wasn't.
That same DJ had a cousin that worked in the WTC who just happened to be at a dentist appointment that day he informed us on the air a few days later. can you imagine?

My best friends fiance just became a DC firefighter two weeks before. She didn't see him for a month at a time. They broke up as a result because she couldn't deal with the stress of something like that happening again.

I went to school with a kid whose father was a police chief in NYC. He didn't see him for six months.

A family friend works from the NSA. I don't think we heard from him in 9 months.

Hell, my cousin was parked at the pentagon for a job when it happened, he couldn't get his car back for three days.
My aunt works for a very large survey company that had an office in the WTC. She knows of some of the coworkers who died. In fact, she said her one who had transferred there had a habit of pacing back and forth in front of the window looking out while on the telephone. She wonders if he actually saw the planes coming.
don't forget the war that this provoked, and the people I know whose spouses are overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. I had a friend go to Iraq for 2 years. she doesn't even look like the same person.
When I moved to Phoenix, it was very odd to me when I heard a conversation that folks didn't understand why they closed things in their areas since nothign was going on, and that it was a waste of time.
So I understand that if you live in an area not related to 9/11, it seems remote. Other then worrying about my mom working in DC, it doesn't affect. me. But it did affect people.
Now, I am one of the callous people who feel that the whole thing has been played too much. But that is because there are still people who die of terrorism everyday. Wives who are beaten to death. Children who starve to death in closets. Homeless who die of exposure on the streets. Just because it didn't happen on a certain day in a certain place doesn't make it any less tragic.

And it makes it seem like the personal hells people face everyday not matter.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 07:39 PM
Of course there is a change coming. It's always coming. Because the earth is not a static environment, there is always change.

I would worry if a change wasn't coming.

Ever since people were able to communicate, they have been asking this question.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:30 AM
I think 9/11 did indeed change the way people think about change, and various "doom prophecies." As a previous poster said, it was the shock of waking upone morning and finding something completely nuts happened. Ever since 9/11, I think people subconsciously want more of that feeling. That feeling that your world is completely changed and torn apart. Maybe it says something about the society we live in...I don't know.

The more time that goes by since 9/11, the more we anticipate another shocking, world changing event like that. I think so many of us secretly crave that buzz.

Also, it's true that 9/11 did not change my life at all. I was 19 and I had plenty of my own personal crap to deal with at the time, so 9/11 was really just background noise. Not that I didn't care, but it didn't affect me like everyone tells me it should have. That's not to belittle the people who WERE personally affected by the attacks, but they are in the minority after all.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by Chonx

Well, a major change is imminent, but what exactly that maybe is the
question. I don't think it will be WWIII - nor will it be contacts with ETs.
My gut feeling is that it would be something really positive - that may
change the way we live now. Something big in the field of Information &

I can't wait to be part of all this!!

09 09 07

posted on Oct, 15 2007 @ 12:15 PM
the reason why we are feeling this way is because we took abused everything we have had given to us, all the knowledge and technology and we cant fix what humanity has done, because thats not what will fix this in the end . only mankind can ,but by the time its realized it will be to late.........for most of us anyways.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 07:45 PM
I have been having dreams, and preminitions I guess you can call them for a few years now. The one major thing is the distruction of some or our major cities, many people dying, and the rest being left to fend for themselves. Like in a perviouse post I think if you don't know how to live without electricity and food from Mcdonalds then you're going to out of luck. Honestly I welcome whatever this thing may be, aliens, NWO, or whatever, what we've got going on now is nothing to be proud of.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:18 PM
All of us destined to live in the time of this change have heard it whispered into the depths of our consciousness since birth.

For me:
"I have always found comfort in chaos."

I whispered it to myself as a child when the power went out during a storm, a tornado landed, or any threat to order came about.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 08:35 PM
I firmly believe that we are at the tipping point where things could go one way or the other and I fear that the slide has already begun.

We as a species, not just Americans, but as a species need to make some drastic changes in the way we do things because already our grand children's futures are not as bright as our was (I am speaking as a boomer) but at the same time the business as usual interests have only played lip service and weak lip service to any form of energy or enviornmental changes.

But that is only part of the problem. The whole consumer society that has been created threatens to devour our already limited resources in the quest for instant gratification. And it is again our grand children and their children that will pay the price.

Ultimately the change needs to be spiritual in nature... if not we are up shats creek without a poodle.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:14 AM
We are leaving the age of Pices and entering the age of Aquarius.
This simply means things are speeding up and will then slow down , so there is a flux within the subconsciousness of all living beings that vibrates and resonates between us this is why we feel the same as a mass group as we are really only one .
The material desire is us is coming to an end , it was not a thing to be judge only another lesson in the evolvement of human species . This is now coming to a close and we will move more to a revolution , not political or economic but spiritual . Im not suggesting we will all become monks etc , but we will have more focus on this side of our development.
I will say no more for now

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 11:12 AM
Well, if something big doesnt happen, I dont think we will like the future that will come from the technological advancements combined with the moral bankruptcy we see today.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 05:16 PM
I’m getting this topic up, why? Because when I read this (in July) I had the same sentiment of something big, major will happen, just like others had this feeling, but now I feel this more acute.

I’m an active person, and I always want that things happen quickly. I can’t explain what I feel right now, I feel apathy, I’m not interested in anything but I’m in a “waiting state” which is very acute now. I’m watching at CNN or Fox news, then I’m going and look on internet about news, and then I’m going and look at the sky and again, tv, internet and sky. It’s like I can’t wait anymore. If I’m not on internet over night and I’m sleeping, I wake up in the middle of the night and stare at sky. I feel like media these days is like "preparing" us for something big.

And something else I feel new: I left my country a few years ago, I was thinking that this apathy is because I couldn’t find work conform my education in this new country, but no, I could find that, I was satisfied about my work, but this “ waiting state ” is still here more acute than ever. If I look back at my personality I can say now that I was pretty mean with other people in my life, but now even someone makes me bad things or thinks bad about me and I find out I don’t get mad anymore. All I feel is forgiveness and sometimes sorry and this is new. ( I was thinking at some point that I should see a doctor

Is it just me or are more of you that have the same feeling, which is more acute than ever?


posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 08:54 PM
The hourglass is nearly empty. The Great Tribulation has begun and Armageddon looms in the very near future. There are a total of TWO things that you need in order to obtain Eternal Life and Man-Made Religion is not one of them. (1) An Acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior. (2) A Good Heart Condition.

We urge those who wish to obtain Eternal Life in Christ's Kingdom to read the following very important message. We don’t aim to twist arms or convince anyone of anything they aren’t ready or willing to believe as their hearts will ultimately dictate what they perceive to be truth. However, it is also our responsibility to warn those who do not accept this Truth, will face Judgment at Armageddon. For this reason we pray that the eyes and hearts of all who read our message are opened to the Truth whether that is now, or in the near future when our words come to pass.

The Kingdom Message of Salvation is the Truth and validity of the Bible as a whole. As ministers with the Light of Life Ministry, we are doing as we are commanded within the Scriptures. Because we have been enlightened to the Truth, we have a heavy responsibility to pursue our Ministries. 1 Corinthians 9:16 warns of the necessity and woe to those that do not declare the Good News.

"For if I preach the gospel, I have no reason to boast, because an obligation is placed on me. And woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!"

This is because once we have acquired Wisdom about the Truth, it is our duty to spread the message as far as we can over all of creation. If we fail to warn others, the Creator holds us accountable. To walk away is to be overshadowed with negativity. Ezekiel 3:17-18 gives insight on this.

"Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the house of Israel. When you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me. If I say to the wicked person: You will surely die, but you do not warn him—you don't speak out to warn him about his wicked way in order to save his life—that wicked person will die for his iniquity. Yet I will hold you responsible for his blood.”

To view a video containing our important message to mankind, visit: The Kingdom Message of Salvation

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 09:43 PM
1) Yes, I believe major changes are on the horizon.

2) a) It will be a shift of the power structure, socioeconomically. People will refuse the debt money system, and replace it with something honest and fair. Profound social change will follow. The elites will scurry under the baseboards like cockroaches.

3) I have studied history, and have extrapolated the trends I'm aware of out into the future. Long story short, the elite power system is in decline relative to the increase of power and independence of the masses. We are educating ourselves, and breaking free.

It's not easy waking up, but we have to do it sometime.

Tell everybody.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 12:43 AM
Well, I thought I'd re-visit this thread to see if others felt, like I do that the change we felt has begun to happen.

The rise in food costs
the rise in the price of oil
the seeming increase in earthquakes
the seeming increase in extreme weather
political tensions
Solar activity

I dunno, maybe I'm over-exaggerating the situation, maybe under??
But what I feel is that the change I have 'sensed' in the past is coming to fruition and the pace is going to increase rapidly.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 01:03 AM
1. Our Economic Sytem (The Federal Reserve) here in the U.S. cannot continue for long without crashing IMO

2. The Global Dependence on Fossil Fuels has and will continue to Destabilize peace and the environment.

3. The population of the world is rapidly growing and the food supply is rapidly dwindling. In my mind this amounts to the fact that many will inevitably die.

Among many other prophecies and prophets (Mayans, Hopi, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton, Web-bots and countless others) these are the main reasons i see a MAJOR change coming.

[edit on 6/3/2008 by Frank Black]

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Well 6 months on from my last post in this thread and I don't think many would disagree that the 'change' which many of us felt was approaching is now happening.

we are in a period of transition now, in my opinion and its global, bigger than any country, organisation or corporation.

wish I could see into the future.

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