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Lets settle this "UK is a Police State" rubbish, right now..

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posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 12:10 PM
Comming back homwe to the Rez was quite exciting to say the least . Instead of the usual hop skip and a jump it was slow and long . You train well guys , as usual your gear is godlike but the trainees are top notch , I didnt even know until gheto came around . You can make me silly , cant you .

Look , humans in canadian cities , they can put me into another town and backl while I'm walking and there are thousands of ship with that potential in the galaxy we live in . He is smart , he has new ships , nice stuff guys I like that thank god Russia didnt get that off the used car dealer .

Right now the mechanic is here , he is looking at our gear that we bought off the alein visiting and the hybrid gear we build . We have a few new planes , we dont need anyones planes anymore on earth unless we feel bored we ghot it all now yee ha ! We got the boats and new afghani hashish plants baby .

Seeing the KKK in my eagle carz , driving around , I didnt get my 1998 royal car we built here in canada , the whole 1000 matchbox set went out the door after we were taking down guys poisoning vancouvers beer and wine stores in the years 1997-1999 . The carz are stolen whitey , you drive the police car of mine I needed to keep Tonawanda ladies from getting knifed by your axe weilding psychos eh klan ? Good one , nice incineration boats Seattle , you dummies .

Thank god the amerikan indian men and women have 2 million homosexuals in the US cities , they love the Klan baby and thier daughters . Nice porn movies , I like vanilla ice cream !

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by stumason

fairplay matey. without being disrespectful . yanks do my nut. we have a high level of surveillance here for several reasons . we have been at war with someone or other for most of british history. we had the war against the ira [ i amneither for or against the ira] for a long period . during this time the brits wrote the book on counter terroism. 80%of british forces are classed as special forces for good reason [ rolling across the desert to claim oil was not one of them]we dont think were the best .america went mental at 9/11 it was shocking i watched the second plane hit . but its the only time america has been attacked to that scale .the uk was under daily threat in the 80s. we went to war to get back our land using skills we learnt around the world. the americans after selling shed loads of stuff to the opposition then p[ulled out completely and didnt really mediate.the point is the brits have gone it alone and come out the other side more than once . they have an almost unbreakable resolve and the abillity to pull together . if your reqd to show your passport to buy a mobile then great . iit denies the enemy a source of communication [ 1 of the first things to do in a campaign is destroy communication] yes in greater london you will be seen on camera approx 350 times a day ,if it stops muggers,shoplifters etc [which cause taxes to rise ] then thats fine by me.if id cards stop illegal immigrants coming into the country claiming benefits and causing losses in british jobs then thats fine. police state i dont think so its a caring state trying to look after it self against a tide of incoming

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 04:28 PM
Of course the UK's a bloody police state, or at least in my portion of the land it is, cameras here, cameras there, christ they are even talking about putting cameras on the estates, and whilst i can agree to it to an extent, when it comes to reducing crime, I feel it is an invasion of privacy.

Police stop and search you if they think you are improperly dressed, they throw their weight around.

I got my flat raided a few months back, and because the people in the back room had ground up cannabis resin, ie a brown powder on a tray, the police threatened to remand me in prison for a class A substance, namely heroin, with intent to supply if i didn't tell them what they wanted to know, i knew sod all, I didn't even know the people in question were slipping out back for a few joints, I dont do drugs, how the hell am i supposed to know, yes, im nieve, i believed the whole " im drunk routine".

They told me in interview (i decided not to have a solicitor present at that point), before the tapes were recording, "yes, we do believe it is cannabis resin, but it will have to be sent away for testing, and as there is the possibilty it may be a class A substance, and if so a large amount (not so large as it was actually pot), you will have to be remanded to HMP Durham, unless you tell us where said person is getting his gear from".

I mean what the hell?? I dont have a criminal record, the people in question admitted they kept it quiet from me, it was just police bullying, I decided to have a solicitor present from there on in, I have also terminated my friendship with said people as they were lying to me, but thats not the issue.

I have seen friends get arrested for sticking up for themselves (just verbally) when the police were going too far.

It's out of order. The police are there to protect us from bad people, to help us when we need them, not to victimise people for no reason.

It makes me sick.


posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 08:56 PM

Originally posted by DarkStormCrow
You can not label a society an entire society a Police State over several unfortunate and tragic incidents.
Do Police Officers make mistakes , yes of course they do they are humans and they also live with the consequences of those mistake just like any other humans.
I seriously doubt that Police Officers are dancing with glee at having taken an innocent life many cannot cope even when they take a life when thier lives are in danger.
If you think differently you have never had to take a life.

The Nazi Police State was to ensure that everybody did as they were told - or paid the price. The Nazi Police were controlled by Heinrich Himmler and his feared secret police - the Gestapo - did as it pleased in Nazi Germany. Children’s loyalty could be developed with a policy of indoctrination via education and the Hitler Youth movement. Time and planning spent in these areas would bring a suitable reward for Hitler.

Adults were a different proposition. Some adults clearly supported Hitler - as the March 1933 election showed. But the same election clearly showed that a substantial number of Germans did not support Hitler and the Nazis. These people were likely to be a constant thorn for Hitler unless they were dealt with. For these people, the Nazis developed a policy of intimidation. Fear became a by-word for those who did not support Hitler. The wrong comment overheard by a Nazi official could have very serious consequences.

Hitler’s police state worked on the rule that if you said nothing, no harm, could come to you. If you had doubts about the way the country was going, you kept them to yourself - or paid the price. As nearly 17 million people had not voted for either the Nazis or the Nationalist in March 1933, a large and visible police force was required to keep this sizeable group under observation and control.

In Nazi Germany the police were allowed to arrest people on suspicion that they were about to do wrong. This gave the police huge powers. All local police units had to draw up a list of people in their locality who might be suspected of being "Enemies of the State". This list was given to the Gestapo - the Secret Police. The Gestapo had the power to do as it liked. Its leader - Reinhard Heydrich - was one of the most feared man in Nazi Germany. His immediate chief was Heinrich Himmler. Both men ran their respective branches with ruthless efficiency.

Those arrested by either the police or the Gestapo had less than three minutes to pack clothing and say their goodbyes. Once arrested, they were sent to the nearest police cell. Those in custody were told to sign Form D-11; this was an "Order For Protective Custody". By signing this, you agreed to go to prison. Those who did not sign it were beaten until they did or officers simply forged their signature. Once a D-11 was signed, you were sent to a concentration camp. How long you stayed here depended on the authorities. The usual rule of thumb was whether it was felt that you had learned your lesson (even if there had not been one to learn) and would behave in an acceptable manner once outside of prison.

The concentration camps were deliberately barbaric. Before 1939, deaths in them occurred but they were not common. The idea was that anybody who had been in one, once released, would ‘advertise’ the fact that they were not places where people wanted to go. This was another way of ensuring that people kept their ideas to themselves.

The concentration camps were run by men who could disguise their violent nature simply because they wore a uniform. The flogging of inmates was common -25 strokes was common practice - and the amenities were very basic and sparse. At Buchenwald, 480 men had one water tap between them which could only be used for 15 minutes on getting up. Any abuse of this rule would lead to 25 lashes. Any arrested Jew would get 60 lashes - a personal order from Hitler. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc were unheard of in camps such as Buchenwald (which held 8000 prisoners) and Dachau. Food and drink were minimal and the Jews had half the rations of other prisoners

Who would get arrested?

The list was intentionally expansive. Anybody considered to be a political threat was arrested;

those who made jokes about the Nazi Party were also arrested (jokes about Hitler were punished with death); the "work shy" were also arrested (this fitted in exactly with Hitler’s plan to reduce unemployment as an unemployed person would be offered work at a Labour Exchange and if they refused it as too menial for them, they would be arrested as work shy. As no-one in concentration camps counted as unemployed, the figures for unemployment had to come down; "Bibelforscher’s" were also arrested (these were people who would only seek guidance from the Bible and rejected all Nazi ideas and they also refused to do military service); homosexuals were also arrested and the SS used this as a common tactic to discredit someone. habitual criminals were also arrested.
In 1936, the Gestapo Law meant that the activities of the Gestapo were free from any review by courts of law. This law effectively meant that the Gestapo became a law unto themselves. This non-uniformed branch of the SS became justifiably feared just as the visible presence of the black uniformed SS men did. Himmler's view on the SS was simple. In 1943 he said:

"We have always selected the highest and abandoned the lowest. As long as we maintain this principle, the Order (the SS) will remain healthy. After the war, we shall really build up our will provide Germany with an elite. This elite will provide leaders to industry, agriculture and politics and the activities of the mind."

To compare what the UK has today to anything resembling Nazi Germany
is complete and utter bullocks I could use an American term but that would be more impolite.

Wow an impressive and accurate assessment of how the police and gestapo worked in Nazi Germany.

What you don't mention is that by far the vast majority of civil arrests made by the gestapo were in response to tip offs from neighbours and collegues,there just were'nt enough gestapo officers to monitor an entire population but instill enough fear and paranoia the people will monitor each other and inform simply to proove how loyal they are ~ now thats a police state !!!

The UK is far from it.You can be caught bang to rights,admit it in your statement but if the cops didnt follow the exact procedures the case will be kicked out of court.

In Scotland it needs to coppers to arrest,detain or charge you as a with single cop its just his word against yours n thats no use under Scots law.

Some police state,eh ;-)

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