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Noahs Ark may have been a Spaceship

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by carewemust
I too am wondering why this discussion is occuring in the the
UFO/ET forum. Wasn't the remnants of the ARK found atop
some Asian mountain in the late 1990's and it was wood, not
something derived from exotic E.T. technology?

I believe you are thinking of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. I don't think there is any verified tangible evidence to date. Just some photos, and a couple of personal accounts from people that have climbed the peak.

I believe the Turkish government will not sanction any other expeditions.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:06 PM
First of all Noah's Ark has NOt been a confirmed find.

There are a couple areas were people think they have found it.

To me it seems impossible for a wooden ship to be that big with all those animals and all the food they would need seems impossible. How would they be able to manage the waste? And for it to be seaworthy seems a little tricky also. That big and heavy made of wood? I believe the first wave would have made it break in half as a big wave lifted the midsection.

The Book of Noah isnt any more fiction than the Dead sea scrolls


The Book of Noah is currently thought to be an non-extant Old Testament pseudepigraphal work, attributed to Noah. It is quoted in several places in another pseudepigraphal work, 1 Enoch[1], as well as mentioned in another, Jubilees[2]. There have also been fragments attributed to a Book of Noah in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Though this book has not come down to us independently, it has in large measure been incorporated in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch, and can in part be reconstructed from it.

And who were these Angels that helped Noah?
In a passage from the book of Noah, there's a reference to the angels who "infringed the word of the Lord, the law of the sky".
The fall of 200 angels, called Vigilants, who came down on Mount Hermon and taught men how to build weapons & armor and how to manipulate metals.

Noah was helped by ET's to escape a comet that was going to destroy the planet Mars or maybe even Venus.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Well I guess no one wants to try and answer this question: Who in their right mind would build a spaceship out of wood?

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Good question diplomat. I noticed it earlier but couldnt answer it. Besides, it would contradict my belief in a spaceship;-)

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:41 PM
Please watch the film Zeitgeist so you can see the truth about religion, including the ark. Everything we have been taught about religion is a fairy tale, its hard to accept at first, but its true.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:45 PM

Originally posted by Diplomat
Well I guess no one wants to try and answer this question: Who in their right mind would build a spaceship out of wood?

Well lets say it was made out of a Alien material and years later when the story was wrote they could only imagine a wooden boat because that is all they had ever seen.
Kinda like the story of Ezekiels spaceship, the only way he could describe it was using terms he was familiar with.
In other words it was not made out of wood and there was no flood.

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:29 PM
Ok, im new here - hello big wide world - so im gonna start by making sure that everyone who reads this knows;

I CANNOT say truthfully that any of this is true - or that i have researched it particularly, i put it forward merely as a theory; however outlandish (literally
) it may be.

Firstly, this thread raises an obvious question; IF there is a possibility that some form of 'spaceship ark' was created (which seems more likely than a giant wooden tub filled with animals) we must ask ourselves the question - how much of the bible (either testament) could be based around an extra terrestrial scenario?

Many biblical events and the wording itself of large parts of the scripture indicate that perhaps forces beyond the comprehension of even modern humans may have been at work - and some need so much interpretation to make 'sense' in today's society that it seems improbable that the meanings we arrive at are totally correct.

Also, it should be said that should the 'angels' mentioned indeed be aliens from the question of the identities of God and Jesus are raised. I know we have made a transition of testaments here, and it may be more than a little unbelievable, but it is remotely possible that (were we expelled from by a superior alien race prior to its downfall with the promise of no further interference (remember what the rainbow means anyone?)) we were visited while on our new home by another being claiming to be the son of our previous 'God'.

This would explain easily the many seemingly unfathomable 'miracles' witnessed in the bible - for a member of a more advanced race to be using technology that humans of the time neither expected nor understood.

Overall, i feel that this thread actually calls for many questions to be answered and points to be researched:

1. analysing the 'holy' (no im not religious) book and scientific conjecture further to ascertain whether it is possibe that it refers to Mars (or any other similar planet of our knowledge)

2. Checking scriptures of other religions for evidence that the human race once dwelt on another planet - or that we could ever have had an extra terrestrial guardian or 'god' ( i reference here the strange appearance of Ganesha, and many religions obsessions that we live on somewhere in the sky/space when we die)

3. Searching for geological and anotomical evidence that we arrived here from another planet (we never found that 'missing link' between the animal and human worlds here, you know

Phew... i think thats it - if anyone notices any gaping holes - point em out, but be nice! and remember i make no pretence of specialist knowledge in the field!

Thanks 4 reading...

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:37 PM

Utnapishtim, whose name means "he found life" or "he who saw life", is also known as Atrahasis, meaning "the exceptional wise one". In the Akkadian sources, a wise citizen of Shurrupak? on the banks of the Euphrates, or Ziusudra in the Sumerian poems. A wise king and priest of Shurrupak, he appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh as one of the two human survivors, who along with his wife and with 'the seed of all living creatures' survived a great flood sent by Enlil to kill everything on Earth. The Flood episode occurs in the eleventh table of the Gilgamesh epic. Utnapishtim was secretly warned by the water god Ea of Enlil's plan, and constructed a boat to save himself and representatives of each species of animal.

When the flood waters subsided, the boat was grounded on the mountain of Nisir?. When Utnapishtim's ark had been becalmed for seven days, he released a dove, who found no resting place and returned. A swallow was then released who found no perch, but the raven which was released third did not return. Utnapishtim made a sacrifice and poured out a libation on the top of mount Nisir.

In other words, there was a flood and the story of noah, just like many others in the bible, is pure plagiarism....just waiting for the "utnapishtims ark may have been a spaceship" thread now

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:48 PM

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:57 PM
weknowyouknow? you are aware that the '___' you're clearly on was developed by the CIA?

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 04:49 PM
Yea but Noah's ark seems like a very tall tale.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by ScriptKiddie
weknowyouknow? you are aware that the '___' you're clearly on was developed by the CIA?

Actually it was developed for the CIA by Eli Lilly in 1953-54 after Hoffman's company that first isolated the chemical told them they wouldn't do it. Where all that '___' went is still a big mystery but Jonestown, and the Manson Murders were rumored to be connected to creepy CIA '___' social experiements, and it was shortly after this the Hippie movement exploded.
Saw a great piece on Hoffman recently...

As to the Ark, interesting theory, I noticed in an earlier post someone had posted a translation of the texts of Noah saying that he had 'seen the Earth had tilted'? That's really interesting and I've never seen it translated like that, where did you get that one?

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 05:02 AM
i wonder... maybe they use the missing '___' on those who know more than they should - to give them trips urging them to make more outlandish claims that are less believable, or make them Seem drunk/high/mentally ill whenever they try to tell their story...

But anyhoo, im sure we can leave the '___' conspiracy theories for another day and a different thread.

Noah's ark IS a very tall tale - as is most of the bible in my humble opinion - but then you have to admit we are doing similar things, if only with plant life, right now (see earlier posts on the Norwegian project etc).

And as has been pointed out before - it is important to consider how literally the text shoult be taken; whether whole animals, gametes from different species or merely DNA were packed onto the ship for later use.

i suppose it comes down to what you choose to believe - there is little chance we could ever prove whether a) there WAS an ark of some description that long ago, or b) that that ark transported us here from another planet.

Everything related to this story is either mired in the distant past and largely inaccessible (thankyou Roman Church) or ridiculously hard or expensive to get information (like searching Mars for evidence of human habitation in the past - i do like that theory
). Really, the only way i think we could form a conclusive argument for this thread is by finding evidence from other religions that we once inhabited another planet - or that some 'ark-like' event could have driven us into space.

twitchy? looks i could do with your signature

edit: a typo - whoops, forgot to preview

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posted on May, 5 2016 @ 04:26 AM

originally posted by: Wirral Bagpuss
A dying plamet?? Mars is now dead. Could it be that the Bible is referring to a journey FROM Mars TO Earth? Would make a whole lot of more sense dont you think???

Pretty sure that's exactly what earth2 said 😜

posted on May, 5 2016 @ 07:22 AM
Wow necropost..

posted on May, 5 2016 @ 07:58 AM
And? You're reading it...😜

posted on May, 5 2016 @ 08:10 AM
a reply to: Blackfinger

Actually I was reading about newly discovered ancient Babylonian tablets. Some of the earlier discoveries describe a flood & 'ark very' similar to the biblical account which I find interesting because they're 1000 years older. I think the Israelites (who were in captivity in Babylon for 80 yrs) recorded the older legend in their own form. My search brought me here. So...just because a thread is dead does that mean I can't revive it? Or are you the thread God?

posted on May, 11 2016 @ 10:22 PM

originally posted by: Ryanna
a reply to: Blackfinger

Actually I was reading about newly discovered ancient Babylonian tablets. Some of the earlier discoveries describe a flood & 'ark very' similar to the biblical account which I find interesting because they're 1000 years older. I think the Israelites (who were in captivity in Babylon for 80 yrs) recorded the older legend in their own form. My search brought me here. So...just because a thread is dead does that mean I can't revive it? Or are you the thread God?

Article from D.M. Murdock:

"Rather than being a historical figure who was the progenitor of three races, Noah is a fictitious character found in the mythologies of a number of different cultures globally, as opposed to being limited to one area and its specific peoples. The Bible story represents a rehash of other myths, changed to revolve around these particular peoples.

Like other biblical tales, the myth of Noah is found in India, Egypt, Babylon, Sumer and other places. The fact is that there have been floods and deluge stories in many different parts of the world, including but not limited to the Middle East. In the Sumerian tale, which predated the biblical by thousands of years, the ark was built by Ziusudra; in Akkad, he was Atrakhasis, and in Babylon, Uta-Napisthim. The Greek Noah was called Deucalion, "who repopulated the earth after the waters subsided" and after the ark landed on Mt. Parnassos. The Armenian flood hero was called Xisuthros, "whose ark landed on Mt. Ararat." Noah's "history" can likewise be found in India, where there is a "tomb of Nuh" near the river Gagra in the district of Oude or Oudh, which may be related to Judea and Judah. The "ark-preserved" Indian Noah was also called "Menu."

Like Noah, the Sumero-Armenian Ziusudra/Xisuthros had three sons, including one named "Japetosthes," essentially the same as Noah's son Japheth, also related to Pra-japati or Jvapeti, son of the Indian Menu, whose other sons possessed virtually the same names as those of Noah, i.e., Shem and Ham. As Oxford University Hebrew professor George Henry Bateson Wright says in Was Israel ever in Egypt? (51):

JAPHETH - Ewald...shows, with great probability, that this was a god of the north, as Ham was of the south, once again in imitation of Hindu mythology. Moreover, the fact, that in the Armenian legend, derived from "Assyrian or Babylonian documents," the three sons of Xisuthros, who corresponds to Noah, are Zervin, Titan, and Japetosthe, is very instructive, suggesting that the unknown foreign word was retained in its original form...

"Coincidentally," it was said that the Egyptian god Osiris was shut up in his ark on the very same day that Noah was likewise so disposed, as I relate in Suns of God (90):

When Osiris's enemies pursue him, he enters into his "boat" on precisely the same date recorded of "Noah's" entrance into his ark, Athyr 17th...long before the biblical tale was invented. Noah is not a Jewish "patriarch" but a sun god, and the tale of entering and exiting the Ark signifies the sun's death and resurrection. The story of the eight passengers in a boat is an astral myth, reflecting the solar system. These eight are equivalent to the Egyptian octet of gods, who sail the ocean in a ship.

Also of interest in this quest are the words attributed to the Babylonian priest Berossus, who described the Flood, giving it a much older date:

The Babylonian Flood itself predates the biblical by about 33,000 years, which demonstrates that the two inundations do not reflect one "historical" flood. Nevertheless, the story of Xisuthras or Ziusudra, the Babylonian Flood king, matches the later biblical account of Noah in important details, a common develoipment with myths. Berossus is even recorded as stating that Ziusudra's ship landed "in the mountains of the Korduaians of Armenia," possibly the Kurdistans, located in the same area where ark-hunters have claimed to have found pieces of "Noah's ark." This story, however, is not historical, and the creation of stone "arks" or ships upon hills was more common than is realized. Moreover, the Noah tale can be found in Mexican mythology: The Mexican Noah is named Nata, while his wife is Nena. In the Indian mythology, in the reign of the "seventh Manu," Satyavrata, the "whole earth" is said to "have been destroyed by a flood, including all mankind, who had beome corrupt." The prince and seven rishis, along with their wives, survived by entering a "spacious vessel," "by command of Vishnu...accompanied by pairs of all animals. (Acharya, Suns of God, 43-44)

Rather than having happened on Earth - a cataclysmic event for which there is no solid, scientific evidence - the story of Noah's Ark actually takes place in the heavens, as Noah and his crew of seven represent the sun, moon, earth and five inner planets. Obviously, Noah's famous "ark," which misguided souls have sought upon the earth, is a motif found in other myths, representing the arc-shaped lower quarter of the moon."

1st half of article is at:

Murdock recently passed away, too young, but she left behind a huge body of work on the origins of Christianity.

The Zeitgeist video on religion is based on her work, there is a companion guide on her site with all the sources.

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