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Is anyone else preparing for 2012?

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:27 PM
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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:30 PM
*Mods please delete, wrong post*

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:50 PM
i say play the damn odds, if there is a global catastrophe, trust me, there is a really good chance that you'll be in the 80% that die.

regardless of that, nothing is going to happen. we have recorded history for the passed...what... 7-8,000 years, that means this mayan calender has already flipped twice and what changed...? you guessed it, not even a mention in history.

instead of people changing the world around them, they choose to ignore it and look towards fanciful things to preoccupy them until they die. thats all this is.


the world was supposed to end for the last 2000 years if you want to be a christian. oh but jesus is right around the corner...until you go around that corner and realize OH! HE MUST BE AROUND THE NEXT ONE!

...same #, when this 2012 # is overwith, it'll be, oh, we misread the calender, its 2021, then it'll be 2042 then etc.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:04 PM
i wasnt aware we needed to prepare for a day where NOTHING is gonna happen

get real, DEC21 2012, is just gonna be a day like no other day, packed stores, busy shoppers, people getting ready for christmas

in fact if enough people actually believe stuff is gonna go down on that day i might plan my xmas shopping for dec 20/21, maybe the stores wont actually be as packed because they are too darn gullible

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 11:34 PM
2012 is a time of positive not negative change which we are already in.
This year alone you can see the cosmic signs of this change affecting our Planet.
We are in a Pre 2012 Shift that will lead up to the alignment on December 21st,2012 .

Extraterrestrial Contact visually is already happening and will increase.

I do not believe people need to prepare to shoot Ets from other worlds.

Think about that for a moment .

If the Ets were hostile they could have taken over this Planet along time ago .

So lets put that to rest.

There will be no Et invasion.

What there will be is Positive Et Contact .

At times I have felt going to a high mountain might be a good idea .

Right now that idea is on hold and we should be conscious of all things now above and below .

At the same time live your life .Don't stop living .

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 12:48 PM
I would like to say a little on this subject if I may?
firstly life can be a very sweet thing and we should all enjoy living it.
however one inevitable part of life is that it has to end at some point.
throughout this thread there has been the I am preparing side, and the dont be silly its not going to happen side, for the most part at least.
To all those who are of the opinion. I dont want to take any sides but I do lean towards the preparation side.
I am not basing this on what may or may not happen 2012!! but on human nature and the law of possibility.
when the nazi's came to power and aimed their anger at the jewish race and many ethnic minorities. they first started by turning the populace against them! then the systematically disarmed them, then when this was done they went about containing them, then starving them. and finally they started with the genocide. by the time this started the people in question were already disarmed, de moralised starved and disease ridden.
any question of resistance by these people would have been quelled in no time at all..
but even though atrocities were already happening to them many amongst them refused to believe rumours about death camps etc. if there had been some people who had caught on to what was was in store for them I am sure some resistance groups did fight back but if more had listened I am sure many more would have survived or at least not made the nazi's mission so easy!!!
It'll never happen to me!!! the problem is it does happen.
there is nothing like being prepared. for example disaster can strike at any given moment!! girl driving home on a lonely stretch of road she forgot her mobile phone and she gets a flat tyre!!! not really a problem but she her brother had borrowed her car and he too had had a flat. which he duely changed but neglected to tell his sister so she has been driving around with no spare!!! an inconvienience can change to a disaster for her in minutes!!! hands up who is so confident nothing will happen to them that they dont mind driving without a spare trye???
Aliens wont invade earth!!!
Siamese fighting fish scenario!!
if you put 3 male siamese fighting fish in the same tank two of these little crtters are doomed the smartest one in there will keep a very low profile while the two toughest kids on the block try to kill each other.. one of which will die the winner alive but very weak!!!
the smart guy now moves in and easily kills the victor of the first fight.
pretend two of the fish were people the other an alien grey!! war or natural disaster or economic collapse wipes out 80% of the human race.. there are not so many aliens but their takeover will be much easier. many will agree that the greys are here and have wondered if a takover has been on the cards.. if they play the siamese waiting game we will be so weakened it would be a doddle!!! thats why they keep low profiles!! and why they have not made themselves obvious!! in my opinion.
but we must face each bridge as we come to it, so if we prepare then we do give ourselves some kind of a chance of survival.
I have been involved in the field of ufo study for over twenty years and I do believe what I have stated is the case and has been for many years!!
I hope against all hope I am wrong!!! but one thing is clear. there is a big storm coming our way one way or another!! I would love to talk to people who feel the same way. as some members have said we are wasting out time talking to family etc. you cant help people who dont want to be helped
as one members said at least if the worst happens I will know I did my best for those I love!!! whatever the scenario...
no one knows what the future holds but I have taught myself survival skills since I was a small boy.. as the british army says proper prior planning prevents **** poor performance......

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 12:50 PM
i just saw someone on the avenue with a t-shirt that said "i survived anthrax, y2k, 2012 here i come!" .... and he/she definitely looked the part.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 01:04 PM
dig up a 3 year old thread, theres plenty of 2012 threads, you didnt need to, a lot of the people then dont even come on ATS anymore...

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 01:25 PM
since i was a boy scout i believe in being prepared.
nowdays i think it's safe to say you should be ready for anything.
have an old shotgun around..some dry goods to last a good while.
i live near a goodwill and have alot of durable gear.
maybe i'll never need any of it. but it may prove invaluable.
my neighbor just had a little fire and most her clothes burned up-
so i was able to share my goodwill.
If the topic of 2012 inspires some thinking about
how fragile this society is and to incorporate some
simple back up plans then again- what is the harm.
i've lived in the snow, the desert, the jungle..
you could drop me anywhere on the planet.
we are getting plenty of warnings of dire straits ahead.
as if they werent dire enough already..
be a good scout. there's nothing worse
than going camping with someone who is not prepared
and needs to borrow all your stuff.
and no- you cant borrow a cup of ammo.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by Dr Slim
dig up a 3 year old thread, theres plenty of 2012 threads, you didnt need to, a lot of the people then dont even come on ATS anymore...

It may be an old thread but!!
I found it relevant to something I was trying to work out!!
up untill a few days I didnt pay much heed to predictions of world disaster both natural or man made!! but something I found whilst researching another subject pricked dmy ears up!!!
I live in the uk and was wondering if anyone had made preps all that time ago and is still preparing...
I didnt fully take in every part of this thread, but wondered what peoples views were on the exact date 21-12-2012.. its just that I dont think that anything will actually happen bang on that date!!! i think the date itself ih the peak point of whatever will happen, perhaps whatever it is has already started!!!

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